Top 15 Hootsuite Alternatives in 2024

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If you’ve been using Hootsuite, you’d know it’s like a rite of passage for every social media manager/brand. But once your needs grow and you want features more specific to your goals, you have to start looking for other fish in the pond. We’ve curated a list of the top 15 Hootsuite alternatives free and paid in 2024.

Why switch from Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is great — one of the few legacy tools that has everything. But sometimes you don’t need everything. You just need better value for your bucks and an easier time for your team. Few reasons why you should consider switching:

  • Outdated and cluttered interface – The Hootsuite dashboard, with its multiple streams, often looks like a maze. The UI hasn’t been updated in years. It can get pretty overwhelming pretty soon if you have multiple accounts and larger teams.
  • It’s crazy expensive!!! – I mean, this one doesn’t even need an explanation. Are you comfortable paying thousands of dollars, mostly for features you won’t use?
  • Support is underwhelming – It’s a big platform so smaller issues occur often, but the support has been reportedly slow. Unless you’re on those expensive enterprise plans.
  • No managed services – This one’s important for small-mid businesses that neither have a dedicated team for social nor the bandwidth. Hootsuite doesn’t offer managed social media services.
  • No whitelabeling – This is more useful for agencies. Hootsuite doesn’t let you completely white label and resell its platform, except for a few reporting features.

On to some great Hootsuite alternatives you can try –

Synup Social

Best for creating and scheduling social media posts

What Synup Social Does

Synup Social helps you simplify your social media dashboard to a great extent. You can hyper-focus on your social goals, see priority tasks up front, and overall be more efficient. With automated posting and AI-powered content creation, it further makes social media management easy for you and your team. For agencies, in-depth collaboration workflows and whitelabeling options make it a smart choice.

Key Features

🏆Multi-platform management (Helps you manage your social presence on every platform you’re on – Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, X, and Pinterest)

🏆Post or schedule social media content for multiple brands or locations from one tool

🏆AI-powered content creation process that generates post ideas specific to each platform and personalized for your brand.

🏆Built-in approval workflows to collaborate with your team and manage content

🏆Synup also helps you sync and manage your Facebook business page and Google Business Profile

🏆Keep an eye on top trending content on different platforms to find inspiration for your social media posts

🏆Get access to additional social media tools, such as ‘Best time to post’ calculator and Image Resizer.

🏆Synup also offers managed social media services – a team of experts will help you create and publish social media posts regularly. Agencies can offload their routine tasks and focus on strategy.

🏆Complete Whitelabel social media management for agencies and resellers.

Benefits of using Synup Social

Streamlined Content Creation and Scheduling

With our AI-powered content creation process, you can generate post ideas tailored specifically for each platform and personalized for your brand.


Synup Social's trend-tracking feature keeps you in the loop, allowing you to monitor the hottest content on different platforms and find inspiration for your own posts. Whether it's a viral meme or a buzzworthy hashtag, you'll never miss out on the conversation.

Better content moderation

With our built-in collaboration tools, you can assign tasks, share content calendars, and ensure everyone is on the same page. No more miscommunication or overlapping efforts.

Work seamlessly in teams

If you've got a social media team, Synup Social makes collaboration a breeze with features like content approval workflows. No more endless email chains – leave feedback and get posts greenlit directly in the tool.

All-round presence management

You don’t have to pick up multiple tools for different platforms – manage your Google profiles and other business listings together with your social channels.

Manage Social Hands-free with Managed Services

If you don’t have the bandwidth to be consistent with social, we can offload some of the routine tasks to our team. We have a special managed services package for social.

Grow your agency business

Are you an agency or reseller offering social media management? Synup Social has got you covered with our full white-label capabilities. Give your clients a social media platform and dashboard under your own brand.

How to get started with Synup Social

Sign up for a Synup Social demo, and our team will get your account set up and ready to go. Alternatively, you can self-sign up on the platform, take it for a spin, and unlock all the features by subscribing to a plan that suits your needs.

Once your Synup dashboard is up and running, simply click the "Add Brand" option at the top to connect all your accounts.


Next up, we'll need a few details to ensure your brand's social media presence is tailored to perfection. Provide your name, website, time zone, a concise bio, and brand assets. 

