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Local Listing Management tools significantly enhance a business's online presence by ensuring their information is accurately and consistently listed on key directories such as Google Business Profile(formerly Google My Business), Facebook, Yellowpages, Foursquare, Bing, and many other directories online.

Helpful for both local service providers and brick-and-mortar businesses, this comprehensive approach to managing business details across these essential platforms helps improve visibility, drive engagement, and foster trust with consumers. 
Even small and local businesses can also avoid inaccurate and outdated listing information by using these listing management tools. 

Also, in the last two years “Near me” or “close by” type searches grew by more than 900%!

This is all the more reason for us to explore various Local Listing Management tools and the kind of advantages they offer over others. 

Here is the list of things we have taken into consideration while evaluating these tools, these are as follows:

  • Integrations - We’ll take into consideration whether the tools provide basic integrations with Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Places, and a few other industry-specific directories. Social media integrations are a huge add-on as well!
  • Accuracy - The tool should maintain the accuracy and consistency of your business information (name, address, phone number, etc.) across all listings. Inconsistencies can harm your search engine rankings and confuse customers. Ease of Use: The interface should be user-friendly, making it easy to add, update, and manage listings without requiring extensive training or technical knowledge.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Effective tools provide analytics on how your listings are performing, including visibility, engagement metrics, and the impact on web traffic and conversions. This data is vital for understanding and improving your local SEO strategy.
  • Customer Support: Good customer support is essential, especially if you encounter issues or need help understanding certain features. Look for tools that offer comprehensive support through various channels like email, phone, or live chat.
  • Scalability: Consider whether the tool can accommodate your business as it grows. This includes managing an increasing number of listings, and locations, and the ability to add additional users or team members.
  • Pricing and Value: Evaluate the cost relative to the features and benefits provided. Consider whether the pricing structure fits your budget and if there are any hidden fees. Some tools offer a free trial period, which can be a good way to test their capabilities.
  • Security and Compliance: Ensure that the tool complies with data protection regulations (like GDPR) and has strong security measures in place to protect your business information.
  • Feedback and Reviews: Look for reviews or testimonials from current or past users to get a sense of their experiences. This can provide insight into the tool's reliability, customer service quality, and any common issues encountered.

What is Synup

Best suited for: Small-mid businesses, Entreprises, Agencies, Resellers

Key Features

➡️Streamlined Listings Management - You can list your business anywhere in Google My Business, Bing, Yellow Pages, and 60+ local directories. 

➡️Location Data Management - With location data management, you can edit, bulk, create, and scale listings across multiple listings easily and automate updates to save your time. 

➡️Voice Search Optimization - With Voice Search Optimization, it’s easier for you to optimize your listings to surface on top for no-click searches and provide details about your business along with the services you provide at each location. 

➡️Custom Roles and User Management - With designated users, each team member feels valued as a part of your organization. 

➡️Analytics - Track, performance, analytics, reviews, CTR, insights, and ranking to optimize your profile and drive better outcomes. 

➡️Review Tracking - Get a 360 overview of your business performance and customer sentiment to visualize your reputation across various regions and locations

➡️Tags and Folders - Group related locations together with tags and organize them into folders.


✅Synup ranks 6th on G2 as one of the top Local Listing Management Software

✅Crawls over 200 local search engines and directories to catch inconsistencies

✅Makes use of 100% self-owned technology 

Priced at 34.99$ Per month

“As a business owner, I rely on Synup's platform daily to manage my online presence efficiently. I use it to update my business information across various online platforms, monitor customer reviews, and create and optimize local landing pages to attract more customers. Synup's user-friendly interface simplifies these tasks, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my business confidently.” G2



Best suited for: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Non-Profit, and Small Businesses
Source: Birdeye.com

Key Features

➡️Access a library of reports with key metrics and listing performance in real-time

➡️Birdeye Listings streamlines the process of managing listings, saving businesses time and effort that can be allocated to other essential tasks


✅Manage all your listings in a centralized dashboard

✅In-depth analytics and reporting tools to track the performance of listings and measure their impact on business success


❌Doesn’t make use of their own technology for managing listings

❌Expensive as compared to other alternatives for managing multiple listings 

Priced at 299$ Per Month

“We use their Local Listing and Online Reputation Management and have been for years. It has helped us establish consistent business listing information online and increase the number of reviews we receive each month. They have a great interface and mobile application as well which makes using the product easy especially since you are in it daily. It is easy to set up and if you have any issues they have great customer support. Although Birdeye is a little more expensive than some of their competitors you get what you pay for.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)

💡Here’s an in-depth competitive analysis we’ve done to help you make an informed decision!



