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Do you know how your business ranks in local search results? With the right tool, you can gain invaluable insights into how your website ranks for specific keywords and locations. It will make you better equipped to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of your competition. 

This guide covers the top 25 tools in 2024 to help you measure and improve your local search performance across locations and keywords. Read on to find the software that meets your needs.

How to choose the best local rank-tracking software?

First, evaluate your specific business needs and priorities when looking over all these local rank-tracking software options. Some may prioritize location coverage, while others may focus more on comprehensive reporting and analytics features. There are a lot more things to consider:

  • Accuracy

This one’s a non-negotiable, the tool should give you accurate, reliable, and up-to-date data on your local rankings for specific keywords and locations.

  • Location Coverage

Should be able to track rankings for multiple locations at different levels – cities, states/provinces, and countries. This is crucial for businesses with a presence in different geographic areas.

  • Keyword Tracking

Can it allow you to track a large number of keywords, including local keywords with location modifiers (e.g., "plumbers in New York City")? The ability to track variations and synonyms of keywords is also pretty useful.

  • Reporting and Analytics

Robust reporting and analytics features are a must, as they allow you to analyze your local rankings over time, identify trends, and compare your performance against competitors. Visual representations, such as graphs and charts, can make the data more accessible and actionable for you and your team.

  • Integration and Data Export

Although not a must-have, it should integrate with other tools in your marketing stack, such as analytics platforms or SEO tools. The ability to export data in various formats (CSV, Excel, etc.) can also be useful for further analysis or sharing with team members.

  • Competitor Tracking

Does it allow you to monitor the local rankings of your competitors for the same set of keywords and locations, providing valuable insights into their strategies and performance?

  • Customization and Filters

The ability to apply filters (e.g., by location, device, search engine) and customize reports according to your specific needs can make the software more valuable and user-friendly.

  • Pricing and Scalability

As your business grows, you may need to track more locations and keywords, so it's essential to choose a solution that can accommodate your future needs without becoming cost-prohibitive.

  • User Interface and Support

A user-friendly interface and reliable customer support ensures you get the most out of your investment.


Best for user-friendly reporting and bulk actions

What Synup Does

Synup empowers you with granular data and analysis capabilities to gain a competitive edge in local search rankings. Our keyword rank tracker helps you get a one-glance picture of your local visibility and how you fare across different discovery platforms – Google Maps as well as organic search. We’re also coming up with a robust Grid ranking feature to dive deeper into your local search performance.

The best part? You don’t have to pay extra for a rank-tracking tool. We provide the rank tracking capabilities within our listing management suite that streamlines all your locations and goes easy on your pockets.

Key Features

🏆Listings Management Suite: Helps you create, optimize, sync, and publish your business business across Google, Facebook, Bing, Apple Maps, Yelp, Tripadvisor, and 60+ other directories – all automated.

🏆Visualize your local rank performance data in intuitive dashboards

🏆Add bulk keywords to start tracking performance data

🏆Get Google local average ranking graph with option to set custom date range

🏆Check individual keyword rank along with location-level data on Google maps and search

🏆Export your ranking reports in usable formats

🏆Complete Whitelabel local rank tracking solution for agencies and resellers who want to improve their clients’ local visibility

Benefits of using Synup

Synup's Listings Management Suite takes the hassle out of maintaining an accurate online presence. You'll save countless hours normally spent on manual updates. Simply input your business details once, and Synup handles the rest seamlessly.

Comprehensive Local Search Data

Visualize your local ranking data through user-friendly dashboards that consolidate all your performance metrics in one centralized location. At a glance, you can analyze your search visibility and identify areas that need attention.

Bulk Keyword Tracking

Easily add and track rankings for multiple keywords simultaneously, giving you a panoramic view of how you stack up against competitors for various search terms.

Data-Driven Local SEO Optimization

Hone in on your performance in Google's local pack with detailed average ranking data. Customize date ranges to analyze trends over time and take necessary decisions.

Location-Level Rankings

Access granular keyword rankings for specific locations, mapped directly on Google for maximum transparency into your hyperlocal search presence.

Competitive Edge With In-Depth Analysis

Share insights seamlessly with exportable reports in multiple formats. Helps you flexibly communicate your local SEO performance with clients or stakeholders.

