Top 20 Local Citation Management Tools in 2024

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Local citations help you twofold – make it easy for customers to find you as well as drive relevant traffic to your website. However, there are hundreds of discovery sites along with many industry-specific directories. If you start listing it manually, it will take you a month just to get listed. And dear lord, if it ever came to editing them…

Local citation software make it a set-it-and-forget-it activity for you. With API integrations and handy automation, these tools can save hours from your week. Here’s a list of the top 20 local citation management tools, best for every type of need.

How to choose the best local citation management tool?

Choosing the right local citation submission tool can be a game-changer for your business. But with so many options out there, how do you pick the best fit? Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Accuracy and Consistency

Listings with inconsistent or incorrect information can do more harm than good. Look for tools that prioritize data accuracy and consistency across platforms. NAP (Name, Address, Phone) data must be spotless.

  • Publisher Network

The tool you choose should have a wide publisher network covering all the major directories, data aggregators, and location platforms. A larger network means more exposure for your business.

  • Integration Capabilities

Seamless integrations with your existing tech stack (website, CRM, marketing automation tools, etc.) can streamline workflows and save time. Evaluate integration options carefully.

  • Ease of Use

You don't want a tool that's complicated to navigate or has a steep learning curve. Prioritize user-friendly interfaces and straightforward processes for listing management.

  • Automations

Automations can be a huge timesaver. Look for tools that offer automated listing distribution, updates, and duplicate suppression features.

  • Managed Services

If you don’t wanna take the hassle of building and actively managing your local citations, a platform that offers managed services will be really helpful. It can free up some time from your schedule and also help you leverage their in-house expertise.

  • Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive reporting and analytics help you track your citation performance, identify areas for improvement, and measure ROI. Robust reporting capabilities are a must.

  • User Interface and Support

A modern, intuitive UI and responsive customer support can make your life much easier when managing local citations at scale.


Best for automated citation submission

What Synup Does

Synup helps you take control of your local presence online with its suite of listing management solutions. The tool is designed to automate routine tasks that take up your day when managing your local citations online. It’s also powered by sophisticated AI capabilities that are designed to help you personalize your business information and content at scale. 

Key Features

🏆Citation Management Suite: Helps you create, optimize, sync, and publish your business business information across Google, Facebook, Bing, Apple Maps, Yelp, Tripadvisor, and 60+ other directories – all automated.

🏆Voice Search Optimization: List and optimize your business profiles for major voice search assistants and get visibility in no-click searches

🏆Track profile analytics in one place – clicks, calls, direction requests, and other relevant metrics

🏆Group locations together using tags and categorize them properly

🏆Check individual local keyword rank along with location-level data on Google maps and search

🏆Manage all your local content – share updates, run local campaigns, and drive more engagement from your customers

🏆Also supports Service Area Businesses that want to get listed on local citation directories

🏆Complete Whitelabel local rank tracking solution for agencies and resellers who want to improve their clients’ local visibility

Benefits of using Synup

Synup's Listings Management Suite takes the hassle out of maintaining an accurate online presence. You'll save countless hours normally spent on manual updates. Simply input your business details once, and Synup handles the rest seamlessly.

Ensure Accuracy of Business Info

Ensures accurate and consistent business information across over 60 major directories and platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, Apple Maps, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.

Automate Listing Updates in Bulk

Automates the process of creating, optimizing, syncing, and publishing citations, saving significant time and effort.

Increase Visibility in No-click Searches

Increases visibility in voice searches and no-click search results, tapping into the growing voice search market. Provides a competitive advantage by being easily discoverable through voice queries.

Comprehensive Local Search Data

Visualize your local ranking data through user-friendly dashboards that consolidate all your performance metrics in one centralized location. At a glance, you can analyze your search visibility and identify areas that need attention.

Competitive Edge With In-Depth Analysis

Share insights seamlessly with exportable reports in multiple formats. Helps you flexibly communicate your local SEO performance with clients or stakeholders.

White-Label Solution

As an agency or reseller, differentiate your offerings with Synup's fully white-label local rank tracking platform, providing clients with top-tier local search services under your brand.

