Top 25 Social Media Scheduling Software in 2024

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Are you still going and posting the same content on 5 different platforms manually? We've all been there, scrambling to stay on top of our social media game while juggling a dozen other priorities. But you don’t need to spend those precious hours taking up routine social media tasks. There are useful social media scheduler tools that let you tee up posts in advance across all your channels in one go.

Here’s a list of the top 25 post scheduler for social media in 2024. We’ve covered a range of things to help you get your best pick – What features should you look for? How do the top players stack up? Which one is the best fit for your needs and budget? Read on to get all this answered…

How to choose the best social media scheduler software?

There are many tools that offer basic social media scheduling capabilities, but should you settle for basic? A good social media scheduling software should do more than that. Here are things to consider when choosing your best pick:

1. Supported Platforms

You wanna make sure the post scheduler for social media you pick supports all the social media platforms you are currently on and also the ones you plan to use in future. Some tools might only support major networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, while others might include additional platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, or TikTok.

2. Scheduling Features

This is a given! Does the software allow you to schedule posts in advance at specific times? More helpful features also include the ability to auto-schedule posts during optimal engagement times, recurring posts, or even bulk scheduling.

3. Ease of Use

Is the tool user-friendly and intuitive? You or your team don’t want to spend too much time learning how to use it. A good tool should allow you to manage your content easily with minimal training.

4. Analytics and Reporting

This is an important bit, although can be secondary if you only intend to use the tool for posting. The tool must be able to provide detailed analytics and reporting capabilities. You should be able to track engagement metrics such as likes, shares, comments, and more for insight into performance.

5. Automation

You need a post scheduler that takes your manual effort to minimum levels when scheduling content. Does it offer AI assistance in managing your tasks or creating content? Can it set up scheduling automation to help you cut down some time? These things should matter depending on your budget and priorities.

6. Collaboration Features

If you work as part of a team, look for tools that facilitate easy and smooth collaboration. This means they should have the ability to assign tasks, approve posts, or leave feedback directly within the social media posting planner.

Synup Social

Best for content creation and advanced scheduling

What Synup Social Does

Synup Social is an easy-to-use, intuitive social media scheduler software that helps you take care of all your social media needs. You can use the platform a range of needs, right from the basics like scheduling social media posts to robust analytics and trend monitoring as you go up the social media hierarchy of needs. What we especially love boasting of is an automation-first tool that tries to save you resources at every step of the way.

Key Features

🏆Multi-platform post-scheduling (We connect with every platform you’re on – Instagram, LinkedIn, X, Facebook, and Pinterest)

🏆Manage social media scheduling for multiple brands as well as locations

🏆Generate AI-powered posts personalized for your brand and products/services

🏆Collaborate with your team with an in-built content approval workflow for your team

🏆Integration with Facebook and Google Business Profile listings to post content on your business profiles.

🏆Get access to top social media trending content to find inspiration

🏆Complete Whitelabel social media scheduling solution for agencies and resellers who want to manage their clients’ social media accounts

Benefits of using Synup Social

Synup Social can really up your social media game by making it effortless to create and schedule posts across platforms. Wanna know how the tool will contribute to your social performance?

Seamless Multi-Platform Scheduling

Synup's social media posting planner allows you to schedule posts across multiple social media platforms from a single dashboard, streamlining your content distribution process.

Centralized Brand and Location Management

Effortlessly manage and schedule social media content for multiple brands, locations, or client accounts, ensuring consistent brand messaging across all your touchpoints.

AI-Powered Content Personalization

Leverage AI technology to generate personalized and engaging social media posts tailored to your brand, products, and services, saving you time and effort.

Collaborative Content Approval Workflow

Synup's built-in content approval workflow facilitates seamless collaboration among your team members, ensuring quality control and efficient content review processes.

Integrated Social Listings Management

Easily manage and update your Facebook and Google Business Profile listings directly from the Synup platform, keeping your online presence consistent and up-to-date.

Access to Trending Content

Stay inspired and relevant by tapping into a curated collection of top social media trends and popular content, ensuring your posts resonate with your audience.

White-Label Solution for Agencies/Resellers

As a white-label social media scheduling solution, Synup empowers agencies and resellers to manage their clients' social media accounts seamlessly under their own branding.

How to get started with Synup Social

It’s easy to get your social media posts going within a few minutes through Synup. Sign up for a Synup Social demo and get your account set up. Alternatively, you can self sign up on the platform and upgrade to our paid plan. 

Once your dashboard is setup, you can connect your social media handles with Synup in just a few clicks. On the top you’ll see the option to “Add Brand” to your profile. 

Enter some details to set up your brand account. This includes basics like name, website, timezone, a short bio, logo, and other details. Be careful while picking the timezone of your brand as it will be used to post the content on your social handles.

Once you add a brand account, you can simply start posting. Synup lets you publish directly as well schedule posts for later. You can also send a post to a team member for approval. If you’re facing a block, our platform has an AI content generator integrated within our posting workflow. Simply click “Auto-generate content” and you will get ready-to-go AI-generated content ideas in seconds.

"Synup is helping me by creating a one stop shop for social media management. I currently provide services to roughly 8 companies in the Northwest. Instead of having to maintain separate accounts for each company, I have one portal where I can manage reviews, schedule daily or weekly social account postings, and utilize the A.I. aspect to assist with creating posts that will reach a broader audience. 

This platform has also allowed me to provide graphics and data to business owners in a clean and sleek layout. It has really saved me a lot of time and stress in the overall process of managing social media engagement.”

