Top 15 Instagram Schedulers in 2024

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Hey you. Yep, you! Still copy-pasting captions and uploading Instagram photos one by one? Here’s a better idea – plan, schedule, and auto-post Instagram content weeks or even months in advance. Get the freedom to focus on what really matters, i.e. creating top-notch content that resonates with your audience.

Here’s a list of the top 15 Instagram scheduling tools for 2024, each packed with powerful features to help you scale your Instagram presence. From intuitive drag-and-drop calendars to advanced analytics and team collaboration tools, you’ll find everything you need.

Before we start, here’s a quick refresher on…

How to choose the best Instagram scheduler for your team?

When considering Instagram scheduling tools there's more to think about than the posting functions. You'll need a tool that can help streamline your workflow offer insights and maybe even assist with content creation. Here are the main aspects to look into:

Supported Formats

Make sure to check the types of content formats supported by the tool for scheduling. The wider variety of options it offers for images, videos, stories, reels, etc. the more adaptable it will be for all your Instagram content requirements.

Scheduling Features

Look beyond setting up posts. Consider scheduling features such as automatic posting during peak engagement times the ability to create recurring schedules and options for uploading posts in bulk. These small conveniences can make a difference.

Content Creation Features

Some tools extend beyond scheduling by providing assistance in creating content. This might include built-in image/video editing tools, AI-powered content writing capabilities, design templates, and other resources to streamline your process.

Ease of Use

Let's face it – you don't have time for software with a learning curve. Focus on tools that're intuitive and user-friendly so that anyone on your team can grasp it quickly.

Managed Services

If you don’t wanna take up the hassle of posting and managing your Instagram account, a platform that offers managed services for social media will help. This will free up your time to fully concentrate on planning your ideas.

Analytics and Reporting

When it comes to analyzing and tracking your efforts, having analytics is crucial. Metrics such, as engagement, impressions, and audience demographics can provide insights. It's important not to rely on data.


Using automation tools can help streamline tasks and save time. Features like auto schedulers that align with your posting times and AI-generated content can be incredibly beneficial in optimizing efficiency.

Collaboration Features

For teams working together, having collaboration features is essential for workflow and communication. Things like comment trails, tagging teammates, approval workflows etc keep everyone coordinated.

Synup Social

Best for creating and scheduling Instagram posts

What Synup Social Does

Synup Social helps you get the most out of your Instagram presence with our intuitive content curation tools and scheduling workflows. You can supercharge your creative streak with an AI assistant ready to write and format your posts with the best platform practices. Synup’s multi-brand capabilities at such a cost-efficient price point makes it stand out.

Key Features

🏆Multi-platform management (Apart from Instagram, you can manage your presence on every platform you’re on – LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and Pinterest)

🏆Schedule IG posts for multiple brands as well as locations from one platform

🏆Use AI to auto-publish Instagram posts that are personalized for your brand and product/services

🏆Collaborate with your team better on your Instagram planner with our content approval workflows

🏆You can also integrate Facebook business page and Google Business Profile to create and schedule content.

🏆Keep an eye on top trending content to find inspiration for your Instagram posts

🏆Get access to additional tools, such as ‘Best time to post’ on Instagram and Image Resizer for social.

🏆Managed services to take up some of your social media workload and help keep your Instagram planner on track.

🏆Complete Whitelabel Instagram scheduler for agencies and resellers who want to auto-post Instagram content for their clients.

Benefits of using Synup Social

Synup Social takes the stress away from Instagram scheduling and makes it the fun, engaging gig that it was supposed to be. Here’s how –

Multi-Platform Access

With Synup Social, you're not just an Instagram one-trick pony. This tool lets you juggle all your social media profiles from a single place – whether it's LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or even Pinterest. Talk about centralized control!

More time in your week

Forget just drafting posts for a single brand or location. Synup Social allows you to effortlessly schedule content across multiple brands, profiles, and locations saving you hundreds of hours every year.