How to get started with Synup

Synup makes it extremely hassle-free to manage your local citations. You can sign up for the tool and upgrade to our plans as per your locations – we only charge you based on the number of locations and not a set high price.

Sign up for a demo and get your account set up. Once your account is ready to go, it’s only a few clicks till you have your citations listed everywhere. Simply go to the top navigation bar > “Listings” > “Business Listings” > “Add a Location”. 

Next you’ll see the information screen. Add all the relevant business details. You can do it manually for each location or also bulk upload your business data or locations using a CSV file. That’s the beauty of our platform.

SynupAs a business owner, I rely on Synup's platform daily to manage my online presence efficiently. I use it to update my business information across various online platforms, monitor customer reviews, and create and optimize local landing pages to attract more customers. Synup's user-friendly interface simplifies these tasks, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my business confidently.

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Best for multi-client citation management

What SOCi Does

SOCi presents itself as a local marketing cloud platform, with listing management as one of the highlights. The tool helps you build citations at scale and also help manage updates at bulk. The platform is built specifically for agencies and resellers and has many great capabilities for multi-client citation management.

Source: SOCi

Key Features

  • Bulk listing management across multiple platforms
  • Automated syncing and updating of business listings
  • Custom audits and profile recommendations
  • Flexibility for local managers to make updates with corporate oversight
  • Centralized dashboard for managing all listings

Benefits of SOCi

  • Ensures accurate and consistent business information across various directories, improving visibility and credibility.
  • Automated processes save significant time and effort in managing listings manually.
  • Custom audits and recommendations help identify and rectify any inconsistencies or missing information.
  • Decentralized management with corporate oversight allows for efficient collaboration and local customization.
  • Centralized dashboard provides a comprehensive view of all listings, simplifying management and tracking.
  • Improved local search rankings by maintaining optimized and up-to-date listings on major platforms.


They offer a custom pricing


✅Scalable solution for businesses with multiple locations

✅Automated processes and audits streamline citation submission management


❌Pricing can be higher for businesses with numerous locations


Moz Local

Best for staying updated on changes

What Moz Local Does

Moz is your legacy SEO tool that’s been in the game for long. Their local SEO wing has great capabilities for citation building and management. However, the UI is rather bland and not very user-friendly. The directory listings are limited to certain geographies. 

Source: Moz Local

Key Features 

  • You can centrally manage and sync your business listings on Google, Facebook, and numerous other directories
  • Moz automatically detects and deletes duplicate listings for you, eliminating confusion
  • You get guidance on optimizing your profiles with complete data and visuals
  • Your listings are automatically distributed across Moz's partner network

Benefits of Moz Local

  • You ensure consistent business information across platforms, enhancing credibility and local search performance
  • You save time and effort that goes into maintaining accurate listings with automated syncing and duplicate deletion
  • Optimized profiles with complete data boost your click-through rates and visibility
  • Your online presence is amplified effortlessly through streamlined distribution on Moz's network
  • You improve local search rankings by keeping listings accurate and optimized on high-authority sites


$14 per month per location 


✅Integrates well with other local SEO tools in Moz, good choice for folks already using Moz

✅Frequent updates to the platform


❌Limited number of listing sites

❌Customer service has been reportedly subpar


SEMRush Listing Management

Best for citation updates

What SEMrush Does

While SEMrush is a full-scale SEO software, their local SEO offering also has features for listing management. It’s not as extensive as other listing management tool but can handle basic capabilities if you’re already an SEMrush user. For listing management, they rely on a 3rd party vendor for the software.

Source: SEMrush

Key Features

  • You can automatically distribute your business data to over 70 authoritative directories in the US and 40+ in other countries from one place.
  • Your listings become voice search ready through automatic distribution to Amazon Alexa, Apple, Bing, and Google assistants.
  • You edit information once, and it gets updated consistently across all directories, saving time and effort.
  • You ensure maximum visibility by identifying and removing malicious duplicate listings that create confusion.
  • You can monitor reviews and user suggestions to maintain accurate, up-to-date listings.
  • You get performance reports showing how often your business was searched for and displayed in results.
  • You receive recommendations to optimize your listings for better local search performance.