- Review collected by and hosted on



Best for trend analysis on social media

What Hootsuite Does

Hootsuite is a legacy social media posting planner that many brands start with. With a sleek UI and a wide range of capabilities, it’s definitely a compelling choice for a social media post scheduler. They let you schedule posts in advance as well as publish right away. They also have a wide variety of social platforms to connect with. But the platform can be massive and hard to navigate for simpler needs like posting and scheduling

Key Features

  • Customized analytics reports with great visualizations
  • White-label reports for agencies and resellers
  • AI-powered post generator to come up with new content ideas
  • Social listening tools to check your brand mentions and hashtags
  • Trend analysis tools for different social media platforms

Benefits of Hootsuite

  • The AI-powered post generator can help you come up with fresh content ideas, saving time and effort in the ideation process.
  • Having a tool that suggests new content ideas can help maintain a consistent flow of engaging posts and prevent content fatigue.
  • Understanding trends can help you create more relevant and timely content, leveraging popular topics and hashtags to increase visibility and engagement.
  • Hootsuite's core functionality of managing multiple social media accounts from a single dashboard, combined with these additional features, provides a comprehensive and centralized solution for social media management.


Free plan with an upgrade at $99 per month for 1 user


✅Lots of personalization features for content

✅Customer support is fabulous


🚫Customers have reported quality issues in images when scheduling content

🚫Site updates can sometimes cause minor errors when scheduling


Sprout Social

Best for large-scale social media scheduling

What Sprout Social Does

Sprout Social is an enterprise-grade post scheduler for social media built for larger social teams that collaborate on multiple projects. It covers quite a lot of bases when it comes to social media – from content creation to influencer marketing. But if you just want a “get it done” post scheduler that works with your budget, it may not be the first choice.

Key Features 

  • Schedule content on all social handles
  • The seamless calendar view makes it easy to create, schedule and rearrange posts across different timeframes easily.
  • Ability to automate post sharing on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Reddit, Youtube, Tumblr, and many more platforms.
  • Leave internal comments for external stakeholders as well as teammates for any post
  • You can add multiple timeframes for different posts while scheduling
  • Robust analytics capabilities

Benefits of Sprout Social

  • Multiple users can contribute to the content creation and scheduling process, ensuring a streamlined and cohesive social media strategy.
  • The ability to add multiple timeframes for different posts while scheduling allows you to tailor your content delivery based on your audience's activity patterns and time zones, maximizing visibility and engagement.
  • By consolidating social media management tasks such as content creation, scheduling, collaboration, and analytics into a single platform, Sprout Social can save time and increase efficiency, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your marketing efforts.
  • The ability to manage and schedule content across multiple platforms from a single interface ensures a consistent brand voice and messaging across all your social media channels.


$199 per month per user


✅Multi-level approval workflows – agency, legal, and director

✅Suggests optimal sending times based on historical performance data


🚫May not be cost-effective for smaller teams

🚫Formatting options for text is not available



Best for affordable social media scheduling

What Buffer Does

Buffer is the perfect starter tool for individuals and small teams just dipping their toes into the social media scheduling game. While Buffer may lack some of the advanced features and in-depth analytics of pricier options, it helps a great deal with intuitive scheduling, collaboration tools, and multi-platform publishing capabilities. If you're looking for a simple, user-friendly way to get your posts queued up and out there without going overboard, Buffer could work. Just don't expect tons of hyper-targeting or reporting insights from this straightforward scheduler.

Key Features

  • Work together seamlessly by creating drafts, gathering feedback, and refining content before hitting publish. 
  • Handy approval workflows ensure every post meets your quality standards. 
  • Sett up tailored publishing schedules for each of your social accounts. The visual calendar lets you see all your upcoming posts at a glance.
  • Easily push out content to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more top channels

Benefits of Buffer

  • Buffer's intuitive scheduling and customizable queues keep you covered with a one-glance view of all your planned content.
  • Collaborate, review, and approve posts all in one place to save time for you and your team. 
  • Publish consistently across all your top channels straight from Buffer's dashboard without switching between multiple platforms.


Starting $6 per month


✅Batch-scheduling capabiltiies

✅User-friendly, affordable option for small businesses


❌Limited features for certain platforms like Instagram

❌Analytics feature is not polished


Social Pilot

Best for bulk-scheduling posts

What Social Pilot Does

SocialPilot is a powerful scheduling solution tailored for teams looking to invest in a more robust, innovative social media posting app. It's not the cheapest option out there, but it packs plenty of unique capabilities that could be worth it. They do great streamlining your content workflow with time-saving features like an AI assistant and evergreen content library. And with functionality for multi-brand/location management plus team collaboration baked right in, you'll be able to effortlessly coordinate your social strategy at scale.

Key Features

  • Use AI to generate fresh post ideas, captions, hashtags and more. The assistant analyzes trends, audience data, and past performance to inspire your best content yet.
  • Store and re-purpose your top-performing posts straight from SocialPilot's content library.
  • Push content out to all your priority channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more from a unified dashboard.
  • Create drafts, leave feedback, and work through revisions as a team before scheduling posts for publication.
  • Review your upcoming content plan with SocialPilot's calendar view.
  • Bulk scheduling, resharing and post automation features.

Benefits of Social Pilot

  • Consistent Posting: With intuitive scheduling and content automation, you'll stay consistent.
  • Quality Content: AI assistance and an evergreen library inspire premium, data-backed posts.
  • Seamless Teamwork: Keep everyone collaborating and aligned through feedback workflows.
  • Multi-Brand/Location Support: Juggle multiple social presences with centralized management.
  • While SocialPilot does good for content creation and distribution, it may lack premium features like ads management or advanced analytics compared to enterprise-grade tools.