Pro tip: Be extra careful when selecting your time zone, as this will determine when your Instagram posts are scheduled for optimal engagement

That’s it! Have a look at what’s trending and start posting.

With Synup Social, you can publish social media posts directly or schedule them for later, ensuring your content goes live at the perfect moment. And if you ever find yourself in a creative rut, our platform has your back with an AI content generator integrated into the posting workflow. Simply click "Auto-generate content," and voila – fresh, ready-to-go content ideas in seconds.

What customers say

“Synup is helping me by creating a one stop shop for social media management. I currently provide services to roughly 8 companies in the Northwest. 

Instead of having to maintain separate accounts for each company, I have one portal where I can manage reviews, schedule daily or weekly social account postings, and utilize the A.I. aspect to assist with creating posts that will reach a broader audience. 

This platform has also allowed me to provide graphics and data to business owners in a clean and sleek layout. It has really saved me a lot of time and stress in the overall process of managing social media engagement.” 

– Review collected by and hosted on


Sprout Social

Best for managing multiple large-scale projects

What Sprout Social Does

Sprout Social is similar to Hootsuite, with its enterprise-grade platform and ability to handle scale. Unlike Hootsuite, their dashboard is much more streamlined and clutter-free. It falls into the expensive breed of social tools, which may not be something every type of business needs.

Source: Sprout Social

Key Features 

  • Schedule content across multiple social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, YouTube, Tumblr, and more)
  • Seamless calendar view for easy content creation, scheduling, and rearranging posts across different timeframes
  • Automation capabilities for post sharing
  • Internal commenting system for collaboration with teammates and external stakeholders
  • Multiple timeframe options for scheduling posts
  • Robust analytics and reporting capabilities
  • Multi-level approval workflows (agency, legal, and director)
  • Optimal sending time suggestions based on historical performance data

Benefits of Sprout Social

  • Streamline your social media management with a centralized platform
  • Save time and increase efficiency by scheduling posts in advance
  • Maintain a consistent presence across various social media channels
  • Collaborate effectively with team members and stakeholders through internal commenting
  • Ensure brand consistency and maintain control with multi-level approval workflows
  • Optimize post timings for maximum engagement and reach using data-driven insights
  • Gain valuable insights into your social media performance through comprehensive analytics


$199 per month per user


✅Multi-level approval – agency, legal, and director

✅Data-driven optimal sending time recommendations


🚫May not be cost-effective for smaller teams with limited budgets

🚫Formatting options for text in posts are limited



Best for cost-efficient social media management

What Buffer Does

Buffer is that one Hootsuite alternative that brings the same quality to every type and size of team. The tool moulds itself very well accordingly to the needs of a business at different stages. It also works well for individual creators. Not very feature-heavy, but quite intuitive.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Collaborative content creation and refinement through drafts and feedback gathering
  • Approval workflows for maintaining content quality standards
  • Customizable publishing schedules for each social media account
  • Visual calendar for viewing upcoming scheduled posts at a glance
  • Ability to publish content across multiple platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more)

Benefits of Buffer

  • Foster team collaboration and streamline the content creation process
  • Ensure brand consistency and adherence to quality standards with approval workflows
  • Maintain a consistent posting schedule across various social media channels
  • Plan and organize your content strategy with ease using the visual calendar
  • Save time and increase efficiency by scheduling posts in advance
  • Reach your audience across multiple platforms from a single tool


Starting $6 per month (Free version available)


✅Batch-scheduling capabilities for efficient content planning

✅Customizable publishing schedules for each social account


❌Limited features for certain platforms like Instagram

❌Analytics and reporting features may not be as robust or polished as some competitors


Social Pilot

Best for bulk-scheduling social media posts

What Social Pilot Does

Social Pilot is a refreshing choice, away from the bulky software. It has some very niche platform-specific features along with a smooth-running interface. Multi-brand management (one of the few tools apart from Synup to offer this) makes it a pretty good contender in the race. However, pricing could be a pain point for agencies.