White-Label Solution

As an agency or reseller, differentiate your offerings with Synup's fully white-label local rank tracking platform, providing clients with top-tier local search services under your brand.

How to get started with Synup

Synup makes it a breeze to keep an eye on your local ranking data. What we boast of is user-friendly reporting, visualizations and bulk actions to make the process seamless for you and your team.

Sign up for a demo and account set up. Once your dashboard is setup, you can connect your Google profile with Synup in just a few clicks. Simply go to the top navigation bar > “Analytics” > “Keyword Rankings” > “Add New Keywords”.

Next you’ll see the ranking dashboard. On top right, find the option to add bulk keywords to track. It will take a couple of days for keyword performance to start updating. Afterwards, you can start seeing your in-depth ranking data from the dashboard.

“As a business owner, I rely on Synup's platform daily to manage my online presence efficiently. I use it to update my business information across various online platforms, monitor customer reviews, and create and optimize local landing pages to attract more customers. Synup's user-friendly interface simplifies these tasks, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my business confidently.” 

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GMB Briefcase

Best for intuitive rank tracking experience

What GMB Briefcase Does

It’s a google business profile management tool that also offers local organic ranking and geo rank tracking features. GMB Briefcase stands out with its intuitive user experience and all-rounder GBP management capabilities. It’s a great tool for local businesses looking to manage their online presence.

Source: GMB Briefcase

Key Features

  • Track keyword rankings on different search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing)
  • Track from mobile devices and Google Desktop
  • Google map rank tracker based on user geo-coordinates
  • Track rankings based on physical business location
  • Scan Service Area Business Scans
  • Schedule a rank check for convenience
  • Manual and Auto Grid Placement
  • Export result image or performance data to CSV

Benefits of GMB Briefcase

  • Get a comprehensive view of your online visibility across major search platforms, allowing you to identify opportunities and optimize your strategy accordingly.
  • Monitor your rankings from both mobile and desktop perspectives, ensuring you're optimized for users across different devices and platforms.
  • Gain insights into how your business ranks on Google Maps for users in different locations, enabling you to tailor your local SEO efforts and improve local visibility.
  • Understand how your business ranks in local search results for users near your actual location, helping you optimize for your target geographic areas.
  • Analyze your visibility within designated service areas, allowing you to identify gaps and opportunities to improve local presence.
  • Automatically monitor your rankings on a set schedule, saving you time and ensuring you have up-to-date data without manual effort.
  • Customize and automate the placement of location grids for more granular, localized ranking data based on your specific needs.
  • Seamlessly share and integrate ranking data with other tools or stakeholders by exporting it in a universally compatible CSV format.


Has tiered pricing, starting at $99 per month


✅Historical data - helps get insights into ranking trends over time,

✅Agency support for multi-client management


❌It’s pricey for the features and services offered


SE Rankings

Best for staying updated on changes

What SE Rankings Does

SE Ranking's local rank tracker consolidates important ranking data you need to understand your local search presence and identify areas to improve local SEO performance. Their insights into competitor rankings can help you make important decisions.

Source: SE Rankings

Key Features 

  • Monitor local search rankings for all your target keywords across different cities or postal codes
  • Track your local visibility on both desktop and mobile SERPs separately
  • Google Maps Ranking Tracking
  • Identify and target ranking opportunities for SERP features like knowledge panels.
  • Competitor Monitoring

Benefits of SE Rankings

  • Make sure you have accurate, localized data to guide your optimization efforts.
  • Cater your strategies to users across various devices and platforms.
  • Monitor your business's ranking on Google Maps among the top 20 results, a critical component of local SEO. Connect your Google Business account for seamless tracking.
  • Provides you with additional relevant information, improving your overall search visibility.
  • Keep a close eye on your local competitors' rankings alongside your own, and receive notifications of any significant changes to stay one step ahead.


$44 per month 


✅Intuitive and easy to use

✅Frequent updates to the platform


❌Customers report false positives in audits

❌The platform is costly according to some customers, especially for standalone rank tracking features.