$30 per month


✅Easy customization options for each platform

✅White-labeling option available


❌Content ideation could be better

❌Analytics capabilities are not the best for this price grade



Best for publishing and scheduling content

What Loomly Does

Loomly is a user-friendly social media posting app designed to help teams build their brand presence and engage new audiences online. While it may not offer as many cutting-edge capabilities as some higher-priced alternatives we talked about here, it still packs a robust feature set into a cost-effective plan. It streamlines your content creation and approval process through smart integrations and collaborative workflows. You'll be able to seamlessly draft, review, and publish posts from start to finish. 

Key Features

  • Draft posts and submit them through multi-layer approval workflows for team feedback.
  • Customize post formats like Instagram Reels and carousels for each platform.
  • Remix visuals using Loomly's built-in image/video editor for channel-tailored content.
  • Preview how posts will look before scheduling with visual mockups for each network.
  • Browse post ideas and content inspiration spanning posts, images, GIFs and more.
  • Schedule posts for automated publishing across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other top channels.
  • Engage with your audience and respond to comments directly from the Loomly platform.
  • Receive optimization tips to enhance your posts for maximum performance.  
  • Measure success and inform your strategy with advanced social analytics.

Benefits of Loomly

  • Efficiently draft, review, and approve content as a team.
  • Create tailored posts and publish to all your priority networks.  
  • Preview posts and fine-tune visuals to uphold your brand identity.
  • Analytics and optimization tips help you create high-performing posts.


$42 per month


✅Rich stock media library

✅Ads Support is available

✅Good customization options for each platform


❌May lack advanced capabilities like multi-brand management

❌No AI integrations for post captions yet



Best for content planning

What Planable Does

Planable is a growing platform with great potential ahead. What we loved is the highly visual UI which makes it a mood-setter when it comes to social media. Plus, their content approval workflow is very in-depth – it’s almost like leaving suggestions on a Google Doc. 

Source: PlanableKey Features

  • Plan and organize all your content types - from social media posts to blogs and more - within Planable's user-friendly calendar interface.
  • Create and preview posts in context, directly on the platforms they'll be published. Easily tweak content for different channels, add emojis, hashtags, and GIFs without extra clicks.
  • Streamline teamwork by inviting collaborators, assigning permission levels, and facilitating contextual feedback and approvals directly alongside the content drafts.
  • Schedule, reschedule, and republish your best-performing content with ease, crafting a perfectly timed content calendar tailored to your needs.
  • Keep separate workspaces for each brand or client, ensuring an organized and controlled environment for managing multiple content initiatives.
  • Free up your team's bandwidth by scheduling evergreen and seasonal content in advance, allowing for a focus on real-time, timely updates.
  • Categorize and filter your content using custom labels based on topics, campaigns, brands, or any other criteria that suits your workflow.

Benefits of Planable

  • Centralized content planning and collaboration with rich media libraries
  • Visual, user-friendly interface for efficient content creation
  • Streamlined teamwork through contextual feedback and approvals every step of the way
  • Flexible scheduling and content repurposing capabilities to make the best use of your existing resources
  • Multi-brand management and organization to do everything in one place.
  • Ability to plan and schedule evergreen content in advance

PricingStarts at $13 per per monthPros✅Very interactive and visual planner – with different types of views (grid, calendar, list, and more)✅They also have tailored solutions for agencies, multi-location brands, as well multi-brand accounts with whitelabeling options.Cons❌Analytics is still a fairly new feature, needs improvement❌AI integration is lacking



Best for AI-powered content publishing

What SocialBee Does

It’s a good tool for mid-scale teams that want to plan, create, and schedule content using the tool. It’s not too expensive, and comes with a modest set of features. Some winners we found were its content recycler – good for repurposing old content and AI capabilities. It is a tool that prioritizes automation, AI-powered content creation, and effortless scheduling.

Key Features

  • Generate fresh content ideas with SocialBee's AI-powered content generator, ensuring your calendar stays topped up with engaging posts.
  • Save time by automatically recycling and republishing your top-performing evergreen content, maintaining a consistent presence with minimal effort.
  • Create visually compelling posts with ease through seamless integrations with Canva, GIPHY, and Unsplash, 
  • Schedule and automate your content distribution across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • Plan and organize your content strategy with AI-powered recommendations for optimal posting times, content categorization, and customizable posting schedules.
  • Monitor your performance and inform your strategy with advanced analytics, tracking key metrics to identify opportunities for growth and engagement optimization.

Benefits of SocialBee

  • Efficient content creation with AI assistance and smart integrations with design tools enhances your content's visual appeal.
  • Automated content scheduling and distribution across multiple channels saves you time and effort in coordinating social media tasks.
  • Save time with content recycling for consistent posting and also utilize existing resources for efficiency.
  • Data-driven content planning and optimization tools with multiple planning visualizations like grids and calendars


$29 per user month


✅Category-level post organization

✅Easy to cycle through evergreen social content


❌May lack some of the advanced collaboration workflows or multi-brand management capabilities



Best for social media post scheduling

What Later Does

Later is in the ranks of legacy social media posting apps when it comes to the feature set. Specifically the scheduling feature comes handy when you need to post some stuff for ‘later’ (sorry, not sorry). They have all the basics covered for social media scheduling, with a seamless AI integration to ideate and post content.

