Top 15 BrightLocal Alternatives for Local SEO in 2024

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BrightLocal is a platform made for local businesses to shine online. It offers tools like local SEO to help them appear in local searches and citation building to boost their credibility. Businesses can also manage their online reputation by monitoring and responding to reviews. With BrightLocal, companies can improve their visibility, attract more customers, and maintain a positive online image. 

If you are looking for BrightLocal alternatives, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of 15 BrightLocal alternatives, including various features they offer along with their pros and cons. Come, see what suits your preferences and make the right choice. 

Why Switch from BrightLocal?

  • Pricing Structure: Its pay-as-you-go model for citations can become expensive, making it challenging to estimate costs upfront.
  • Confusing reporting: Users find BrightLocal's reports overwhelming and sometimes incorrect, lacking clarity for demonstrating progress to clients.
  • Difficult to set up: Users encounter issues during set-up and spend more time than expected, needing a solution that's quick and easy to start using.
  • Customer Support limitations: While support can be fast, it's inconsistent, with some users waiting weeks for help, impacting client satisfaction.
  • Glitchy integrations: Although BrightLocal integrates with Google services, some users find these connections unreliable, affecting data accuracy and usability.

How to choose the best BrightLocal Alternative? 

Fairly Priced

A good BrightLocal alternative should be fairly priced and make sure that it is cost-effective and affordable in the long run. 

Straightforward Reporting Structure

If you’re looking for a BrightLocal alternative, you might also want to consider that the reporting structure is easily understandable and not very overwhelming for the users. It also should have a clean and easy user interface. 

Personalized Customer Support 

While BrightLocal might not offer a good customer support experience, you might want to look for a tool that puts its customers first and ensures that they prioritize their customer’s needs 

Smooth Third-Party Integrations 

The more the integrations, the better. Since BrightLocal experiences various glitches with its Google, it is necessary that you look at tools that provide an easier and smoother experience with third-party integrations and don’t get too laggy. 

Managed Services

BrightLocal currently doesn’t offer managed services. What are managed services you ask? Where the tool basically handles all the nitties and gritties, while you focus on tasks that are much more important and time-sensitive. 


Best Suited For: Agencies, SMBs, Mid-sized Businesses, Large Enterprises

What Synup Does?

Synup helps businesses engage with their customers online, and respond to their experiences, reviews, and feedback to enhance their business perception. Since managing reviews single-handedly becomes difficult and can cost a lot of time, automating it becomes essential. Therefore, Synup helps consolidate these reviews from various websites, making it easier for you to engage with their customers at scale and build a better relationship with them. 

Key Features

✅ Review Monitoring: Keep track of reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yellow Pages, and respond to them all in one place.

✅ Customer Sentiment Analysis: Understand customer feelings quickly with intelligent language processing.

✅ Feedback Collection: Gather direct feedback from customers via emails and SMS to identify areas for improvement.

✅ Review Templates: Access ready-made templates to encourage customers to leave new reviews.

✅ Smart Response System: Automatically respond to reviews based on sentiment, star rating, location, or keywords.

✅ Expert Support: Get help from our support team for setup and using the platform effectively.

✅ White Label Reputation Management: Agencies and resellers can offer reputation management services under their brand, with access to features like review monitoring and analytics.

✅ Integration with CRMs: Sync with over 100 CRM and POS systems to start review campaigns automatically.

✅ Detailed Reporting: Access comprehensive reports and analytics to track review performance and reputation management strategies.

Benefits of using Synup

⭐️ Save Time and Boost Revenue

Synup helps you quickly find new clients and keep existing ones, making it easier to meet your revenue goals.

⭐️ All-in-One Local Marketing Suite

Manage your listings, monitor your reputation, and enhance your social media, all from one platform. This gives you more time for strategic planning.

⭐️ Efficient Automation

Synup automates reviews, listings, and content workflows, acting like a personal assistant to save you valuable time.

⭐️ Complete Client Management

With CJ Leads, you can handle all aspects of client interactions from lead generation to account management in one place.

⭐️ Managed Services

Let Synup’s expert team handle your daily local marketing tasks, so you don’t have to.