SEMrush Local Rank Tracker

Best for useful local SEO Insights

What SEMrush Does

SEMrush offers standalone features for local rank tracking under their local SEO management tool. With their local rank tracking capabilities, businesses gain valuable visibility into how they're being surfaced in localized search results and on Google Maps. The intuitive reporting allows you to easily identify areas of strength and opportunities in specific geographic areas. 

Source: SEMrush

Key Features

  • Track rankings in Google's Local Finder results for up to 5 keywords 
  • With their map rank tracker, see local rankings plotted directly on a map view
  • Monitor local competitors' map rankings side-by-side

Benefits of SEMRush Local Rank Tracker

  • Monitor performance across targeted zip codes and understand how you show up for localized search intent
  • Analyze performance in specific targeted areas
  • Gain granular insights into how you’re faring against competition in a specific search


Starts at $20 per month per location. $40 for map rank tracking


✅In-depth analytics and well-integrated with other SEO tools

✅Fast, user-friendly interface


❌The tool can be very overwhelming to start with at first

❌Pricing can be a bit of turn-off for small businesses and individual marketers



Best for comparing competitor rankings

What GridMyBusiness Does

With this tool, you can run hyper-localized scans to instantly see how you stack up in specific geographic areas. They also offer flexible pin positioning on maps and Google Business integration to make reporting more flexible and easy.

Source: GridMyBusiness

Key Features

  • Instant Local Ranking Insights
  • Customized Grid Scanning
  • Side-by-Side Report Comparisons
  • Competitor Monitoring and research
  • Bulk Keyword Analysis 

Benefits of GridMyBusiness

  • Get a real-time look at your online local presence and easily identify high-impact opportunities to boost that visibility
  • Personalize your grid size and radius parameters to fit your business and keep close tabs on your local competitors' ranking performance
  • Seamlessly compare your local rankings side-by-side and discover new opportunities to make smarter optimization moves
  • Stay locked on how your local competitors are ranking and leverage those insights to upgrade.
  • Avoid the tedious one-at-a-time approach and analyze rankings for all your target keywords simultaneously


$29 per month


✅Offers option to compare your rankings to draw meaningful insights

✅Customers like speed and UI of the platform


❌Tool is a little unrefined in Service area business tracking

❌Ranking data is sometimes not accurate compared to manual checks on the location and search queries


Places Scout

Best for analyzing performance trends

What Places Scout Does

Places Scout is a powerful rank tracking tool that gives you comprehensive visibility into your local search performance across multiple platforms. Their diverse rank tracking capabilities across search engines and devices, you get a good level of insight into your business's local online visibility.

Source: Places Scout

Key Features

  • Multi-Platform Rank Tracking - monitor your rankings over time on Google Organic, Google Maps, Bing, and more on an Omni-device view.
  • Deep Rank Tracking - customize the number of results to track up to 500 positions deep
  • Multiple Ranking Display - see all the rankings your site has for each keyword query
  • User-Friendly Ranking Reports
  • Competitor Monitoring - get full SERP competitor data for each of your tracked keywords
  • Ranking Summary Metrics - total ranked keywords, average position, and more aggregate metrics
  • Historical Ranking Charts - Visualize ranking trends over time with detailed charts and export images or PDFs
  • Before/After Reporting

Benefits of Places Scout

  • Get hyperlocal visibility into performance on traditional and map-based results
  • Gain insights beyond just page one rankings
  • Understand your total SERP real estate visibility
  • Color-coded rankings for easy visual interpretation and intuitive UI with customizable data display to make easier decisions and present to clients.
  • Analyze the competitive landscape without manual searches and improvise your SEO strategies
  • Get quick insights from the data on the go
  • Share performance insights with your clients.
  • Demonstrate overall ranking improvements between date ranges and provide clients tangible proof of your SEO impact


They offer a custom pricing


✅Very good for analyzing and reporting rank performance overtime

✅Device-level data makes for good insights in local results


❌Response time of the platform is not optimal



Best for local performance reporting and visualizations

What Brightlocal Does

Brightlocal has its own solution for local rank tracking called Horizon. It’s a great tool built for scaled analytics and reporting for multi-location brands. Their visual dashboards and reporting functionalities are what sets them apart from other tools on our list.

