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One of the big names in social media management, Hootsuite is used by tens of thousands of brands and agencies worldwide. But, as users of the platform may know, bigger isn’t always better. If you search the company’s G2 ratings, you’ll find complaints about:

  1. Hootsuite’s spotty customer service and support
  2. Lackluster reporting and analytics
  3. Frequent bugs and other reliability issues
  4. The lack of integrations
  5. The platform’s steep learning curve
  6. A cluttered user interface
  7. Unreasonably high pricing

Sheesh, no wonder you ended up looking for an alternative! Luckily, there are plenty of Hootsuite competitors that can give you the focused attention you deserve, with better pricing, stellar support, and platforms that don’t break every time the team makes an update.

Read on to find your next social media management tool!

Synup Social

Of course we had to include Hootsuite’s #1 competitor: Synup Social. With better functionality for agencies, enterprises, and SMBs alike, the platform’s sleek interface, slew of features, and competitive pricing make it the ideal replacement for anyone burned by the platform hoot shall not be named.

Hootsuite vs. Synup

  1. Customer service and support: with a team of customer-focused success managers, product experts, and support members, Synup has some of the best support in the biz
  2. Reporting and analytics: the platform’s analytics offer post-by-post engagement data and downloadable reports
  3. Reliability: users report infrequent problems with the platform, and quick resolutions to any issues
  4. Integrations: Synup integrates with everything from CRMs to your Google profile, making it a fierce contender with Hootsuite in terms of tech stack compatibility
  5. Platform usability: users of the platform praise its smooth onboarding process and 
  6. User interface: the platform is sleek and streamlined, in line with modern web design that’s easy on the eyes
  7. Pricing: starting at $29/month, Synup is kind to your budget compared to Hootsuite

Other Features to Note

  • The platform’s multi-platform scheduling tools make it easy to plan posts in advance across social channels
  • Multi-brand support makes it ideal for agencies
  • Robust analytics show you what’s working with post-by-post engagement analytics. Users can even download reports or share live links!
  • With an AI-powered post generator, Synup is ideal for teams juggling a lot of clients or those who don’t have many resources to devote to social media marketing.
  • Teams love the platform for its collaboration workflows
  • Trend, hashtag, and industry tracking lend themselves to post ideas that are 10/10
  • Enjoy comprehensive ads support across platforms
  • White-labeled features make Synup a favorite for agencies. A shareable content calendar, white-labeled links to connect accounts, and shareable live reports let clients easily see what you’re up to without harshing your mellow

Ultimately, Synup’s superior analytics dashboard, low price, better white-labeling capabilities, and focus on content creation make it the top competitor for Hootsuite. Businesses looking to switch should find themselves comfortable with the interface - and happy to be on a more supportive platform.


Sprout Social

Another OG publishing tool, Sprout Social delivers an all-in-one social media management platform. Designed to help businesses and organizations of all sizes engage with their audience, publish content, analyze results, and streamline social communications, the platform champions collaboration and data-backed insights to help refine and execute strategies.

Hootsuite vs. Sprout Social

  1. Customer service and support: Hootsuite’s lack of phone or email support makes it pale in comparison to tools like Synup and Sprout.
  2. Reporting and analytics: with customizable reports and ease of proving ROI, the Sprout analytics tools are much more user-friendly and impactful across the board
  3. Reliability: the platform’s consistency guarantees that issues and bugs resolve quickly
  4. Integrations: Hootsuite integrates with tons of apps, giving it a slight edge over Sprout. Although, users note that Sprout’s integrations get the job done
  5. Platform usability: despite its complex tools like its CRM and social listening features, the platform is relatively easy master 
  6. User interface: the tool boasts an easily navigated, straightforward interface
  7. Pricing: Sprout’s pricing begins at $249, making it more expensive than Hootsuite. However, with a slew of premium features and a product geared towards enterprises and agencies, the price tag is well worth it for larger teams