Benefits of SEMRush Listing Management

  • You establish a powerful local online presence by getting listed on all major data aggregators and directories.
  • Your business gets prioritized for voice search by being listed on virtual assistants.
  • You save significant time by editing listings centrally instead of updating each directory individually.
  • You eliminate misleading duplicate listings that undermine your credibility.
  • You stay on top of your online reputation by tracking reviews and suggestions.
  • Visibility reports help you gauge listing performance and identify areas of improvement.
  • Customized recommendations allow you to refine your local strategy for better rankings.


$20 per month per location for paid SEMrush subscribers. $40 for premium features (like reviews)


✅Seamlessly integrates with your website SEO data

✅Very comprehensive reporting


❌Limited number of listings in non-US regions

❌Listing management and reputation management are part of premium which is costly



Best for small-scale citation management

What RocketData Does

It’s a small tool that works fine for what it promotes – i.e. citation management. Although the publisher network is very limited, it’s a good option for very small businesses or solopreneurs just looking to get a helping hand. It also offers a well-rounded solution with local content management and review management to keep your citations updated.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Compare your local search positions against competitors within specified radiuses.
  • Gain visibility into how competitors approach their own listing strategies.
  • Allow secure multi-user access by distributing rights to employees or franchisees.
  • Create and distribute news, offers, or event posts directly to your listings to attract customers.
  • RocketData identifies and removes any duplicate or fake listings that could mislead customers.
  • Rapidly deploy your business locations across 30+ major digital services and directories.
  • Automate daily data updates to ensure listings remain accurate across platforms.
  • Run localized advertising campaigns on Google directly through the RocketData account.
  • Add an integrated locations map widget to your website that stays automatically updated 

Benefits of Rocketdata

  • Competitive analysis reveals opportunities to outperform rivals in local searches.
  • Secure multi-user access enables effective collaboration across teams or franchisees.
  • Engage customers and promote offerings directly through listing posts.
  • Maintain a single authoritative business presence by eliminating duplicates.
  • Establish a wide-ranging online presence quickly through instant listing distribution.
  • Never worry about inaccurate listing information by automating daily updates.
  • Website visitors get an accurate view of your locations through the self-updating map widget.


They offer custom pricing


✅Offers content and review management capabilities

✅User-friendly interface, good for smaller businesses


❌Publisher network is too limited with only 30 sites



Best for citation submission management at scale

What Yext Does

Yext is a known name in the listing management space, with its massive operations and capabilities for listing management. The local citation software is robust, with fewer bugs and accurate listing syncs. However, their customer support accessibility has reportedly been an issue after the hyper-growth phase.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • You get access to Yext's massive network of over 200 third-party publishers to showcase your business data.
  • Dual-sync direct API integrations ensure seamless updates of rich content like NAP, images, and custom fields.
  • Yext's Listings Analytics consolidates all your third-party listing data for easy filtering and analysis.
  • The real-time update architecture and dual sync capabilities ensure rapid delivery of your data across publishers.
  • You can deactivate over 100 duplicate listings to only push authoritative information live.
  • Suggested edits from Google, Facebook, and your own users help keep your data accurate.
  • You get performance insights on how your listings fare against local competition.
  • Social posting allows you to share curated content and engage customers across Facebook, Google, and more.
  • Comprehensive tracking of listing statuses, error alerts, and custom configuration controls.
  • The Listings Verifier automatically scans and verifies the accuracy of your listings field-by-field.

Benefits of Yext

  • You establish an authoritative digital knowledge presence by distributing to Yext's vast publisher network.
  • API integrations ensure real-time, seamless and rich data updates across platforms.
  • Consolidated analytics give you a 360-degree view of your online listings performance.
  • You eliminate confusing duplicate listings that undermine your credibility.
  • You maintain accurate listings by vetting and applying external suggestions.
  • Competitive insights help you identify gaps and refine your local strategy.
  • You can effectively engage customers through social content publishing.
  • Granular controls and verifications ensure your listings are accurate and optimized.