Source: SocialPilot

Key Features

  • AI-powered content ideation for generating post ideas, captions, hashtags, and more
  • Content library for storing and repurposing top-performing posts
  • Unified dashboard for publishing content across multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more)
  • Collaborative content creation with drafts, feedback, and team revisions
  • Calendar view for reviewing and planning upcoming content
  • Bulk scheduling, resharing, and post automation capabilities

Benefits of Social Pilot

  • Leverage AI technology to create fresh, engaging, and data-driven content
  • Save time and effort by repurposing your best-performing content
  • Streamline your social media management with a centralized platform
  • Foster team collaboration and ensure quality control through feedback and revisions
  • Plan and organize your content strategy effectively with the calendar view
  • Increase efficiency and productivity with bulk scheduling and automation features


$30 per month (Free version available)


✅ Easy customization options for tailoring content to each platform

✅ White-labeling option available for agencies or resellers


❌ Content ideation capabilities could be further improved



Best for automatic social media posting

What Loomly Does

Loomly is a rising Hootsuite alternative. With a smart look and sleek functionalities, it’s built for modern teams. One standout quality is Loomly’s in-built content editing studio. Makes it very easy to prep your photos and videos well for every platform. It also helps creators and businesses monetize their social presence.

Source: Loomly

Key Features

  • Multi-layer approval workflows for team collaboration and feedback
  • Customizable post formats (Instagram Reels, carousels) for each platform
  • Built-in image and video editor for creating platform-tailored visuals
  • Visual mockups for previewing posts before scheduling
  • Content inspiration library (posts, images, GIFs)
  • Automated scheduling across multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more)
  • Audience engagement and comment management within the platform
  • Post optimization tips for maximizing performance
  • Advanced social media analytics for measuring success and informing strategy

Benefits of Loomly

  • Foster team collaboration and ensure quality control through approval workflows
  • Tailor your content to each platform's unique formats and requirements
  • Create visually appealing and engaging content with the built-in editor
  • Preview and refine your posts before publishing for a polished look
  • Access a wealth of content ideas and inspiration to keep your feed fresh
  • Save time and maintain a consistent presence with automated scheduling
  • Engage with your audience efficiently and respond to comments in real-time
  • Optimize your content for better performance based on data-driven tips
  • Gain valuable insights into your social media performance through advanced analytics


$42 per month


✅ Rich stock media library for sourcing visuals

✅ Ads support available for running paid social campaigns


❌ No AI integrations for generating post captions or content ideas (yet)



Best for creating a social media planner

What Planable Does

Planable is an appealing choice for a Hootsuite alternative, not because it’s similar but just how vastly different it is. The highly visual and intuitive tool makes it very easy to plan all your social content. It powers your team with its friction-less interface and dashboard. The collaboration features also go very deep, almost like a Google doc.

Source: Planable

Key Features

  • User-friendly calendar interface for planning and organizing various content types
  • In-context content creation and previewing directly on the publishing platforms
  • Streamlined collaboration with feedback, approvals, and permission levels
  • Easy scheduling, rescheduling, and republishing of top-performing content
  • Separate workspaces for managing multiple brands or clients
  • Advanced scheduling for evergreen and seasonal content
  • Content categorization and filtering using custom labels

Benefits of Planable

  • Centralize your content planning and strategy across different formats
  • Tailor your content to each platform's unique requirements and visual styles
  • Foster team collaboration and ensure quality control through feedback and approvals
  • Optimize your content calendar for maximum engagement and performance
  • Maintain organization and control when managing multiple brands or initiatives
  • Save time and plan ahead by scheduling evergreen and recurring content
  • Streamline your workflow with custom content categorization and filtering


Starts at $13 per per month


✅ Very interactive and visual planner with different view options (grid, calendar, list, etc.)