Creativity on demand

Running low on creative juices? No sweat! Synup Social's AI can automatically generate on-brand, personalized Instagram post copy for your products or services. Your own little content robot assistant.

Work seamlessly in teams

If you've got a social media team, Synup Social makes collaboration a breeze with features like content approval workflows. No more endless email chains – leave feedback and get posts greenlit directly in the tool.

One tool for everything

This tool is the total package - you can even integrate your Facebook business pages and Google Business Profiles to streamline posting everywhere. Talk about a one-stop content shop!

Be Relevant

Need some inspiration for your next viral Instagram post? Synup Social keeps you in the loop on what's hot with insights into top-performing, trending content. Stay ahead of the curve.

Handle Instagram Hands-free with Managed Services

Our managed services help you do more justice to your Instagram presence by prioritizing what matters the most – your creative direction, while we handle the rest for you.

Grow your agency business

Are you an agency or reseller offering Instagram management? Synup Social has got you covered with our full white-label capabilities to auto-post for clients under your own brand name.

How to get started with Synup Social

Sign up for a Synup Social demo and we’ll get your account set up entirely. You can also self-sign up on the platform, take it for a ride, and then pay us the monies for all the features. 

Once your Synup dashboard is all set, connect your Instagram handle with Synup in just a few clicks. On the top you’ll see the option to “Add Brand” to your profile.


Next, give us some details – you know, to make sure you’re not a robocop. This includes your name, website, timezone, a short bio, and brand assets. Oh and be very careful while picking the timezone of your brand as it will be used to schedule Instagram posts on your profiles.

That’s it! Have a look at what’s trending and start posting.

Synup Social lets you publish Instagram posts directly as well as schedule posts for later. You can also send a post to a team member for approval. If you’re facing a block, our platform has an AI content generator integrated into our posting workflow. Simply click “Auto-generate content” and you will get ready-to-go AI-generated content ideas in seconds.

What customers say

“I have been using Synup for a few months now and I am very impressed with its features and performance. It is a powerful tool that helps me manage my online presence across various platforms. I use it for social media management, review management, and listings management.

Synup is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. It allows me to create, schedule, and monitor posts on different social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I can also track the engagement and reach of my posts and see how they affect my brand awareness and reputation. I love that it includes a "National Day" calendar to help me with my promos and codes that I offer on my services.” 

– Review collected by and hosted on



Best for Instagram trend analysis

What Hootsuite Does

Hootsuite is quite a big social media name and for the right reasons. With a ton of features and handy adjacent tools (like SEO optimizer), their capabilities go vast and deep. Its Instagram post planner lets you schedule Instagram stories, posts, and other formats. Although great, the platform can be a little complex and hard to navigate for simple Instagram scheduling. Regardless, it’s a good pick for a free Instagram scheduler.

Source: Hootsuite

Key Features

  • Best Time to Publish recommendations based on historical data analysis
  • In-dashboard Canva integration for designing Instagram posts
  • Bulk scheduling tool to queue up to 350 posts across channels
  • Social inbox consolidating Instagram comments, tags, and DMs
  • Directly respond or assign messages to team members

Benefits of Hootsuite

  • Optimize engagement by publishing at the best times for your audience
  • Design stunning visuals without leaving the Hootsuite dashboard
  • Save time by scheduling Instagram posts in bulk for your campaigns
  • Never miss interacting with customers through a unified inbox
  • Streamline team collaboration on Instagram audience interactions
  • Maximize your Instagram reach and performance through data-driven scheduling
  • Conveniently create and schedule engaging content within one platform
  • Prepare your content pipeline weeks/months in advance with bulk scheduling
  • Promptly respond to all messages keeping your audience connected
  • Assign conversations to relevant team members for efficient management


Free plan available (Upgrade at $99 per month for 1 user)


✅Trend analysis helps you be more creative and inspired

✅Handy smaller tools integrated into the platform


🚫Reportedly there’s some lag when uploading videos

🚫Expensive for brands that want to scale


Sprout Social

Best for managing multiple large-scale projects

What Sprout Social Does

Sprout Social has a very organized dashboard that makes it a great Instagram post planner. There are many enterprise-grade features you can utilize for bigger teams to collaborate on multiple projects. But the big dollars you have to pay may not be up everyone's alley.

