18 Best Whitelabel Store Locator Software in 2024

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It is of utmost importance for customers to easily find where they can buy your products or use your services, especially if you’re a marketer and are looking for ways to market your product/ services well. This is where white-label store locator software comes in handy. Because, It looks like it's part of your website, matching your brand perfectly.

So, let's dive into the 18 best options out there that make it easy for your customers to find you, without needing to be a tech expert to set it up. These tools are all about making things simple and boosting your business by connecting you with your customers.

How do we evaluate the best white-label store locator software 

While we understand that selecting and investing in the right store locator platform might need a lot of deliberation and careful evaluation, we have put together a list of software that can come in handy. The following are the selection criteria we kept in mind to help you identify what will be best suited for your business. 

  • Customization
  • Easy Of Use
  • Integration
  • Geolocation Accuracy 
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Search Functionality
  • Analytics and Reporting 
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Scalability 
  • Cost-effectiveness 

The following is a list of resources from trusted sources like G2, Capterra, GetApp, and a few others.


Best suited for: Small-mid businesses, Entreprises, Agencies, Resellers

What is Synup? 

Synup simplifies the creation and customization of store locator pages to seamlessly integrate with your brand's website. With designs optimized for mobile devices, easy drag-and-drop customization, and an automatic population of store information from your Synup dashboard, utilizing Synup's store locator pages can significantly boost store visits.

By clicking once, customers can receive driving directions through their preferred navigation app. This leads to more foot traffic and increased sales.

Our customers love implementing store locator pages to:

  • Improve the customer experience: store locator pages make it easy for customers to find the information they need with ease
  • Boost local SEO: improve your visibility in local search by providing relevant details about your business locations
  • Level up their online presence: multi-location businesses struggle to establish an online presence for all of their locations, but a store locator page does it all in one go
  • Get better customer analytics: improve your understanding of the customer journey
  • Improve brand consistency: a search on a third-party maps app will yield the same information, but the opportunities to brand and further inform your customers are priceless

Key Features:

🏆Helps you improve store discoverability

🏆Helps build dedicated store pages for every outlet with NAPs and other necessary information such as driving directions, store hours and available services.

🏆Each store page is search engine optimized with unique meta tags, schema, and content to ensure high ranking and discoverability on local search.

🏆Offers you drag and drop elements that auto-populate based on your location data within Synup

🏆Gain full white-label access for customizing your store locator pages to align perfectly with your brand identity.

All of this just for 34.99$ Per Month!

What customers say about Synup

“Synup is a great product for businesses to put everything in one spot so that you don't have to worry about looking for things separately. As a person in the business industry, I have used this product frequently a lot to get things across from within the business and I have to say that this product is fast and productive and gets the job done in an instant with no hassle or difficulty to use. The implementation and the integration of the product are smooth and transition nicely in the business when you need things to get done. All the needs are in one product so that everything is as simple as it could be. Customer support is always there to help out if you have any problems or come across a question as they are accommodating.” - G2.



Best suited for Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, and Small Businesses

What does Yext do?

The Yext Store Locator solution is designed to drive in-store traffic by making it easier for customers to find store locations. It does this by ensuring that your business listings are accurate and optimized across approximately 200 search engines and maps. This tool is part of Yext's broader marketing solutions, which aim to improve customer engagement across digital channels through AI-powered tools, enhancing brand experiences both on and off your website.

Source: G2

Key Features

➡️Maps and Location Support

➡️Location Bias

➡️”Near Me” and “Open Now” filtering

➡️Maps Vertical

➡️Maps Customisation


✅Control how business information appears in search results and digital assistants.

✅Access detailed analytics to track performance and measure ROI.

✅Optimize business information for voice search queries.


❌Claimed features like duplicate resolution and merge requests fall short in practice, as users can manage these tasks manually without the promised monitoring and assistance.

❌Data synchronization proves inconsistent, with updates not always transferring across all platforms as expected, forcing users to manually check each platform for accuracy.

The ‘Emerging’ variant is priced at 4$ Per Week

What Customers Say About Yext

Likes:“It is easy to add locations, citations are built VERY quickly, customization abilities for each location are really nice too.”

Dislikes:“Understanding the process to get new stores listed can be unclear at first, but once you get the hang of it and with the help of the support team, it becomes pretty turnkey. The customer support team is not very helpful at times and doesn’t really care.”



Best suited for: Small & Medium Businesses, Enterprises, Non-Profit Organizations

What does Uberall do?