Best suited for: Freelancers, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Business

Thryv's Online Listings Management solution simplifies the process for businesses to maintain accurate and consistent information across various online directories and search engines. With Thryv, businesses can effortlessly update essential details such as addresses, phone numbers, and operating hours across multiple platforms. By ensuring this information is consistently up-to-date, businesses can enhance their online visibility and credibility, making it easier for potential customers to find them. Thryv not only saves businesses valuable time but also helps them attract more customers by ensuring they can easily discover accurate information about the business's products or services.

Source: G2

Key Features

➡️Multi-Channel Data Collection

➡️Integrations with Yelp, Yahoo, NextDoor and YP

➡️Accessible via mobile

➡️Helps optimize listings for local search, improving visibility and driving organic traffic to business locations


✅24/7 Customer Support

✅In-depth insights to know which listings are bringing in the most number of customers


❌Limited Integration options

❌Expensive as compared to its competitors

Priced at $199 Per Month


“By far, the best feature is the optimization of my website with 45+ search engines. All of our websites for all three regions are on the first page of Google search engines thanks to their system. The customer portal is an awesome feature and so is the ease of use on the phone app. For a solo small business, I would say the absolute biggest downside is the cost of the plan and the website. I think it would be a very fair price for a slightly larger business

(Sourced and cited from G2)

Still confused about which tool you should consider for your business needs? 

💡PS. We have conducted an in-depth analysis to help you make the right decision! - so that you don’t have to! 


Synup excels with superior features and competitive price

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Best suited for: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business

SOCi’s Listings Management solution empowers businesses to take control of their online presence with ease and efficiency. With this powerful tool, businesses can manage their listings across a wide range of directories, ensuring accuracy and consistency across the digital landscape. By maintaining accurate listings, businesses can enhance their online visibility and credibility, making it easier for customers to find them and ultimately driving more foot traffic and revenue.

Source: https://www.meetsoci.com/products/listings/

Key Features

➡️Field-level approvals, workflows, and permits you to control your local business information

➡️Actionable insights, including map-based keyword reporting and competitor rankings

➡️Offers customization features to tailor listings according to specific branding guidelines and preferences.


✅Helps measure the effectiveness of digital campaigns by tracking leads and insights to major directories and pinpointing specific sources of traffic or content

✅SOCi Listings provides you the option to track your business keyword rankings based on location and use the information to improve your business's SEO strategy


❌Very limited directory options to choose from

Pricing model not transparent

“Location management has helped us to make sure our Retail Google Business listings remain compliant with regulations, and the improved accuracy helps our ranking in search results.

The ability to add users to locations allows branches to take more ownership of their own social content if desired. We had a lot of problems with setup and poor customer support from the SoCi team.”

(Sourced from G2 and Capterra)

💡Refer to this in-depth competitive analysis to make the right choice! 


Synup excels with superior features and competitive price

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Best suited for: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Non-Profit, Small Businesses

Yext's Listing Management feature offers businesses a comprehensive solution to ensure accurate and consistent information across a multitude of online directories and platforms. his centralized platform streamlines the process of managing listings, saving businesses time and resources. Additionally, Yext provides real-time updates and analytics, allowing businesses to monitor the performance of their listings and make data-driven decisions to optimize their online presence further. By maintaining accurate listings, businesses can enhance their online visibility, improve customer trust, and ultimately drive more foot traffic and sales. 

Source: G2

Key Features:

➡️Reviews the results and picks the "best listing" to match for each entity on each site. 

➡️Enables integrations with maps, GPS apps, and local directories 

➡️Helps identify high-value search keywords

➡️Helps track listing statuses at scale


✅Has a central knowledge base containing all the details of one location

✅200+ third-party publishers to choose from

✅Dual-sync direct API integrations


❌Control over certain platforms like Yahoo and Mapquest can make it difficult for business owners to reclaim listings previously managed elsewhere

❌At times when it comes to listing management, the updates usually tend to lag and slow down which might need you to re-do all of it again. 

❌When trying to switch to a different platform, one might lose almost 50-60% of their online listings as Yext tends to remove data for people switching

Priced at $19 per week for an Advanced pack


“Being able to manage 70+ different directories in one place and lock them is fantastic. The simplicity of updating business information in one place and so many places is a user's dream.”


“1 - The time it takes to update the Knowledge Graph vs. the directories updates. Granted, Google has made several changes to GBPs, but we've been unable to leverage them through the Knowledge Graph. Moreover,

2- I dislike that you can only upload one photo at a time in the Assets library; the only way to do it is to upload the images directly to each store and forgo adding them to the Assets library.