Source: Sprout Social

Key Features 

  • Integrated tools to create, schedule, publish and engage with Instagram posts
  • Tag products, monitor hashtags, respond to comments within the platform
  • Unified inbox to track campaigns and monitor all Instagram interactions
  • Comprehensive analytics on post/profile performance, hashtags, engagement
  • Instagram scheduling for stories, posts, reels to streamline posting
  • Customized SproutLink in bio to drive website traffic
  • Team content calendar with campaign tagging and approval workflows
  • Connect and manage multiple Instagram accounts from one dashboard
  • Social CRM toolset to engage customers quickly and personally
  • Collaborative team inbox to assign tasks, view history, mark complete

Benefits of Sprout Social

  • Centralized solution to create, publish, interact and analyze on Instagram
  • Easily amplify your brand's reach through product tags and hashtag monitoring
  • Promptly respond to all messages keeping your audience connected
  • In-depth Instagram analytics to continuously optimize your strategy
  • Efficiently plan and schedule your Instagram content pipeline
  • Drive meaningful website traffic directly from your Instagram bio
  • Streamlined team collaboration for executing campaigns seamlessly
  • Conveniently manage all your brand's Instagram presence in one place
  • Build customer loyalty through quick, personalized interactions
  • Improve team productivity by assigning conversations appropriately


$199 per month per user


✅Multi-level approval – agency, legal, and director

✅Careful use of historical data to present insights on new content


🚫Expensive for small teams

🚫Formatting options are limited



Best for cost-efficient Instagram management

What Buffer Does

One thing to appreciate about Buffer is that it’s for everyone. Great starting pad for small teams or individual creators. Not very feature-heavy as we see with other tools on the list, but has a very intuitive dashboard that lets you plan your Instagram perfectly. Don’t expect too much depth or hyper-personalization yet.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Visual planner to schedule Instagram posts, Reels, and Stories
  • Integration with Canva, Giphy, cloud storage for importing media
  • Analytics on post performance and optimal posting times
  • Cross-posting capabilities to other platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts
  • Team collaboration tools to organize and plan Instagram content
  • Flexibility to auto-publish or receive reminders to publish manually
  • Built-in creative editing tools and integrations for crafting content
  • In-depth Instagram analytics on top content, timing, audience insights

Benefits of Buffer

  • Plan and visualize your entire Instagram content calendar in advance
  • Streamlined process to import and incorporate visuals from multiple sources
  • Data-driven recommendations for maximizing reach and engagement
  • Amplify your presence effortlessly across multiple platforms
  • Collaborate seamlessly with team members or clients on content
  • Maintain creative control with options for manual or automated publishing
  • Powerful creation capabilities within Buffer without external tools
  • Identify the content resonating best and optimize your posting strategy
  • Save time while ensuring a consistent stream of engaging Instagram posts
  • In-depth Instagram analytics for continuously refining your approach


Starting $6 per month


✅Batch-scheduling Instagram posts for larger projects

✅User-friendly and affordable


❌Limited editing features for Instagram

❌Analytics capabilities are still infant



Best for automatic Instagram posting

What Loomly Does

Loomly is sort of an everything-tool for Instagram because of its wide-scale functionalities. First, it helps you personalize and custom edit your content with its built-in editing studio. Next, it has many handy features for creators and brands to monetize their Instagram presence.