Source: Brightlocal

Key Features

  • Scalable Location Tracking – monitor rankings across hundreds or thousands of business locations. 
  • Get a unified snapshot of national and state-level ranking performance
  • Visualize data through an intuitive, centralized dashboard
  • Prioritized Insights - easily identify underperforming locations that need attention and understand top local search competitors in each market
  • Stakeholder-Friendly Reporting - intuitive visual reports communicate local SEO performance clearly
  • Granular Ranking Analysis - understand real-world search prominence for each location, monitor which keywords are succeeding or struggling, benchmark against competitors on key local ranking factors

Benefits of Brightlocal

  • Get a comprehensive multi-location view of your online visibility across the nation
  • Save time by prioritizing areas that will drive the highest impact
  • Gain organization-wide recognition of the value of local search visibility
  • Get location-specific insights to strategically boost local search performance and out-rank competitors


Starts at $39 per month (additional cost for any updates on listings)


✅Customer support is very proactive, efficient, and responsive

✅Data visualizations and reporting capabilities are a major plus


❌Pricing can be complex and additional updates or features may have add-on pricing since it’s not a one-suite tool



Best for real-time tracking data and client reporting

What Nightwatch Does

Nightwatch is a good alternative to legacy SEO tools if you want to zero-in on local rankings for specific locations. Their rank tracker covers a vast range of geographical areas and helps you get good surface-level data on local map and organic rankings for your keywords.

Source: Nightwatch

Key Features

  • Expansive Location Tracking  – Track rankings for keywords across 107,296 locations worldwide. Monitor performance in both organic search and map pack listings
  • Accurate Localized Data - Access search engine data centers from any location. Minimize anomalies in location-based ranking data
  • Automated Local Reporting - Automated SERP reporting for each tracked location. Integrates data from Google Analytics and Search Console. White-label reporting with drag-and-drop interface also available.
  • Map Pack Opportunity Discovery  - Identify new map pack ranking opportunities automatically
  • Site Auditing - Audit website for issues like broken pages, missing tags. Set up automated crawling to monitor rankings or changes over time
  • Keyword Discovery  - Uncover new relevant keywords based on landing pages. Organize keywords into segments to build campaigns.

Benefits of Nightwatch

  • Comprehensive global visibility into your local search presence
  • Highly accurate and actionable local ranking insights
  • Get critical location data for decision-making, streamline reporting workflows
  • Expand local visibility by tapping into map listings
  • Identify and fix technical issues impacting local rankings
  • Boost your local search discoverability with a strategic keyword strategy


$32 per month


✅Customers like the data quality as they get real-time data for their rankings

✅Reporting is very easy and takes very little time


❌Cost per keyword tracked comes out to be pretty expensive as per some customers


Localo (Formerly Surfer Local)

Best suited for: Freelancers, Small-mid Business

What Localo Does

Local is a full-scale Local SEO platform with a handy local keyword rank tracking tool. The platform has a very simple interface and the rank-tracking flow is very intuitive and easy to understand. It’s a good tool to have if you’re just starting out, however the platform is yet to improve when it comes to scaled analytics.

Source: Localo

Key Features

  • Map position checker helps you check where you show up in multiple locations
  • Get local SEO optimization tips in the panel to implement quickly
  • Tracks position for selected keywords automatically
  • Frequent reports on key position changes delivered to your mailbox
  • Support for Service Area Businesses (SABs) as well

Benefits of Localo

  • Keep track of your business's visibility in the discovery stages
  • Go beyond data and get insights that help you boost your local rankings in Google
  • You can save time by avoiding the manual audit and rank-checking process each time you need new updates.
  • Stay in loop whenever there’s a major change in your Google positions for target keywords.
  • One of the few tools that also help improve Google profiles for businesses that operate without a brick-and-mortar location.


Free for a single profile/location ($29 per month upgrade plan available for detailed tracking)


✅Weekly tips to improve local search rankings and optimizing your profiles

✅Has a competitor view to track competitor rankings and performance


❌Updates weekly, not real-time data

❌Only tracks up to 10 keywords



Best for hyper-specific location-level tracking

What AccuRanker Does

Accuranker is a simple tool for looking at your localized organic and local pack rankings on Google. It’s an SEO rank tracking software but their features for local keyword ranking are limited. However, the data quality is great.

