Top 15 ReviewTrackers Alternatives to look out for in 2024

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ReviewTrackers simplifies the process of managing online reviews for businesses. It provides a single dashboard to monitor and respond to reviews from various platforms. With tools for sentiment analysis and reporting, businesses can gain insights into customer feedback and trends. ReviewTrackers also integrates with popular review sites and business tools, making reputation management more efficient. 

Why Switch from ReviewTrackers?

Although, the overall tool is great - it is lacking in a few areas:

  1. The Sentiment Analysis tool, which is key for understanding customer satisfaction, is still in beta version.
  2. At times, managing the delay in receiving review alerts from Yelp can be challenging, especially when there's a sudden influx of reviews. 
  3. There's room for improvement in the design to make it more flexible.
  4. Updates can occasionally take a while to roll out and are mostly slow.
  5. The website cannot be accessed globally.

These are some compelling reasons for one to switch from ReviewTrackers and look out for other alternatives. 

Therefore, we have put together a list of alternatives you can consider instead.


Best Suited For: Agencies, Resellers, Small Medium Businesses & Large Enterprises

What Synup Does?

Synup is your go-to tool for boosting your business's online presence and connecting with customers. It streamlines the process of managing reviews, feedback, and customer experiences from different platforms, saving you heaps of time and hassle. By consolidating all these reviews in one place, Synup makes it a breeze to engage with your customers and build stronger relationships with them. It's like having your assistant for handling online interactions, helping you enhance your business perception effortlessly.

Key Features 

💎 Synup helps monitor reviews across various sites such as Google, Facebook, and Yellow Pages 

💎 Helps gather feedback directly from customers to continuously improve your products and services offerings via email

💎 Get tailored response templates that help you respond to customers with just one click 

💎 Synup’s smart response system customizes templates and automatically responds to reviews based on sentiment, star rating, location, or keywords

💎 Get a 360 overview of your business performance and customer sentiment to visualize your reputation across 

💎 Complete Whitelabel solutions to put your brand on the front and gain invaluable trust from your customers

💎 Powerful automation to build scalable workflows for review management, listing updates, content creation, and a lot more

💎 Get an agency-focused sales management tool and CRM that supports you through lead management, payment, client account management, and a lot more

💎 Offload your work to our team of experts and grow your client business through a completely managed service offering

💎 Get premium customer support access with dedicated personnel to handle your major accounts and deals

Benefits of using Synup

⭐️ Comprehensive Tool

Synup offers a complete set of tools for managing local business marketing, from online listings to social media, all accessible with one login

⭐️ Managed Services

Synup helps streamline your daily tasks by automating repetitive work so that you can focus on more important things.

⭐️ CJ Leads – Complete client lifecycle management

With the CJ Leads platform, you can manage everything from capturing leads to handling payments in one central place, making it easier for agencies.

⭐️ Customer Sentiment Analysis

Intelligent Natural Language Processing quickly helps analyze customer sentiment to tell you what they like and dislike

⭐️ Easy to Use

Synup’s intuitive design makes it easy to navigate, helping businesses streamline operations and improve efficiency

⭐️ API-Based

Synup's API-based system ensures that updates are incredibly fast, achieving speeds up to 5 times quicker than traditional methods.

⭐️Globally Accessible

Synup’s website can be easily accessed by people all across the world

How to get started with Synup?

To kickstart your journey with Synup, begin by signing up for a demo.

The process is straightforward once you've got your account up and running. Simply link your various accounts like Google and Facebook, and we'll sync all your reviews automatically.

Then, navigate to the 'Reviews' section where you can easily respond to the reviews of your choice.

With Synup's reputation management suite, monitoring, analyzing, and responding to reviews becomes a seamless experience, empowering you to manage your online presence.

Synup also offers you a ton of response templates that can come in handy and make it easier for you to respond to your customers with just a few clicks. 



Best Suited For: Small Medium Businesses & Enterprises

What Birdeye Does?

