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Whether you're an individual or a business, provides tools to keep track of what's being said about you on the internet and helps you improve your online presence. By using advanced technology and data analysis, offers a range of services aimed at enhancing your online reputation, from managing reviews to boosting your visibility on social media and search engines. is renowned for its comprehensive tools for monitoring and enhancing online presence.

However, several reasons prompt users to seek for other alternatives:

  • Cost Considerations: The pricing structure of may not be feasible for all users, especially those with budget constraints.
  • Limited Customization: Users seeking more tailored solutions may find's customization options lacking, prompting them to explore alternatives.
  • Feature Disparity: Some users require features not sufficiently provided by, such as innovative technologies or advanced social media monitoring capabilities.
  • Customer Support: Dissatisfaction with the quality or availability of customer support services may drive users to look for platforms offering better assistance.
  • Integration Needs: Users may require platforms that integrate more seamlessly with their existing systems or tools, prompting them to seek alternatives offering better integration capabilities.

Let's look at a list of alternatives to help you choose wisely.


Category: Listings Management, Reputation Management, Social Media Management, Review Management Tool

What Synup Does?

Synup is a versatile online reputation management platform designed to assist businesses in monitoring, managing, and enhancing their digital presence. It offers personalized response tools for crafting appropriate replies to both positive and negative reviews, strengthening customer relationships. With its prompt response time feature, Synup ensures that businesses never miss a new review, enabling them to maintain an active online presence and address feedback promptly.

Features Of Synup

💎 Utilize personalized response templates to craft tailored replies to both positive and negative Google reviews.

💎 Stay up-to-date with prompt Google review notifications, ensuring you never miss out on new feedback.

💎Leverage custom review pages, along with integrations with over 100 CRM systems, to effortlessly generate Google reviews from new customers.

💎 Harness the power of AI integration to automatically generate responses based on various factors such as rating, sentiment, and location.

💎 Collaborate within your team with custom leaderboards and motivate managers to effectively manage location reviews.

💎 Gain valuable insights into your online reputation with Synup's comprehensive data and analytics, including Google review trends and sentiment analysis.

💎 Simplify the management of Google profile Q&A with a centralized platform.

💎 Enhance your website and other channels with attractive review widgets, showcasing your Google reviews as social proof.

💎 Experience complete Whitelabel Google review management solutions tailored for agencies and resellers.

Benefits Of Using Synup

🎯 Craft personalized responses to both positive and negative reviews, building trust and strengthening customer relationships.

🎯 Never miss a new review with Synup's prompt response time

🎯 Drive proactive review generation through automated campaigns. 

🎯 Save time and effort with AI-powered automation while maintaining a personalized touch.

🎯 Access comprehensive analytics to gain valuable insights into your online performance and sentiment trends 

🎯 Scale your offerings with white-label review management solutions, providing branded experiences for agencies and resellers to expand their services.

“Upsides of using Synup is that it is a centralized space for our franchisees to log in and respond to their reviews. They are able to see an overview of their reviews, analytics, key words, lots of different features that they have access too. 

Synup offers automations for review responses, and review template options that we have put in to make it easier for our franchisees to respond and saves time. 

Our franchisees also get email notifications when a review comes in, which is great as they are able to respond efficiently. Customer support is great at responding quickly and do the best they can to assist.” 

*Review collected via G2*



Category: Reputation Management Platform

What Birdeye Does?

Birdeye is a comprehensive reputation management platform that helps local businesses get found easily by their customers, build a social media presence, and improve their overall reputation. They are catering to both small businesses and large enterprises across various industries. Backed by their Bird-AI tool, helping businesses deliver personalized experiences seamlessly.

Source: Birdeye


➡️ Boost your ranking with AI-powered reviews on 200+ platforms. 

➡️ Create social media posts quickly with AI and manage multiple handles. 

➡️ Manage your business listings on Apple, Facebook, Bing, and more. 

➡️ Run referral campaigns and easily get positive reviews. 

➡️ Chat with website visitors in real time to convert them into customers. 

➡️ Automatically trigger AI surveys to collect feedback. 

➡️ Track trends, monitor keywords, and measure customer sentiment. 

➡️ Schedule appointments with the built-in tool. 

➡️ Enhance your Google ads for better performance.


⭐️ Use AI tools to improve text responses and manage reviews at scale. 

⭐️ Interact with customers at every stage to help them decide. 

⭐️ Connect referrals with 3,000+ CRMs and PMSs like Salesforce, Hubspot, and QuickBooks. ⭐️ Learn what customers love and serve them better. 

⭐️ Offer seamless payment options via text, scan, card, and website. 

⭐️ Amplify reputation management and dominate Google.


✅ Excellent reporting and easy management of multiple properties.


❌ High prices may not be sustainable long-term 

❌ Support team can be hard to reach. 

