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One of the most popular free social media tools, Buffer is used by countless brands and agencies worldwide. But, as users of the platform may know, bigger isn’t always better. If you’re among this set of users in the know, and you’re looking for a Buffer replacement - you’ve come to the right place. 

While having a free tool is nice, users like yourself know Buffer’s limitations. As you expand your social media activities, you’ll need a tool that can fulfill your needs - and Buffer just isn’t it. 

Why Should You Replace Buffer As Your Social Media Management Tool?

If you search the company’s G2 ratings, you’ll find complaints about:

  1. Limitations on the free version of Buffer
  2. Performance issues
  3. Lack of advanced features
  4. Cost concerns for the paid version

Luckily, there are plenty of Buffer competitors that can help you grow and upgrade your social presence. Buffer’s competitors offer more features for a better price, making the switch obvious. 

Read on to find your next social media management tool!

Synup Social

When it comes time to upgrade from Buffer, Synup Social is most users’ next step. Offering a huge step up in terms of content creation power, collaboration, and analytics capabilities, the platform is ideal for companies looking to scale their social media operations.

Buffer vs. Synup Social

  1. Feature limitations: Synup Social’s basic plan offers a slew of helpful features across platforms. While Buffer lacks advanced features beyond publishing and rudimentary analytics, Synup’s platform includes post-by-post engagement analytics that gives users a full-scope view of their performance
  2. Platform performance: Buffer’s platform frequently crashes or fails to post. Meanwhile, Synup Social reports a low rate of bugs and alerts users when posts don’t go through for whatever reason
  3. Cost: Synup offers more features at a lower price

Why Users <3 It

  • The platform’s robust analytics are unmatched, guiding you to success with comprehensive engagement metrics and insights 
  • An AI-powered post generator makes the platform ideal for businesses looking for inspiration and agencies juggling multiple brand identities alike
  • Collaboration is simple with intuitive workflows and approval matrices
  • Trend, hashtag, and industry tracking help you come up with relevant post ideas
  • Ads support lets you take your posts beyond organic reach 
  • The tool is perfect for agencies, with incredible white-labeled tools like a shareable content calendar, easy account connection, and shareable live reports
  • You can even build an entire branded platform to customize client-facing experiences
  • Resellers benefit from white-labeling the entire platform for customers

When it comes time to play in the big leagues, you can’t go wrong with Synup Social. Lovers of Buffer will feel right at home on Synup’s intuitive platform - while also benefiting from the improved features and enhancements.



Sendible is another top choice for users converting from Buffer. With customizable reports and collaboration tools, the platform caters to teams and agencies. Businesses looking to scale their social media operations will love Sendible!

Buffer vs. Sendible

  1. Feature limitations: while Buffer functions perfectly for basic scheduling and analytics, it lacks Sendible’s more advanced feature set. With comprehensive monitoring, collaboration abilities, and advanced analytics, Sendible expands the realm of options for social media management
  2. Platform performance: despite the occasional bug, users generally have nothing but positive feedback on the Sendible platform’s functionality. 
  3. Cost: with plans starting at $29, Sendible offers incredible options for teams switching from Buffer’s free plan and paid plans alike

Why Users <3 It

  • Post ideas help you come up with your best content ideas yet. The AI idea generator sources info from your past posts, industry, and current events to give you a broad range of recommendations
  • Sendible’s collaboration tools are unique, leveraging a visual calendar to help your teammates and clients picture exactly what you have in mind
  • Multi-brand support makes the platform ideal for agencies managing multiple brands
  • The white label dashboard gives you a fully customized experience with your logos and brand colors
  • Shareable reports make it easy to showcase your wins to clients and colleagues alike 
  • Collaborate with your clients: you can send posts for approval and receive feedback directly from the platform

When deciding between Buffer and Sendible, you need to consider your specific needs. Because, although Buffer is a solid tool, it lacks some of the features, integrations, and general scalability of Sendible. For teams looking for an upgrade and a more feature-rich platform, Sendible is the way to go!



Beloved for its incredible analytics, Agorapulse’s platform gives you a comprehensive picture of your performance across platforms. The platform helps you seamlessly calculate ROI and evaluate how to dominate in your niche, making it a major step up from Buffer’s simple insights.

Buffer vs. Agorapulse

  1. Feature limitations: Agorapulse offers an incredible feature set, including a social inbox, advanced analytics, and monitoring
  2. Platform performance: both platforms have similar performance, with occasional bugs but no outstanding issues
  3. Cost: if you want a great free tool, Buffer is the way to go. But for more features and  full-scope control over your social media presence, Agorapulse is well worth the $79/month

Why Users <3 It

  • Collaboration tools let you work with your teammates on posts, from commenting to final approval
  • Agorapulse’s analytics dashboard provides best-in-class insights into your performance. From boosted engagement to conversions, you’ll be crushing your goals in no time
  • Reporting is Agorapulse’s calling card. See how your strategy is performing with insights that bring you far beyond the raw data
  • Get a pulse on what’s happening with social media monitoring capabilities
  • The social inbox lets you manage DMs and comments straight from the platform

Agorapulse and Buffer are on different playing fields. For Buffer users who are ready for a big upgrade for a slightly higher price, Agorapulse is a perfect direction to go in. With insane analytics, features like a social inbox and monitoring capabilities, and more, Agorapulse is worth the price for teams keen to expand their capabilities.