⭐️ Dedicated Support

Our support team understands your business needs and offers personalized help, including weekly office hours for learning more about local marketing.

⭐️ Seamless White-Labeling

Enjoy fully customized, on-brand solutions with our white-label services, backed by excellent support.

How to get started with Synup?

Sign up for a demo and once your account has been set up and you’re in, it's as simple as it can get. All you have to do is, connect all your accounts such as Google and Facebook and we’ll sync all your reviews for you. Next, you just need to click on ‘Reviews’ and select respond to the reviews you want to respond to. 

Synup’s reputation management suite helps you monitor, manage, analyze, and respond to reviews with ease.

Synup also offers you a ton of response templates that can come in handy and make it easier for you to respond to your customers with just a few clicks. 

What customers say about Synup

“Synup enables seamless consistency in your business information throughout. This not only enhances your business's visibility but also instills trust among customers and makes your life easier to have everything under control in one single place.

Review management is another area where Synup excels. The platform enables you to monitor and respond to reviews from various platforms all within the Synup interface. This is pivotal in maintaining a positive brand image and showcasing exceptional customer service.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Small Medium Businesses & Enterprises

What Birdeye Does?

Birdeye is an all-in-one online reputation management platform that helps multi-location businesses with local listings management, reputation management, social media management, store locator pages, and much more. Birdeye also offers a wide range of integrations as compared to BrightLocal while ensuring a smoother integration experience. 

Source: Birdeye


➡️ Offers end-to-end local listings management 

➡️ AI-powered social media platform to help generate social media posts in minutes

➡️ An all-in-one reviews software that 

➡️ Has an in-built AI automated chat assistant - Bird AI

➡️ In-depth reporting and analytics that help you understand your overall performance 

➡️ Helps create personalized and high-converting text messages at scale 

➡️ Collects feedback and analyzes data with surveys 

➡️ Benchmark and analyze how your competitors are performing 

➡️ Has a comprehensive payment solution that can be implemented across text, scan, card readers, your website, and at various other places. 


✅ Great review management process, very intuitive and easy to use

✅ An in-built payment solution


❌ Doesn’t make use of their own tech for listings management

❌ Priced too high for SMBs and Agencies 

Priced at $299 Per Month


“I use Birdeye for social media, listings, and reputation management. It has been wonderful to be able to pull all of these different functions into one centralized location. Our team appreciates a single login to manage these platforms, which can be unwieldy without a platform like this. We use the Birdeye platform daily, and it is a key tool for the work we do.”


“The reporting features in Birdeye are a bit less customizable for social media than other platforms our team has tried. The basic reporting is there, but there's a lot to be desired when it comes to detailed engagement metrics and customizability. There are several other areas of reporting that we have found lacking as core functions of Birdeye, but we have appreciated support in developing these. Two other functional areas our team wishes were available in the platform are social ad management and more detailed local search ranking data with extended keyword tracking.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Agencies, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

What Vendasta Does? 

Vendasta is an all-in-one comprehensive platform for agencies and resellers, offering a wide range of products similar to BrightLocal. If you're looking for a comprehensive standalone tool and want to avoid additional costs, Vendasta is a solid alternative to BrightLocal.

Source: Vendasta


➡️ Complete set of local marketing tools: listing management, CRM, social media, and reputation management.

➡️ Centralized management of listings across multiple sites and platforms.

➡️ Brand monitoring to track online mentions and conversations.

➡️ All-in-one system for monitoring, requesting, responding to, and analyzing reviews.

➡️ White-label option for agencies and resellers.


✅ Provides great sales and marketing reports 


❌ Some of the features are glitchy at times and might not work

❌ Products and services don’t fit the expectations at times 

❌ Might be priced a little on the higher end for SMBs

Priced at $79 Per Month


“The support that you get as a business owner is beyond anything you would expect when you consider the size of a small business in comparison to the size of Vendasta. But, their team is highly responsive, informed, and diligent about their follow-ups.”