The Uberall Store Locator enhances customer experience by making it easy for customers to find the nearest store locations through a website or mobile app. It supports customizable filters and call-to-action buttons to match customer needs, including features for displaying shared or partner location products. This tool is designed to increase conversions by providing locally relevant information and a straightforward path to purchase, ensuring brand consistency and improving local SEO rankings with SEO-ready pages. Uberall offers various deployment options to suit different needs, whether self-managed, fully managed by Uberall, or custom-built solutions.

Source: G2

Key Features

➡️Combinable Filters like ‘Open’ and ‘Free Wifi’

➡️Customizable CTA buttons

➡️Pin-only locations to show where businesses offer products and services

➡️Spotlight Information about local stores

➡️Store Locator Analytics

➡️Optimized Local Pages

➡️Structured Data Markups


✅Manage and respond to customer reviews from various platforms seamlessly.

✅Boost local search visibility with advanced optimization tools.


❌Managing opening times in the import spreadsheet is cumbersome for businesses with numerous locations

❌Cannot add co-ordinates to the map to improve the location efficiency

❌Might lag at times and is tricky to integrate the GMB dashboard

Offers Custom Pricing for all services

What Customers Say About Uberall

Likes:“It allows me to manage my client's large network of nationwide stores in a simple centralized dashboard. I can quickly make edits to opening hours, services and store photos on the fly and then submit them to a huge number of directories at the click of a button. The reviews dashboard is also fantastic and the customer support is second to none.”

Dislikes: “It needs to be signed into things to connect to them, so if you don't have admin privileges already it can be difficult to get the bigger directories set up - and if they disconnect, it is a pain.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best suited for: Small and Mid Businesses and freelancers

What does ChatMeter do?

The platform provides customizable reporting features, allowing businesses to present branded reports to clients without any mention of Chatmeter. Additionally, Chatmeter's white-label solutions include local SEO optimization tools to improve visibility in local search results. 

Source: G2

Key Features

➡️Comprehensive Dashboard

➡️Mobile App

➡️Automated cross-functional workflows

➡️Automatic flagging 


✅Easy to Use

✅It has a comprehensive dashboard to manage multiple locations efficiently

✅Numerous helpful integrations


❌Cost escalates significantly with multiple locations, making it prohibitive for some businesses.

❌Numerous bugs affecting user experience and functionality.

❌Frequent glitches and poor design impede smooth navigation and usability.

❌Outdated reviews occasionally appear, diminishing the platform's reliability for up-to-date insights.

Offers Custom Pricing for all services

What Customers Say About ChatMeter

Likes:“They provide a lot of one on one support to their customers. We have two dedicated team members we meet with monthly. They keep us up to date on industry trends and platform updates we should know about. We like that they offer so many features, but most often we just use reputation management and listings management to easily respond to reviews and update business info.”

Dislikes: “It is very pricy when you have many locations..”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best suited for: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses

What does Storemapper do?

Storemapper offers customizable store locator widgets for eCommerce brands, Kickstarter-funded products, and large retailers. These widgets integrate seamlessly into websites, featuring custom map themes, Facebook integration, and analytics tools. 

Source: https://storemapper.com

Key Features

➡️One-click Integrations

➡️Mobile App

➡️Bulk Uploader

➡️Automatic Geo-coding

➡️De-duplication features

➡️Fully customizable with CSS

➡️Store Locator Analytics


✅Simplicity and ease of design in the creation process
✅The ease of use to add additional locations, searchability, and customer filters

✅Available both on Desktop and Phones

✅Prompt customer service


❌Limitation in the number of images and website links
❌No option to connect to an SQL Database

❌Google mapping doesn't work so well with international addresses

❌Minimal customizations available

The ‘Micro’ i.e the base variant is priced at 24.99$ Per Month

What Customers Say About Storemapper

Likes: “Easy Integration, Customizable UI, and Modification can be made easily using just an Excel sheet, Prompt customer service”

Dislikes: “Limitation in the number of images and website links, No option to connect to an SQL Database, A more detailed Analytics dashboard is desired” 

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Bullseye Store Locator

Best suited for: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses

What does Bullseye Store Locator do?

Bullseye is a store locator and location software solutions provider, serving the business marketing needs of retailers keen to drive local traffic. They also provide their services to
Bullseye provides location software solutions while fulfilling the marketing needs of retailers that are keen to drive local traffic while also providing white-label solutions.