Key Features

  • Schedule posts in advance for automatic publishing across multiple platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more, ensuring a consistent content cadence.
  • AI-Powered Caption Writer - save time with Later's AI caption writer, which generates engaging captions tailored to your brand and content, streamlining the content creation process.
  • Manage and publish content for multiple brands or clients from a single centralized platform
  • Visual Content Planning - preview and rearrange your upcoming posts with Later's visual planner 
  • Cross-Platform Optimization – edit, crop, and optimize your content for each platform using Later's built-in content creation tools 
  • Leverage personalized best time to post recommendations based on your audience's engagement patterns 
  • User-Generated Content Integration – easily source and publish user-generated content (UGC) alongside your owned content 

Benefits of Later

  • Fostering a more authentic and engaging social media presence
  • Maximizing the reach and impact of your content with optimal posting time recommendations
  • Ensuring a seamless and tailored experience across your social channels
  • Ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing feed that aligns with your brand aesthetic
  • Ensuring consistent branding and messaging


$25 per month per user


✅AI automation for content posting

✅Simple drag and drop interface for managing content


❌Platform can be a little clunky as per customer reports

❌No option to unschedule or reschedule a post



Best for scheduling posts in bulk

What Sendible Does

This one’s a social media scheduler app built specifically for agencies and partners. That’s why they have baked in some top of the line collaboration features within the platform. Sendible aims to save time, increase engagement, and provide advanced content management capabilities for social media professionals, agencies, and businesses managing multiple social media presences.

Key Features

  • Schedule social media posts, images, and videos in bulk or individually, far in advance.
  • Customize posts for each platform by adding mentions, hashtags, emojis, and visuals.
  • Get a visual overview of your past and upcoming social media posts with the calendar view.
  • Easily edit, rearrange, and add more posts as needed
  • Increase engagement with visual content by quickly resizing images for each social network without leaving the app.
  • Create engaging designs, including social media images for Facebook and Instagram, blog post graphics, and more.
  • Access pre-made graphics and templates by integrating with Canva Pro.
  • Source royalty-free GIFs and images from GIPHY and Pexels
  • Quickly access existing content from cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Automatically post meaningful updates by adding trusted RSS feeds or setting up Google Alerts.
  • Streamline content planning by importing CSV files for bulk scheduling.

Benefits of Sendible

  • Create a tailored experience for your audience and bring flexibility in your content planning.
  • Enhance your content's visual appeal with useful integrations
  • Collaborate with team members and manage multiple client accounts from a single platform.
  • Assign roles and permissions to ensure controlled access and streamlined workflows.


$129 per month


✅Option to upload content in bulk for scheduling

✅Agency support with whitelabel options


❌Needs better validation of content across platforms, customers report some posts getting rejected after scheduling

❌ No AI support for content creation


HubSpot Social Media Software

Best for integrating social with other marketing tools

What HubSpot Does

Surprised to see this one here? While HubSpot offers best of breed CRM software, their marketing hub has tools to cater to every marketing need, including social media. Brands that are already using HubSpot’s products will find their social media software easy to run and integrate with their tools. However, for people new to HubSpot, it may be hard to justify the cost of running and setting it up.

Key Features

  • Simplify your workflow by batch-creating posts and planning social media campaigns weeks or months in advance. 
  • Monitor and track relevant keywords to stay informed about what people are saying about your brand, industry, or topics of interest.
  • Manage all aspects of your social media presence from a single platform, including post creation, scheduling, automation, and campaign management.
  • Collaborative Workflows – foster collaboration among team members by facilitating review and approval processes. 
  • CRM Integration – seamlessly integrate social media data with HubSpot's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. 
  • Manage and optimize social media advertising campaigns directly from the HubSpot platform

Benefits of HubSpot Social Media Software

  • Enabling a more holistic view of your customer interactions and engagement
  • Ensuring consistent messaging and quality control
  • Ability to plan ahead and build a consistent and well-organized content strategy.
  • Streamlining your paid social media efforts


Starts at $20 per month per user, but for professional plans can cost even as much as $890 per month


✅Easily scalable

✅Offers integration with other marketing tools, including CRMs like Salesforce


❌Limited features as compared to other social media platforms

❌Hard to transition if you’re not using other HubSpot features

❌Compatible with only four platforms, which is highly limiting



Best for social media listening and community management

What Brandwatch Does

Brandwatch is a social listening and customer intelligence platform that has also built a social media suite designed primarily for enterprise-level businesses. It caters to various aspects of social media marketing, from content creation and scheduling to social listening, audience intelligence, and influencer marketing.

Key Features

  • Manage all your organic and paid content from a centralized, intuitive calendar interface.
  • Define user roles and approval flows 
  • Access a centralized digital asset library to store and manage all your content assets.
  • Integrate with third-party storage tools for seamless content management.
  • Schedule, edit, preview, and publish social media posts and campaigns across multiple platforms.
  • Utilize customizable pricing options to select the features your team requires.
  • Design and manage campaigns with built-in templates and detailed performance metrics.
  • Seamlessly integrate Brandwatch with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for a holistic view of customer interactions and engagement.
  • Foster collaboration among team members through integrated approval flows and content review processes.

Benefits of Brandwatch

  • Ensure consistent, high-quality, and on-brand content across campaigns and teams.
  • Maintain brand consistency by ensuring your social media posts utilize pre-approved assets.
  • Ensure quality control and consistent messaging across your social media campaigns.


They offer custom pricing


✅Integrates very well with CRMs and customer engagement tools

✅Customer support is very responsive and active


❌Too expensive for small businesses

❌No AI integration into the platform for automating scheduling



Best for auto-scheduling posts

What Publer Does

Publer has some of the most advanced scheduling features we’ve seen so far in social media scheduler apps. The platform is also very well organized and offers great options to plan your content ahead and post accordingly. We especially like the budget they offer everything on, it’s quite pocket-friendly if you’re just getting started.