“The quality of some of the services was lacking. Specifically, the control you were given with their web hosting package. We had clients complaining of poor speeds, but the Vendasta web hosting package did not allow you to use your own caching plugin and thus left the website slow.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Moz Local

Best Suited For: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses

What Moz Local Does?

Moz Local focuses on accurate data for local searches, while BrightLocal offers user-friendly reporting and SEO management. Both help businesses improve local search presence, with Moz being strong on data accuracy and BrightLocal on easy reporting. However, the advantage Moz Local has over BrightLocal is that it’s fairly priced and is also cost-effective in the long run.

Source: MozLocal


➡️ Sync listings across search engines, directories, and apps in one place.

➡️ Find and remove duplicate listings.

➡️ Get guidance for optimizing listings and share them automatically.

➡️ Manage reviews from one inbox.

➡️ Track review sentiment and analyze feedback trends.

➡️ Post listings directly to Google and Facebook.

➡️ Share social content across multiple directories.


✅ User-friendly and easy to make use of 

✅ Affordable and fairly priced 


❌ The customer support is subpar 

❌ Missing essential functions like citation builder and review management 

Priced at $14 Per Month


“MOZ is ideal for SEO-related items like site audits, crawling reports, etc. Using Moz's incredibly user-friendly interface, I can quickly generate beautiful reports for clients and myself. I use it specifically to reveal "no-follow" connections on websites. This is especially beneficial when considering using backlinks by posting on websites supporting content syndication. Although it offers keyword tracking, it goes further in a few aspects. Search Visibility is a measure that the system offers. This score may be applied to all the keywords being tracked or only to those within a user-defined category. As a result, this aids in our understanding of the website's performance and specific product categories. Additionally, we can see how the three rivals stack up.”


“Their customer service is subpar. Occasionally, data from a tool used to assess competition is not correct. There are several differences if you compare the data from MOZ with that from Google Search Console and Ahrefs. I used them to analyze ten projects for links and discovered that they could not crawl backlinks that I made a few months ago, despite being visible in search console data. They must improve their dot bot. They are unable to recognize the internal connections on my websites either. I found 8 out of 100 projects had no internal links when I examined them. The Moz Local tool is missing essential functions like Citation Builder and Reputation Manager. There is no free trial available for Moz Local either.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Non-Profit, and Small Businesses

What Yext Does? 

Yext is like an all-in-one suite for multi-location businesses to help them manage listings, reputation, reviews, build store locator pages, landing pages, and more. It offers great leverage over BrightLocal since it’s not manual and is mostly API-based. Therefore, updates are faster and don’t take much time and that’s what makes it better than BrightLocal.


➡️ Helps build business listings across 200 maps and search engines

➡️ Can generate, respond, and monitor reviews at scale

➡️ Offers an AI dynamic search experience

➡️ Helps amplify your brand’s social media presence across various platforms such as Apple, Facebook, Google and Instagram

➡️ Users can build state-of-the-art store locator pages

➡️ Provides actionable insights and analytics

➡️ Yext Chat is built especially for enterprise-level customers  


✅ Manages everything under a single roof 


❌ The customer support is not that great

❌ Increases its pricing rapidly

❌ No CRM or POS Integration for review generation

Priced at $4 Per Week


“Yext has helped us streamline and centralize our listing updates across platforms for both our company-owned and franchise retail locations. We can easily and quickly update seasonal hours and get new locations up and running. And best of all, we can turn off the Google robocalls during the holidays when our store associates are busy assisting customers.”


“1 - The time it takes to update the Knowledge Graph vs. the directories updates. Granted, Google has made several changes to GBPs, but we've been unable to leverage them through the Knowledge Graph. Moreover,

2- I dislike that you can only upload one photo at a time in the Assets library; the only way to do it is to upload the images directly to each store and forgo adding them to the Assets library.

3 - Sometimes, the Support Team doesn't elaborate on why they cannot help you. As the point of contact, I'm not always the most tech-savvy person in the room, so it would be awesome to get a more detailed heads-up on what we can try or research when the Yext Support Team is unable to help.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Business

What ReviewTrackers Does?