❌ Social Media Management is not as smooth as competitors.

Priced at $299 Per Month 



Category: Online Reputation Management Platform

What BrightLocal Does?

BrightLocal is a robust local SEO and online reputation management platform designed to help businesses improve their visibility in local search results. It offers a suite of tools for tracking local search rankings, auditing local SEO performance, managing business listings, and generating and responding to customer reviews.



➡️Has a comprehensive set of local rank-tracking features that help you with local search grids and track everything efficiently

➡️Has a citation builder that helps you build sites and makes it easy for you to get listed

➡️In-built thorough auditing system that helps you understand everything about your local SEO footprint in minutes 

➡️Provides a listings management system that helps make it easier for you to manage your listings

➡️Reputation manager helps respond, collect, and monitor all reviews under a single dashboard 


⭐️Helps get complete oversight of your online competition and analyzes where you can perform better 

⭐️Allows citation management at scale for larger companies handling 20+ locations

⭐️The Local Audit feature tracks over 300+ Local Data Points to understand how to improve your local business 


✅ Has great reporting analytics baked into the product


❌ The platform is mostly manual, which is what makes it costlier and slower in the long run

Starts at $39 per month for a single location (charges extra for additional updates on listings).



Category: Reputation Management and Local SEO Tool

What Does Chatmeter Do?

Chatmeter is a comprehensive online reputation management platform that empowers businesses to monitor, analyze, and improve their digital presence across various channels. By aggregating data from multiple online sources such as reviews, social media, and listings, Chatmeter provides actionable insights to businesses, helping them understand customer sentiment, track competitors, and enhance their local SEO efforts.

Source: Chatmeter


➡️ Helps optimize your reputation management at scale by making use of AI automation and much more

➡️ Dominate your local search results by building SEO-optimized local pages 

➡️ Helps create surveys with ease to understand your target market better 

➡️ Best-in-class analytics and insights that help you do all the listening to your customers, your competitors and stay ahead of the trend 

➡️ Has an in-built social media suite that lets you create content using AI and various other features 

➡️ Easily optimize your listings across various directories and platforms 


⭐️ Accurate listings, help elevate your customer experience 10X better 

⭐️Helps you maintain a competitive edge when it comes to social media with various AI automation and tools that help you outperform your competitors 

⭐️Helps build localised landing pages quickly and efficiently, that are on-point with your brand identity 

⭐️Has listings professionals to help you with optimizing your listings better in case you want to focus on other things and have a lot on your plate

⭐️Makes it easier to manage your surveys on mobile phones and the go


✅Provides great AI automation tools that help you make smarter and faster decisions


❌Updates take a very long time and that is something that makes the platform a little slower as compared to its competitors

Offers custom pricing options for different services



Category: Reputation Management Platform

What GatherUp Does?

GatherUp helps multi-location businesses, small businesses and agencies with reviews and their overall reputation management. It offers scalable solutions for all kinds of businesses and is flexible to cater to their specific needs. Customers also say that the platform is easy to use but lacks features and efficiency at times. 

Source: GetApp


➡️ AI-powered SmartReply crafts personalized responses to customer reviews.

➡️ Smart Insights generates actionable reports from customer feedback data.

➡️ New AutoReply provides automated responses to positive reviews using AI-generated text.

➡️ Focuses on optimizing local SEO factors like review signals.

➡️ Captures first-party reviews with review schema markup for website visibility.

➡️ Generates reviews on third-party sites like Google, and Facebook.

➡️ Comprehensive reporting illustrates the impact of reputation management efforts.

➡️ Sends personalized SMS marketing campaigns directly to engaged subscribers.


⭐️ Saves time by automating review response workflows using AI.

⭐️ Gains valuable customer insights efficiently through AI-powered analysis.

⭐️ Enhances brand reputation by promptly responding to positive feedback.

⭐️ Drives sales and engagement with personalized SMS marketing.


✅ Offers a great user experience to customers and is extremely easy to use


❌ Has a steep learning curve

❌ Not very cost-effective when too many locations to manage

Priced at $99 Per Month


Category: Reputation Management Platform

What Does? is a reputation management platform that helps multi-location businesses focus on automation, save time, and generate more revenue. It offers a white-label reputation management solution built especially for agencies and local businesses. 

Source: GetApp


➡️ Integrates with essential third-party tools like Google Sheets, HubSpot, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and more.

➡️ Generates reviews on 100+ sites such as Facebook and Google, making it easy for customers to leave feedback.

➡️ Monitors reviews across these sites from a single dashboard.

➡️ Markets your best reviews using widgets on your website.

➡️ Provides review performance reports to understand customer opinions on your products and services.

➡️ Manages your listings across multiple websites and directories, allowing you to fully own them.