Source: Loomly

Key Features

  • Auto-publishing for Reels, Stories, Posts, and Carousels with feed preview
  • Tag users, locations, and Instagram Shop products and invite collaborators
  • Custom hashtag collections and trending hashtag suggestions
  • Post optimization tips aligned with Instagram best practices
  • Visual planner to preview posts and make edits before going live
  • Detailed Instagram analytics for posts, Reels, Stories
  • Filter analytics by labels to track campaign performance
  • Automated weekly/monthly reports for stakeholders
  • Unified inbox for monitoring DMs, mentions, comments
  • Saved replies for faster response management
  • Assign conversations to relevant team members
  • Review and approve post mockups through customized workflows
  • Conditional post guards to prevent accidental publishing
  • First comment, collaborator, location tagging to expand reach
  • Royalty-free image library and Canva integration
  • Built-in image/video editor to optimize content aspect ratios

Benefits of Loomly

  • Automate publishing while controlling your Instagram content aesthetics
  • Amplify your reach through user tagging, product features, and collaborations
  • Boost discoverability with curated hashtags and AI-powered suggestions
  • Optimize your Instagram strategy with personalized best-practice guidance
  • Visualize and plan your content pipeline for a consistent branded feed
  • Holistic Instagram performance monitoring across content formats
  • Track campaign effectiveness by filtering analytics with labels
  • Keep stakeholders updated through automated comprehensive reports
  • Streamlined community management from a centralized message inbox
  • Improve team productivity through conversation assignments and saved replies
  • Ensure brand compliance through multi-step content review and approval
  • Preventative guardrails against erroneous or unapproved posting
  • Maximize engagement by prompting with first comments and tagging
  • Access enriched visual assets through integration with stock libraries
  • Optimize visuals on the go with built-in creative editing capabilities


$42 per month


✅Powerful in-app editing

✅Content and publishing moderation features


❌No AI integrations for post captions yet



Best for creating Instagram planner

What Planable Does

Planable helps you get hold of your creative ideas and plan them out for a useful Instagram social strategy. Their dashboard is very visually appealing, with a one-glance view of all your social posts on a board. The approval workflows are very deep and let you comment/collaborate on every aspect of a content piece.

Source: Planable

Key Features

  • User-friendly calendar interface to plan and organize all content types
  • In-context preview and editing for posts across different platforms
  • Collaborate by inviting team members, assigning roles, facilitating approvals
  • Schedule, reschedule and republish top-performing content seamlessly
  • Maintain separate workspaces for distinct brands or client initiatives
  • Schedule evergreen/seasonal content in advance for a consistent pipeline
  • Custom labeling and filtering based on topics, campaigns, brands, etc.

Benefits of Planable

  • Centralized workspace to streamline your entire content planning process
  • Optimize posts natively for each channel without extra steps
  • Streamlined collaboration, feedback and approval aligned with your workflow
  • Perfectly timed content tailored to your scheduling needs
  • Segregated environments for managing multiple brand/client content
  • Free up bandwidth by automating your evergreen content schedule
  • Organize and prioritize content through custom categorization
  • Plan a cohesive, integrated content strategy across types and channels
  • Ensure brand consistency through native previewing and edits
  • Enhance team productivity via centralized collaboration capabilities
  • Amplify reach by easily repurposing top-performing past content