If you’re considering Buffer, MeetEdgar must be on your mind, too. Built with efficiency in mind, it’s beloved by small businesses, entrepreneurs, and content creators alike. With a streamlined workflow and smart content creation, you’ll be able to expand your efforts without spending more time managing your socials.  

Buffer vs. MeetEdgar

  1. Feature limitations: MeetEdgar offers unique features that are well-suited to teams upgrading their tools. With capabilities like evergreen content recycling and automatic content generation, it stands out from the competition
  2. Platform performance: MeetEdgar has minimal issues with social network APIs, while Buffer suffers occasional glitches and issues with post scheduling
  3. Cost: Buffer and MeetEdgar have comparable paid plans. At $19/month, MeetEdgar offers an incredible feature set for such a low price

Why Users <3 It

  • The platform pioneered content recycling, automatically recycling your evergreen content. Basically, your content gets shared more than once, maximizing visibility and boosting overall engagement.
  • An auto-scheduler makes publishing simple. A category-based scheduling tool automates the timing of users’ posts based on the optimal engagement times for their audience.
  • Helpful content categorization organizes content into categories, guaranteeing varied and strategic posts.
  • An unlimited content library stores your content in a centralized, organized place, making it easy to manage and repurpose posts.
  • Comprehensive performance analytics help users track the performance of their content across platforms.
  • A convenient browser extension makes it easy for users to add new content to their library while browsing the web.
  • A/B testing for time slots helps users determine when their content performs best.

MeetEdgar's unique approach to content recycling and automation makes it a standout choice for anyone looking to get more mileage out of their social media content. When contemplating MeetEdgar vs. Buffer, you’d be wise to consider whether you’ll actually use the platform’s advanced features. As with any tool, it’s only worth the price if you use it!



eClincher is beloved by agencies and enterprises. If you’re looking for an upgrade with more features, this is the perfect next step for your social media empire. Known for helping businesses increase their ROI from social media endeavors, you’ll be “clinch”ing deals in no time.

Buffer vs. eClincher

  1. Feature limitations: if you’re seeking a free tool, you should stick with Buffer. But if you’re fed up with its severe limitations, it’s time for brighter pastures. eClincher has a myriad of features ideal for managing your social media presence
  2. Platform performance: with more features comes more potential for issues. Despite this, eClincher has experienced minimal problems!
  3. Cost: though Buffer is significantly cheaper than eClincher ($59/month), it lacks many of the same features. Even at the basic level, eClincher users get unlimited posts, more social profiles, advanced analytics, and more. 

Why Users <3 It

  • eClincher’s smart queues automatically republish content pieces
  • The platform’s centralized social inbox lets you manage messages and comments directly on the eClincher platform
  • eClincher’s image library makes it easy to add visual flair to your posts
  • Competitor tracking and advanced analytics give you a full-scope view of performance
  • Collaboration features help you stay on the same page with your team
  • Reporting is fully customizable, so you can showcase your progress with ease - whether it’s for your internal team or clients

Overall, Buffer and eClincher are quite different platforms. Choosing between the two depends entirely on your budget, priorities, and the scope of your goals. Evaluating the two tools is the first step in deciding which is right for you.



As one of the most well-known social media management platforms on the market, Hootsuite features run the gamut from content scheduling and social listening to analytics and collaboration tools. While it comes at a higher price, it offers a severe upgrade from Buffer’s simplistic interface.

Buffer vs. Hootsuite

  1. Feature limitations: Hootsuite is among the more feature-rich tools available. While it comes at a higher price, there’s no limit to what you can do!
  2. Platform performance: Hootsuite does have reports of bugs and problems with its interface. Both platforms also lack a full scope support team
  3. Cost: with a starting price of $49/month, Hootsuite costs significantly more than Buffer. However, their plans are more suitable for teams and businesses who want to seriously up their social game.

Why Users <3 It

  • Post suggestions and an AI-powered caption generator are perfect for populating content across clients with a fraction of the effort
  • Content planning tools help you carry out your posting strategy with precision
  • Advanced analytics and reporting lets you assess your progress and ensure that you’re staying aligned with organizational goals
  • Stay on top of trends with social listening
  • Enjoy custom branding on the platform. Clients can navigate through a fully branded experience, giving them a consistent experience whenever they interact with your brand
  • White-labeled reports help you dazzle clients with their own ROI

Hootsuite and Buffer are on different levels. If you’re looking for a simple tool to help you post and nothing more, you might be happier with Buffer. But if you want to embrace more features and really devote resources to your social media presence, Hootsuite will help you go the distance. It all comes down to your priorities!



Great for small teams and agencies, CoSchedule is a solid next step in your social media journey. With phenomenal organizational abilities and workflow management tools, you can keep the trains running on time while embracing more advanced features. 