⭐️ Updates existing listings at little to no cost with customizable features to meet business goals.

⭐️ Ends the need to rent listings by helping you own them.

⭐️ Understands the quality and quantity of your reviews across all monitored sites.

⭐️ Features a customizable dashboard for review distribution and volume over time.

⭐️ Optimizes your review funnel with detailed reports on visits, feedback rates, click-throughs, and review generation metrics.


✅ Easy to set up with excellent customer support.

✅ Fairly priced and cost-effective long-term.


❌ Lacks a mobile app, which many users find inconvenient.

❌ Limited reporting and overview features, according to users.

❌ Uses Whitespark for listings management.

Priced at $25 Per Month



Category: Online Presence Management Tool

What Does LocalClarity Do?

LocalClarity is a platform designed to help businesses manage and optimize their local online presence, particularly in terms of managing business listings and online reviews. It offers a suite of tools that enable businesses to monitor, analyze, and respond to reviews across various online platforms.

LocalClarity Demo - Review and Reporting Dashbord
Source: LocalClarity


➡️ Centralized dashboard providing a panoramic view across all business locations.
➡️ Gain visibility into customer actions and behavior on Google before they reach your website.
➡️ Generate and schedule a suite of customizable reports that can be saved and shared as needed.
➡️ Access up to 10 years of historical review data for comprehensive insights per location.
➡️ Utilize a centralized inbox that automatically pulls in new reviews and feedback daily.
➡️ Respond directly with custom-tailored or pre-built templated responses.
➡️ Leverage workflow capabilities to distribute review data and tasks to location managers.
➡️ Access local search visibility experts for personalized video analysis and guidance.
➡️ Benefit from a research library covering reputation management best practices and ROI strategies.
➡️ Connect seamlessly with existing customer service and social platforms through integration options.


⭐️ Understand how customers discover and interact with your listings before visiting.
⭐️ Never miss responding to reviews with an automated consolidated inbox.
⭐️ Improve operational efficiency by delegating review management per location.
⭐️ Receive targeted expert guidance for continuously optimizing your local search presence.
⭐️ Gain the latest insights into extracting maximum value from your reputation management efforts.
⭐️ Enjoy seamless integration with the systems and platforms you already use.


✅ Extremely easy to use


❌ Integrations are difficult and take a lot of time

Offers custom pricing quote upon request



Category: Online Presence Management

What Does Moz Local Do?

Moz Local is a powerful tool designed to help businesses manage their online presence across various directories and platforms. It ensures that business listings are accurate, consistent, and up-to-date across the web, which is crucial for local search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Moz Local enables businesses to easily create and manage their listings on popular directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and more.

Moz local manage business listings outlined
Source: MozLocal


➡️Centralized synchronization of listings across search engines, directories, and apps.

➡️Identification, confirmation, and deletion of duplicate listings.

➡️ Listing optimization guidance and automated distribution across partner networks.

➡️Unified inbox for monitoring and responding to reviews.

➡️Tracking of review sentiment, keyword analysis, and customer feedback trends.

➡️Direct publishing of listings to Google and Facebook.

➡️Sharing of social posts, news, and offers across multiple directories.


⭐️Ensure accurate listing information with ongoing synchronization.

⭐️Eliminate duplicate listings that cause conflicting business information.

⭐️Optimize listings using best practices for improved visibility.

⭐️Streamline reputation management with a centralized reviews hub.

⭐️Gain data-driven insights into customer sentiment and feedback patterns.

⭐️Engage customers with consistent newsfeeds across directories.

⭐️Utilize a comprehensive solution for local listings optimization and management.

⭐️Maintain an authoritative and unified online presence across the web.

⭐️Leverage customer feedback to enhance local business operations.


✅ Extremely affordable 

✅ Easy to use and manage on a day-to-day basis


❌ Is not integrated with Yahoo and has some other inconsistencies when it comes to listings management

Priced at $14 Per Month


Nice Job

Category: Review Management Platform

What NiceJob Does?

NiceJob is a review management platform and claims to be especially for busy and budget conscious business owners who want to manage their review generation, social media content and get easy referrals. Customers also say that using NiceJob has increased their online reviews drastically, but at the same time also feel that it is overpriced for the features it has to offer.

Source: GetApp


➡️ Provides an automated review generation feature to collect reviews easily 

➡️ Shares reviews on Google, Facebook, and various other review sites automatically

➡️ Customers receive referral campaigns automatically after the service 

➡️ Website builder designed specifically for small businesses

➡️ Provides actionable insights to understand your customers better 

➡️ Collects reviews and feedback from customers in real-time 

➡️ Social media widgets for reviews and bookings


⭐️ Helps establish a great online presence by 4x more reviews 

⭐️ Build brand credibility and increase your business with more customer referrals every now and then 

⭐️ Helps save business owners dozens of hours every month with its sales strategies 

⭐️ Offers a new way to delight and serve your customers by offering them gifts and tracking their experience throughout


✅ Offers a white label solution for agencies 


❌ Whitelabel solutions have certain restrictions 

❌ Automations usually take up a lot of time and are not comprehensive

Priced at $75 Per Month



Category: Online Presence Management Software

What Partoo Does?