Key Features

  • Organize and visualize your entire social media content schedule through a highly visual calendar interface.
  • Enjoy the convenience of auto-scheduling, ensuring your posts are published at optimal times for maximum engagement.
  •  Facilitate teamwork and collaboration with built-in collaborative features, fostering a stress-free work environment.
  • Schedule and publish content across various platforms, including Facebook, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, and more.
  • Choose your desired social networks, customize each post, and schedule or save them for later publishing.
  • Upload up to 500 photos, videos, and GIFs at once, streamlining your content management process.
  • Easily import media files from various sources, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Unsplash, external URLs, or your local device.
  • Choose from four scheduling options: manual scheduling, auto-scheduling, recycling (resharing), and recurring scheduling, tailoring your posting cadence to your needs.
  • Curate each post individually by adding location data, signatures, follow-up comments, and cross-posting to other social networks.
  • Automate post deletion after a specific time for better content management.

Benefits of Publer

  • Efficient bulk scheduling for consistent posting and active social media feeds.
  • Time-saving features to free up resources for other marketing efforts.
  • Collaborative workflows for seamless teamwork and organization.
  • Multi-brand management capabilities for businesses with multiple social presences.


Starts at $10 per month for one user (free account also available that can manage up to 3 social channels)


✅Browser extension available to quickly share content from any web link

✅Multiple types of scheduling options available

✅Easy to use and pick up


❌Some editing features can be clunky at times

❌Can’t schedule posts to Facebook

❌Not the best option for scaling social media presence


SOCi Social

Best for posting local content on social media

What SOCi Social Does

SOCi’s social media tool is built specifically for multi-location brands who want to enhance their social media presence to gain local relevance. Although the UI is a little uptight, the platform has some great features that you can utilize to keep your content plan consistent. SOCi's Genius Social feature utilizes AI to analyze diverse data sources and deliver deep local insights, shaping hyper-localized content strategies and engagement approaches.

Key Features

  • Enhance efficiency and save time through AI-optimized workflows tailored for multi-location marketing.
  • Access AI-generated monthly content calendars tailored to each location's local audience preferences and trends.
  • Receive on-brand, automatically crafted engagement replies, maintaining a unified brand voice across all locations.
  • Easily create quality posts, contests, and coupons for multiple pages across major platforms with a single click.
  • Access a curated library of engaging, on-brand content assets, saving time and ensuring brand consistency.
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Business Profile.
  • Monitor and manage all social media engagements, including questions, comments, private messages, and tweets, at the national level.
  • Assign engagements to local teams through rules-based assignments, ensuring timely responses and customer satisfaction.
  • Receive timely notifications and leverage automated smart rules to ensure every engagement is addressed promptly.

Benefits of SOCi Social

  • Benefit from content that dynamically adapts to emerging trends and local audience preferences, ensuring maximum relevance and engagement.
  • Empower local marketing teams to publish localized, brand-consistent content and perform real-time customer care across social networks.
  • Leverage AI as a virtual data analyst and trained marketer at every location, ensuring consistency and relevance.
  • Maintain a seamless localized social strategy without missing opportunities to engage with audiences.


They offer custom pricing


✅Offers great insights for localized content

✅AI-powered platform with great data capabilities


❌Has posting limitations – users can’t schedule pictures and videos together on certain platforms

❌Auto-posting feature doesn’t come up with super relevant content so needs a watch



Best for scheduling content in various formats

What StatusBrew Does

StatusBrew is a pretty straightforward social media scheduling tool with features that just do the job well. Unlike other tools on our list, they don’t have a lot of bells and whistles built into their platform. But some scheduling capabilities like – bulk scheduling and in-built social campaign manager are worth stopping by.

Key Features

  • Schedule and auto-publish various content formats with a single click.
  • Plan, schedule, and coordinate your social media content seamlessly.
  • Access a straightforward calendar interface for easy collaboration, both internally and externally, as well as effortless approval processes on web and mobile.
  • Customize each post and publish it simultaneously to multiple social media profiles with live previews.
  • Schedule posts using custom times or leverage best-time queuing systems for optimal engagement.
  • Create and schedule weeks of social media posts in bulk using CSV uploads.
  • Gain a clear overview of your social media campaigns and keep affiliates aligned with StatusBrew's intuitive content planner.
  • Streamline the process of submitting, reviewing, approving, or rejecting outgoing social posts.
  • Compose posts with a faster and more consistent workflow by having all your brand images, videos, and text snippets readily available with just a click.

Benefits of of StatusBrew

  • Foster team collaboration through customizable multi-step and multi-user approval workflows.
  • Stay organized and promote collaboration with StatusBrew's shareable calendar.
  • Share brand assets with your team for instant use, ensuring consistency and efficiency.


Starts at $89 per month


✅Extensive range of content formats such as Reels, Shorts, Stories, and Threads.

✅Very simple, clutter-free UI despite multiple account management


❌Slightly expensive for the set of features offered

❌No AI suppor for content creation



Best for hyper-customized posting

What Agorapulse Does

Agorapulse is a great tool for small-mid teams looking to manage their social media profiles. Their content editing and customization features are super useful and give you better control over platform-specific posting features. They are focused on boosting brand advocacy and enhancing engagement with your audience.

Key Features

  • Schedule and auto-publish content across various platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, and more.
  • Easily schedule and publish diverse content formats, such as Reels, Stories, Pins, TikTok videos, and more, all from a single interface.
  • Help with team collaboration by setting up workflows, assigning content for approval, sharing notes, and tracking action items.
  • Use Shared Calendars to accept, reject, or provide feedback on scheduled posts.
  • View all scheduled, published, to-approve, and rejected content with your team or clients for seamless collaboration.
  • Benefit from Agorapulse's AI writing assistant, which can enhance your initial copy by applying various filters and optimization techniques.
  • Automate your scheduling process with content queues, ensuring a consistent stream of posts.
  • Schedule up to 200 posts with a single CSV file upload for efficient bulk publishing.
  • Quickly add customized text to multiple scheduled posts using custom fields.
  • Tailor your content precisely with tools like an image cropper, video thumbnail customization, saved hashtags, post previews, and more.
  • Integrate with Canva to enhance your visuals and create engaging content.