ReviewTrackers offers robust review management tools with sentiment analysis, while BrightLocal provides comprehensive local SEO solutions including review monitoring and citation building. Both platforms aim to help businesses improve their online reputation and local search visibility, with ReviewTrackers focusing more on review management features and BrightLocal offering a wider range of SEO tools.

Source: Capterra


➡️ Streamline your review management process effortlessly.

➡️ Gain insights into your competitors' strategies with competitive intelligence tools.

➡️ Understand the sentiment behind customer feedback for better decision-making.

➡️ Seamlessly manage your social media presence alongside your reviews.

➡️ Enhance teamwork and productivity with collaborative features tailored to your needs.


✅ The ability to filter out responded reviews and unresponded reviews 

✅ The review aggregation feature is very helpful 


❌ Customer support is not very prompt 

❌ Review sites disconnect without any prior notification 

Priced at $99 Per Month


“Love that all of our reviews are housed in one platform. Love that we can customize our solicitations. However, the customer support by Heather P. is what immediately stands out. She is very responsive to questions and inquiries.”


“Sometimes review sites disconnect themselves and I don't always catch it so that's frustrating. I also wish we could change things to our time zone - I track by the month and it ends in Britain's time zone making my tracking off at the end of the month sometimes. Also, some of the negative keywords in the system aren't negatives in our industry.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

What Chatmeter Does?

Chatmeter excels in reputation management with AI-driven listening tools, ensuring businesses stay informed about their online presence. Additionally, it provides valuable insights into consumer behavior and experiences, enhancing brand intelligence. In contrast, while BrightLocal offers reputation management solutions, it may not provide the same level of AI-powered listening or deep consumer behavior insights as Chatmeter.

Source: Chatmeter


➡️ Assess your competitors' strategies and performance with competitor analysis tools.

➡️ Gather valuable feedback from customers to improve your products or services.

➡️ Utilize AI-powered techniques to manage and enhance your online reputation effectively.

➡️ Manage your social media presence seamlessly to engage with your audience.

➡️ Collaborate efficiently with your team members to achieve your goals.


✅ Sentiment Analysis is very intuitive 

✅ Offers custom reports 

✅ Super-responsive AI tools 


❌ Slow at times, updates take a long time to load 

❌ Expensive 

Offers custom pricing options for different services


“Their tools and dashboards are very intuitive and simple to navigate.”


“There have been a few glitches! Such as a lack of ability to reply to certain types of reviews (despite our account being connected), seeing different data on some views of the dashboard than other places where it should be matching, etc.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid-Size Business

What SOCi Does?

SOCi is an AI-driven local marketing tool that streamlines listings management, social media, review management, and the creation of store locators and local landing pages. In comparison, BrightLocal offers similar features for managing local SEO but may not provide the same level of AI integration and automation as SOCi. While both platforms aim to enhance local marketing efforts, SOCi's emphasis on AI-powered solutions sets it apart in terms of efficiency and automation.

Source: GetApp


➡️ Efficiently manage your local listings across various platforms, ensuring accurate and consistent information for your business.

➡️ Seamlessly handle your social media presence with tools for scheduling, posting, and engaging with your audience.

➡️ Stay organized and plan with a comprehensive content calendar to schedule your posts and campaigns.

➡️ Enhance your online visibility with customizable store locator pages to help customers find your locations easily.

➡️ Create engaging local landing pages tailored to specific locations to drive conversions and sales.

➡️ Access a vast content library to find relevant and engaging content for your local marketing efforts.


✅ Social Media Management on SOCi is great 

✅ Post analytics are comprehensive 


❌ Customer Support is a little hard to get in touch with

❌ The UI and UX both could be improved

❌ Automated content is not as great, looks AI-generated and over the-top 

Pricing structure not transparent, offers custom pricing options for different services


“SOCI provides regular, interesting information, some of which is auto-posted to my social media accounts, and some of which I can pick and choose to post should it meet my high standards of interest. Much of the content is relevant to the group of people I am trying to reach and assist and it helps me reach them on a regular basis so they are more likely to call when they are ready to buy or sell. Besides that, I find the content helpful and I enjoy reading the articles and watching the short videos myself. The mobile app is great and really keeps me in touch with the postings. It makes it easy to review optional material and post immediately for those extra touches with potential business.”


