SendGrid + Synup

Elevate your review acquisition and management endeavors by intertwining SendGrid’s esteemed email delivery and scalability with Synup’s specialized review enhancement capabilities.

What is SendGrid?

SendGrid is a cloud-based email service renowned for its reliable email delivery, scalability, and real-time analytics. It is designed to manage and optimize the sending of transactional and marketing emails, ensuring that messages reach recipients’ inboxes effectively.

Why SendGrid + Synup?

  • Reliable Review Solicitations: Utilize SendGrid’s reliable email delivery services to ensure that your review requests reach customers’ inboxes promptly, improving the probability of obtaining valuable feedback.
  • Scalable Review Campaigns: Leverage SendGrid’s scalability to effectively manage review solicitation campaigns of varying sizes, ensuring consistency and adaptability in outreach strategies.
  • Transactional Review Insights: Utilize transactional emails to solicit timely reviews, harnessing the immediate relevance of customer interactions to garner insightful and impactful feedback.
  • Customized Review Requests: Employ SendGrid’s customization features to tailor review solicitation emails, ensuring that each message aligns with customers’ unique experiences and expectations.
  • Review Analytics Integration: Incorporate Synup’s analytic capabilities to gather comprehensive insights into the performance and impact of your review solicitation emails, enabling continual refinement.
  • Streamlined Review Operations: Merge SendGrid’s email expertise with Synup’s review management tools to streamline workflows, improve efficiency, and optimize review acquisition strategies.

By intertwining SendGrid with Synup, gain access to a formidable combination of reliable email delivery, scalable campaigns, and enhanced review management tools, designed to optimize your review acquisition processes and outcomes.

How to integrate SendGrid + Synup?

SendGrid integration for review acquisition is available to all Synup subscribers. To view and manage the integration:

  • Visit the Review acquisition tab on Synup's console.
  • Click on Connect CRM or App Button.
  • Select the Folder or location you want to connect SendGrid to.
  • Authenticate your CRM.
  • Finish setting up CRM.
  • Create Review acquisitions using contacts from CRM.

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