They offer a custom pricing


✅Robust local citation software with a comprehensive feature set

✅Wide network of publishers


❌Customer support can be inaccessible at times



Best for citation performance reporting

What Brightlocal Does

Brightlocal offers a citation builder tool that helps you take care of your business listings at scale. Their highly visual dashboards and reporting functionalities stand out from other tools on our list.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • You get access to the Citation Builder, BrightLocal's trusted managed service for the Authority Layer, i.e. Manta | Merchant Circle | Tupalo | Hotfrog | Superpages
  • An expert team builds and fixes your listings across the most authoritative, citation-boosting sites.
  • No temporary rented listings - you own these local citations forever with no recurring fees.
  • Brand-new Active Sync tackles the Engagement Layer ( Google | Apple Maps | Facebook | Bing) by using APIs to maintain listing accuracy.
  • Easy setup keeps your most critical listings consistently updated and protected.

Benefits of Brightlocal

  • You establish rock-solid authority with consistent local citations across the web's top sites.
  • Having an experienced team handle the authority layer saves you time and ensures quality.
  • Permanent ownership of your local citations provides lasting credibility and ROI.
  • Active Sync ensures your vital listings remain fresh and visible to customers.
  • You maintain a strong, defensible local presence that can't be disrupted by outdated data.


Starts at $3 per listing site per location (additional cost for any updates on listings)


✅Great visualizations and reporting

✅Provide additional support to build authority on listing sites


❌Their citation tool is manual in parts and the updates/changes may take more time and can end up being costlier than other tools



Best for optimizing local citations

What Uberall Does

Uberall is a local marketing platform that has a local citation software. With a network of over 125 publisher sites, they are a great option for managing and optimizing listings. Their platfprm is very intuitive and also offers insights into your current local citation gaps to optimize better.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • You can create, manage and optimize listings across over 125 online directories leading to your locations.
  • Add engaging short videos directly to your Google Business Profiles at scale.
  • Drive conversions by adding call-to-action links across profiles for transactions.
  • Duplicate suppression guarantees one consistent, accurate profile per location.
  • Profile protection defends your listings from unauthorized changes or inaccuracies.
  • Gain performance insights to optimize profiles and outrank competitors locally.
  • Clear recommended actions guide franchises and managers to seamlessly update all listings.
  • Your brand gets unified presence across Uberall's extensive network of local directories like Google, Apple Maps, Facebook, Yelp and more.
  • Direct voice assistant connections optimize your listings for voice search visibility.
  • Easily add rich content like photos, menus, products/services, payment options across all locations.
  • Centrally manage menus and menu items for a consistent presence.
  • On-brand keyword recommendations keep descriptions optimized for better search performance

Benefits of Uberall

  • You ensure your business is omnipresent across over 125 online directories customers use.
  • Engaging videos and transaction links boost visibility and drive more conversions.
  • Consistent NAP and suppressed duplicates reinforce your brand credibility.
  • Protected profiles maintain data integrity and prevent misleading information.
  • Insights identify optimization areas to outperform local competitors.
  • Franchises maintain unified, accurate listings through centralized actions.
  • Your brand gets prioritized for voice-based local searches through voice connections.
  • Rich location details like menus and services provide customers with complete information upfront.


They offer custom pricing


✅User-friendly and intuitive

✅Customer support is very responsive


❌The platform can require a lot of manual effort when cleaning up listings


Localo (Formerly Surfer Local)

Best for finding citation opportunities

What Localo Does

Local is an end-to-end Local SEO platform with a local citation management solution as well. It’s not really your typical API-based solution for local citations where you can distribute listings. Rather, the tool helps with research. So, you can actively check where you are currently present and then find opportunities to list your business. It’s rather primitive in that sense.

Source: Localo

Key Features

  • You get to discover the online directories and websites where your competitors are already listed.
  • Receive a compiled list of pages currently featuring your existing business listings.
  • Localo delivers a custom-tailored list of high-value local citations based on your top competitors.