Source: GetApp

Key Features

➡️API-first approach

➡️Flexibility and Scalability to create unique solutions

➡️Comes with easy-to-implement tools for integrating a store or dealer locator into your site or CMS

➡️Easy-to-implement tools for integrating a store or dealer locator into your site or CMS


✅Easy access and user-friendly platform
✅The SEO product of the bullseye is really helpful
✅Strong Chat Support that is available during normal working hours


❌Doesn't provide an accurate location and keeps searching to identify the nearby store
❌Fewer stores in the system, makes it difficult to find stores accurately

❌Slow Customer Service

Pricing starts at 89$ Per Month

What Customers Say About Bullseye Store Locator

Likes:“The easy access and user-friendly platform make it easy to operate and navigate. Also, the wide variety of locations gives lots of options for personalized choice.”

Dislikes: “Nothing much to say here; I wish for updates on new store locations and a wider array of stores to choose from. I have good words so far just a suggestion to have more store locations.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Find My Store

Best suited for: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses, Retailers

What does Find My Store do?

FindMyStore is an interactive SaaS-based Store/Branch Locator solution to give users a seamless transition from online to the in-store experience. A perfect solution that will help in increasing your store/branch footfall and enhancing your customer experience. - Stay on top of your local search results (Google, Bing) with integrated technical SEO - Have features like book appointments (offline/video call), live WhatsApp chat, local offers redeemable in-store, and more. 

Source: G2

Key Features:

➡️Uses location intelligence of Google Maps to allow real-time visibility of stores

➡️Gives insights into users' search behavior, powered using Google analytics

➡️Helps capture store searches, to track leads, and convert them into customers

➡️Easy to set up on top of your website or mobile app with minimal coding, in no time

➡️Allows multiple personalized customizations such as adding, removing, and editing products


✅Helps with sourcing the basic information about the stores - such as routes, ETA and distance
✅It’s reasonably priced and customers find that incredibly useful as compared to other competitors
✅Various categories and filters to list multiple products 


❌Does not provide real-time updates as claimed

❌Has very limited features and needs more

❌Integrations of APIs to other businesses is negligible and would be a helpful feature to add 

Pricing Information not transparent

What Customers Say About Find My Store

Likes:“The search functionality is very intuitive, and the reachability to the stores in the vicinity per business is really accurate. The UI/UX is relatively user-friendly.” 

Dislikes:“The integration of the APIs to other businesses and outsourcing the services is a little dicey in terms of scalability and robustness. Over the top usability is good though.“

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best suited for: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, and Small Businesses

What does Storepoint do?

Mostly known as a store locator software that helps businesses manage their local listings along with providing them with the feasibility to change their branding accordingly with Storepoint’s white label efficiencies. Additionally, it also supports Automatic Geolocation along with Location Analytics which offers its customers an in-depth view of how to go about managing their listings.

Source: storepoint.co

Key Features

➡️Allows to easily add, edit, delete, and manage multiple locations

➡️Product, Category, and Tag filtering

➡️Custom Map markers

➡️Custom Map Themes

➡️Multi-language support

➡️Mobile App


✅Real-time updates on stock levels
✅Can sync with Google Sheets easily 


❌Comes with expensive pricing plans and offers limited features
❌Incorrect locations and the map won’t show a lot of places
❌Requires customers to know HTML and CSS

❌No instant customer support

The ‘Starter’ variant is priced at 25$ Per Month

What Customers Say About Storepoint

Likes: “The auto-update feature and always online switch seem to be a great feature that helps us stay transparent to our consumers and also aware them accordingly from time to time.” 

Dislikes:“I guess some animation-related features also should be added. When it comes to beginners, I think the app should have some improvements ( proper guidance or something like that ). This is a wonderful application anyway. “

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Power Store Locator

Best suited for: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses, and Agencies

What does Power Store Locator do? 

Power Store Locator is a Cloud-based store locator tool to let customers find business stores via native map support, automatic geolocation management & more.

Source: https://www.powerstorelocator.com

Key Features:

➡️Supports bulk imports and exports of location data via Excel, Sheets, and CSV files

➡️Supports multiple languages

➡️Is fully customizable with CSS

➡️All of their plans offer unlimited and unmetered usage 

➡️Supports built-in search filters 


✅Works well with Google Maps and is easy to customize preferred location of choice on the map

✅Easy Integrations and user friendly

✅Unlimited usage and large data imports are something people really seem to like


❌Might be slow to load at times and also unresponsive

❌Navigation issues

❌Does not update data with accurate store timings, locations and contact information

❌A little overpriced for what it has to offer

The Standard variant is priced at 14.99$ Per Month

What Customers Say About Power Store Locator

Likes:“Despite having numerous customizable options, the platform is still user-friendly.