Partoo is known to be an all-in-one solution for companies of all sizes designed specifically to help them grow their online presence and keep up with the purchasing power. It offers features like online listings management, reputation management, rank tracking features and basic social media management features. 

Source: Partoo


➡️Helps businesses get found via online presence management on GPS, search engines, social networks, and various other opinion websites.

➡️Optimize your website with a store locator and SEO-optimized pages per location

➡️Centralized review management system from Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook

➡️Regular reports and analytics based on customer reviews 

➡️Helps collect reviews easily from satisfied customers on your Google My Business profile via SMS invites

➡️Integrated inbox to respond to messages from anywhere - GMB, Facebook, or Instagram and reply to them all from the platform


⭐️Makes it easier to manage your online presence from a centralized platform 

⭐️Easier to rank higher with regular reviews coming in from visitors 

⭐️Don’t have to track messages/ calls from your customers manually with the help of the integrated inbox

⭐️Automates review campaigns for visitors and happy customers 

⭐️Store-locator and SEO-optimized pages help you rank better when your customers are searching for your business locally


✅Easy to use 

✅Offers great customer support 


❌Lacks a lot of features 

❌No whitelabeling capabilities 

❌Customers report that the website often glitches 

Reveals prices upon request 



Category: Listings Management & Social Media Platform

What PinMeTo Does?

PinMeTo enables businesses to synchronize and control their information, such as business name, address, phone number (NAP), and opening hours, across multiple online platforms including social media networks, search engines, review sites, and mapping services.

PinMeTo Demo - Publish updates to all your listings


➡️Central command center to manage, verify, and maintain accurate business listings across Google, Facebook, Apple Maps, Bing, and numerous other sites and apps.

➡️Instant alert system to notify you of any data conflicts or unauthorized changes to your listings.

➡️Automated updates to push new information consistently across all your listings simultaneously.

➡️Built-in guidelines and compliance checks tailored to each listing network, ensuring adherence without manual effort.


⭐️Maintain a consistent and accurate online presence across major listing networks.

⭐️Save time by managing all your listings from one unified dashboard.

⭐️Ensure compliance with network guidelines automatically.

⭐️Build trust and credibility with consistent listing data for customers.


✅Has a white label dashboard 

✅Helps with listings for physical storefront locations and service area businesses (SABs)


❌User Interface can be upgraded and made much better

Offers custom pricing options for different services



Category: Online Reputation Management Platform

What Podium Does?

Podium helps with lead conversion through online reputation management and is a ready to integrate platform with tools you already have and use. It makes use of Jerry (Podium’s AI employee) to deliver personalized customer experiences to users. 

Source: G2


➡️ AI-powered reviews to manage and respond to customer reviews on a single dashboard.

➡️ Quickly reply to potential customers with website contact forms.

➡️ Use Podium’s Phone VOIP system to catch up on missed calls, texts, and emails in one place, keeping customers from turning to competitors.

➡️ Centralize all lead-generating channels into an AI-powered inbox.

➡️ Get paid faster with tap-and-link payments via Podium Payments.

➡️ Integrate with 200+ tools using Podium.

➡️ Mobile app for on-the-go management.

➡️ Respond to customer inquiries directly on your website.


⭐️ Manage all your review sites like YellowPages, BBB, DealerRater, Google, Facebook, and more on a single dashboard.

⭐️ Use AI to write accurate, personalized reviews in seconds, freeing up time for other tasks.

⭐️ AI Employee, Jerry schedules calls, responds quickly, stays on track, and assists every step of the way.

⭐️ Quick lead summaries help close deals with potential clients.

⭐️ Access a vast marketplace with over 200 integrations and third-party apps, available anytime, anywhere.

⭐️ Helps maintain strong relationships with customers and potential clients.


✅ Excellent customer support.


❌ Steep learning curve.

❌ High pricing, best suited for large enterprises.

Priced at $399 Per Month



Category: Online Presence & Reputation Management Platform

What Does Rannko Do?

Rannko is a versatile reputation management and digital marketing platform designed to help businesses thrive in the online landscape. Offering a suite of powerful tools, Rannko allows businesses to monitor and manage their online reputation across various platforms, including review sites, social media channels, and business directories.

Rannko Demo - Review Management
Source: GetApp


➡️Has an all-in-one review management suite for review monitoring, review generation, review marketing, review reporting, and much more. 