Other Key Features

  • The social inbox lets users manage DMs across platforms - all on Sprout Social’s dashboard
  • The platform’s publishing and scheduling tools make it easy to plan posts in advance.
  • Advanced analytics include detailed reports that help prove ROI.
  • Listening tools let users monitor keywords, hashtags, and brand mentions to gauge audience sentiment and trends.
  • Users can facilitate teamwork with collaborative features, including task assignment, content approval processes, activity tracking and more.
  • A social CRM lets users track their contacts' social activity and history to help craft personalized responses.
  • The employee advocacy tool helps brands leverage the power of their employees’ networks, encouraging them to share select posts and other content.
  • Social listening capabilities empower users to uncover trends, track competitor activity, and understand audience sentiment.

Sprout Social stands out for its focus on ROI and unparalleled collaboration tools. Best for large organizations who want to scale, it’s well worth the price tag. For teams flummoxed by Hootsuite’s issues and want white-glove service with more features to experiment with, Sprout is the way to go.



Sendible’s collaboration tools are next-level. With a powerful, visually-focused scheduling dashboard, it’s ideal for teams looking to switch to something more user-friendly.  And with customizable reports and collaboration tools, agencies can impress their clients with ease. 

Hootsuite vs. Sendible

  1. Customer service and support: Sendible’s highly responsive support team leaves Hootsuite in the dust
  2. Reporting and analytics: the platform’s white-labeled reports and detailed data pulls lend it key insights that you might not find elsewhere
  3. Reliability: while occasional bugs disrupt users’ workflow, any issues are resolved swiftly (unlike Hootsuite’s glitchy interface)
  4. Integrations: AI content generation tools make Sendible much easier to use from a content creation perspective, though Hootsuite boasts more integrations overall
  5. Platform usability: with a user-friendly interface that even Jim from legal could learn, Sendible’s platform remains unmatched for ease of use
  6. User interface: the platform’s interface is clean and uncluttered, making it easy to navigate and use
  7. Pricing: Sendible is a bargain at $29/month

Features to Note

  • Multi-platform publishing capabilities let you cross-post with ease
  • The platform is great for content discovery and creation, giving you innovative post ideas based on your past posts, industry, and current events
  • Collaboration tools make it simple to work with teammates and clients. From white-labeled features to collaborative post creation, you’ll be on track in no time
  • The white label dashboard is perfect for agencies
  • White-labeled reporting makes sharing insights with clients a breeze 
  • Collaborate with your clients: you can send posts for approval and receive feedback directly from the platform

Sendible has the edge when it comes to customer support, its incredible feature set, and budget-friendly pricing, making it a top contender for anyone looking to make the swap. Choosing between the two likely comes down to budget and specific integration and feature needs, since the two tools don’t have too many overlaps. Overall, you can’t go wrong with Sendible!



SocialPilot simplifies the social media manager’s life, making everything from scheduling to content creation a stress-free affair. With a range of features, it’s no wonder that businesses of all breeds choose SocialPilot to manage their social media presence.

Hootsuite vs. SocialPilot

  1. Customer service and support: SocialPilot’s support team knows their chops, giving it a big leg up over Hootsuite’s inconsistent service
  2. Reporting and analytics: the two platforms have comparable reporting capabilities, meaning former hooters will be right at home using SocialPilot’s analytics dashboard
  3. Reliability: like any platform, SocialPilot encounters occasional bugs, but the team handles them swiftly
  4. Integrations: SocialPilot lacks the breadth of integrations that you might find at Hootsuite, but its integrations and custom solutions let it adapt to users’ specific needs
  5. Platform usability: the tool is incredibly user-friendly, with helpful onboarding documents and a team ready to jump on a call
  6. User interface: the platform is far more intuitive than Hootsuite’s at times confusing dashboard
  7. Pricing: with pricing starting at $30/month, SocialPilot is the budget-friendly pick