Benefits of Localo

  • Identify new citation sources by seeing where competitors are promoting themselves online.
  • Use these insights to get your business listed on the same impactful platforms.
  • Easily audit your current online presence to verify listing accuracy and consistency across sites.
  • Leverage the personalized citation opportunities to outrank competitors in local searches.


Free for a single profile/location ($29 per month upgrade plan available for detailed tracking)


✅Weekly tips to improve local search rankings and optimizing your profiles

✅Lets you track competitor presence on listings as well


❌Too basic for full-scale citation management



Best for managed citation services

What Hibu Does

It’s a service-based local citation software where you can sign up to get all your listings synced and updated. They offer a range of services for local SEO and citation management. It’s a good option if you want someone to take the pie entirely off your plate.

Source: Hibu

Key Features

  • Their team will verify and confirm your core business information to build your official listings profile. This master profile gets published and linked across 60+ top online directories and publishers.
  • Hibu also connects or creates your company's Facebook and Google business pages.
  • They employ a "listings match and lock" process to rapidly claim new listings as they appear online.
  • You get 24/7 access to reporting and insights on your listings' engagement performance.
  • Showcase branded content like photos, videos, events, menus to make your listings stand out.
  • Real-time updates ensure customers always see the latest, accurate business information across search and voice.
  • You can transform listings into marketing channels by highlighting promotions, discounts, and sales.

Benefits of Hibu

  • Professionally managed Facebook and Google Business pages boost your brand presence.
  • Rapid listing lockdown prevents inconsistencies and duplicates from cropping up.
  • Transparency into how listings are driving engagement through online reporting access.
  • Differentiated branded content captures attention and provides rich information upfront.
  • Never worry about outdated information misleading customers with continuous listing updates.


They offer custom pricing


✅Complete solution package for listings, so less work on your end


❌Manual updates so less visibility and control

❌Customer service is often inaccessible 



Best for manual citation updates

What Whitespark Does

Whitespark offers many local SEO services, with listing management as a pillar offering. Their listing management feature is a manual service, handled by their team of experts. They also have a citation finder built into their product. The UI of the platform is what we like the best from other tools in the list.

Source: Whitespark

Key Features

  • Select a pre-built package or create a custom order based on your requirements.
  • Provide your business details through Whitespark's streamlined dashboard.
  • Whitespark conducts exhaustive NAP (Name/Address/Phone) audits and cleanup across priority sites.
  • They create new listings on general, industry, and location-specific directories.
  • Receive a detailed report with all listing links, logins, statuses, and team notes.

Benefits of Whitespark

  • No recurring subscriptions or contracts - just a one-time fee.
  • Extensive cleanup of listings across the most impactful sites and directories.
  • New optimized listing creation to expand your local footprint further.
  • You retain full ownership over your listings, no more "renting" from other services.
  • Fully customizable solution tailored to your specific needs and budget.


Starts at $399 per location (one-time)


✅Very responsive and proactive customer service

✅Great attention to detail and highly customizable


❌Completely manual process, which means even smaller updates can take time.

❌Costs add up as you add more local citations and try to manage at scale.



Best for citation building

What Widewail Does

Widewail is primarily a small reputation management tool, good for small businesses. Their citation management service ensures your business is listed. They offer a decent mix of publishers and navigation apps for your listings along with a simplistic interface.

Source: Widewail

Key Features

  • One unified dashboard to monitor and manage all your business listings.
  • Widewail covers review sites, search engines, voice assistants, mobile apps, navigation systems, and more.
  • Update your core business details once, and Widewail swiftly publishes it network-wide.
  • Detangle your complex listing network and gain full visibility, even at scale.
  • Automated NAP (Name, Address, Phone) alignment ensures consistency across the web.