Exporting to Excel is also a plus, as it offers a convenient way to save my files.”

Dislikes:“The mobile platform caused some complications during usage, which was not unique to me as other colleagues in the company faced similar problems. However, the desktop platform proved to be free of these difficulties.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Xtreme Locator

Best suited for: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, and Small Businesses

What does Xtreme Locator do?

Xtreme Locator is a store locator software designed to help businesses find nearby locations within a specified radius or distance. The platform enables managers to utilize the search functionality and instantly detect a user’s location by city, state, or zip code. It lets stakeholders generate static HTML codes to deploy locators across personalized websites. Operators can also use content management system (CMS) plugins to add Xtreme Locator on Joomla, Mambo, WordPress, and Drupal websites.

Source: GetApp

Key Features:

➡️Automatic Location Detection

➡️Provides Directions 

➡️Distance Calculation

➡️In-depth store locator analytics 

➡️Provides extensive search filters


✅Works well with many kinds of CMS 

✅Great customer service


❌Can’t define a territory on the map

❌A user can either add 100 locations or 1000 locations, there is no in-between

❌Hard to set up

Pricing Information not transparent

What Customers Say About Xtreme Locator

Likes:“When it works, it works great, I like that I can access contacts anytime. The cost isn't too much.”

Dislikes:“A bit hard on the setup, use to many names that are known to the software developers but unknown to us the client.”

*Review sourced and cited through Capterra and GetApp*



Best suited for: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Public Administrations, and Small Businesses.

What does StoreRocket do? 

StoreRocket is an aesthetically pleasing store locator designed for your website. Businesses can save time and money with a ready-to-use, customizable, and easy-to-install store locator. It works with all the platforms out there and is quick and easy to install. Does what it claims and is extremely developer-friendly. 

Source: https://storerocket.io

Key Features:

➡️Available for both Desktop and Mobile devices

➡️Search Filters

➡️Bulk Import and Export

➡️Custom Markers

➡️Developer Friendly


✅Easy to navigate Interface

✅Accurate Geo-Maps

✅Various custom integrations


❌Lack of user logins/permissions

❌Inaccurate location-specific information at times

❌Some users find it expensive 

❌White labeling only available in the higher-end Business model

The ‘Basic’ version is priced at 25$ Per Month

What Customers Say About StoreRocket

Likes: “Ease of use and management of locations and ability to make changes on the fly. Their professionalism and ability to understand the end-user perspective has been phenomenal.”

Dislikes: “Some features are missing like Holiday Hours (which no one else offers) and Google My Business integration but both are on the road map to be released.”

*Review sourced and cited through Capterra and GetApp*


Prolo Store Locator

Best suited for: Freelancers, Mid Size Businesses, and Small Businesses

What does Prolo Store Locator do? 

Prolo is a fully searchable store locator component to any website. With it, retailers and in particular marketers of specific products can inform online customers of exactly where those products are currently being stocked. Promising a quick setup time of just minutes and requiring no specialist coding knowledge, Prolo's admin tool produces a simple HTML snippet ready for copying and pasting into a page. Compatible also with all major site creation and CMS-based platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, and Spotify, finders can be customized to adopt a desired style and color scheme.

Source: https://www.prolofinder.com

Key Features

➡️In-depth Analytics

➡️Easy Integrations

➡️Mobile Optimized

➡️15-day free trial


✅Ease of use



❌Weak Customer Search History Analytics

❌Does not recognize all the stores that are added

❌Might miss street addresses at times

❌Does not let one control the perimeter of the search

The ‘Basic’ version is priced at 20$ Per Month

What Customers Say About Prolo Store Locator

Likes: “The ease of use and convenience Integration is simple and effective Customization of retailer is time-consuming but still logical”

Dislikes:“1. Not easy changing the size of the map. 2. Not synchronized with other maps and search engines. 3. Can't add an email for the businesses/locations” 

*Review sourced and cited through Capterra and GetApp*


Meta Locator

Best suited for: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Non Profit, Public Administrations, Small Businesses

What does Meta Locator do?