“Something about the design is clunky to me. I would like if using SoCi was a little more intuitive, though that could just be stubbornness on my part. I feel there is room for improvement in the design and layout and understanding of how to navigate SoCi. The appeal of automated marketing falters a little when you have to study a site to learn to use it.

“As with any platform, there is a training component and there are always limitations. The training for SOCi took longer than anticipated, but that is in the past now. There is a limit to the variety of social sites that can be published from SOCi, and the dashboard views only show the top five sites.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

What Reputation Does? 

Reputation helps businesses manage listings, reviews, surveys, social media, and more, efficiently growing their online presence. While BrightLocal focuses on local SEO management, Reputation offers a broader range of tools for holistic online reputation management, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming for efficient growth.

Source: Reputation


➡️ Manage business listings across various platforms to ensure accurate information and visibility.

➡️ Handle reviews effectively and utilize Review Booster tools to enhance positive feedback.

➡️ Create location-specific pages to improve local search rankings and customer engagement.

➡️ Publish content on social media platforms to engage with your audience and promote your brand.

➡️ Monitor social media conversations and mentions to stay informed about your brand's online presence.

➡️ Integrate AI technologies to automate tasks and improve efficiency across your marketing efforts.


✅ Easy to navigate and use 


❌ Reports can be made easier to use 

❌ Has a steep learning curve

❌ Does not have a citation builder 

Offers custom pricing options for different services 


“Reputation collects a lot of useful data for reputation management. I like the customizability of reports and dashboards to fit the needs of each user. I also like the concept of Reputation Score - as it helps us to explain to our field colleagues how reputation management plays into their location's ranking in search.”


“It would be helpful if you could collect and respond to all reviews from various sources right within the platform. Some platforms can be filtered in, but not responded to (e.g. PissedConsumer). Also, I don't like that many of the features are add-ons for additional scope. I'd rather the platform have everything available up-front.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Small Medium Businesses, Large Enterprises,

What Whitespark Does?

WhiteSpark and BrightLocal are both Local SEO software options that help you track online rankings and manage your online reputation. WhiteSpark offers a wide range of local search services like rank tracking and citation building, while BrightLocal focuses more on detailed reporting and analytics. So, if you want a comprehensive suite of local SEO services, WhiteSpark might be your choice, but if you prioritize detailed reporting, BrightLocal could be a better fit.

Source: Whitespark


➡️ Monitor your local search rankings across various platforms to gauge your online visibility and performance.

➡️ Build citations across relevant directories and websites to improve your local search presence and credibility.

➡️ Boost your online reputation by actively managing and generating reviews and feedback from customers.

➡️ Utilize a dedicated local platform to streamline your local SEO efforts and track your progress effectively.

➡️ Ensure accurate and consistent business listings across different platforms and directories to enhance your online visibility.

➡️ Access a range of SEO services tailored to improve your website's search engine rankings and online visibility.


✅ Priced fairly 

✅ Does not charge extra for updating or editing your pre-existing listings


❌ Have to manually fill up each citation form for each client

Offers Custom Pricing Options


“Using Whitespark saved me a ton of time and energy. Their process and staff are desined to be efficient and effective. And their pricing is right where it needs to be to make this an easy business decision. I have used the service for several clients and will use it for more in the future.”


“The worst part about Whitespark is having to manually fill in the citation form for each client when using their service for multiple clients”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Best Suited For: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses

What Does? supports multi-location businesses by managing company and product reviews, boosting customer loyalty, and providing reputation management. In contrast, BrightLocal specializes in local SEO solutions, including review monitoring and citation building. While focuses on improving overall customer satisfaction, BrightLocal targets local search visibility.



➡️ Manage and showcase reviews from customers about your company.

➡️ Display and handle reviews specifically about your products or services.

➡️ Utilize a reputation manager tool to actively monitor and improve your online reputation.

➡️ Benefit from a wide range of integrations with other platforms and tools to enhance your overall marketing strategy.


