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About our services

Are you struggling to keep up with customer reviews? Our expert team is here to help, offering professional review response services that maintain your business's positive online presence.

Review Responses:

Up to 50 review responses per month with an approval process, ensuring that your business maintains a positive and responsive online presence.

Additional Responses:

For more active engagements, we offer additional responses, allowing you to address every customer feedback promptly.

Multiple Platform Support:

Respond your customer across multiple channels Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp etc.

Analytics and Reporting:

Measure success with detailed analytics reports that help you track growth and engagement metrics.

How it works

Initial Setup:

We start with understanding your business, audience, and goals to tailor our review response strategy.

Response Planning:

Develop a response plan that aligns with your brand voice and customer service standards.

Execution & Adjustment:

Respond, monitor, and adjust strategies based on customer feedback and business needs.

Why work with Synup

Enhanced Trust:

Build and maintain trust with your customers by actively engaging with their feedback.

Improved Customer Loyalty:

Show your customers that you care by responding promptly and thoughtfully to their reviews.

Operational Insights:

Gain valuable insights into your business operations and customer satisfaction.


Do you also offer a review generation service?

Right now, our standard managed service package for reputation management only includes review responses. For additional service requests or custom packages, we recommend you schedule a call with our team.

Can I resell this service to my customers?

Yes, our reseller partners can resell managed services to their end customers. We will take care of the regular tasks, while you focus on strategy for your clients.

Do I need to be a Synup customer to use managed services?

Yes, you have to be subscribed to one of our products to be able to use our managed services.

What review sites will be covered under managed services?

Currently, our managed services offering helps you respond to reviews on Google and Facebook profiles.

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