Source: Accuranker

Key Features

  • With this tool you can track local search rankings at a country, state, city, zip/postal code or address level.
  • Accuranker allows you to track rankings for as many cities or areas per keyword as you need to report on.
  • As the tool tracks both organic rankings and local maps rankings, you can view all your maps rankings, your organic rankings, or both at once.
  • You can add keywords and pinpoint location as well device type
  • If you only want to see results for organic search, you can choose to remove SERP features like local pack from the results.
  • You can download the full ranking report

Benefits of Accuranker

  • Granular level data on how your business ranks at specific locations so you can optimize for your target areas
  • You can scale the functionalities for as many clients as needed
  • Gives you bird’s eye view of organic as well as pack rankings in one place
  • Easy to share the ranking reports with clients or shareholders for further analysis


$129 per month


✅Gives data on very specific location at street and city level

✅Simple and easy to set up


❌Too expensive to use for location tracking alone

❌Doesn’t give local finder rankings, only local pack rankings available 



Best for local ranking competitive insights

What Whitespark Does

Whitespark has local rank tracking tool that’s very intuitive and gives you a comprehensive view of your local search visibility. What we liked is their visibility score that’s a good indicator of your overall presence in target areas. The UI is quite delightful as rightfully claimed by their team. With powerful filtering capabilities and competitor monitoring, you gain the insights needed to refine your local SEO strategy and dominate local rankings.

Source: Whitespark

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Rank Tracking - Monitor rankings in local packs, maps, and organic results on Google and Bing
  • Track performance across zip codes, geo-coordinates, or cities 
  • Pinpoint Localized Accuracy - Identify true aggregate ranking trends as rankings fluctuate  
  • Compare your rankings to competitors by location and result type
  • Create custom filters for important locations and keyword groups
  • View all your Google Business Profiles in one place, identify duplicate or practitioner listings, and sort and export listing data with review metrics

Benefits of Whitespark

  • Get the full picture of your overall local search visibility
  • Make informed decisions based on trusted localized data
  • Stay ahead of algorithm changes impacting local SEO
  • Pinpoint where competitors are outranking you. Adjust your strategy to claim the top local search positions
  • Analyze performance for specific campaigns or targets to uncover nuanced insights into your local ranking drivers


Starts at $20 per month


✅Visibility score – a weighted metric based on the estimated CTR of your combined ranking positions across all of the keywords

✅Very easy and seamless user interface


❌Tool starts out cheap but can get expensive for multiple locations as many features are add-ons that you pay separately for


SEO Powersuite

Best for local rank reporting automation

What SEO Powersuite Does

They offer a local ‘Rank Tracker’ tool that helps you get keyword position data at different geographical location levels. They don’t have offer in-depth segmentation for local finder ranks but you can get a surface-level idea of your local search visibility.

Source: SEO Powersuite

Key Features

  • Schedule "What's New", Event, and Offer posts for your Google Business Profiles
  • Share images, videos, links and add call-to-action buttons like Book, Order Online etc.
  • Create and schedule offer posts with coupons/discounts
  • Monitor and respond to incoming Google reviews from a unified inbox 
  • Categorize content into libraries and set schedules to publish across locations
  • In-depth analytics to measure performance metrics and optimize strategy
  • Leverage integrations with RSS feeds and other content sources to schedule content regularly
  • Team collaboration tools for managing content schedules


Free for basic capabilities


✅Report automation feature is great and liked by customers

✅Mobile rank tracking


❌Rerun of results take a bit more time

❌Doesn’t have separate rankings for map and local finder


Best for granular data on local rankings

What Does

It’s a suite of tools that offer different local rank tracking capabilities. Their grid rank checker is on highlight on this list. The tool seems to cover a wide level of location tracking along with some basic-level of information about competitors aka public listings’ rankings. Instead of simply providing city or zip code level data, it uses a GeoGrid system to map how your rankings fluctuate across specific customizable search radius areas you define. This hyperlocal visibility provides decent insights to guide your strategies and ultimately drive more traffic from nearby customers.