Key Features

  • The platform’s bulk scheduling is amazing, letting you schedule up to 500 posts in advance using a simple CSV file (with images, too).
  • A content calendar helps you visualize your strategy, making it easy to plan and organize your roadmap for world domination.
  • The analytics dashboard is great, too, providing detailed analytics and customizable reports.
  • Collaboration tools allow teams to assign roles and manage workflows within the platform.
  • Client management capabilities let teams manage multiple clients without sharing login credentials, making it easier for agencies to handle client accounts.
  • A social inbox lets you manage comments and DMs in one place.
  • Content curation capabilities are key for discovering relevant content and coming up with post ideas.
  • A handy dandy browser extension means that users can easily schedule and share content while browsing the web on Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  • Available on iOS and Android, the SocialPilot mobile app lets users manage their socials on the go.

SocialPilot stands out for its affordability, making it the best value-for-money choice. And with unique features like bulk scheduling, recurring posts, and more, the choice comes down to what your specific business prioritizes. 



Ideal for agencies dipping their toes into white-labeling, Agorapulse is a strong competitor against Hootsuite. With superb analytics, the platform is perfect for strategizing how to dominate in your niche.

Hootsuite vs. Agorapulse

  1. Customer service and support: the platform’s attentive customer support gives you prompt, personalized service.
  2. Reporting and analytics: Agorapulse focuses on delivering intuitive and visually appealing 
  3. Reliability: the platform is incredibly reliable, with consistent updates and maintenance
  4. Integrations: while the tool integrates with fewer third-party platforms, its select integrations could work for the right team
  5. Platform usability: Agorapulse’s interface is simple and easy to use, making it much easier to get started with the platform than with Hootsuite
  6. User interface: users have a smooth experience with the tool, and it’s accessible for all skill levels
  7. Pricing: pricing is comparable between the two tools, with both plans starting at $99

Features to Note

  • Collaboration tools let you work with your teammates on posts, from commenting to final approval
  • Advanced analytics let you see everything - from boosted engagement to conversions, you’ll be crushing your goals in no time
  • Reporting is Agorapulse’s calling card. See how your strategy is performing with insights that bring you far beyond the raw data
  • Get a pulse on what’s happening with social media monitoring capabilities
  • The social inbox lets you manage DMs and comments all in one place
  • Agencies might be out of luck, since Agorapulse’s white-labeled features are limited to reporting, making it ideal for small agencies and businesses with limited use cases (like showing a report to your boss)

While Hootsuite’s flexibility is tempting (what with its integrations and advanced filtration tools), Agorapulse comes out on top for its sleek interface, helpful support team, and scalable pricing structure. Depending on your requirements, Agorapulse could be the best choice for your team if they’re tired of headaches and want a tool with similar features on the same budget!



Businesses looking to maximize ROI (and be vocal about their success) will love eClincher. Best known as a social media management tool for agencies and enterprises, it’s a good competitor to Hootsuite for businesses and agencies that want to scale. With this tool in your pocket, you’ll be “clinch”ing deals in no time.

Hootsuite vs. eClincher

  1. Customer service and support: eClincher’s customer service is unmatched, making it a refreshing change from Hootsuite’s hands-off approach
  2. Reporting and analytics: the platforms have similar approaches to analytics, though eClincher is particularly coveted for its ease of data interpretation 
  3. Reliability: users of the platform seriously love it. There’s no better sign of reliability than that!
  4. Integrations: eClincher integrates with key tools for enterprises and agencies, fitting nicely into larger teams’ tech stacks
  5. Platform usability: the platform’s ease of use makes it approachable and easy to onboard
  6. User interface: new users can easily grasp how to do anything and everything on eClincher, making it a smooth learning experience
  7. Pricing: pricing starts at $59, with custom pricing for agencies

Features to Note

  • Users enjoy smart queues for republishing content pieces, making it easy to schedule posts
  • A centralized social inbox makes juggling DMs and comments child’s play
  • The platform’s image library helps craft eye-catching posts
  • Competitor tracking and advanced analytics give you a full-scope view of performance
  • Collaboration features help you stay on the same page with your team
  • Fully customize your reporting - whether it’s for your internal team or clients

As with any decision, choosing the right tool comes down to you and your team’s priorities. For teams that value specific integrations and customization, Hootsuite may fare better in your tech stack. But if you prioritize an intuitive interface, stellar support, and a budget-friendly price, eClincher comes out on top.