Benefits of Agorapulse

  • Easily reschedule and republish content to reach new audiences.
  • Optimize your posts for the best performance on each social network by leveraging Agorapulse's tailored optimization features.


Starts at $74 per month for up to 10 social profiles


✅Great platform-level content optimization

✅Platform navigation is easy and it centralizes customer engagement 


❌Bit expensive for small businesses

❌Analytics and visualization could be better



Best for managing an online presence

What eClincher Does

eClincher is primarily an online presence and social media management platform. They are focused on creating an intuitive workflow for posting social media content and managing your business info across multiple platforms.

Key Features

  • Plan and schedule your content in advance across multiple platforms.
  • Maintain a consistent online presence, even during off-hours or holidays.
  • Leverage the power of AI to generate engaging post content for your audience.
  • Select a preferred tone of voice, and let the AI assist tool write posts for you.
  • Organize and strategize your content with a user-friendly visual calendar.
  • Plan and adjust your content mix with ease, ensuring diversity and balance.
  • Manage and tailor content for various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Easily manage and access your images, videos, GIFs, and text for streamlined content creation.
  • Find and share industry-relevant content that resonates with your audience.
  • Keep your social media feeds fresh and engaging with intuitive curation tools.
  • Gain valuable insights into your content's performance across various platforms.
  • Enhance teamwork and collaboration with features for task assignment, approval management, and feedback sharing.

Benefits of eClincher

  • Centralize all your creative assets in one platform.
  • Streamline your team's workflow within the eClincher platform.
  • Maintain a unified brand voice across all your channels.


$65 per month per user


✅AI support to generate social media content

✅Integrates with their business listing tool to optimize business presence across a number of profiles


❌Limited content optimizations specific to the platform



Best for large-scale social media management

What Sprinklr Does

Sprinklr is a very large-scale social media platform that covers everything social and adjacent. They also have a unified CXM built into the platform which integrates with their social suite. Scheduling features are top-notch with some great approval workflow and persona-specific social management dashboards. But it’s too heavy on the pocket for any small-mid scale business.

Key Features

  • Sprinklr supports over 30 social media channels, enabling brands to manage their presence across multiple platforms.
  • Leverage best-in-class AI capabilities with pre-built, verticalized, and customer-specific models offering over 90% accuracy.
  • Access the latest Generative AI technologies to enhance content creation, engagement, and overall productivity.
  • Ensure brand compliance with granular access controls, custom approval workflows, and AI-powered compliance features.
  • Automatically flag inappropriate language, profanity, biases, and irrelevant content to maintain brand standards.
  • Centralize content creation, storage, and organization within a single space.
  • Identify top-performing media, bulk upload assets, search content, and seek approvals seamlessly.
  • Customize views, filter content, manage approvals, and collaborate on tasks effortlessly.
  • Publish content across over 30 channels simultaneously.
  • Preview posts, make channel-specific customizations, schedule at AI-recommended times, and boost posts through ads.
  • Schedule posts at optimal times, identify sentiment, gain critical insights, and receive recommended responses.
  • Generate and modify content instantly for publishing, brief creation, and engagement purposes.

Benefits of Sprinklr

  • The platform can quickly integrate new channels within weeks, ensuring businesses stay ahead of emerging trends.
  • Benefit from unmatched customizations and configurations to address the unique business needs of large enterprises.
  • Tailor the platform to fit your specific team’s requirements and workflows.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of your posts, events, and campaigns.


$299 per seat per month


✅The number of publishing channels is huge (30+)

✅Can integrate very well with your CX suite


❌Too expensive for any small to mid size business

❌You may not need all the capabilities, but no feature/use cases based pricing.



Best for social content planning

What CoSchedule Does

CoSchedule is a powerful marketing planning and calendar software that offers a social planning tool. It’s not a full-scale social media management platform, but rather a planning and scheduling too. Their visual planners and integration with other content plans/calendars is quite appealing.

Key Features

  • Get a comprehensive view of your entire social media strategy in a single, unified calendar.
  • Easily spot gaps in your schedule, add new messages and reprioritize with drag-and-drop rescheduling.
  • Create, organize, and track multiple social media messages as part of cohesive campaigns.
  • Draft compelling social media messages with the help of a built-in Social Message Optimizer and AI-powered writing assistance.
  • Access a library of over 500 AI marketing prompts to outline campaigns, draft ad copy, and generate content ideas.
  • Continuously publish your best-performing content across channels with the ReQueue feature.
  • Create reusable social sharing plans (Social Templates) to promote your content, blog posts, events, and other campaigns.
  • Optimize your posting schedule by leveraging CoSchedule's Best Time Scheduler.
  • Craft more engaging and conversion-focused social media messages with the built-in 
  • Assign tasks, provide feedback, and manage workflows seamlessly within the platform. 

Benefits of CoSchedule

  • Maintain a structured approach to your social media efforts.
  • Simplify your social media efforts with automated publishing features.
  • Foster team collaboration and streamline your content creation and approval processes.
  • Benefit from data-driven recommendations to improve your content's performance.