Key Features

  • View rankings plotted across customizable radius areas from 300ft to 5 miles
  • Gain hyperlocal insights into ranking fluctuations that city-level data misses
  • "Spy" on competitors' rankings across the same GeoGrid radius areas
  • Identify opportunities to optimize and claim the top local rankings
  • Adjust grid size, search density, zoom range, and target keywords
  • Configure location and keyword settings for your most relevant data
  • Track and save ranking performance data over weekly, bi-weekly, monthly periods
  • Monitor your own rankings alongside competitors in one centralized view

Benefits of

  • Get unprecedented insights into how rankings fluctuate at a hyperlocal level based on proximity
  • Understand where competitors are outranking you at a granular location level
  • Analyze the most relevant local ranking data tailored to your business
  • Visualize ranking improvements through geographic mapping over time
  • Gain a competitive intelligence edge to outmaneuver competitors locally
  • Granular control over the local parameters you monitor
  • Agencies can demonstrate local SEO impact to clients with visual reports


Starts at $19 per month per location


✅Ability to customize and monitor rankings across precise service radius areas

✅Granular control over location search parameters like zoom range and density

✅Updates are frequent with a transparent feature roadmap


❌Interface and reporting could use a more modern, user-friendly experience

❌Limited to tracking Google rankings only at this time

❌Potentially costly for smaller businesses/agencies with limited location targeting

❌No integrations with other SEO data sources like analytics or domain authority



Best for automated reporting

What Rankrangers Does

Rank Ranger provides a suite of rank-tracking tools to monitor, analyze, and optimize your search engine performance across global markets. It gives you insights into how your website ranks for target keywords, what SERP features are impacting visibility (which includes local pack), and how you do against competitors.


Key Features

  • Multi-device rank tracking (mobile, desktop)
  • Global search engine support (Google, Bing, Baidu, etc.)
  • International/localized rank tracking by country/city
  • Local SEO rank monitoring by city or zip code
  • Competitor rank analysis across devices, locations, search engines
  • SERP feature tracking (featured snippets, knowledge panels, etc.)
  • "Above the fold" rank tracking across screen sizes
  • Rank volatility and trend analysis
  • Ranking-to-metrics correlation analysis (traffic, conversions, etc.)
  • Custom time-period rank comparisons
  • Integrated paid and organic rank comparison

Benefits of Rankranger

  • Visibility into how rankings translate to actual user visibility
  • Identify new SERP feature and above-the-fold ranking opportunities
  • Optimize international and localized SEO performance
  • Gain competitive intelligence into your rank positioning vs others
  • Pinpoint volatile rankings at risk and growth opportunities
  • Correlate rankings to business metrics like traffic and conversions
  • Flexibly analyze rank data tailored to your specific needs
  • Integrate paid and organic search performance analysis


$79 per month


✅Has customizable reporting and rank data visualization

✅Time-saving automated reporting and insights


❌Too costly for small businesses

❌Doesn’t offer separate tracking local map or finder



Best for local competitor insights

What BrandWizard Does

BrandWizard has a Local Rank Tracker that helps you to monitor and optimize your local ranking performance against competitors. With location-specific insights, you can make decisions to improve your prominence for "near me" searches and drive more foot traffic. We like their competitor reports that are detailed and give you a nice overview of competitive best practices if you’re just getting started.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Monitor rankings for localized queries like "coffee shops near me"
  • Identify opportunities for popular local search terms
  • Track your ranking position in the local map pack results
  • Analyze map rankings at variable distance radii
  • Visualize how rankings fluctuate within set distance ranges
  • Understand localized performance around each business location
  • Monitor local competitors' map pack and localized rankings
  • Benchmark your performance against the local competition
  • Consolidated tracking across all your business locations
  • Location-specific performance insights and optimization
  • Track ranking position changes over time
  • Quickly react to upward or declining local search visibility

Benefits of of BrandWizard

  • Improve local online visibility and attract more neighborhood customers
  • Identify areas to optimize for better "near me" search performance
  • Granular location-based insights to guide hyperlocal SEO strategies
  • Ensure you outrank local competitors through strategic improvements
  • Centralized multi-location data to streamline local search optimization
  • Monitor local ranking successes and areas that require improvement


They offer custom pricing


✅Competitor monitoring for local ranking benchmarking

✅Hyperlocal map rank tracking by location radius


❌Potentially costly for businesses with fewer location tracking needs

❌Reporting could benefit from a more intuitive visual experience


Best for in-depth keyword rank analytics

What Does

It is a pretty straightforward rank tracking tool focused on providing localized ranking data to optimize for driving more local customers and foot traffic. Well-suited for small to medium local businesses looking to monitor and improve their hyperlocal search engine visibility cost-effectively. The feature set and reporting capabilities appear fairly basic compared to more robust local rank trackers. There's no advanced functionality like mapping visualizations or even local finder rankings.