Birdeye is an online reputation management software that helps improve your online visibility and reputation, it also helps manage your business reviews and social media presence across various locations, globally. It provides solutions for every industry such as dental, healthcare, real estate, legal services, finance, automobiles, etc. to amplify their online presence and get found locally. 

More reviews. More revenue.
Source: Birdeye


➡️ Offers an AI-powered review software to amplify your local visibility online 

➡️ Helps generate social posts with built-in AI features in minutes and monitor your engagement

➡️ Manage business listings for multiple locations under a single dashboard 

➡️ All in one integrated chatbox 

➡️ Helps create streamlined tickets 

➡️ Store Locator Pages to showcase consistent NAP information across the web

➡️ Provides in-depth insights and analytics


⭐️ All reviews under a single dashboard make it convenient for users to access them

⭐ Offers a comprehensive payment solution 

⭐️ Helps compare benchmark ratings across various categories

⭐️ Measure and increase response rate with text surveys automatically

⭐️ In-built survey builder 


✅ Offers everything under one roof 

✅ The customer service is knowledgeable and helpful


❌ Social Media Integrations can be unreliable at times 

❌ Does not make use of their own tech when it comes to listings management

❌ Is very expensive

Priced at $299 Per Month



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Non-Profit, and Small Businesses

What Yext Does?

Yext provides businesses with the tools to monitor, analyze, and understand their customers better, and enhance their customer experience with intelligent review generation and response tools. It also provides other tools for local businesses such as listings management, store locator pages, reputation management, and much more.

Source: Yext


➡️ Review monitoring tools to view, filter, analyze, and label any reviews left by your customers

➡️ Has a review response tool that helps you respond right from the platform 

➡️ Sentiment Analysis to better understand your customer's user experience

➡️ Review Analytics to provide you with insights into what’s working for you and what’s not

➡️ Monitor and answer your Google Business Profile Q&As in real-time 

➡️ Manage your Google Business Photos from a single platform 


⭐️ Yext is a trusted company and has great credibility in the market 

⭐️ Generative review responses save a lot of time and energy 

⭐️ Helps you deliver personalized reviews at scale 

⭐️ Request reviews directly from your customers and send them a template to fill in 

⭐️ Track your competitor's progress and the current trend to know where you currently stand 


✅ Provides everything you need for online presence management under a single dashboard 

✅ Is user-friendly and is known to have a smooth interface


❌ Is too pricey 

❌ Customer support is inaccessible 

Priced at $4 Per Week



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

Podium claims to double your reviews in 60 days after signing up for the platform and comes with textable review invites, AI-powered replies, and various other automation and analytical tools to mark your progress. It also helps drive more foot traffic for your local business and rank higher on SERPs. 

A business requesting a review from a customer
Source: Podium


➡️ Collect and manage all your reviews under a single dashboard 

➡️ Connect to top review sites such as Yellow Pages, BBB, DealerRater, and many others

➡️ AI review replies help you write automated reviews in minutes 

➡️ One can automate their review alerts such as invites and reminders so they don’t miss out on important client feedback

➡️ Review reporting feature helps keep track of where all the reviews are coming from 

➡️ All the reviews automatically sync with your customer profile where the information is stored safely 

➡️ Has a mobile app that can help you manage reviews on the go


⭐️ Helps you manage all the reviews under a single dashboard along with an integrated inbox

⭐️ Rank higher on Google by keeping a tab on your reviews and replying to them daily

⭐️ Makes it easier for you to ask for customer testimonials 

⭐️ Helps you get found online faster 

⭐️ Drives more foot traffic 


✅ Customers say that Podium has made it super easy and efficient for them to manage reviews at their fingertips


❌ Heavily priced and is not cost-effective in the long run 

❌ The customer support needs to be more empathetic and supportive

Priced at $399 Per Month



Mid Size Business, Small Business

What GatherUp Does?