Great for small teams and agencies, CoSchedule keeps the trains running on time. Phenomenal organizational abilities and workflow management tools make it a best-in-class tool, more than worthy of standing up to Hootsuite. 

Hootsuite vs. CoSchedule

  1. Customer service and support: the support team is helpful and gets back to users quickly, unlike Hootsuite where support is often lacking
  2. Reporting and analytics: CoSchedule’s reporting capabilities focus on content marketing and campaign performance, making it great for teams with an overarching vision. However, you may not get the same depth of insights that you do with Hootsuite
  3. Reliability: CoSchedule has a reputation for dependability and performance, making it a favorite among teams of all sizes
  4. Integrations: with a unique marketing calendar, Canva integration, and AI content generator, CoSchedule allows you room to experiment and play. While Hootsuite has more integrations across the board, bigger isn’t always better.
  5. Platform usability: with a streamlined approach to content planning, creation, and distribution, CoSchedule is beloved as an all-in-one solution to marketing management
  6. User interface: users particularly love CoSchedule’s visually-forward marketing calendar
  7. Pricing: CoSchedule’s pricing starts at $80 per month

Features to Note

  • Collaborative workflows make it easy to work with your team
  • Scheduling capabilities let you build unrivaled content calendars
  • Manage comments and DMs with CoSchedule’s social inbox
  • The ReQueue feature will fill your queue with content based on your successful posts
  • Campaign templates help you create and execute your strategy for world domination
  • White-labeled reports make it simple to share your wins with clients
  • Impress clients with read-only calendars where they can review, comment on, and view your planned posts

It’s a toss-up between the two platforms, but teams that want a comprehensive marketing tool may be more suited to CoSchedule. With an amazing platform that combines content marketing, social media scheduling, and project management into one, it changes the game when it comes to planning and implementation. 



Perfect for maximizing your workforce, SocialBee is particularly beloved by resellers and agencies. Convenient integrations and content recycling capabilities make it ideal for shaving time from your workflow and managing lots of clients, making it a worthy opponent of Hootsuite.

Hootsuite vs. SocialBee

  1. Customer service and support: SocialBee’s customer service and success team work hands-on with clients, ensuring that you maximize your use of the platform
  2. Reporting and analytics: when it comes to analytics, Hootsuite and SocialBee offer fairly similar reporting capabilities
  3. Reliability: the platform is incredibly reliable, with users frequently mentioning how quickly bugs are resolved by the team
  4. Integrations: for the average team, SocialBee’s integrations are more than sufficient. But for teams requiring specific tool integrations, Hootsuite may be the better option.
  5. Platform usability: while Hootsuite is clunky and difficult to learn, SocialBee is made with ease in mind
  6. User interface: SocialBee is loved by beginners and old pros alike.
  7. Pricing: SocialBee is the budget option here, with prices starting at just $25/month

Features to Note

  • The AI content generator inspires your team to fill your clients’ calendars with engagement-driving posts
  • SocialBee is integrated with Canva, so you can build visually-focused posts with ease
  • Advanced analytics and engagement-boosting features empower you to stay on top of your progress and align your wins with your overall marketing objectives
  • Save time on content creation by automatically recycling your best posts
  • SocialBee is the perfect choice for resellers who need a white-labeled platform
  • Agency partners benefit from the platform’s white-labeled reports, too
  • And they can get in on the branded platform capabilities as well

Switching from Hootsuite

No matter which platform you choose, you’re sure to find one that is miles better than Hootsuite. If you and your team are tired of the clunky interface, subpar support, and high costs, this list has all of the information you need to start on a better path!


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