Meta Locator is also known as a powerful locator software that helps businesses build a store locator, product finder, partner, or dealer locator in minutes. It's usually pretty quick and easy to set up. Customers love its ease of use and various other drag-and-drop functionalities. It is also known to manage bulk data easily along with providing various other store locator features. 

Source: https://www.metalocator.com

Key Features

➡️Easily manage large collections of data

➡️Categorize, update, and geocode data directly in the dashboard

➡️Users can feature their top-performing stores based on categories

➡️With simple content management features one can login and edit locations easily


✅Great Customer Support

✅Customers are happy with the pricing

✅Great flexibility for data load and data management


❌Limited search options, only lets you search within a selected country

❌Currency formatting might be difficult at times and is only limited to sourcing data from Google Sheets

❌Difficult to learn and adapt to despite the knowledge library and documentation

The ‘Entry’ level version is priced at 19$ Per Month

What Customers Say About Meta Locator

Likes:“Mobile ready and supports different languages”

Dislikes:“The widget is country-specific: the search is limited to a select country - customization of the widget from the front-end (not admin panel) is limited to a few parameters - documentation is very shallow, examples are not working (or outdated) - customer support does not exist. You may receive a link to documentation, but nobody will look to your issue. Summary: use as is and don't expect any fancy features from a demo. If you are looking a truly global or enterprise-level solution this is not the one.”

*Review sourced and cited through Capterra and GetApp*



Best suited for: Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses, Enterprise, Freelancers, Nonprofit Organizations, Government Bodies, and Startups

What does StoreTrack do? 

StoreTrack helps you build and create an easy-to-use store locator for your website or webshop in minutes without any coding experience. It also comes with a wide range of themes and customizations for your websites and dashboards, while supporting white labeling at the same time. One can easily manage all locations and data on a single dashboard and it also comes with a fully responsive desktop and mobile version. 

Source: https://www.storetrack.io

Key Features

➡️Easy to manage bulk data

➡️Multiple search filters

➡️Various map styles and themes to customize

➡️Easy Integrations

➡️Visually appealing store locator 


✅Very basic features

✅Does what it claims to be

✅Friendly customer support 


❌Not many options to pick up locations from

❌Yet to provide in-depth analytics for store locators

❌Priority support only included in the higher-end model

The ‘Starter’ pack is priced at 14$ Per Month

What Customers Say About Store Track

Likes:“Visually appealing and great app for locating your stores. It was super easy to integrate in to my website!”

Dislikes:“Currently not as many options to pick from for location pins.

I was looking for an easy-to-integrate store locator for a decent price.I didn't need a lot of features, but just something that looks good and does the job.”

*Review sourced and cited through Capterra and GetApp*


Zen Locator

Best suited for: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small Business

What does Zen Locator do? 

ZenLocator helps CPG and retail brands build an easy-to-use locator with great search features, and SEO options, and supports various customizations for map styles and more. It also comes with white labeling solutions. Known to drive traffic for all e-commerce merchants with effortless usability in mind, and works without any code being required to run. 

Source: https://www.zenlocator.com

Key Features

➡️Offers tons of customization options

➡️Great Integrations

➡️Mobile friendly

➡️Lets you add a store locator anywhere: website, blog, product pages and more


✅Ease of use and customization

✅Simple to import different locations through CSV

✅Searching is easy and efficient


❌Hours import sometimes doesn't pull in properly

❌Sometimes addresses are to be entered manually and might be innaccurate

❌The enterprise version is expensive 

❌White labeling won't be supported in the base variant

The ‘Basic’ Pricing Model is 49$ Per Month

What Customers Say About Zen Locator

Likes: “Ease of use and customization. Customers can find your products with a click rather than an email or a phone call.”

Dislikes: “Address auto-finder sometimes can't find your address needs to be entered manually with geolocation and is very strict in formatting.”

*Review sourced and cited through Capterra and GetApp*



Best suited for: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses

What does Woosmap do? 

An enterprise-grade tool designed to enhance in-store traffic by showcasing the nearest stores or pickup points to customers quickly. It's highly customizable, allowing brands to align the appearance of their Points of Interest with their identity. This includes base map adjustments, color schemes, and icons, alongside features like real-time display of opening hours, proximity sorting, and user location detection for personalized map centering. The software supports thousands of sale points, offers unlimited search filters, and facilitates driving directions directly on your site. Multilingual support and real-time back-office updates streamline operations across the globe.