Benefits of Widewail

  • You establish an omnipresent, accurate digital footprint everywhere customers search.
  • Centralized management saves you immense time versus tackling each listing source individually.
  • Customers find reliable, up-to-date information about your business on the platforms they use.
  • Scalable solution allows you to maintain citation quality at scale.
  • Consistent NAP data boosts local search visibility by aligning with Google's priorities.
  • Their intuitive interface provides clarity into your entire distributed listing ecosystem.


Custom pricing


✅Scalable for multi-location businesses with numerous listings

✅Offers a good reputation management solution in tandem


❌Doesn’t offer the best content management and update features for local citations


Advice Local

Best for manual citation building

What Advice Local Does

AdviceLocal is a local technology solution that offers an array of services, including citation management. It’s a hybrid tool – which means they have an API-based solution and also offer some manual citation services. They have an extensive mix of publishers in their network, including voice search and aggregators.

Source: AdviceLocal

Key Features

  • They seamlessly claim, create, and optimize your local business listings in real-time.
  • Your listings get distributed across national, local, and niche business directories.
  • This includes major data aggregators, platforms like Apple Maps, Google, Yelp, Facebook, and more.
  • Chamber listings, specialty verticals, GPS databases are also covered.
  • AdviceLocal uses a hybrid approach combining APIs and manual submissions.
  • For agencies, a fully white-labeled solution integrates beautifully into your website.

Benefits of AdviceLocal

  • You establish a unified, accurate digital presence across a vast network of directories.
  • Authoritative distribution through major aggregators and data accelerators maximizes visibility.
  • Listing optimization ensures consistent name, address, phone, hours, photos, categories, and details.
  • Your business becomes voice search-ready by syndicating to virtual assistant data sources.
  • The full-service model eliminates any manual effort in managing local listings for you.
  • White-label offering enables agencies to fully brand the local listing solution.


They offer custom pricing


✅Has whitelabel solutions for agency clients

✅Managed services ensure better reliability of data


❌Support can be a little slow as per customers



Best for bulk citation updates

What Chatmeter Does

Chatmeter is a multi-location marketing and intelligence platform that offers citation management as one of its solutions for local marketing. It helps distribute your business info across directories as well as review platforms. The UI is very crisp and to the point, with less fluff and decor.

Source: Chatmeter

Key Features

  • Easily create or update listings with details like location info, photos, menus, services, promotions, and more.
  • Leverage Chatmeter's integrations to publish accurate listings consistently across numerous networks simultaneously.
  • Rank on the first page by optimizing content with the right keywords through Chatmeter's brand visibility tools.
  • Direct API partnerships with top search engines, directories, and maps ensure prominent placement.
  • Edit from 1 to 1000s of listings in seconds through Chatmeter's bulk editor tool.
  • Mobile app allows you to monitor and update listings on the go, anytime.
  • Unparalleled control over your Apple Maps listing accuracy via their reputation platform integration.

Benefits of Chatmeter

  • You establish a complete, compelling digital presence packed with rich details across local platforms.
  • Automated distribution eliminates tedious manual work and prevents inaccurate listings.
  • Optimized content tailored to local search boosts your visibility in those coveted top results.
  • Direct data feed integrations prioritize your listings on major search and mapping services.
  • Bulk editing capabilities make updates and changes lightning fast, even for multi-location brands.
  • Unrivaled ability to monitor, correct, and take command of your Apple Maps business data.


Custom pricing


✅Very dedicated on-going support with regular rep meetings

✅Whitelabel solution for agencies


❌The local citation software can be too costly for small businesses

❌UI isn’t very delightful



Best for building citations on budget

What Rio SEO Does

Rio Seo is an everything-local tool that helps businesses build and maintain a consistent local presence online. Their listing management tool helps you build and update your citations across a variety of platforms. But the directory list is fairly limited.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Monitor rankings for localized queries like "coffee shops near me"
  • Identify opportunities for popular local search terms
  • Track your ranking position in the local map pack results
  • Analyze map rankings at variable distance radii
  • Visualize how rankings fluctuate within set distance ranges
  • Understand localized performance around each business location
  • Monitor local competitors' map pack and localized rankings
  • Benchmark your performance against the local competition
  • Consolidated tracking across all your business locations
  • Location-specific performance insights and optimization
  • Track ranking position changes over time
  • Quickly react to upward or declining local search visibility