➡️Helps publish and sync your listings across 40+ online channels and directories with PowerSync

➡️PowerSync is an end-to-end listings management suite with additional features 

➡️Users get access to smart menus, a knowledge base, insights, analytics, and much more with PowerSync

➡️Has a social media management system that helps one build meaningful relationships and online credibility. 

➡️The all-in-one social media suite consists of a smart scheduler, social media dashboard, in-depth analytics, and content curation/ syndication system. 


⭐️Save ample of your valuable time with the help of a social media management system that helps you automate and publish your posts. 

⭐️Get found everywhere with the help of consistent business information online that helps your customers find you easily 

⭐️Track phone, web, and profile visits all in real-time alongside interactions across search engines and social.

⭐️Know how your keywords are ranking on search engines and keep a close eye on them with the help of a keyword rank tracker.

⭐️Powersync Listings is an easy way to manage all of your local listings under one umbrella

⭐️Measure your social media analytics for Meta, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin and other channels all under a single platform 


✅Known to have comprehensive features and address everything under one roof for review management. 


❌Might be confusing to operate and set up things 

Offers custom prices for different services



Category: Online Review & Reputation Management Platform

What Does ReviewInc Do?

ReviewInc is a comprehensive online reputation management platform designed to help businesses monitor, manage, and improve their online reviews and reputation. With ReviewInc, businesses can gather feedback from customers across various platforms, including review sites, social media, and business directories, through automated email and SMS campaigns.

ReviewInc Demo - Competitor Reporting


➡️ Launch automated review request campaigns via email and text messaging.
➡️ Use a customizable dashboard to display review data and real-time updates.
➡️ Access a unified inbox that consolidates reviews from all your listings.
➡️ Reply directly to Google and Facebook reviews from within the platform.
➡️ Generate location/region-based reports with schedulable automated reports.
➡️ Share positive reviews to social media and review widgets with one click.
➡️ Provide multiple user seats with customizable access permission levels.
➡️ Enjoy unlimited integration capabilities with tools like Zapier, Google, and Facebook.
➡️ Utilize a mobile-friendly interface with a dedicated kiosk mode for on-site feedback.


⭐️ Eliminate manual efforts in soliciting reviews with automated campaigns.
⭐️ Gain a comprehensive view of your review performance through the dashboard.
⭐️ Ensure you never miss a review response with a centralized inbox.
⭐️ Manage Google and Facebook reviews efficiently in one place.
⭐️ Make it easy for customers to leave feedback with a mobile-optimized experience.


✅ Easy to use and is seamless while integrating with other platforms


❌ The UX is not very user-friendly and can be made much better

Pricing structure not transparent.



Category: Review & Reputation Management Platform

What Does ReviewPush Do?

ReviewPush is a comprehensive online reputation management platform that enables businesses to monitor, manage, and respond to customer reviews across multiple online platforms. With ReviewPush, businesses can gather reviews from various sources such as review sites, social media platforms, and business directories, and centralize them into a single dashboard for easy management.

ReviewPush Demo - Reviews Feed
Source: ReviewPush, G2

Key Features

➡️ Automatically trigger review requests using purchase data from your POS system.
➡️ Streamline the process for soliciting customer feedback right after transactions.
➡️ Use dashboards to gain visibility into review volumes and rating trends over time.
➡️ Leverage natural language processing to analyze sentiment signals within review text.
➡️ Identify areas needing improvement based on insights from customer feedback.
➡️ Access a unified inbox to view and respond to reviews from all sources.
➡️ Filter and prioritize reviews that require prompt attention.
➡️ Utilize tools to effectively resolve issues highlighted in negative reviews.
➡️ Showcase positive customer reviews on your website and social channels.
➡️ Display badges indicating reviews are from verified customers.
➡️ Leverage reviews as a conversion optimization asset on your site.

Benefits of ReviewPush

⭐️ Eliminate manual efforts in requesting reviews after every purchase.
⭐️ Maximize chances of receiving feedback while the experience is still fresh.
⭐️ Track your review performance holistically across locations and products.
⭐️ Centralize your view to avoid missing any incoming feedback.


✅ Extremely easy to use


❌ Users moved on to different softwares because updates are slower and the UX is outdated

Priced at $89 Per Month


Category: Online Reputation Management Platform

What Does? is a platform that helps businesses collect, manage, and leverage customer reviews to enhance their online reputation and attract more customers. It provides businesses with tools to gather reviews from customers via email, SMS, or on-site widgets, making it easy to solicit feedback and testimonials. Demo - Smarter Review Collection
Source: G2


➡️Send targeted review invites to gather feedback on and third-party platforms without binding contracts.

➡️Link and distribute review invitations across multiple platforms based on your priorities.

➡️Collect genuine company and product reviews to showcase to potential customers.