✅ Tailored solutions for agencies, multi-location brands, and multi-brand accounts

✅ Whitelabeling options available


❌ Analytics features are relatively new and need further improvement

❌ Lacks AI integration for content ideation or optimization



Best for AI-powered social media scheduling

What SocialBee Does

SocialBee is great for mid-sized teams. Not too expensive, but also covers all the basic features needed to run a social media strategy for growth. It has some great editing capabilities for video covers and other types of media. You can also recycle your old content to keep a steady stream of posts.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • AI-powered content generator for fresh post ideas
  • Automated recycling and republishing of top-performing evergreen content
  • Seamless integrations with Canva, GIPHY, and Unsplash for visual content creation
  • Scheduling and automation for content distribution across multiple platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, TikTok, YouTube)
  • AI-powered recommendations for optimal posting times, content categorization, and customizable posting schedules
  • Advanced analytics for tracking performance metrics and identifying optimization opportunities

Benefits of SocialBee

  • Never run out of engaging content ideas with the help of AI ideation
  • Maintain a consistent presence with minimal effort by repurposing evergreen content
  • Create visually appealing posts efficiently with integrated design tools
  • Save time and streamline your social media presence across various platforms
  • Optimize your content strategy with data-driven recommendations for posting times and organization
  • Gain valuable insights into your performance and identify areas for growth and improvement


$29 per user per month


✅ Category-level organization for better content management

✅ Easy cycling and republishing of evergreen social content


❌ May lack some of the advanced collaboration workflows



Best for scheduling social media posts

What Later Does

Later is a witty choice for the name. Known specifically for its scheduling capabilities and posting queues, Later is a good tool for planning and distributing social media content at scale. It’s AI-powered and also supports Instagram stories, unlike many other tools.

Source: Later

Key Features

  • Automated scheduling and publishing across multiple platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
  • AI-powered caption writer for generating engaging, brand-tailored captions
  • Centralized platform for managing and publishing content for multiple brands or clients
  • Visual content planner for previewing and rearranging upcoming posts
  • Cross-platform optimization tools for editing, cropping, and tailoring content
  • Personalized best time to post recommendations based on audience engagement patterns
  • User-generated content (UGC) integration for sourcing and publishing alongside owned content

Benefits of Later

  • Maintain a consistent content cadence with automated scheduling
  • Save time and streamline content creation with AI-generated captions
  • Efficiently manage and publish content for multiple brands or clients from one place
  • Plan and organize your content strategy visually for a cohesive feed
  • Optimize your content for each platform's unique requirements and formats
  • Maximize engagement and reach by posting at the best times for your audience
  • Leverage user-generated content to foster community engagement and authenticity


$25 per month per user


✅ AI automation for content posting and caption generation

✅ Simple drag-and-drop interface for managing content visually


❌ Platform can be clunky or have usability issues, according to customer reports

❌ No option to unschedule or reschedule a post once it's been scheduled



Best for scheduling social media posts in bulk

What Sendible Does

Sendible is a tool made for multi-brand planning, with a strong focus on agencies. Editing features are decent enough. What really stands out is the multi-level collaboration workflows that enable agencies to work with clients and get approvals. seamlessly. Reporting capabilities are also helpful.

Source: Sendible and Influencer MarketingHub

Key Features

  • Bulk or individual scheduling of social media posts, images, and videos in advance
  • Customization options for adding mentions, hashtags, emojis, and visuals per platform
  • Calendar view for visual overview of past and upcoming social media posts
  • Editing, rearranging, and adding more posts as needed
  • Image resizing for optimizing visual content across different social networks
  • Built-in design tools for creating engaging graphics and visuals
  • Integration with Canva Pro for accessing pre-made graphics and templates
  • Integration with GIPHY and Pexels for sourcing royalty-free GIFs and images
  • Access to existing content from cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Automatic posting from trusted RSS feeds or Google Alerts
  • CSV file import for bulk scheduling content

Benefits of Sendible

  • Plan and schedule your social media content in advance, saving time and ensuring consistency
  • Tailor your posts for each platform, increasing engagement and brand consistency
  • Stay organized and visualize your content strategy with the calendar view
  • Maintain flexibility by easily editing, rearranging, or adding new posts as needed
  • Create visually appealing and optimized content for maximum engagement across platforms
  • Access a wealth of design resources and templates for creating professional graphics
  • Source high-quality visuals and GIFs from integrated libraries
  • Streamline your workflow by accessing existing content from cloud storage
  • Automate meaningful updates by tapping into trusted sources like RSS feeds and Google Alerts
  • Efficiently manage bulk content scheduling through CSV file imports


$129 per month


✅ Option to upload and schedule content in bulk for efficient planning 

✅ Agency support with whitelabel options available


❌ Needs better validation of content across platforms, as customers report some posts getting rejected after scheduling 

❌ No AI support for content creation or optimization



Best for managing your social conversations

What NapoleonCat Does

NapoleonCat is great for managing your social like you’d run a community. Great listening and monitoring tools along with customized posting and editing features. The UI is lemon-fresh to look at (I just made that word up). Scheduling features could be more fleshed out though.