Gatherup is a customer feedback tool that helps businesses listen, share customer feedback, and collect first-party and third-party reviews, surveys, and NPS scores. It is used by agencies, SEO experts, and brands to help you build a strong presence online and rank higher on Google. 

Source: GetApp


➡️ Helps manage and monitor your reviews on Google and Yelp 

➡️ Comes with review widgets that help display all your reviews on your website 

➡️ Can monitor various review sites and Google Q&As from your customers 

➡️ Conversion pop-ups help easily insert reviews on your website

➡️ Helps build reviews on sites that matter and are important for your business 


⭐️ Helps make the most out of your online reviews and double down on your Local SEO efforts 

⭐️ Manages customer feedback and ensures that your customers have a smooth experience by helping you meet their needs

⭐️ All the reviews and customer feedback can be accessed under a single dashboard 

⭐️ Offers various other additional features for customer experience management such as automating requests, and reminders, and pushing personalized content. 

⭐️ Emails and messages can be customized with your business’ brand palette and logo, helping you stand out 

⭐️ Offers various third-party integrations for a smoother customer experience management 


✅ Has a dedicated customer service representative appointed for every customer interaction, which makes it easier for one to solve queries and doubts instantly


❌ Customers feel that the customizations they offer are restricted to emails and messages only

❌ Limited features and need to build more.

Priced at $60 Per Month



Best Suited For: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses

What Chatmeter Does?

Chatmeter is a multi-location AI-powered intelligence platform that helps manage the online reputation of local businesses. It uses AI-powered sentiment analysis tools to understand customers' user experience from the data they provide and ensure that they feel heard. This in turn also helps with your online presence management at scale. 

Source: GetApp


➡️ Supports all languages and helps translate all your reviews globally 

➡️ Has an in-built LBV (Local Brand Visibility) scoring system that helps understand your profile strength, reviews and links, and your overall performance

➡️ Know if the customer is satisfied with your product or service with the sentiment analysis tool that helps you understand your customer better


⭐️ Make your customers feel heard and seen

⭐️ Manage your customer demand efficiently 

⭐️ Know the exact problem your customer is facing with your product or service

⭐️ Choose from a plethora of AI-generated response templates, to help make your customer feel valued and understood

⭐️ Synthesize millions of unstructured data from customer reviews, comments, photos and more to gain a deep understanding of customer experience


✅ The team at Chatmeter is known to be very easy and friendly to work with

✅ AI automation are very helpful 

✅ The dashboard is extremely easy to use 


❌ Updates take a very long time 

Pricing structure not transparent. Reveals pricing after booking a demo. 



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

What Reputation Does?

Reputation helps you leverage your customer reviews to rank higher on Google and maintain a positive online presence that yields better customers, and increased foot traffic, especially for local businesses. It helps you manage your reviews, comes with built-in AI automation, tracks review metrics, and helps you with sentiment analysis tools to help you understand your customers better. 

Source: Reputation


➡️ Manage reviews at scale despite the review volume 

➡️ Helps request reviews easily via messaging and emails

➡️ Connected to all major review sites so businesses can respond to reviews directly from the reputation dashboard 

➡️ Offers AI-based recommendations and insights that help you improve your local review strategy 

➡️ Easily review and report key metrics 

➡️ Customisable reporting dashboards along with automated reporting features

➡️ Track review volume, quality, and sentiment at the brand, regional, or location level


⭐️ Responding is easier with AI automations and recommendations that help you manage large volumes of review data at scale 

⭐️ Makes it easier for businesses to request reviews from their customers 

⭐️ Improves brand reputation and score by responding to reviews regularly

⭐️ See trends in review metrics and sentiment to highlight strengths and areas of opportunity across all locations


✅ There are a variety of features and that is a great addition for anyone who’s looking to manage reviews and everything else under one roof


❌ Some review sources can be filtered in but Reputation doesn’t support responding them from the same dashboard

Pricing structure is not transparent. Reveals pricing after booking a demo. 