➡️Seamlessly integrate with various tech and eCommerce platforms for efficient review collection.

➡️Run rewards and loyalty programs to incentivize customers and drive retention.

➡️Integrate with Google Seller Ratings to display reviews for eCommerce brands.


⭐️Simplify review collection without being locked into specific provider contracts.

⭐️Fine-tune your review distribution strategy to focus on key channels.

⭐️Streamline review aggregation by integrating with your existing tech stack.


✅ Users say that the price of the tool might be a little too high, it is still worth the money


❌ Expensive

❌ Widgets aren't as fast as compared to other competitors

Priced at $99 Per Month



Category: Review Management Platform

What ReviewTrackers Does?

ReviewTrackers helps business build their brand loyalty, and improve retention and growth via review management. The platform also offers some add-on features such as customer retention and acquisition to help drive long-term growth. However, customers feel that the usability of the platform can be improved and made much better. 

Source: GetApp


➡️Helps increase revenue with a positive brand reputation online and manage it 

➡️Provides more insights into what the customers think about you

➡️Manage reviews and social media together 

➡️Helps boost your brand’s local SEO rank on SERPs

➡️Provides competitive insights to win and understand your target market better 

➡️Helps improve your local search performance with business listings


⭐️Has additional features to improve your brand reputation via app store feedback, especially     for apps and software

⭐️Build a customer-first brand by listening to your customers all the time

⭐️Provides you with competitive insights to win the market and stay ahead of the competition

⭐️Helps increase your search rank by higher viewer velocity


✅The ability to filter out all the reviews and then respond to them accordingly makes it very easy to manage reviews online 


❌Customer support is not very accessible at times 

❌Lacks a few features and sometimes reports might not feel very comprehensive

Priced at $75 Per Month



Category: Social Media & Listings Management Platform

What SOCi Does?

SOCi provides a suite of tools for social media management, reputation management, local listings, and analytics. This allows businesses to create, schedule, and publish content across multiple social channels, monitor and respond to customer reviews, ensure accurate business information across directories, and analyze performance metrics.

Source: SOCi


➡️ Helps manage business listings across 100s and 1000s of websites and directories 

➡️ Creates optimized local search pages with brand integrity in mind

➡️ Multi-location businesses can manage their social media content and connect with their customers easily via the social suite

➡️ Helps multi-location businesses promote their local businesses through various ad campaigns 

➡️ Review tracker helps track, monitor, and analyze the customers better and in return can help you make better decisions

➡️ Deploy active chatbots 24/7 so that you don't miss out on potential leads and customers

➡️ It helps leverage customer insight surveys that can help understand your customers on a deeper level 

➡️ Has great analytics and reporting highly customizable features


⭐️ Provides everything under a single roof and that is what makes it easier for customers to operate everything right at their fingertips 

⭐️ Has a SOCi assist feature that can help busy entrepreneurs and decision makers’ lives easier by doing all the work for them so that they can focus on what's important

⭐️ Provides everything on a mobile app to make it easier for their customers to operate things on the go


✅ Users find it very simple and easy to use since everything is provided to them under a single platform


❌ The content discovery feature for social media is outdated and irrelevant most of the time 

❌ Lacks resources to put out high-quality, trending content on social media 

Offers custom pricing options for different services



Category: Reputation Management and Local SEO Tool

What Does Yext Do?

Yext is a digital knowledge management platform that helps businesses manage their online presence across multiple channels, including search engines, social media, directories, and maps. By ensuring accurate and consistent information, Yext enhances local search visibility and helps customers easily find and connect with businesses.

Yext Demo - Yext Listings
Source: G2


➡️ Manage listings across 200+ search engines, maps, apps, and directories from a single platform.

➡️ Generate reviews at scale and centrally manage all feedback from one dashboard.

➡️ Respond promptly to customer reviews to enhance satisfaction and increase business opportunities.

➡️ Enhance your website with AI-powered search capabilities to convert visitors into customers.

➡️ Seamlessly integrate AI search into your help center, agent console, and case management workflows.

➡️ Improve your chatbots with advanced natural language processing for better customer interaction.

➡️ Create landing pages optimized for search to improve visibility of products, FAQs, locations, and more.

➡️ Guide shoppers to relevant products, services, and content for a personalized buying journey.


⭐️ Provide seamless search experiences across your eCommerce platforms a

⭐️ Boost satisfaction and acquisition by responding promptly to reviews.

⭐️ Convert more website visitors into customers with an exceptional AI search experience.

⭐️ Gain valuable insights into visitor needs and interests through onsite search analytics.


✅ Offers everything under a single platform making it easier for a customer to stick to a single platform 


❌ Customer Support is not very accessible

❌ Highly priced and keeps increasing its pricing 

Priced at $4 Per Week



Category: Reputation Management & Local SEO Tool

What Vendasta Does?