Source: NapoleonCat

Key Features

  • Simultaneous content publishing across multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google My Business)
  • Bulk image uploading and content syncing across platforms
  • AI-powered content generation and ideation based on trend analysis and performance data
  • Platform-specific content tailoring with features like UTM tags, scheduled first comments, carousels, and Stories
  • Access to platform-specific AI prompt templates for tailored content suggestions
  • Comprehensive calendar view for visualizing your entire social media strategy
  • Color-coded labels and titles for better content organization and categorization
  • Team collaboration tools, including member invitations, task management, drafts, and feedback
  • Synchronized content and image uploads across platforms, eliminating manual repetition

Benefits of NapoleonCat

  • Maintain a consistent presence across various social media channels with simultaneous publishing
  • Save time and effort by uploading images and syncing content in bulk
  • Generate fresh, relevant, and engaging content ideas with the help of AI technology
  • Optimize your content for each platform by leveraging platform-specific features and tailored AI prompts
  • Gain a holistic view of your social media strategy with the easy-to-read calendar interface
  • Stay organized and manage different campaigns effectively with color-coded labels and categorization
  • Foster team collaboration and streamline the content creation process with dedicated tools
  • Eliminate manual repetition and increase efficiency with synchronized content and image uploads


$32 per month per user (for up to 3 profiles)


✅ Offers a unified social inbox to manage all conversations on social 

✅ Very easy to navigate and use 

✅ AI-powered content generation and ideation


❌ Setup process can be complex and slow, according to customer reports



Best for repurposing social media content

What MeetEdgar Does

MeetEdgar is another app like Hootsuite, but catering to creators, consultants, and freelancers. The UI is a little classic but still not as cluttered as Hootsuite. They have some great features for repurposing your content along with an unlimited content library.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Limitless Content Library: Store all your evergreen content in a central library for repurposing and resharing
  • Automated Content Repurposing: Edgar automatically reshares your older content to keep your feed fresh without manual effort
  • Unlimited Scheduled Posting: Schedule as much content as you want in advance across all your social media accounts
  • Central Social Media Dashboard: Manage all your social media accounts from a single integrated dashboard

Benefits of MeetEdgar

  • Never run out of content with a limitless library of evergreen posts
  • Maintain a consistent social media presence without constantly creating new content
  • Save time and effort by automating the repurposing and resharing of older content
  • Plan and schedule your content in advance for multiple platforms from a single dashboard
  • Streamline your social media management with a centralized, integrated solution


$30 per month for up to 5 social accounts


✅ Ability to set up content queues to keep refreshing existing content

✅ Automated repurposing and resharing of older content


❌ User interface and experience may not be very intuitive or user-friendly



Best for auto-publishing social media posts

What Publer Does

Publer is one of the few sites like Hootsuite that has an applaud-worthy free plan. For teams that are just testing the waters, it’s a great recommendation. The UI is very professional-looking and well-organized. Editing capabilities are slightly limited, but they have many external integrations available for design.


Key Features

  • Highly visual calendar interface for organizing and visualizing your social media content schedule
  • Auto-scheduling feature for publishing posts at optimal times for maximum engagement
  • Built-in collaborative features to facilitate teamwork and collaboration
  • Multi-platform scheduling and publishing across Facebook, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, and more
  • Customization options for each post, with the ability to schedule or save for later publishing
  • Bulk upload of up to 500 photos, videos, and GIFs for streamlined content management
  • Import media files from various sources (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Unsplash, external URLs, local devices)
  • Four scheduling options: manual scheduling, auto-scheduling, recycling (resharing), and recurring scheduling
  • Customization options for each post (location data, signatures, follow-up comments, cross-posting)
  • Automated post deletion after a specific time for better content management