Source: GetApp

Key Features

➡️A highly customizable store locator 

➡️Offers customizable rendering

➡️Maps thousands of points

➡️Automatically detects visitor’s geographic location


✅Regular updates

✅Easy to integrate with Google Maps

✅Users can easily navigate through various filters like opening hours and various location web pages


❌High prices as compared to the competition

❌In-complete APIs as per Google Maps

❌Hard to add, delete, and edit listings

❌Lacking some map integration features 

The ‘Pay-as-you-go’ version costs 40k+ credits per month, then @6$ per 1000 clients

What Customers Say About Woosmap 

Likes: “Has all the features we need. Was a more affordable alternative to Google's API.”

Dislikes: “Woosmap tools require a minimum level of knowledge in API implementation, which can be a problem if a simple citizen wanted to try those solutions quickly.”

*Review sourced and cited through Capterra and GetApp*


Store Locator Widgets

Best suited for: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Non-Profit, Small Businesses

What does Store Locator Widgets do? 

Known as a powerful store locator software that integrates beautifully with every major website, CMS, or storefront. One can choose from a variety of layouts, integrate various mapping services, apply multiple filters, and do much more. Store Locator Widgets also has an integrated layout editor and supports multiple languages. 

Source: GetApp

Key Features

➡️Set the wording used by your 

➡️Available in multiple languages

➡️Create brand-specific and company-specific pages 

➡️Multi-level filtering and categorization

➡️Supports major mapping platforms

➡️Full analytics coverage including premium+ plans 


✅Importing/Exporting stores is simple

✅Can select zoom level, preset/hidden filters, choose preferred languages 

✅Offers built-in analytics 

✅Top-notch, quick and reliable customer support who answers your questions promptly


❌Glitches sometimes and lags while updating various locations 

❌API integrations are off at times

❌Map layouts that don’t require CSS need to be incorporated

❌When looking for a specific type of business, not all businesses might appear

The ‘Essential’ version costs 19$ per month.

What Customers Say About Store Locator Widgets

Likes: “Extremely helpful and easy to use. Just put the name or look at nearby locations and does a pretty good job.”

Dislikes: It does sometimes glitch and reset itself but it's easy to fix and usually goes right back to its original use. And frankly, the hardest part of setting up the widget was the Google Maps API. Yes, you can easily get an API key, but if you don't jump through all the other hoops set up by Google, it won't work properly.”

*Review sourced and cited through Capterra and GetApp*


WP Maps

Best suited for: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, and Small Businesses

What does WP Maps do? 

WP Maps is a software designed for adding a product locator, store locator, or dealer locator widget to websites without requiring coding knowledge. It also offers high customization options, including various map providers and layout styles, and supports integration with numerous website platforms like WordPress, Shopify, and Magento. Additionally, it also provides its customers with powerful analytics to track customer behavior, a customizable lead-capture form, and convenient Google Sheets integration for managing store and product data. 

Source: GetApp

Key Features

➡️Showcase your product catalog within stores

➡️Find region-specific stores by applying filters

➡️Gives you the option to choose the type of marker on the map

➡️Provides store status information


✅Easy to set

✅Reliability to use a wide range of parameters


❌Only supports Google Maps API

❌In-appropriate geo locations

❌Offers very few third-party integrations

The ‘Standard’ version costs 35$ per month.

What do Customers Say About WP Maps

Likes: It's easy and quick to set up. We wanted a store locator and for that, we have tried 4 store locators but WP Maps turned out to be our final choice.

Dislikes: When we were setting it up it was only supporting Google Map APIs

*Review sourced and cited through Capterra*

In Conclusion

While signing up for a white label store locator software make sure that you assess several capabilities, like the software’s ability to fit your needs - helping you manage your local listings effectively. Also, when it comes to white-labeling there might be a lot of solutions available but make sure to pick and choose as to the kind of customisations you’re looking out for. 

Sometimes, some software might end up providing you the tools that you might not even need. So make sure to do a thorough product review before you decide on purchasing it and make sure it fits your organization's needs.

Synup is a store locator software that helps you with white-labeling solutions so that you can choose to serve your clients the way you want to, without any limitations, helping you stand out. 

Store locator pages are an essential part of a multi-location business’ website. Once you build a store locator and implement local landing pages, you’ll see how you can drive traffic, improve local search rankings, and more. 

Happy Building! 


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