Vendasta is an all-in-one local SEO tool for enterprises and agencies and it also gives 80k+ agencies a full-stack platform to rebrand & resell online services to local business clients. Although it has a huge marketplace, it has limited third-party integrations which makes it difficult to operate along with limited customization options. 

Source: GetApp


➡️ Streamline operations, boost sales, and enhance productivity with integrated CRM and lead management. 

➡️ Save time and resources by automating marketing tasks for increased efficiency and scalability. 

➡️ Build trust and credibility with customers through effective reputation management across multiple platforms. 

➡️ Improve local visibility and search engine rankings by ensuring accurate business listings and information. 

➡️ Foster customer engagement and loyalty through active social media management and interaction. 

➡️ Drive organic traffic and increase conversions with optimized website content and SEO tools. ➡️ Enable data-driven decision-making and strategy refinement through comprehensive reporting and analytics.


⭐️Enhance operational efficiency, productivity, and sales effectiveness.

⭐️Save time and resources with automated marketing and reputation management.

⭐️Build trust and credibility, enhancing brand reputation.

⭐️Improve local visibility and search engine rankings, driving more traffic and leads.

⭐️Foster customer engagement and loyalty through active social media management.

⭐️Increase conversions and revenue through optimized website content and SEO strategies.

⭐️Enable data-driven decision-making and performance tracking for informed business growth.


✅The platform offers a variety of things to choose from 


❌While there is a lot to choose from, it makes it much more difficult to pick and choose the right set of tools for your business

❌Pricing is a little on the pricey side

Priced at $79 Per Month



Category: CRM Tool

What Thryv Does?

Thryv is an all-in-one business management software designed to streamline operations and help small businesses grow. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools to manage various aspects of business operations, including customer relationship management (CRM), online presence management, appointment scheduling, marketing automation, payment processing, and more.

Thryv Demo - Customer Relationship Management
Source: Thryv


➡️Automate tasks to save up to 20 hours weekly on office routines.

➡️Centralized management of bookings, appointments, invoices, and client information.

➡️Unified dashboard for publishing and tracking social media activities.

➡️Content libraries and AI-generated captions to simplify social content creation.

➡️Online customer self-service portals for approvals, e-signatures, and payments.

➡️Convert estimates into invoices with one click.

➡️Client portals for appointments, file sharing, and account details access.

➡️Secure, branded portals providing personalized customer experiences.

➡️Central hub for updating business listings across directories.

➡️Tools for monitoring reviews, ratings, and online feedback.


⭐️Automate repetitive tasks to enhance productivity and efficiency.

⭐️Streamline customer management throughout their lifecycle.

⭐️Plan, execute, and analyze a unified social media strategy.

⭐️Streamline front and back-office workflows with an all-in-one platform.


✅Extremely easy to make use of 


❌Not very cost-effective in the long run

Priced at $199 Per Month



Category: Reputation and Listings Management Platform

What Uberall Does?

Uberall is an AI-powered tool, that helps multi-location businesses show up when their local customers look them up. It helps with online reputation management, listings management, and scaling your business’s social media presence along with building store locator-specific pages. Additionally, Uberall also provides real-time, around-the-clock information over your business information.


➡️Manage business listings for more than 125+ websites and directories

➡️Has a review management system that helps monitor and respond to all your reviews from a single dashboard 

➡️In-depth analytics and insights to understand your overall performance

➡️Has an AI-powered message assistant that helps with managing your customers better

➡️Store Locator pages help you build on-brand seo-optimized pages for your brand 

➡️Mission Control gives you real-time, round-the-clock control over your business information, everywhere it’s found online.

➡️Has an in-built social media management tool that helps you take control of your local presence on social media platforms


⭐️With 125+ websites and directories, Uberall makes it easy for you to get found anywhere 

⭐️Has an AI-powered assistant to manage and respond to your reviews effectively

⭐️Helps create better experiences with AI-driven insights 

⭐️Helps gain global oversight to help you understand how you would rank globally 

⭐️Has a mobile version available that can help you manage everything right at your fingertips


✅It is easy to use and extremely user-friendly


❌Customers feel that it is not very cost-effective

❌Offers limited AI features as compared to its competitors

❌The website is a little clunky to operate

Pricing is available upon contact 



Category: Online Reputation Management Platform

What Broadly Does?

Broadly is a software platform designed to help businesses manage their online reputation and improve customer interactions. It offers tools for collecting and managing reviews, generating customer feedback, and enhancing online visibility.

Broadly Demo - Reputation Management
Source: G2


➡️ Easily request reviews directly from customers through automated campaigns.

➡️ Simplify the review process with one-click submission for effortless feedback.

➡️ Consolidate reviews from various platforms into one inbox for streamlined management.