$19 per month for 3 seats


✅Simple, efficient tool with a good content planning workflow

✅Good AI capabilities and templates to make scheduling faster

✅Affordable for small businesses


❌Platform can be laggy sometimes

❌Scheduling options are limited



Best for scheduling posts for multiple brands

What MavSocial Does

MavSocial is a platform built for agencies and franchises that manage several brand portfolios. They care about all-round online presence, reputation, and social media content. Although UI isn’t a winner, it’s a great social tool to have in your toolset.

Key Features

  • Create a master post and tailor it for specific networks, allowing you to "create once, post many."
  • Tag other pages or locations and publish content simultaneously to hundreds or thousands of pages.
  • Personalize your social media posts in bulk using dynamic content and tags.
  • Create unlimited on-brand content with real-time previews across multiple social media profiles.
  • Schedule posts in advance to publish automatically at chosen dates and times.
  • Optimize your content scheduling for global audiences across multiple time zones and networks.
  • Easily group and manage your posts into strategic campaigns.
  • Add, edit, delete, and manage all your campaigns from a centralized location.
  • Automate, schedule, and repeat your evergreen content to maximize reach and engagement.
  • Utilize customizable queues, including one-time and repeating queues, to continuously cycle through and republish your best-performing content.
  • Reorganize posts, pull reports, and monitor post status (draft, scheduled, published, etc.) from the calendar.
  • Export the calendar to a PDF for easy sharing with stakeholders or clients.
  • Create and manage hashtag groups for frequently used hashtags.
  • Store and access content assets, such as images and videos, for efficient content creation.

Benefits of MavSocial

  • Save time and maintain consistency by streamlining your publishing efforts in one place.
  • Organize and visualize your entire content schedule with a unified calendar view.
  • Engage with audiences worldwide through strategic scheduling and content tailoring.


$29 per month per user


✅Option to post on global timezones

✅Agency and franchise support


❌Platform isn’t very intuitive

❌Hard to scale for bigger agencies for multiple brands



Best for repurposing social content

What MeetEdgar Does

A platform being and loved by freelancers and sidehustlers, MeetEdgar stands out with its crisp UI and unique scheduling support. The platform also boasts of a limitless content library that helps you store and repurpose your content efficiently for as long as you need. They have a long way to go when it comes to the featureset, but it does the job for the customer segment it targets.

Key Features

  • Limitless Content Library - Store all your evergreen content in a central library to repurpose and reshare over time.
  • Automated Content Repurposing - Edgar automatically reshares your older content so your feed stays fresh without manual effort.
  • Unlimited Scheduled Posting - Schedule as much content as you want in advance across all your social accounts.
  • Central Social Media Dashboard - Manage all your social media accounts from a single integrated dashboard.

Benefits of MeetEdgar

  • Never Runs Out of Content Ideas - Edgar's limitless library and automated resharing means you'll never be stuck wondering what to post.
  • Saves Immense Time - Automating content resharing and scheduling saves hours of manual work posting daily.
  • Consistent Social Presence - Scheduled posting means your accounts stay active and on-brand even when you're busy.
  • Amplifies Your Evergreen Content - Gets maximum mileage out of your best evergreen posts by resharing them automatically over time.
  • Streamlines Social Management - The central dashboard simplifies managing and posting across all your social accounts.


$30 per month for up to 5 social accounts


✅Limitless content library that stores all your data and repurposes content

✅Ability to set up content queues to keep refreshing existing content


❌Can be expensive for freelancers and small businesses

❌Not very intuitive



Best for content planning for social

What SocialHub Does

It’s not the most hip social media tool with all the feathers and fluff, but has some promising social media scheduling features that do the job. The UI is rather very un-social-media-esk, but if you’re more function over form, you will like the tool.

Key Features

  • Content Calendar Planner - Daily, weekly, and monthly calendar views to plan and visualize your social media content.
  • Content Filtering - Filter content by platform to identify gaps and plan campaigns effectively.
  • Team Collaboration - Work seamlessly with your team on content creation and scheduling.
  • Approval Workflows - Implement approval processes to review content before it goes live.
  • Cross-Platform Publishing - Schedule and publish content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok.
  • Post Duplication - Easily replicate individual posts or entire campaigns across platforms with one click.
  • Rich Content Creation - Create and customize text, links, images, carousels, videos, reels, and stories.

Benefits of SocialHub

  • Streamlined Content Planning - The calendar views and filtering make it easy to craft a cohesive cross-platform content strategy.
  • Enhanced Team Efficiency - Collaboration tools enable teams to work together seamlessly on social content.
  • Quality Control - Approval workflows ensure brand consistency and prevent costly posting mistakes.
  • Time Savings - Schedule all your content in advance across channels to automate posting.
  • Maximum Engagement - Publish engaging multimedia content tailored to each platform's requirements.
  • Simplified Repurposing - Duplicate successful campaigns across networks to amplify your reach.


$212 per user per month


✅Has handy editing tools for media in-built

✅Social inbox to manage all customer conversations


❌Too expensive for any small-mid company or agencies with thinner margins

❌Very limited features available at the given price point



Best for managing your social conversations

What NapoleonCat Does

It’s a very simple, sleek platform built for managing routine social media tasks. They offer good basic-level scheduling capabilities, along with an excellent social inbox to manage all your conversations. The platform also offers agency and eCommerce-specific support.