Benefits of Rio SEO

  • Improve local online visibility and attract more neighborhood customers
  • Identify areas to optimize for better "near me" search performance
  • Granular location-based insights to guide hyperlocal SEO strategies
  • Ensure you outrank local competitors through strategic improvements
  • Centralized multi-location data to streamline local search optimization
  • Monitor local ranking successes and areas that require improvement


They offer custom pricing


✅Very easy to use


❌Updates are not as instantaneous and take a lot of clicking around

❌Limited publisher network



Best as a one-stop shop for small business solutions

What Thryv Does

Thryv is a small business marketing software that offers listing management as part of its marketing centre solutions. The feature is pretty basic and only offers listings on a handful of site. But it’s a great solution for businesses looking for a one-stop package for all their marketing needs.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Manage all your local business citations across major platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo, Nextdoor, and YP from a single dashboard.
  • Intelligent software automatically keeps your business name, address, phone number and other details consistent across every listing.
  • Enhance listings with valuable extras like trackable phone numbers to attribute customer actions.
  • Get visibility into which listings are driving the most customer engagement and footfall.
  • Build credibility by ensuring customers always see accurate, up-to-date information about your business.

Benefits of Thryv

  • Prominent placement at the top of search results puts your business in front of customer eyeballs first
  • Automated updates across all platforms prevent inconsistencies that confuse customers and search engines.
  • Insightful call tracking data attributes revenue directly to your listing performance.
  • Optimized listings with complete, enhanced information boost visibility and local rankings.
  • Customers find reliable business details, building trust and increasing the chances of them becoming your patrons.


$199 per location per month


✅Integrated local marketing solutions for small businesses


❌Expensive for using listing management service alone



Best for building local business citations

What TribeLocal Does

Tribelocal is another local marketing platform that helps you build citations across a wide range of discovery sites. They have limited features for building citations, with a rather bland but simple UI that does the work. 

Source: GetApp

Key Features

  • Add your business to over 200 local business directory sites to increase visibility and website traffic.
  • Fix incorrect citation listings across directories that could damage your local rankings and mislead customers.
  • Identify and remove duplicate listings that dilute your online presence and suppress review visibility.

Benefits of TribeLocal

  • Expand your local footprint by getting listed on authoritative citation sources customers use to find businesses.
  • Ensure customers always see accurate name, address, and phone number details by fixing flawed listings.
  • Consolidate your online identity by eliminating duplicate listings that split your presence.
  • Build credibility through consistent citation information aligned with Google's ranking factors.
  • Improved local SEO performance by resolving issues that negatively impact local search visibility.


$29 per location per month for up to 30 citations


✅Clean and simple tool, easy to get started

✅Extensive publisher network


❌Limited additional local listing optimization or enhancement options

❌Expensive for the given feature set


Direction Local

Best for citation building

What Direction Local Does

Direction is a local SEO software that helps you build a consistent local presence. Their citation builder offers listing update, sync, and management features. The platform is great with reporting and listing analytics and integrates seamlessly with adjacent features like reputation management.


Key Features

  • Simply provide your business details, and Direction Local automatically creates optimized listings across 70+ high-traffic sites.
  • Direct integration with Google Business Profile ensures prominent visibility on Google Maps, Local Search, and Voice Search.
  • Centralized dashboard to monitor and reply to all your reviews from one place.
  • Activate your business for visibility on voice assistants and leading map apps.
  • Localized keyword targeting capabilities for more relevant local search results.
  • Publishing suite allows sharing news, events, offers to boost engagement directly via listings and social media.

Benefits of Direction Local

  • Instantly establish an authoritative local digital footprint across major directories and platforms.
  • Optimized Google presence unlocks visibility across Google's dominant local search ecosystem.
  • Streamlined review monitoring and response capabilities enhance reputation management.
  • Voice search and map app activation future-proofs your local online presence.
  • Localized keyword optimization captures more relevant local search traffic.