Starts at $13 per per month


✅Interactive and visual planner in a board-like dashboard

✅Deep collaboration capabilities


❌Doesn’t let you schedule Instagram stories

❌No AI integration in the platform yet



Best for AI-powered Instagram scheduling

What SocialBee Does

SocialBee is a great mid-of-the-journey tool for teams that are in the growth phase. It has a decent set of features for Instagram publishing. The video cover editing and a few other in-built editing capabilities caught our attention. They also help you recycle your old content to always keep ideas flowing.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Schedule and automatically reuse content for Instagram profiles/business accounts
  • Post single images, videos, carousels, Stories, and Reels from one platform
  • AI content generation using DALL-E 3 for visuals and captions
  • Unified inbox to manage comments and mentions across Instagram
  • Schedule first comments to amplify messaging without cluttering captions
  • Visual grid preview to plan your Instagram feed aesthetic
  • Tag users/locations and collaborate by mentioning them in posts
  • Bulk post editing - approve, dismiss, reschedule across channels and you can schedule for specific dates/times, set end dates, or repeat counts
  • Automatic reposting to resurrect your top evergreen content
  • AI-driven best-time suggestions based on past performance
  • Customized video cover images to boost engagement
  • Trending hashtag recommendations and emoji keyboard and location tagging for local targeting (Business accounts)
  • Integrated design tools with Canva, Unsplash, and GIPHY
  • Built-in image editor for cropping, rotating, and flipping visuals
  • Workspaces for multiple accounts with team collaboration and content approval workflows with @mentions for feedback

Benefits of SocialBee

  • Single platform for creating, scheduling, and publishing Instagram content
  • Share a diverse content mix - images, videos, carousels, Stories, Reels
  • Elevate your visuals and copy using powerful AI content generation
  • Streamlined community management from a centralized conversation hub
  • Drive more engagement through strategic first-comment scheduling
  • Visualize and plan a consistent, branded Instagram aesthetic
  • Expand your reach by tagging and collaborating with others
  • Efficiently control your publishing pipeline across channels
  • Schedule with precision and automate reposting of top-performing content
  • Post at optimized times based on data-driven recommendations


$29 per user per month


✅Video engagement with attention-grabbing custom cover visuals

✅Geotargeting to reach audiences in specific locations


❌The tool lacks some advanced collaboration workflows or multi-brand management capabilities like the ones we saw with other platforms.



Best for scheduling Instagram posts

What Later Does

Later’s social media scheduling tool does it what it claims – queueing up your Instagram posts for later seamlessly. The tool has AI integration which makes it easy to create and schedule Instagram content without much hassle. Unlike many other tools, it also lets you schedule Instagram stories.

Source: Later

Key Features

  • Schedule and auto-publish Instagram posts, carousels, Stories, and Reels
  • Visual planner to drag-and-drop, preview, and plan your Instagram grid
  • Access user-generated content, stock photos, editing tools for creation
  • Auto-publish posts for automated scheduling and hands-off publishing
  • - customizable link in bio tool to drive traffic from Instagram
  • Best Time to Post recommendations and commenting features
  • Detailed Instagram analytics across posts, audience, hashtags, traffic
  • AI-powered Instagram Caption Writer to generate engaging captions

Benefits of Later

  • Schedule a diverse content mix - posts, carousels, Stories, Reels
  • Visualize and plan a consistent, branded Instagram aesthetic
  • Streamlined content curation and creation within the platform
  • Remove manual efforts through automated post scheduling
  • Drive meaningful website traffic and conversions from Instagram
  • Optimize engagement by posting at the best times for your audience
  • Streamline community management through inbox capabilities
  • In-depth performance insights to refine your Instagram strategy
  • Accelerate your process using AI for automated caption writing
  • All-in-one solution for scheduling, creating, analyzing Instagram content
  • Plan your entire Instagram presence from a unified workspace


$25 per month per user


✅AI automation for creating captions

✅Supports all content formats


❌UI can be a little clunky as per customer reports

❌Limited in-built post editing functionalities



Best for scheduling Instagram posts in bulk

What Sendible Does

Sendible caters to agencies and partners that are managing multiple social profiles. The Instagram planner has very useful editing and posting features. The platform has some of the most in-depth collaboration workflows we’ve seen that make it easy to work with many clients. It’s also very good at tracking and reporting post performance.