➡️ Manage your entire online review presence from one hub for convenient tracking and response.


⭐️ Monitor all feedback in one place with a centralized inbox.

⭐️ Make it easy for customers to promote your business, enhancing your reputation.

⭐️ Ensure a steady flow of fresh reviews for increased visibility and trust.

⭐️ Manage reviews without switching between platforms, saving time.

⭐️ Act on reputation signals across the web for proactive management.


✅ Provides a smooth interface to reply to customer reviews easily


❌ Cannot text and email customers to follow up after they have visited or made a purchase

Pricing is not transparent



Category: Reputation Management Platform

What Does Whitespark Do?

Whitespark is a prominent software and services company specializing in local search engine optimization (SEO) and online reputation management. With a focus on helping businesses improve their visibility in local search results, Whitespark offers a range of tools and services tailored to enhance local SEO strategies.

Whitespark Local Citation Finder Demo - Track, Find, and Monitor Your Citations
Source: G2


➡️ Whitespark's Local Citation Finder identifies and builds local citations for enhanced SEO.

➡️ The Local Rank Tracker monitors search rankings across multiple locations.

➡️ Reputation Builder automates review collection and management for better online reputation.

➡️ Review Checker aggregates and analyzes reviews from various platforms.

➡️ Local Search Audit provides comprehensive analysis and recommendations for improvement.

➡️ Google My Business Management ensures optimized GMB profiles.

➡️ Citation Building Service manually creates high-quality citations on relevant sites.


⭐️ Improved local search visibility through effective citation management.

⭐️ Enhanced online reputation management and credibility.

⭐️ Competitive advantage through insights into competitors' strategies.

⭐️ Time and resource efficiency in local SEO management.

⭐️ Data-driven decisions with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

⭐️ Consistent and accurate business listings across platforms.

⭐️ Expert support for navigating local SEO challenges.


✅ Easy to use and cost-effective in the long run


❌ Reports and analytics are very basic and can use some improvement

Offers custom prices for different services



Category: Review Management Platform

What ScoreMyReviews Does?

Score My Reviews is a comprehensive online reputation management platform designed to help businesses monitor, manage, and improve their online reviews. It offers a range of features including review monitoring, sentiment analysis, review generation, and customizable response templates.

Score My Reviews Demo - micro-page.png
Source: G2


➡️ Send branded SMS/email requests to customers automatically soliciting feedback on their experience.

➡️ Access detailed insights through an extensive reporting dashboard, consolidating review details, ratings, and relevant data.

➡️ Embed code to showcase positive reviews from multiple sources directly on your website.

➡️ Login from any device and start review requests by entering customer details or uploading a spreadsheet.

➡️ Offer the choice to redirect customers to a private feedback form instead of public review sites.

➡️ Guide customers to leave reviews on preferred sites like Google or Facebook for maximum visibility.

➡️ Display your business profile and ratings across review platforms on a professional microsite.


⭐️ Efficiently request reviews from customers, either individually or in bulk.

⭐️ Collect reviews on priority listing sites to enhance your online visibility where it matters most.

⭐️ Drive more reviews through automated multi-channel outreach, boosting your online presence.

⭐️ Provide a single branded destination highlighting your online reputation effectively.

⭐️ Resolve issues privately through the feedback form option before they become public.

⭐️ Feature customer praise from verified sources, building trust and increasing conversions.

⭐️ Gain clear insights into your review performance to refine and optimize your review generation strategy for better results.


✅ Good and prompt customer service


❌ Integrations are not very smooth

Priced at $49 Per Month

In a Nutshell: 

When it comes to Reputation Alternatives, there are plenty to choose from. However, making a list of your preferences along with your priority features that you just can’t let go of is what shall help you choose the right kind of alternative and stick with it in the long run. 

By choosing Synup, you can access a base plan of 30 directories including Google Business Profile and Facebook. Synup also helps businesses save up to 40% of their deployment time. With features like review response and campaign management, Synup provides simple yet effective solutions that deliver excellent results.

Top 25 Reputation Alternatives: FAQs

  1. What is Reputation Monitoring?

Reputation monitoring is about keeping track of what people are saying about you or your company. This includes watching social media, news sites, blogs, and review platforms. The aim is to quickly find and fix any negative comments and make the most of positive ones to maintain a good image.

  1. What is a Reputation Tool? 

A reputation tool is a software or service designed to help individuals or businesses monitor and manage their online reputation. These tools gather information from various sources like social media, review sites, blogs, and news articles to give you a clear picture of how you or your business is perceived by the public.

  1. Is reputation important in business? 

Yes, reputation is very important in business. A good reputation builds customer trust, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business, and provides a competitive advantage that helps attract and retain customers. It can lead to higher sales and revenue, attract skilled employees, and facilitate beneficial partnerships and investment opportunities. 


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