Synup's New Automations Module
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Synup Adds Automations to Power the Future of Digital Profile Management

Over the past three months, economic recovery has picked up pace and studies suggest that local business categories have bounced back to near pre-pandemic levels. Restaurants have recovered to 86% of 2019 levels and shopping has hit 92% of 2019 levels. Similarly, financial services and home services are outperforming 2019 ...
Synup's new profile analytics dashboard
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Introducing New Profile Analytics in Synup

Digital profiles like Google and Facebook are now increasingly attracting 5x as much traffic as brand websites. However, with your profiles - and subsequently your visitors - split across multiple websites, it can be difficult to judge how many visitors actually convert, and impact your business.  At Synup, we focus ...
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Announcing our new partnership with Yelp

Over the past 6 years, customers and prospects have been increasingly turning to digital profiles and search engines for answers about their favorite brands. The COVID-lockdown pushed more people towards online purchasing and e-commerce, making it even more important for brands to have a strong online brand presence now if ...