Source: Sendible
Source: InfluencerMarketingHub

Key Features

  • Schedule single posts, Stories, Reels, carousels for Instagram auto-publishing
  • Best Time to Post recommendations based on account-specific peak engagement
  • Smart Compose Box with hashtag library and first comment scheduling
  • Location tagging and user mentions for increased visibility
  • In-platform video thumbnail editing and upload for posts
  • Schedule Instagram carousel posts for double exposure
  • Post approval workflow for client/team collaboration
  • Grid preview to plan Instagram aesthetic and brand consistency
  • Built-in image editor and integration with Canva for content creation

Benefits of Sendible

  • Boost local and community outreach through locational and user tagging
  • Design engaging video thumbnails without switching apps
  • Double your reach and posting real estate with carousel capabilities
  • Collaborate seamlessly with approvals ensuring brand consistency
  • Access design tools without leaving the publishing workflow
  • Curate on-brand visuals through integrated stock image libraries


$129 per month


✅Bulk schedule option for Instagram posts

✅Agency and partner support with white-label offering


❌Content validation needs more work, some posts reportedly get rejected after scheduling

❌ AI integration is not there for creating posts



Best for managing your social conversations

What NapoleonCat Does

It’s quite an appealing tool to have in your toolset with a fresh-looking UI and editing features. This one also gels well with agency partners and also eCommerce-specific brands. The scheduling capabilities are a little basic.

Source: NapoleonCat

Key Features

  • Schedule posts in advance to multiple Instagram accounts from desktop
  • Publish Reels, Stories, Carousels, first comments, tagged content
  • Customizations like hashtags, image ratios, video thumbnails
  • Team collaboration with task assignment and shared content visibility
  • Unified inbox for Instagram comments, DMs across accounts
  • Automated comment moderation based on keywords
  • Automatic comment translation to overcome language barriers
  • In-depth Instagram analytics reports and competitive benchmarking
  • Industry hashtag tracking for content ideas and discovery
  • Centralized publishing dashboard for team content oversight
  • Task assignment with feedback capabilities on content drafts
  • Automated replies for repetitive inquiries

Benefits of NapoleonCat

  • Schedule future Instagram content seamlessly from your desktop
  • Maintain brand-consistent publishing with Instagram-native capabilities
  • Streamlined review processes through team collaboration features
  • Comprehensive community inbox preventing missed conversations
  • Automated moderation to efficiently manage high comment volumes
  • Overcome language barriers through automated translation
  • Data-driven content optimization using in-depth analytics
  • Discover content opportunities through industry hashtag intelligence
  • Stay ahead by tracking competitor content strategy and performance
  • Centralized publishing ensures brand consistency across teams
  • Automate repetitive conversations while prioritizing high-value interactions


$32 per month per user (for up to 3 profiles)


✅Competitor tracking for strategic content planning

✅Clearly defined roles and feedback workflows for efficient collaboration


❌Setup process of the tool is a little complex and slow



Best for repurposing Instagram content

What MeetEdgar Does

MeetEdgar is quite popular among individual creators, consultants and freelancers. It boasts of a limitless content library that stores your data and also some appreciable content repurposing features. The feature set can be improved further, but it works pretty well for their target market.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Import and store evergreen content in an unlimited Content Library
  • AI-powered Instagram post variations for streamlined content creation
  • Visual planner to schedule Instagram posts, carousels, Stories
  • Schedule Instagram posts up to a year in advance
  • Category-based automated content queuing for Instagram
  • Advanced analytics revealing optimal posting times
  • Auto publish Instagram content completely hands-free

Benefits of MeetEdgar

  • AI automation to generate new post variations from existing content
  • Unified workspace to plan all your Instagram content formats
  • Schedule your entire Instagram calendar well into the future
  • Organize content by categories for automated sharing
  • Data-driven timing optimization for peak engagement
  • Amplify your reach by resurfacing top evergreen posts
  • Hands-off automated publishing for your scheduled content
  • Save time by eliminating the need for manual daily posting
  • Ensure a consistent stream of fresh Instagram content


$30 per month for up to 5 social accounts


✅Unlimited storage for your entire Instagram content repository

✅Republish evergreen Instagram posts to maximize reach


❌The tool is not very intuitive



Best for auto-publishing Instagram posts

What Publer Does

Publer is a good tool to start your social media journey with. If you’re a small team or individual creator, the free plan will be good to test the waters on Instagram. The platform has a very organized feel to it. The editing features are a little limited, but their external design tool integrations make up for it.