3 - Sometimes, the Support Team doesn't elaborate on why they cannot help you. As the point of contact, I'm not always the most tech-savvy person in the room, so it would be awesome to get a more detailed heads-up on what we can try or research when the Yext Support Team is unable to help. “

(Sourced and cited from G2)

💡We've performed an extensive analysis to provide you with the insights necessary to make an informed decision, saving you valuable time and effort.



Best suited for: Freelancers, Mid Size Business, Small Business

BrightLocal offers features such as real-time updates, automatic syncing, and review monitoring, allowing businesses to maintain a positive online reputation and drive more foot traffic and sales. With BrightLocal's Listings Management service, businesses can take control of their digital presence and stand out in today's competitive market landscape.

Source: G2

Key Features:

➡️Citation Builder

➡️Active-sync to keep important listings accurate and protected at all times

➡️Managing listings across 50+ locations


✅Great for in-depth listings analytics and insights


❌They don’t offer API-based listings management, most of it is manually creating listings.

❌There are additional costs associated with managing multiple listings, which ends up costing a lot more

Priced at $39 Per Month

“It's a one-stop shop for our agency's SEO needs. We can track the local listings and technical on-site SEO. Ability to visually show my clients how their local business locations are ranking in our community. Also getting that sneak peek behind the scenes of what competitors are doing in the GPB profiles makes a huge difference. However, the main dashboard, which is the Locations Overview Dashboard, is not so good. It looks messy, unorganized, and unoptimized at times. Locations are not displayed in a good way.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)

💡A thorough competitive analysis of what’s better for your business, Synup or Brightlocal. 


Synup excels with superior features and competitive price

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Local Clarity

Best suited for: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

LocalClarity is a platform designed for multi-location businesses, empowering them to manage customer reviews, improve their reputation scores, optimize their Google My Business presence, and increase local search traffic. It offers a centralized control panel to engage with customers across various platforms, such as Google My Business, Facebook, and many others, providing real-time monitoring and response capabilities. Additionally, it facilitates bulk upload and scheduling of Google and Facebook posts, competitor review analysis, and access to deep performance insights to enhance local search engine rankings and drive sales.

Source: G2

Key Features

➡️Centralized review management for multi-location businesses

➡️Real-time customer engagement across GMB and Facebook

➡️Bulk uploading and post scheduling 

➡️Detailed insights for improving local search rankings and driving sales


✅Live direct spreadsheet management of listings


❌Might be difficult to collate data from Google at times

❌Charges extra for every citation

Priced at 12$ Per Month

“We primarily use LocalClarity to manage and respond to reviews across our restaurant locations. The platform's auto-response feature is especially beneficial, allowing us to promptly address feedback while maintaining consistency in our communication. We did run into an issue with reporting at scale on local Google Business listings, we now have a tool that makes this process seamless and automated.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)

💡An in-depth competitive analysis between Synup and LocalClarity.


Synup excels with superior features and competitive price

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Moz Local

Best suited for: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

Moz Local helps you easily create and manage your local business listings on Google, Facebook, and other sites to help consumers find and choose your business. It also includes various other features such as real-time listing updates, and integration with major data aggregators to ensure business information is accurate and consistent. Additionally, Moz Local provides tools to monitor and respond to customer reviews, enhancing a business's reputation management efforts.

Source: G2

Key Features

➡️Keep your listings actively updated across search engines, online directories, social media, apps, and data aggregators with minimal time and effort - all from a single dashboard.

➡️Eliminate confusion with our automated process for identifying, confirming, and deleting (not just suppressing) duplicate listings.

➡️Understand the data and photos needed to complete your listings and profiles. We also automate the distribution of your local listings across our network of partner sites.

➡️Publish your local listing information and updates directly to Google and Facebook.

➡️Enhance your local listings and improve conversion rates by adding photos, special offers, store hours, a compelling business description, and more.

➡️Understand how to improve your profiles and identify which listings need attention.


✅With Moz, you only create a listing once, the rest of the process is automated 

✅Provides you with location-centric reports to track your growth and determine key consumer interactions on your listings


❌Missing Citation Builder

❌Unable to crawl backlinks

❌Does not offer some of the basic listing services like Yahoo

Priced at 14$ Per Month

“The reason to use Moz Local is to improve your local SEO rankings, IE on Google Maps. If you have a business that relies on people getting feet into your door, you should at least consider using Moz Local to help with rankings. Prices seem higher for a first-timer. Maybe a freemium service would have been better because offline businesses sometimes take time to believe how online SEO tools can help them.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)

💡Here’s an In-depth competitive analysis between Synup and Moz Local 



Best suited for: Mid Size Business, Small Business, Enterprise, Freelance, Nonprofit, Government, and Startups

Widewail's Listings Management service offers businesses a unified dashboard to maintain accurate and consistent listings, including review sites, search engines, and navigation devices. It automates updates and corrections, making sure that your business details are uniform and consistent across platforms. Their service aims to build trust through accurate listings, improve search engine visibility, increase referral traffic, and manage special events or changes. Additionally, it emphasizes customer service and provides tools for a comprehensive online presence management.