$99 per location per month


✅User-friendly reporting and functioning

✅Publishing capabilities for ongoing citation management


❌Quite expensive for the feature set, especially for small businesses



Best for citation update and local SEO

What LocalFX Does

WebFX, the popular SEO platform has started their local wing – LocalFX. The tool integrates seamlessly with existing services offered by the webFX. The listing network is slightly limited but reporting and adjacent citation management services are worth a try.

Source: WebFX

Key Features

  • Centralized dashboard to instantly edit local business citations across over 40 major local listings and directories.
  • Direct integration with high-authority platforms like Google Business Profile, Bing, Apple Maps, and Facebook.
  • Option to self-manage citations or leverage WebFX's dedicated account management support.  

Benefits of LocalFX

  • Ensure customers and search engines always have access to your business's latest information.
  • Save significant time by editing all listings from a single unified interface.
  • Boost local SEO performance by maintaining consistent citation data across the web.
  • Leverage WebFX's expertise with direct access to Google, Bing, and Facebook representatives.


Starts at $499 per month (custom package)


✅In-depth reporting and Local SEO integrations

✅Managed account services for hands-free citation management


❌Limited network of publisher sites



Best for multi-client citation management

What PinMeTo Does

PinMeTo is a local marketing and discovery tool that helps you build local business citations at scale. They have an agency-focused solution with a white label option. The platform is easy to scale up and down and has simple application. The UI isn’t the best part of the tool and adjacent listing management features can be improved.

Source: Crozdesk

Key Features

  • Centralized dashboard to update, verify, and maintain listings consistently across Google, Facebook, Apple Maps, Bing, and numerous other networks.
  • Instant alerts on any data conflicts or changes, enabling swift corrections to maintain accuracy.
  • Automated updates streamline operations by propagating changes across all listings simultaneously.
  • Built-in network guidelines and compliance checks remove the manual effort of ensuring adherence.

Benefits of PinMeTo

  • Your business information remains accurate and optimized for maximum local search performance.
  • Centralized updates remove tedious tasks of managing disparate listings and network logins.
  • Automated synchronization ensures a cohesive, unified presence across the digital landscape.
  • Compliance with network policies boosts credibility and avoids penalties that impact visibility.
  • Time and cost savings by automating repetitive tasks allow reallocating resources strategically.
  • Comprehensive capabilities cater to businesses of all types, locations or service areas


Offers custom pricing


✅Offers Whitelabel option for branding agency partners

✅Support for managing listings of both physical storefront locations and service area businesses (SABs).


❌Data accuracy and syncing has been reportedly been a minor issue

A good citation management tool should go beyond the basic citation-building services. You shouldn’t be paying extra to manage your local business citations over time and the tool should be hands-on in detecting issues/areas for optimization. Go with a provider that understands your discovery channels and help you make the most of your local citations.

Get started with Synup

Synup helps you efficiently update, sync, and optimize your citations for best results in local search. We know that building citations is just half the job and you should have full control over your citations and option to update them with ease.

Best Local Citation Management Tools: FAQs

  1. What is local citation management?

Local citation management refers to the process of creating, updating, and maintaining accurate and consistent business listings across various online directories, platforms, and data aggregators. It involves ensuring that your business's Name, Address, Phone number (NAP), and other relevant information is represented correctly on authoritative websites like Google, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, and industry-specific directories.

  1. What is a citation management tool?

A citation submission tool is a software or service that helps businesses streamline the process of managing their online business listings and citations. These tools typically offer features like bulk listing creation, data synchronization across platforms, duplicate listing detection and removal, reporting and analytics, and integration with major data aggregators.

  1. How to do local SEO citations?

To optimize your local SEO citations, first conduct a citation audit to identify existing listings and any inaccuracies or duplicates. Then claim and update your business listings on major data aggregators like Neustar Localeze, Acxiom, Factual, and Infogroup. And then create and optimize listings on high-authority citation sources like Google Business Profile, Bing Places, Facebook, Yelp, and industry-relevant directories.


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