Benefits of Publer

  • Gain a comprehensive view of your content schedule with the visual calendar interface
  • Maximize engagement by publishing at optimal times with the auto-scheduling feature
  • Foster a collaborative and stress-free work environment with built-in team features
  • Maintain a consistent presence across multiple social media platforms with multi-platform scheduling
  • Tailor your content for each platform and schedule posts according to your preferences
  • Save time and streamline your workflow with bulk media uploads and imports
  • Cater to your specific posting needs with various scheduling options (manual, auto, recycling, recurring)
  • Customize each post with additional details and cross-posting capabilities
  • Declutter your content by automating post-deletion after a set time


Starts at $10 per month for one user (Free version available that can manage up to 3 social channels)


✅ Browser extension available for quickly sharing content from any web link

✅ Multiple types of scheduling options available (manual, auto, recycling, recurring)


❌ Some editing features can be clunky or have usability issues at times

❌ May not be the best option for scaling and managing a large social media presence



Best for customizing social media posts

What Agorapulse Does

Agorapulse has a great UI and an in-built editor. It’s a new-age, fun alternative to Hootsuite’s web app. Offers great customization features for each platform and also has supporting tools to help manage your brand on social.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Multi-platform scheduling and auto-publishing across Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, and more
  • Support for diverse content formats (Reels, Stories, Pins, TikTok videos, etc.) from a single interface
  • Team collaboration tools (workflows, content assignment, approval, notes, action items)
  • Shared Calendars for team/client collaboration, feedback, and content approval
  • Visibility into scheduled, published, to-approve, and rejected content for all team members/clients
  • AI writing assistant for enhancing and optimizing copy
  • Automated scheduling with content queues for consistent posting
  • Bulk scheduling with CSV file uploads (up to 200 posts)
  • Custom fields for adding customized text to scheduled posts
  • Content tailoring tools (image cropper, video thumbnail customization, saved hashtags, post previews, etc.)
  • Integration with Canva for visual content creation and enhancement

Benefits of Agorapulse

  • Maintain a consistent presence across multiple social media platforms
  • Engage audiences with diverse content formats tailored for each platform
  • Foster seamless team collaboration and streamline content workflows
  • Ensure brand consistency and quality control with shared calendars and approval processes
  • Save time and effort with AI-assisted content optimization and automation
  • Efficiently schedule content in bulk or use content queues for a steady posting cadence
  • Customize and tailor content to meet your specific requirements
  • Create visually appealing and engaging content with integrated design tools


Starts at $74 per month for up to 10 social profiles


✅ Platform navigation is easy and centralizes customer engagement

✅ AI writing assistant and automation features


❌ Can be expensive for small businesses or individuals with limited budgets

❌ Analytics and data visualization capabilities could be improved



Best for scheduling social posts in multiple formats

What StatusBrew Does

StatusBrew is not very similar to Hootsuite in terms of feature depth. If you’ve got a large team looking for that, it may not be the best choice. But it’s loved for its simplicity that favors small teams very well. They also offer some unique tools like Campaign Manager to add to their overall product value.

Source: StatusBrew

Key Features

  • Schedule and auto-publish various content formats with a single click
  • Calendar interface for planning, scheduling, and coordinating social media content
  • Collaboration and approval workflows for internal and external teams (web and mobile)
  • Customization and simultaneous publishing to multiple social media profiles with live previews
  • Custom scheduling or best-time queuing for optimal engagement
  • Bulk scheduling using CSV uploads (schedule weeks of content at once)
  • Intuitive content planner for campaign overview and affiliate alignment
  • Streamlined submission, review, approval, and rejection processes for outgoing posts
  • Access to brand assets (images, videos, text snippets) for faster and more consistent workflows

Benefits of StatusBrew

  • Streamline your content planning and scheduling process with a visual calendar
  • Foster seamless collaboration and ensure quality control through approval workflows
  • Maintain brand consistency by customizing and previewing posts before publishing
  • Maximize engagement by scheduling posts at optimal times or using best-time queuing
  • Efficiently schedule content in bulk for weeks or months in advance


Starts at $89 per month


✅ Single-click scheduling and publishing for various content formats

✅ Intuitive calendar interface for content planning and collaboration


❌Feature set is very thin for this price

❌No AI support yet



Best for managing multiple brands

What HeyOrca Does

HeyOrca is a great pick for agencies looking for apps like Hootsuite. It allows you to collaborate with external and internal stakeholders. The tool streamlines the whole process of planning, content creation for social, and scheduling for multiple clients.

