Be present where your customers are

Synup's listing management solution ensures your business information is consistently up-to-date across 60+ online directories, boosting your local visibility and driving more customers through your doors.

Be present where your customers are

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Take charge of your local presence with…

On-demand, dedicated support

Our team of experts is just a click away, ready to assist whenever you need it. No more waiting on hold or navigating endless automated menus – we're here to ensure your success.

Personalized experiences

Take your local content a step ahead – connect with your customers at the right time with personalized campaigns and branded experience.

More time in your week

Unlike Yext, we are constantly exploring new technologies and strategies to keep you ahead of the curve.

Continuous innovation

Unlike Yext, we are constantly exploring new technologies and strategies to keep you ahead of the curve.

Get more, get better

Local Listings Syncs

With Synup, your local listings are seamlessly synced across 60+ authoritative sites, ensuring your brand's presence is consistent and up-to-date everywhere your customers search.

Online reputation management

Monitor and respond to customer feedback in real time, turn dissatisfied clients into raving fans, and showcase your stellar reputation to the world. Positive vibes only :)

Local performance analytics

With Synup's local rank analytics, you'll have the insights to dominate your local markets, identify opportunities for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to boost your visibility.

AI-powered workflows

Our intelligent automation handles the grunt work, freeing up your team to focus on the big-picture strategies that drive real growth.

Local content distribution

Synup's local content distribution tools help you deliver tailored, location-specific content that speaks directly to your target buyers.

Voice Search Optimization

Provide details about your business and your services at each location. Optimize your listings to surface on top for no-click searches such as voice search

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Got Questions ?

Why are accurate local listings important for my business?

Consistent and up-to-date listings across major online directories are crucial for local SEO and ensuring customers can easily find your business information (address, hours, contact details, etc.). Inaccurate or duplicate listings can lead to customer confusion, missed opportunities, and even hurt your local search rankings.

How does Synup's listings sync process work?

Our intelligent listings sync technology scans for your business information across 60+ top sites like Google, Facebook, Bing, Apple Maps and more. We then normalize and distribute your core listing data (NAP, business categories, attributes) to all of these platforms. Any future changes are seamlessly pushed out in real-time.

What kind of insights will I get from Synup's listings management?

In addition to powerful sync capabilities, our listings management solution provides in-depth analytics so you can track performance metrics like listing accuracy scores, search visibility, ranking distribution and more. These insights allow you to measure success and continually optimize your local presence.

What kind of support can I expect from Synup?

At Synup, we believe in providing exceptional, personal support. You'll have a dedicated account manager ready to assist you whenever you need it – no more waiting on hold or navigating automated menus. Our team of experts is committed to your success.

Can Synup integrate with my existing marketing tools?

Absolutely! Synup is designed to seamlessly integrate with the tools and platforms you already use, streamlining your marketing efforts and providing a centralized solution for managing your online presence.

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