Best Suited For Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

What NiceJob Does?

Nice Job is an all-in-one reputation management platform for busy marketers and business owners who need to handle their reviews at scale. So, it makes their lives easier by putting review generations, referrals, and social media content on auto-pilot and automating it with in-built AI tools. 

Source: NiceJob


➡️ Helps connect and collect reviews from all major sites such as Google Business Profile, Facebook, etc. 

➡️ Can connect various third-party sites to automate review collection and additional customer data 

➡️ Helps launch review collection campaigns via emails and SMS 


⭐️ Spend less time managing your Google Business Profile and responding to reviews, instead automate them

⭐️ Outrank your local business competitors and rank higher on Google by following basic hygiene checks on reviews and responding to them on a timely basis

⭐️ With more reviews, you get more sales therefore, responding to them helps increase your foot traffic all the while making your customers feel heard and seen. 


✅ Offers a very competitive price 

✅ They manage drip campaigns very well 


❌ Don’t have a couple of features that other competitors do 

❌ Review widgets can be made more personalized 

Priced at $75 Per Month



Best Suited For: SMBs & Enterprises

What Reputology Does?

Reputology is an online review monitoring and management platform that helps monitor, analyze, and respond to customer reviews online. It also helps track customer sentiment under a single dashboard and helps you understand the gaps and take better action. 

Reputology- Review Monitoring Software, Free trial & download available at  best price in Coimbatore
Source: IndiaMART


➡️ Enables businesses to respond to online reviews directly from the reputology dashboard

➡️ Helps understand your customers’ sentiment better with the help of their overall customer experience 

➡️ Aggregates all the feedback under a single dashboard

➡️ Helps keep tabs of how your team manages the reviews 

➡️ Reporting and analytics allow you to gauge your KPI, spot trends, and compare storefronts at a glance. 


⭐️ Understand your customers better and bridge the gap between providing them with the best in class benefits and services

⭐️ Makes it easier for teams to manage reviews at a large scale and keep track of your customers 

⭐️ Track reviews written about your locations, products, and services, from 1 easy-to-use dashboard

⭐️ Get automated email notifications to stay on top of new reviews and reply directly from the Reputology dashboard


✅ The software is fairly easy to use 

✅ Representation of data as various graphs and charts makes it easier to analyze it further


❌ Does not have support Yelp integration

Pricing structure not transparent. Reveals pricing after booking a demo. 



Best Suited For: SMBs and Enterprises

What ReviewPush Does?

Review Push is a review management tool that helps easily collect, analyze, manage and promote reviews and get the most out of your customer reviews. It also helps keep all your data in one place, has keyword collections, sentiment analysis tools, automated review processes to manage reviews at scale and do much more within the platform. 

Source: ReviewPush


➡️ Manage, collect, and analyze all the review data under a single dashboard 

➡️ Provides an easy review collection system with a five-star rating system, and free form input and helps capture your customer contact information for future reference

➡️ Helps track keywords within positive and negative reviews 

➡️ Collect your customer sentiment data on a regular basis 

➡️ Easily identify your high and low performers with the rating system 


⭐️ Helps keep track of your review data on a daily basis

⭐️ Provides all your high-level review data in a single place 

⭐️ Automates the review response process by managing a lot of reviews at scale 

⭐️ Helps build trust with your customer by showing off the best reviews on your website 


✅ It is very simple and easy to use 


❌ Campaign analytics data can be much more comprehensive and detailed

❌ Priced a little too steep for small businesses to be able to afford them on a monthly basis

❌ Not very cost effective in the long run

Priced at $89 Per Month



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

What Swell Does?

Swell is an online reputation management platform for clinics and hospitals that can help them boost their online presence, improve their patient experience and understand their customers better. The platform works with keeping the three basic things in mind that helps them succeed, i.e personalization, automation and optimization. 