Buffer vs. CoSchedule

  1. Feature limitations: with an integrated marketing calendar, content organizing tools, and workflow management, CoSchedule stands above Buffer
  2. Platform performance: Buffer’s issues with social network APIs seem disastrous when compared to CoSchedule’s smooth interface. While CoSchedule is more complex and proves harder to learn, its features are well worth the time
  3. Cost: at $29/month, CoSchedule proves an excellent alternative to Buffer

Why Users <3 It

  • Collaborative workflows make it easy to work with your team
  • Scheduling capabilities let you build unrivaled content calendars
  • Manage comments and DMs with CoSchedule’s social inbox
  • The ReQueue feature will fill your queue with posts that are guaranteed to succeed
  • Campaign templates help users to build dynamic plans to conquer social media
  • White-labeled reports make it simple to share your wins with clients
  • Impress clients with read-only calendars. They can review, comment on, and view your planned posts, so everyone is on the same page

CoSchedule offers an upgrade to Buffer’s simplistic platform. With multiple aspects of content marketing integrated into one platform, it’s an incredible solution for businesses of all sizes. Ultimately, your decision between the two may come down to the scale of your operations!



SocialBee is a no-brainer. It turns your team into a hive-mind with smart workflows and convenient integrations, shaving time off your day and giving you more space to expand your work.

Buffer vs. SocialBee

  1. Feature limitations: with features like content categorization, scheduling, analytics, and more, SocialBee is a step above Buffer
  2. Platform performance: the platforms have similar reports of performance
  3. Cost: at $19/month, SocialBee isn’t a huge leap from Buffer’s pricing. 

Why Users <3 It

  • The AI content generator inspires your team to fill your calendars with engagement-driving posts
  • The platform boasts Canva integrations, so you can build visually-focused posts with ease
  • Advanced analytics and engagement-boosting features empower you to stay on top of your progress and align your wins with your overall marketing objectives
  • Save time on content creation with an automatic post recycler
  • Agency partners benefit from the platform’s white-labeled reports, too. They can get in on the branded platform capabilities as well!

SocialBee is a sweet spot for SMBs, offering a low, flexible pricing model without compromising on features. The platform represents an ideal next step up from Buffer for teams looking to expand their capabilities without breaking the bank.



ContentStudio is a convenient one-stop-shop for integrating your social media marketing with your broader organizational goals. Great integrations and smart tools make it a no-brainer!

Buffer vs. ContentStudio

  1. Feature limitations: with features like content planning, discovery, automation, and advanced analytics, ContentStudio is a cut above
  2. Platform performance: ContentStudio’s extensive features make it a bit harder to learn than buffer, but once you get the hang of things you’re all set!
  3. Cost: at $49/month, ContentStudio seems pricey compared to Buffer. But with unlimited posts and features like content discovery and automation, it’s well worth the price

Why Users <3 It

  • Content and hashtag suggestions keep the good posts flowing
  • With an evergreen post recycler, you’ll never forget about a good idea (or post) that you had a few months ago
  • The social inbox keeps you from missing new DMs and comments
  • Exhibit your ROI with incredible custom reports
  • RSS feed integration lets you post automatically from your blog or website
  • The platform offers sleek, white-labeled reports to show off your results

ContentStudio is a perfect next step in your social media journey. From synchronizing your social activities with your business trajectory to giving you incredible insights into your performance, the platform helps you prioritize social media for your business. 



Later is popular with businesses, influencers, and content creators alike. With tools for scheduling posts, analyzing performance, and managing content, Later makes it easier to maintain a consistent and effective social media presence for accounts of all kinds!

Buffer vs. Later

  1. Feature limitations: Later and Buffer are fairly similar in their feature set, both lacking advanced analytics, CRM integrations, and more. Though, Later’s advanced plans have more features for publishing and creating content
  2. Platform performance: the platforms function more or less similarly, with consistent functionality
  3. Cost: with plans starting at $12.50/month, Later is an excellent alternative to Buffer with a bit more functionality

Why Users <3 It

  • A highly visual content calendar lets users drag and drop posts for seamless planning and scheduling.
  • Automatic publishing facilitates scheduled posting across platforms.
  • Later’s integration creates a shoppable, clickable landing page to link directly from users’ Instagram bios, turning Instagram feeds into  mini websites.
  • Analytics track performance metrics across platforms, helping users to optimize their posting strategies.
  • User-generated content (UGC) tools find and curate content from customer posts online.
  • Users can save captions and frequently used hashtags for easy reuse.
  • Later tells you the best time to post by analyzing historic post performance.
  • Advanced plans let users schedule Instagram stories in advance.
  • Users can create carousel posts for their Instagram feeds. 

Later's visual-focused platform make it ideal if you’re focusing on your Instagram presence. That, combined with its scheduling and analytics capabilities, makes it a strong option for anyone looking to up their game on social media.

Switching from Buffer

If you’re contemplating switching from Buffer, you’re likely in search of an upgrade. After all, Buffer’s limited functionality can only get you so far. No matter where you’re setting your sights, you should be able to easily discover a tool that will help you expand your social media empire. Good luck!


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