Key Features

  • Monitor rankings across 100,000+ geolocations like cities, neighborhoods, zip codes
  • Visibility into driving local search traffic and foot traffic
  • Track rankings on both mobile and desktop results
  • Monitor competitor rankings for your target local keywords
  • View aggregate performance for groups of related local keywords
  • Track if your Google Business listing shows in the top 3 local pack results

Benefits of

  • Hyperlocal ranking data to optimize for driving neighborhood traffic
  • Understand mobile vs desktop local search visibility
  • Benchmark performance against local competitors
  • Categorize keywords into services/products for focused optimization
  • Improve visibility in Google's prominent local pack listings


$49 per month


✅Offers whitelabel options in higher pricing plans, so good for agencies

✅Granular geolocation coverage

✅Simple framework for monitoring core local metrics


❌Limited support/features for enterprise needs

❌No local finder rankings available

❌No location-based categorization of rankings


Best for rank accuracy

What Does

Their local rank tracking capabilities seem geared towards businesses and agencies looking for comprehensive, verifiable localized ranking data across markets worldwide. What stands out is the "Spyglass" technology that verifies ranking accuracy, ensuring what you see matches actual user experiences. The simple reporting also makes it very easy to share hyperlocal performance insights with clients as well. However, the tool appears to lack some advanced local rank tracking capabilities like radius/proximity level analysis.


Key Features

  • Multi-Geographic Rank Tracking (Country, state, city, zip code)
  • Cross-Device Tracking (Desktop, mobile)
  • Localized Accuracy Verification ("Spyglass")
  • Automated Daily/Weekly/Monthly Ranking Updates
  • Google Maps Local Pack/Rankings Tracking  
  • Client reporting dashboards

Benefits of

  • Granular visibility into localized performance worldwide
  • Understand rankings across primary user device types as most searches locally are done on mobile
  • Verifiable accuracy of information that closely resembles real user experiences
  • Automatically updated ranking data over time, so you dont have to pull reports every other time
  • Easy client-facing reporting on localized campaigns so you can showcase your work to relevant stakeholders and get buy-in


$4 per month for up to 50 keywords


✅Unique localized accuracy verification technology that helps you get the right data

✅Simple automated reporting great for agencies/client management

✅Customers find it simple to navigate


❌Limited configuration/filter options

❌Becomes very expensive when tracking keywords at scale


GMB Radar

Best for whitelabel reporting for clients

What GMB Radar Does

GMB Radar presents itself as a powerful yet affordable local rank tracking solution focused on providing ranking data through a GeoGrid visualization system. A standout capability is the competitor monitoring and analysis within the same location-level view. The whitelabel reports make it a good option for agencies or consultants also.

Source: GMB Radar

Key Features

  • GeoGrid local ranking visualization
  • Precise location coordinate tracking  
  • Customizable grid size/distance settings
  • Local competitor rank monitoring in the same location view 
  • Ability to schedule Daily/Weekly/Monthly scans
  • White-Label local ranking reports that you can download and share

Benefits of GMB Radar

  • Gives you hyper-local ranking visibility at variable proximity levels
  • You can use it to understand where competitors dominate in specific local areas
  • It offers scalable local SEO tracking across unlimited locations
  • Automated performance monitoring over time saves you time and gives you regular overview of performance
  • Cost-effective solution for agencies managing multiple local campaigns
  • Branded, professional-looking client-facing reporting


$15 per month


✅Very transparent and affordable pricing

✅Customizable geolocation and scanning parameters

✅White-label reporting and automated scheduling


❌User experience is not as modern as other tools

❌No insight into organic rankings or device-level data



Best for multi-location tracking and AI assisted insights

What LocalFalcon Does

It’s a popular tool in the industry with very strong tracking capabilities. Their "Share of Local Voice" (SoLV) metric measures how frequently your business listing appears in the critical Google map pack results across different search radii. The tool is propped up on AI-driven analysis which not only surfaces ranking insights, but provides actionable recommendations on how to improve local listing optimizations to outrank competitors strategically. 