Key Features

  • Visually plan posts using drag-and-drop calendar
  • Schedule for suggested best times or custom timeslots
  • Filter/organize posts by labels, accounts, team members
  • Preview and make real-time edits before publishing
  • Discover social media holidays for creative inspiration
  • Schedule clickable posts linking to websites, blogs, affiliates
  • Track link clicks and website traffic from posts
  • Manage multiple brands/clients in segregated workspaces
  • Assign roles and set approval workflows for team collaborators
  • In-depth visual analytics on top content, best times, audiences
  • Organize media library with color-coded labels and bulk actions
  • Integrated media import from local/cloud storage and stock libraries
  • Built-in design tools with Canva and VistaCreate integrations

Benefits of Publer

  • Streamlined visual planning for your entire content calendar
  • Optimize engagement by publishing at peak times for your audience
  • Efficiently sort, filter and prioritize your publishing pipeline
  • Preview mode ensures error-free, on-brand publishing
  • Drive meaningful traffic from your social posts to websites
  • Segregate multiple brand/client initiatives in one platform
  • Clearly defined roles and review processes for team collaboration
  • Deep performance insights for data-driven content optimization
  • Organized media library for streamlined content curation
  • Design standout visuals without leaving the platform


Free account available that can manage up to 3 social channels (paid plan rtarts at $10 per month for one user)


✅Browser extension to pick up any link and turn it into a post

✅Easy to use and learn


❌Editor can be a little clunky at times

❌Not the best option for scaling your Instagram usage



Best for customizing Instagram posts

What Agorapulse Does

Agorapulse, with its delightful UI and helpful editor, makes for a great Instagram scheduler for small-mid teams. They offer great customization features along with an increased focus on brand engagement.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Create and schedule Instagram Posts, Stories, Carousels, Reels
  • Integrated photo editing tools and Canva integration
  • Track and measure the performance of branded hashtags
  • Connect ad accounts to monitor and reply to ad comments
  • Shared team calendars for scheduling and approval workflows. Lets you assign roles and create custom team workflows
  • Advanced reporting on labels, hashtags, best times, engagement
  • Unified social inbox to manage conversations and DMs and PulseLink bio link tool to drive traffic and measure ROI
  • In-platform product tagging for posts, Reels, carousels
  • Bulk scheduling and content queues for evergreen posts and content grid previews for planning visual consistency
  • First comment functionality to boost engagement

Benefits of Agorapulse

  • Plan and publish diverse organic Instagram content formats and optimize visuals with built-in editing and design integrations
  • Track branded hashtag performance and iterate strategy
  • Streamline ad comment management within the platform with centralized collaborative workspace for content execution
  • Clearly defined roles and processes tailored to your team
  • Comprehensive Instagram analytics for data-driven optimization
  • Prompt audience interactions through a unified response inbox
  • Drive meaningful website traffic and revenue from Instagram and integrate product marketing through seamless content tagging
  • Automate scheduling and resurfacing of evergreen content
  • Maintain a consistent aesthetic across your Instagram presence and amplify engagement through strategic first comment utilization


Starts at $74 per month for up to 10 social profiles


✅Great platform-level content customization

✅Easy navigation and it centralizes customer engagement for your brand


❌Bit expensive for small businesses

❌Very basic analytics and reporting visualization


Social Pilot

Best for bulk-scheduling Instagram posts

What Social Pilot Does

Social Pilot stands out with its niche Instagram posting capabilities and overall a robust software. Their team collaboration features are very streamlined with multi-brand management capabilities to further expand its scope. The pricing may be a little heavy on the pocket for agencies.