Key Features

  • Publish content simultaneously across various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.
  • Upload images to all platforms at once and sync post contents without manual copying and pasting.
  • Leverage Napoleon Cat's AI Assistant to supercharge your content strategy and generate fresh, relevant content ideas.
  • Enhance your existing post ideas or generate new ones from scratch based on trend analysis and past performance data.
  • Tailor your content for individual platforms by utilizing platform-specific features.
  • Add images, videos, UTM tags for tracking, schedule first comments for Instagram posts, and create Instagram carousels and Stories directly within the platform.
  • Access platform-specific prompt templates from the AI Assistant for tailored content suggestions.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of your entire social media strategy through an easy-to-read calendar interface.
  • Use color-coded labels and titles to categorize content into campaigns for better organization.
  • Foster team collaboration by inviting team members and managing their contributions to the content creation process.
  • Assign posts, create and save drafts, view and complete tasks, and exchange feedback through a dedicated discussion panel.
  • Sync post contents and upload images to all platforms simultaneously, eliminating manual repetition.

Benefits of NapoleonCat

  • Save time by publishing content across multiple platforms from a single dashboard.
  • Implement a clear approval workflow to streamline the content review and publishing process.
  • Map out your content for weeks or months in advance and stay organized.


$32 per month per user (for up to 3 profiles)


✅Offers a unified social inbox to manage all conversations on social

✅Very easy to navigate and use


❌Setup process can be complex and slow



Best for managing multiple brands

What HeyOrca Does

This one’s a tool built specifically for teams, both internal and external. It is quite a collaborative social media scheduling tool tailored specifically for agencies managing multiple clients' social media presence. It aims to streamline the planning, creation, and scheduling processes for agencies, and enable you to efficiently manage your content from a centralized platform.

Key Features

  • Visually plan, create, and schedule posts with HeyOrca's visual Post Editor, which shows you and your clients exactly how posts will appear on the targeted social networks.
  • Visualize all scheduled content from a calendar view, providing a comprehensive overview of your clients' social media strategies.
  • Publish scheduled posts directly to various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and Pinterest, without the need for additional tools or integrations.
  • Easily switch between clients from the HeyOrca dashboard, ensuring efficient management of multiple social media presences.
  • Quickly copy posts across multiple social channels with just a few clicks, saving time and effort.
  • Customize copied posts for each channel, tailoring the content to meet the specific requirements and best practices of different platforms.
  • Allows clients to provide feedback or approve posts directly from the shared calendar.
  • Enable seamless communication and review processes.
  • Manage and organize your media assets, such as images and videos, in a centralized media library.

Benefits of HeyOrca

  • Manage multiple brands and clients seamlessly, with each brand having its own dedicated social media calendar, media library, and user permissions.
  • Foster collaboration and build trust with clients
  • Makes it easy for clients to be involved in the content creation and scheduling process.
  • Offers easy access and consistent branding across all clients' content.


$59 per month per brand


✅Whitelabeled reporting for agencies

✅External as well as internal feedback approval workflow


❌Can be pricey, especially for managing multiple calendars

❌Reporting could be more robust


Post Planner

Best for social content planning

What Post Planner Does

Post Planner offers good content planning and scheduling workflows that are great for smaller teams. The feature set included in their plans at the limited budget is admirable. They also have some great visualizations and calendars built into the platform. However, overall social media management capabilities could be better.

Key Features

  • Create multiple posts simultaneously, optimized for various social networks, eliminating the need to create separate posts for each platform.
  • Optimize posts for different networks by adding relevant elements such as locations, first comments, CTAs, and more, ensuring your content is tailored to each platform's requirements.
  • Preview how your posts will appear on each social network while composing them, allowing you to make informed decisions and ensure consistency.
  • Save and store frequently used text snippets, such as hashtag groups, CTAs, signatures, and more, for quick insertion into your captions with a single click.
  • Schedule posts in advance for multiple social networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Google, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, all from a single platform.
  • Create custom queue schedules for each day of the week, allowing you to queue up new posts with a single click, randomize their order, and easily re-add top-performing content.
  • View your scheduled posts in a calendar format
  • Allows you to continuously republish your best-performing posts without creating new content each time. 

Benefits of Post Planner

  • Plan all your social content in one place and save hours from your work week.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of your upcoming content for the week or month, ensuring better organization and planning.
  • Boost your reach automatically by activating recycling for evergreen content


$7 per month per user (for up to 3 social profiles)


✅Customer support is very proactive

✅Very affordable for smaller businesses


❌UI of the platform can be hard to navigate

Summing Up…

For social media scheduling, you need a tool that takes the most hassle out of your daily schedule. If you’re an agency or consultant, you also wanna make sure there are some inbuilt collaboration and whitelabeling capabilities that can help you better serve all your clients.

Get started with Synup Social

Synup Social helps you manage all your brand accounts in one place across a range of platforms (including Google Business Profile). The partner-first focus of the platform also makes it a great choice for larger teams or agencies handling multiple accounts.

Best Social Media Post Scheduler: FAQs

1. What is a social media scheduler?

A social media scheduler is a tool that allows you to pre-plan and schedule your social media posts across multiple platforms in advance. Instead of manually posting content in real-time, you can use a scheduler to write and queue up posts to go live at specific dates and times. This allows for more consistent posting, better time management, and the ability to plan out a cohesive social media content calendar.

2. What is the best social media posting schedule?

The best social media posting schedule will vary depending on your industry, audience, and goals. However, some general best practices include:

  • Post 1-2 times per day on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Post 1-3 times per day on Instagram
  • Post videos 2-3 times per week on YouTube
  • Post frequently during peak engagement hours for your audience

The key is to maintain a consistent presence without overwhelming your followers. Use analytics to understand when your audience is most active online.

3. What is the best social scheduling tool?

While there are many capable social scheduling tools, Synup stands out. It is an excellent option with features like content scheduling, automation, and AI enhancements. Its strength lies in its simplicity and ease of use while still offering robust scheduling capabilities. Ultimately, the best tool depends on your specific needs and workflow preferences.


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