Source: G2

Key Features

➡️Manages listings across 75+ sites

➡️Update over 60 different data fields

➡️Bulk-editing features


✅One would never lose any listings even if they discontinue their services with them, which makes it extremely reliable

✅Real-time notifications of listing errors and fixes

✅Aims to provide superior customer service

Offers custom pricing options

Widewail is a fantastic service that is a must-have for all businesses. They have great customer service and deliver on what they promise. If you are looking to increase Google reviews and have custom replies to them that boost SEO, contact Widewail.”

(Sourced and cited from Google Reviews)

💡Here’s a thorough competitive analysis between Synup and Widewail



Best suited for: Agencies, SMBs, and Multi-location businesses

Whitespark helps with listings management and local search tools, facilitating detailed citation research, tracking, and management. They also offer advanced SEO and reporting features, alongside a distribution focus that spans global and regional directories. Unlike fully automated services, Whitespark’s approach requires about four weeks on average to complete an order, utilizing a one-time-fee model that includes handing over all created account details. 

Source: G2

Key Features

➡️Ensures that clients retain full ownership of listings 

➡️In-depth reporting features 

➡️Offers citation research, tracking, and management


✅Cost-effective for what it has to offer

✅Offers a one-time fee model

✅Can search across competitors' citations and compare 


❌Limited amount of citation searches

❌Manually filling up the citation form for each client is a task

The basic ‘Small Business’ variant is priced at 20$ Per Month

“We primarily use it for working with medical offices with multiple providers. It would be very labor-intensive for us to handle all on our own. Using Whitespark allows us to tackle a larger roster more quickly than if we'd handled in-house.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)



Best suited for: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small Business

Chatmeter helps with listing management across 140+ online directories, helping with accurate and consistent information across various platforms to boost more local search visibility. It’s specifically designed to work seamlessly with many locations and enhance the overall SEO health of the listing by maintaining accurate business details on directories and various other review sites. 

Source: G2

Key Features

➡️Provides Bulk editing

➡️Offers real-time updates

➡️Accurate Information Distribution

➡️Offers a mobile app for on the go


✅Customers find it extremely convenient to manage, bulk edit, assign groups and taks all using a single dashboard

✅Provides in-depth sentiment analysis


❌Updates take a long time to load and might get laggy sometimes
❌Expensive for what it has to offer as compared to it’s competitors

❌Adding extra locations comes with an additional cost

Pricing is not transparent

“Centralize Review management and GMB posts to all of our locations. Also what we like is being able to view the sentiment analysis and overall performance of our brand's reputation has helped us keep aware of what the customer needs and expects from us as a company. Our company its focused on providing the best customer satisfaction and experience in Puerto Rico, and Chatmeter has helped us to view and listen to what they say and respond promptly to address their needs.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)


Synup excels with superior features and competitive price

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Best suited for: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses
Source: G2

Key Features

➡️Manages listings across more than 125+ online directories

➡️Allows for addition of rich content across directories

➡️Offers insights and analytics for optimizing listings

➡️Ensures listings are optimized for voice search


✅Aesthetically pleasing marketing ad templates to manage their own location and their ad campaigns 

✅Provides direct connections with major platforms like Apple Maps

✅Ensures listings are optimized for Google's Local 3-Pack


❌Integrations with other directories might be a little in-efficient at times 

Pricing is not transparent

“Local branding and advertisement is excellent with Uberall. The ability to reach a local audience using the local SEO setting is unparalled. One-click push of a button to sync business information into all branch's profile information. However, Issues with integration with Facebook. For now, I am only able to integrate it with Google Business and Instagram accounts. Reaching customer support yields no positive result.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)

💡Synup v/s Uberall, what’s better for your business?



Best suited for: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses

Rio SEO's Local Listing Management platform helps with better online visibility and accuracy for businesses. It offers features such as consistent listings across various channels, extensive distribution networks, and 24/7 support, aiming to enhance customer reach and conversions. Their service also focuses on optimizing listings for a broad array of platforms beyond Google, ensuring businesses can leverage niche directories effectively. 