Source: SocialPilot

Key Features

  • Schedule and publish image, video, Story, Reel, and Carousel posts
  • Add location tagging to boost local reach and discovery
  • Include First Comments with hashtags and conversation prompts
  • AI content assistant for generating engaging captions and trending hashtags
  • Tag up to 9 public profiles by dragging tags over images
  • Preview posts before publishing to minimize errors
  • Content library to quickly access and re-use previous posts
  • UTM parameters for URLs to track campaigns in Google Analytics

Benefits of Social Pilot

  • Automate posting for all popular Instagram content formats
  • Increase local engagement by geotagging posts for community relevance
  • Drive more interactions right from the first comment
  • Create audience-resonant captions boosted by AI and trending hashtags
  • Easily amplify your reach by tagging relevant public accounts
  • Uphold brand standards through meticulous previewing before going live
  • Save time by reusing and repurposing content from your library
  • Gain in-depth campaign insights through automated UTM tracking
  • Streamline your Instagram publishing, management and analytics
  • Maximize content performance through visual and locational optimization


$30 per month


✅First-comment feature for improving engagement

✅White-labeling option for agencies


❌Content ideation capabilities need improvement

❌Analytics is limited, especially for this price range



Best for scheduling Instagram content in multiple formats

What StatusBrew Does

StatusBrew isn’t a fancy-schmancy Instagram scheduling tool, but its functionalities serve small teams very well. There are a few USPs of the tool like in-build social campaign manager that you can explore. The editor is very limited for Instagram content.

Source: StatusBrew

Key Features

  • Adding first comments to boost a post’s engagement
  • Enable/disable comments on Instagram posts
  • Invite collaborators to posts for feedback/approvals
  • Schedule and auto-publish Reels, Shorts, Stories, Threads
  • Collaborative content calendar for planning and approvals
  • Detailed post insights and campaign performance reports
  • Shareable team calendar for coordinating content strategy

Benefits of StatusBrew

  • Drive more engagement through strategic first-comment usage
  • Control comment visibility aligned with your brand guidelines
  • Streamline collaboration by looping in relevant stakeholders
  • Automate publishing for a diverse mix of content formats
  • Centralized calendar for efficient content planning and reviews
  • Comprehensive analytics for evaluating performance metrics
  • Enhance team alignment with a unified collaborative calendar
  • Schedule and coordinate a consistent, integrated content strategy
  • Consolidate content ideation, creation, publishing, and analysis
  • Improve operational efficiency through team workflows


Starts at $89 per month


✅Supports almost all types of content formats

✅Very simple, clutter-free UI and has every post-level management feature in the posting view


❌Slightly expensive for the set of features offered

❌No AI support yet

Summing Up…

The best IG scheduler will add to your creative process and make it easy to grow your presence on the platform. With a dependency on highly visual and creative content for this platform, you should pick an Instagram feed planner that helps you be more creative with your ideas. White-labeling and multi-brand features are an added plus, especially if you’re an agency.

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Synup Social’s Instagram planner helps you get all the love your brand deserves on the platform. With multi-brand management and powerful AI support, you can easily scale your Instagram content calendar.

Best Instagram Scheduling Tool: FAQs

  1. Can you schedule on Instagram?

Yes, you can schedule posts on Instagram using third-party scheduling tools or Instagram's own scheduling feature available for professional accounts.

  1. Is it safe to use an Instagram scheduler?

Using reputable and authorized scheduling tools is generally safe. However, it's important to choose a tool from a trusted source and follow Instagram's guidelines to avoid any potential issues with your account.

  1. What is the best scheduling tool for Instagram?

Synup Social is one of the most popular and highly-rated scheduling tools for Instagram. The "best" tool may vary depending on your specific needs and preferences, but based on features that are widely used, Synup is great for scheduling and managing your Instagram content.


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