Our Dedicated Experts are Here  to Help You Get Started (and Everything After That)

Even the best products are no good if you can’t use them. That’s why we have a dedicated customer support team who are always ready to email, chat, or even jump on a call!
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Best-Class Support

At the end of the day, we want you to succeed. Between our customer success team and support squad, we have you covered! We’re in your corner, no matter what.

Ready, Set, Go!

From amazing support documents to a customer success team that’s ready to jump on the phone with you, we’ll make sure your Synup experience goes off without a hitch. 

Ask an Expert

Enjoy the help of experts who actually get it. We’ve been around since 2014, and manage 150,000 accounts across industries. Whether you’re a hospital, a macaron shop, or a Bitcoin ATM, we know what to do!

Onboard in 3...2…1…

Our platform’s self-onboarding system will have you (and your team) up to date so you can get started ASAP. And if you need help or clarification, our team is available to help around the clock.

Your Success is Our Success

At the risk of sounding cheesy, here at Synup, the customer is always right. Our work is all about making you successful. Your success is our success. That’s why we’ll go above and beyond for you, every time. 

Talk to a Friendly Face

Tired of unhelpful chatbots? Us, too. Our team is always ready to jump on a call and hash out any issues. Whether you need a custom solution or are having trouble fully understanding a feature, we’re here to help.

Our Customer Team

Our team members are personable, kind, and willing to go the distance for you. Whatever the issue, there’s nobody better to have in your corner!
Anitha Bhaskar
VP of Customer Success
📍 🇺🇸 Bay Area, California
Loves working with: folks from any & all industries
Hobbies: 🎨🌊🎥🏡🍳🎳
Known for her empathy & patience, Anitha loves building relationships with a diverse set of customers.
Sheryl Harper
Senior Customer Success Manager
📍 🇺🇸 Tampa, Florida
Loves working with: hospitals, agencies, and banks
Hobbies: 🌈🎥🏡😎🎣🧶🎨
Sheryl is renowned for her diligent notes made with a trusty pen and paper! She splits her time between Florida and Alaska.
Rahul K R
Director of Customer Success
📍 🇮🇳 Bangalore, India
Loves working with: agencies
Hobbies: 🌎😎🎥✈️🏡👨‍🍳
Rahul has been with Synup since 2022, and is beloved by his clients for always going above and beyond. Outside of work, he’s a major foodie - ask him about his favorite dish!
Dave Summers
Director of Enterprise Partnerships
📍 🇺🇸 Phoenix, Arizona
Loves working with: retailers 
Hobbies: 👾🌊🎥🏡🎳
Dave’s expertise is all in the details. He knows the product inside and out, and is always looking for ways to maximize value for clients. He’s also the local go-to for crypto investing advice and any Pokemon or Zelda lore.
Roshan Agarkar
Senior Director of Product Development
📍 🇺🇸 New York City
Loves working with: agencies & resellers
Hobbies: 🏏🌎✈️🍜
Roshan is the mastermind behind Synup Social, and loves talking about it to anyone who’s interested. Aside from building products, he lives to explore the best bars and restaurants in NYC and beyond. Ask him about his celebrity sightings!
Anthony Scatuccio
 Director of Enterprise Sales
📍 🇲🇽 Tulum, Mexico
Loves working with: large enterprises
Hobbies: 🎧🎨🌊🎥
When he's not closing deals, Anthony loves listening to music. Nothing energizes him like a great track, and he brings that energy straight to his customers. Anthony particularly loves strategizing with his team to "find a way" - whether that means hopping on a call or orchestrating killer customer solutions, he gets the job done!
Romiel Noumbissi
Customer Success Manager
📍 🇺🇸 New York City
Loves working with: agencies & resellers
Hobbies: 👨‍🍳🇨🇲🎬🍿🎧🇬🇧⚽️
Romiel thrives providing hands-on solutions for his customers. He cheers for Arsenal FC, loves London, and his favorite dish would have to be a West African specialty called "Fufu" - ask him and he’ll tell you all about it!
Raghu Sagari
Director Success & Strategy Ops📍 🇮🇳 Bangalore, India
Loves working with: retailers & resellers
Hobbies: 🐱🐱🐱🐱🏏🌎🎥✈️
Raghu charms everyone on call with his secret weapon: his four rescued cats that pop up in the back of every video call.  He enjoys watching Cricket and is an RCB fan. Apart from his interest in sports, Raghu also takes time out to travel every year.
Shruti Sangam
Customer Success Manager
📍 🇮🇳 Bangalore, India
Loves working with: anyone & everyone
Hobbies: 🎨👨‍🍳🎬🍿🎧
Shruti’s passion and attention to detail is clear to anyone who talks to her. She spends her free time making art, enjoying bike rides, and exploring new places during her time off from work.
Samarth Verma
Customer Success Manager
📍 🇮🇳 Bangalore, India
Loves working with: banks & retailers
Hobbies: 🌳🎬🎧👾🍜
Samarth thrives off the collaborative environment at the Synup office. When he’s not at his desk, he loves getting out into nature and spending time with family and friends. 

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