Source: G2

Key Features

➡️24/7 dedicated support for maximizing functionality

➡️Cross-channel consistency 

➡️Expansive network for data distribution across platforms


✅Connected with Apple Maps

✅Does what it claims


❌They don’t offer API-based listings management

❌Offers limited listing management features as compared to their competitors

Pricing is not transparent

“Rio is always very responsive to our requests and very knowledgeable about everything happening in Google. Over time they have become our go to people when we have a question that we aren't sure about even if it doesn't directly relate to the work they do for us and Rio is always willing to help and explain issues.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)

💡Compare Synup with Rio SEO


Advice Local

Best suited for Small, Large, and Medium Businesses

Advice Local's platform is designed to improve the online visibility and accuracy of businesses by managing their listings across various platforms like search engines and social networks. It simplifies the process of ensuring business information is correct everywhere, which is crucial for attracting consumers. Their tools help businesses optimize their local presence effectively, making it easier for potential customers to find them online.

Source: G2

Key Features

➡️Voice-Search Optimization 

➡️Uses a combination of APIs and manual submissions to claim, create, and optimize listings

➡️Connected with top data aggregators



✅GPS Navigation and Mapping apps including Apple, Here, Waze, and TomTom


❌Customer Support is not reliable

❌Information might be glitchy at times

Pricing is not transparent

“Advice Local's listing management solution makes it easy for me to take control of a local business' listings around the web. If their data is incorrect their technology fixes it almost immediately.” 

(Sourced and cited from G2)


Surfer Local (Localo)

Best suited for: Agencies, Freelancers, Small and Medium Businesses

Surfer Local (now Localo) helps with increasing your business’s online visibility with Local SEO practices. It also focuses on enhancing your profile rankings and reaching new customers with AI-powered tools. 

Source: G2

Key Features

➡️Rank Tracking 

➡️Integration with Google My Business

➡️Provides optimization tips for better visibility


✅Automated position monitoring


❌Keyword limit is much less

❌The price per location is a little too steep which adds up to the final cost

❌Not suitable for small businesses due to the prices

“What I like most about this solution is its ease of use, as well as the weekly tasks. The result is visible after a few months.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)



Hibu's Listings Management service focuses on ensuring the accuracy and availability of your online business listings, even incorporating voice search. The service also turns listings into marketing opportunities with promotional highlights, addressing the challenge that incorrect information can significantly impact customer trust.

Source: hibu.com

Key Features

➡️Real-time updates

➡️Branded Content

➡️Real-time update

➡️Reporting and Insights


✅Voice-search optimization


❌Expensive as compared to the other competitors

❌Business Information is mostly updated manually and might not always be up to the mark

Pricing is not transparent

“The cost is not for startups with no defined budget or low cash flow. Hibu does well for companies with sufficient cashflow to support their services”

(Sourced and cited from G2)


SEMRush Local Listing Management

The Semrush Listing Management tool streamlines local SEO by allowing businesses to input their details once and have it distributed across various directories, including Google and Yelp. It enhances online visibility by keeping information up-to-date across platforms and supports multi-location management. The tool also enables businesses to upload pictures and videos to listings, making them more attractive to customers and provides a central place to monitor reviews and ratings, improving reputation management.

Source: https://www.semrush.com/

Key Features

➡️Improve your Local SEO

➡️Manage your data

➡️Upload Pictures and Videos to listings

➡️Get published across maps, applications, search engines, and aggregators


✅Offers bulk-editing

✅’Heatmap’ shows you how well your business ranks on search engines at different spots around a specific area. 


❌ Listings take a very long time to update

❌Provides very basic features and is not worth the price

❌The Customer Support is not very responsive

❌They are making use of Yext for all the tech, so one might just opt for Yext directly

Pricing is not transparent

“Moz and Bright Local are great and all, but Synup is where the sweet spot is. Reasonable price and you will love their SEO and listing management tools. Their customer support is fast and efficient if you need an extra hand, but their interface is pretty much easy to navigate tbh”

(Sourced and cited from Reddit)

In conclusion:

Synup is the top choice for managing local listings effortlessly. It simplifies updating business information across directories, tracking reviews, and analyzing performance. 

With its easy-to-use interface, reliable support, and affordable pricing, it's accessible to all businesses. 

Suitable for businesses of all sizes from small to large including SMBs, enterprises, and agencies, Synup’s base plan includes access to 30 directories, including Google Business Profile and Facebook. 

Plus, our automation recipes save businesses 40% of their deployment time. With features like review response and campaign management, Synup offers effective solutions that are easy to use and yield great results. 


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