✅ Easy to use and has an intuitive user interface

✅ Great customer support 


❌ Highly priced and does not offer more than reviews 

❌ For the price, customers say they should also provide some other Local SEO tools and features

Priced at $99 Per Month


“I like the simplicity of it. You can easily connect it to your shop and/or use alle of the other many integrations they offer. Also, thanks to the great customer support, there is always a helping hand by your side e.g when importing reviews from third-party sites.”


“I find myself a bit lost within the platform, given its complexity. Additionally, I would appreciate having more control over the reviews that are published on my website, as some of them seem unfairly negative and entirely out of place compared to the rest.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

What Podium Does?

Podium is a reputation management platform with built-in AI tools for lead conversion and communication. It integrates with over 200 third-party sites and apps, surveys, and feedback forms. BrightLocal, on the other hand, focuses on local SEO, helping businesses improve their online visibility.

Source: Podium


➡️ Monitor and respond to reviews from both Google and Facebook platforms.

➡️ Prompt customers to leave reviews through personalized invites.

➡️ Facilitate quick communication with website visitors through messaging features.

➡️ Engage with website visitors in real time through website chat functionality.

➡️ Seamlessly integrate a chatbox into your website for instant communication with visitors.


✅ Conversational AI employee who works as an AI assistant 

✅ Customer Support is really helpful and knowledgeable


❌ Too pricey and not very cost-effective in the long run 

❌ Has a steep learning curve

❌ Has a lock-in contract period of 12 months 

Priced at $399 Per Month


“Podium has allowed us to stand out from our competitors in a very competitive landscape! Our clients have many options locally to purchase the same exact items that our company sells, however, thanks to Podium they have reason to trust us for their purchases.”


“Setting up the automation and navigating the site could be more efficient, It is a bit expensive, and I also wish Podium had more robust CRM integrations (as we use HubSpot) but it still suffices for what we need it to do.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

What NiceJob Does?

NiceJob is a one-stop reputation marketing software for busy business owners on a budget. It automates review generation, referrals, and social media content. In comparison, BrightLocal focuses on local SEO, helping businesses improve online visibility.

Source: NiceJob


➡️ Analyze the performance of your social media accounts with detailed insights and metrics.

➡️ Engage with your audience effectively through likes, comments, and shares on social media platforms.

➡️ Monitor conversations, schedule posts, and manage your social media presence efficiently.

➡️ Evaluate the sentiment behind social media mentions and interactions to understand customer perceptions.

➡️ Generate customized reports tailored to your specific social media analytics needs and objectives.


✅ Has a vast network of 3rd party integrations

✅ Great customer service


❌ Missing a lot of essential features

❌ Does not have a citation builder 

❌ Runs into a few glitches here and there

Priced at $75 Per Month


“First, NiceJob does EXACTLY what it says it'll do, it gets you more reviews. To my knowledge, they're the only service at this price range that offers drip campaigns as well. They track who they send requests to, who responds and remind customers who haven't reviewed you to do so. It's not overbearing and people can easily opt out. It's easy to upload your contacts automatically and connect it to whatever platforms you use too.”


“There's only one thing I don't like and that's nice job sending reviews to its own review board. It's a waste of a customer review and siphons off meaningful reviews from places like Google or yelp. I get what they're trying to do but I don't want any reviews to go to the Nicejob review page, I want them on GMB or Yelp. Places that people actually check. That's my only gripe.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Freelancers, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Business

What Thryv Does?

Thryv is a comprehensive platform that supports businesses in maintaining a strong online presence and provides essential tools for successful operations, including communication tools, a CRM, a marketing center, and a marketplace. In contrast, BrightLocal specializes in local SEO solutions, focusing on aspects like review monitoring and citation building to enhance a business's online visibility. While Thryv offers a wide range of business management features, BrightLocal concentrates on optimizing local search visibility through SEO strategies.

Source: Thryv


➡️ Organize and schedule your social media content across various platforms for effective management.

➡️ Create and optimize landing pages tailored to specific local markets to enhance online visibility.

➡️ Monitor digital channels and platforms to track brand mentions, reviews, and customer feedback.