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Intuitive geographic plot of rankings across customizable radius areas
  • Visualize fluctuations in local presence based on proximity to locations
  • Customize grid point density to focus only on most relevant areas
  • Measures frequency of appearing in Google's high-impact map pack results
  • Metric aligned with acquiring maximum local traffic/customers
  • Track improvements in SoLV over time through automated campaigns 
  • Machine learning surfaces key local ranking insights
  • Provides actionable recommendations to optimize Google listings
  • Intelligent guidance on how to strategically outrank competitors
  • Depict changes in search interest and user behavior over time
  • Stay ahead of curve by adapting local SEO strategies proactively 
  • Quickly react to new competitors, algorithm impacts, etc.
  • Prospecting for low-ranking businesses to pitch local SEO services
  • Visualize reporting to convince prospects of local ranking needs
  • Campaign management for streamlined reporting across client groups  

Benefits of LocalFalcon

  • Intuitive geographic visualization provides clear line-of-sight into hyperlocal presence across various proximity levels around locations.
  • Their SoLV metric reframes local performance goals around visibility in the high-converting Google map pack results.
  • AI-driven analysis identifies key areas for optimization and provides intelligent recommendations to improve local rankings strategically.  
  • Trend reporting enables proactive adaptations to local SEO strategies based on shifting market dynamics and consumer search behavior.
  • For agencies, LocalFalcon provides prospecting tools, visualizations for selling services, and cross-client reporting efficiencies.


$25 per month


✅AI-driven intelligent recommendations to outrank competitors faster

✅Agency-friendly reporting, pitching, and campaign management tools


❌Platform sometimes has API lags that leads to (rare) misinformation in reports

❌Only limited to rank checking, doesn’t offer adjacent services like listing management which might make it expensive for some businesses


Pro Rank Tracker

Best for hyper-local rank tracking

What Pro Rank Tracker Does

It’s a handy tool that covers a wide range of search sites and SERP features including organic, map pack, and finder rankings. What differentiates Pro Rank Tracker is its depth of localized ranking data across 187 Google sites, 35 Yahoo domains, 32 Bing properties, YouTube, and all Amazon local search portals. This granular "Local Resolution" provides visibility into fluctuations in local ranking performance at a hyper-local level.

Source: Pro Rank Tracker

Key Features

  • Monitor rankings on Google's desktop and mobile search results
  • Global tracking data for maximum website visibility
  • Google Business Profile Listing Monitoring
  • Track rankings on Local Pack ('Snack Pack') and Local Finder
  • Critical for businesses relying on localized search visibility
  • Localized engine tracking on 187 Google, 35 Yahoo, 32 Bing sites
  • Single dashboard view into international & micro-local fluctuations
  • Data for YouTube, Amazon local search and more
  • Automatic updates on tracked keyword rankings each day
  • On-demand ranking updates based on subscription level
  • Consistently fresh data for accurate optimization
  • Native translations in over 25 languages
  • Reports accessible to global teams/clients
  • Tailored for international adoption
  • Current rankings, progress tracking, benchmarking
  • Shared reporting views for team/client collaboration
  • Automated email alerts on notable ranking changes 

Benefits of Pro Rank Tracker

  • Unified tracking for organic website rankings and local listings
  • Visibility into granular, hyper-local ranking fluctuations globally
  • Tailored interface and reporting translations for worldwide teams
  • Stay up-to-date with automatic daily ranking data refreshes
  • Collaborate seamlessly with internal/external stakeholders
  • Critical alerts to react swiftly to ranking volatilities
  • Whitelabel reporting is available for clients


$49 per month


✅Robust global/local rank monitoring across search engines

✅Diverse reporting Types for different stakeholder needs


❌UI of the platform is rather outdated

❌It can be expensive for tracking keywords at scale


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GBP Review & Reputation Management
GBP Listing Management
GBP Reporting & Analytics
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