Source: HeyOrca

Key Features

  • Visual Post Editor for planning, creating, and scheduling posts with preview across social networks
  • Calendar view for visualizing and managing scheduled content for clients
  • Direct publishing to multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest)
  • Client management dashboard for efficient handling of multiple social media presences
  • Post copying across channels with customization options for each platform
  • Client feedback and approval workflows directly from the shared calendar
  • Centralized media library for organizing and managing assets (images, videos)

Benefits of HeyOrca

  • Provide a clear visual representation of how posts will appear on targeted networks
  • Gain a comprehensive overview of clients' social media strategies with the calendar view
  • Streamline your workflow by publishing directly to various platforms without additional tools
  • Efficiently manage multiple client accounts from a single dashboard
  • Save time and effort by copying and customizing posts across channels
  • Foster seamless communication and review processes with client feedback and approval features


$59 per month per brand


✅ Whitelabeled analytics and reporting features for agencies

✅ External as well as internal feedback and approval workflows


❌Can be pricey, especially for managing multiple calendars

❌Reporting could be more robust

How to choose the best Hootsuite alternative for your team?

Consider these things:

Supported Social Media Channels

Ensure the tool integrates with and allows you to manage all the social platforms you need - major ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as niche platforms specific to your industry.

Scheduling and Publishing Features

Look for robust scheduling features like the ability to schedule posts for peak engagement times based on your analytics, options to set up recurring schedules, bulk uploading/scheduling of posts, and drafts to approve before publishing.

Content Creation Features

Some social media management tools go beyond just scheduling by providing built-in content creation capabilities. This can include image/video editors, stock libraries, design templates as well as AI writing tools to generate draft copy.

Ease of Use

Unlike Hootsuite, opt for intuitive, user-friendly software that requires minimal training and has a little learning curve so anyone on your marketing/social team can get up and running quickly.

Managed Services

If you don't have the bandwidth to fully manage your Instagram presence in-house, look for platforms that offer professionally managed services to handle posting, engagement, hashtags, etc.

Trend Analysis

Hootsuite has some of the best trend analysis capabilities in the industry. Look for a tool that makes up for this and offers you insights into what’s buzzing on your social channels.


Time-saving automation features can be extremely valuable - like smart schedulers that automatically slot posts into your peak times, rules to recycle top content, and leveraging AI/GPT tools for content generation.

Collaboration Features

For teams working together, having collaboration features is essential for workflow and communication. Things like comment trails, tagging teammates, approval workflows etc keep everyone coordinated.

Summing Up…

While choosing the best Hootsuite alternative, first prioritize your social media goals. Focus on your immediate short-term wins and what features enable them the best. And then look at things that go beyond features, like customer support, and if you’re an agency, then partner support and whitelabeling.

Get started with Synup Social

Synup Social makes for a top-notch Hootsuite alternative – with our refined scheduling capabilities propped up on solid customer support. Our agency partners also get a better piece of the pie with collaboration tools and white labeling options.

Top Hootsuite Alternatives: FAQs

  1. What's the best alternative to Hootsuite?

While there are many good Hootsuite alternatives out there, Synup stands out as one of the best options to consider for your social media management needs. Synup offers a robust feature set, an intuitive user interface, and competitive pricing plans.

  1. Is there a free Hootsuite version?

No, Hootsuite discontinued its free version in 2023. They shifted to focusing solely on their paid plans for professional and enterprise users.

  1. Is Hootsuite a CRM or CMS?

Hootsuite is neither a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) nor a CMS (Content Management System) software. It is a social media management platform designed specifically for scheduling, publishing, monitoring and analyzing social media content across multiple channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Hootsuite helps marketers and social media teams manage their brand's presence efficiently on various social networks from a centralized dashboard.


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