➡️ Analyze the sentiment behind online interactions and mentions to gauge customer perceptions.

➡️ Plan and schedule your content with a structured calendar for consistent posting and engagement.

➡️ Design and customize email campaigns to engage with your audience effectively and personalize communication.


✅ Easy to use 

✅ Great Customer Support Team


❌ The Mobile app needs to be more optimized 

❌ Has a steep learning curve and can be overwhelming at times 

Pricing structure not transparent


“I love the support I get when needed. When I first signed up for Thryv, I had Zoom calls with a support person who walked me through the software and helped me set up my business. I have support via email, phone, and chat. I have used their support when I do not understand something and they have been very responsive, professional, and helpful.”


“The app needs some optimization. When you're in the field and need to access someones customer card for information or to upload something or to take a payment, it needs to be quick and seamless. Currently the app can be slow but overall is still does a good job of providing the information needed.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Uberall CoreX

Best Suited For: Freelancers, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Business

What Uberall CoreX Does? 

Uberall CoreX is an AI-powered multi-location marketing platform designed to enhance your brand's visibility and prominence in local searches, ensuring that nearby and local customers can easily find and engage with your business. In contrast, BrightLocal specializes in local SEO solutions, focusing on strategies like review monitoring and citation building to improve a business's online visibility. While Uberall CoreX emphasizes AI-powered marketing for multi-location businesses, BrightLocal concentrates on optimizing local search visibility through SEO tactics.

Source: Uberall CoreX


➡️ Manage your business listings across multiple platforms effortlessly.

➡️ Gather valuable customer feedback to improve your products or services.

➡️ Handle your social media presence effectively to engage with your audience.

➡️ Receive real-time updates to stay informed about your business's performance.

➡️ Access comprehensive analytics to track and analyze your marketing efforts.


✅ Intutive User Experience

✅ Provides a ton of useful features


❌ Reports are not very comprehensive at times 

❌ Customers think more AI automations can really help 

Offers custom pricing options for different services


“Saves me so much time. I love the feed, if I need to search through our almost 300 restaurants for a specific review.. I can find it in seconds! Also Anne & the engagement team have made it so I can tackle a my duties and not take most of my time to focus on review management.”


“I love the customer sentiment and experience analytics but I would like them more easily broken down when I am looking for specific data. I am sure Uberall has the reports, so it may just be a user issue.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Advice Local

Best Suited For: Small Medium Businesses

What Advice Local Does?

AdviceLocal provides local technology solutions, including citation management, with both API-based and manual citation services. It boasts a broad network of publishers, covering voice search and aggregators. On the other hand, BrightLocal focuses primarily on local SEO, emphasizing review monitoring and citation building. While AdviceLocal offers versatile citation services and extensive publisher coverage, BrightLocal specializes in optimizing local search visibility through SEO strategies.

Source: Advice Local


➡️ Efficiently manage your business listings across various online platforms.

➡️ Monitor and respond to customer reviews with precision using our dedicated tool.

➡️ Implement a user-friendly store locator feature to help customers find your locations easily.

➡️ Access advanced tools for optimizing Google Business Profile and maximizing online visibility.

➡️ Ensure readiness for voice search queries to stay ahead in today's digital landscape.


✅ Intutive and easy to use 

✅ Offers White Label custom dashboard options 


❌ Support is a little slow at times 

❌ The UX is a little outdated and can use some more work

❌ Does not have Reputation Management

Pricing is not transparent


“The ability to white-label the platform for clients - its a major value add for agencies.”


“Sometimes the support can be a tad slow, but its never been a deal-breaker.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*

In a Nutshell: 

When exploring alternatives to BrightLocal, it's essential to weigh the pros and cons carefully. 

Synup emerges as a standout option, offering a comprehensive set of features at a budget-friendly price. 

With its impressive array of tools for managing online reputation, gathering feedback, and automating review responses, Synup ticks all the boxes for businesses looking to enhance their online presence. 

Moreover, its affordability makes it an attractive choice for businesses of all sizes. 

So, if you're seeking a reliable and cost-effective solution to boost your online reputation, Synup is worth considering.


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