Source: GetApp


➡️ With swell online reputation management, businesses can boost their search ranking and reputation 

➡️ Generate more reviews with automation such as review invite templates

➡️ Helps monitor your brand performance in real-time 

➡️ Send personalized, text-based review invitations to boost review scores on Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, and more

➡️ Offers automation and PMS integrations to help automate review requests at a crucial point of the customer journey

➡️ Helps bring together feedback from Google, Healthgrades, and other review sites under a single dashboard 


⭐️ Has a Google Private API that makes it simple for patients to leave reviews

⭐️ Helps monitor reviews and reputation for one location or thousands of locations in minutes 

⭐️ Build messaging templates that blend text and email messages for maximum impact 

⭐️ Helps see review scores across platforms, open rates, response rates and other reputation metrics 


✅ Being able to create message templates is the best feature and the most easiest feature to work around with


❌ Has some basic glitches here and there and the overall platform could do better 

❌ Pick an easier interface to ease the user experience

Offers custom pricing for different services 


Best Suited For: Freelancers, Small Business

What Does? is a review management platform for marketing agencies that also helps generate revenue for your businesses. It is a platform that helps grow your business and also provides additional white-label services for a professional approach to your review management.

Source: GetApp


➡️ Get reviews on Google, Facebook, and over 100+ industry-specific review sites with email and text review request campaigns

➡️ Monitor reviews and respond to reviews on 100+ review sites.

➡️ Automatically stream your reviews with a widget on your website and share your reviews on social media

➡️ Schedule review performance reports so you can demonstrate the improvement of your reputation 


⭐️ Share customer reviews on the sites important to your business

⭐️ Automate the process of improving your reputation 

⭐️ Provide your business with visibility and credibility


✅ Automating message templates is a very helpful tool 

✅ Priced fairly


❌ Lacks a lot of features 

❌ Can be more user-friendly

Priced at $25 Per Month



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

What Vendasta Does?

Vendasta offers white-label reputation management software with AI-powered reviews to improve your search ranking, boost customer acquisition, and streamline your response management. Vendasta claims to be the one for multi-location businesses and franchises, especially regarding reputation management.

Source: GetApp


➡️ Helps manage all client reviews under a single dashboard 

➡️ Has access to multiple AI tools that help you easily monitor, gain insights, and respond at a scale 

➡️ Heightens your ability to respond and keep track of your customer feedback 

➡️ Can generate insightful reports with comprehensive data 

➡️ Provides Authentic AI-generated responses to analyze reviews score and sentiment for the perfect reply

➡️ Smart review requesting to increase reviews and boost local SEO

➡️ Manage your Google Q&A activity


⭐️ Build a positive reputation and help improve your relationship with your customers 

⭐️ Respond with AI to all of the top review sites, including Google & Yelp

⭐️ Directly respond to all the reviews from a single dashboard 

⭐️ Quickly request reviews from your customers from the same dashboard 


✅ Provides great after-sales support and a dedicated customer support representative


❌ Customers say it is not as great as other platforms because most of the features are lacking

❌ Priced too steep

Priced at $79 Per Month


Best Suited For: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

What Does? helps build trust and transparency with your customers by showcasing honest reviews and feedback along with User Generated Content which increases your product’s value and visibility online. 

Source: GetApp


➡️ Helps automate on-brand review invites 

➡️ Collect in-store reviews and analyze your customer interactions in real-time 

➡️ Enhance your data collection strategy with NPS surveys

➡️ Consolidate and manage third-party company reviews effortlessly

➡️ Engage your customers with authentic review content throughout your website, email marketing campaigns, and social media channels


⭐️ Send follow-ups via email, and request video feedback via text from top reviewers, all with Flows automation.

⭐️ Gain insights into ROI by tracking your customer’s journey and key events, like interactions with review widgets on your website

⭐️ Create detailed customer profiles from valuable insights

⭐️ Ensure a consistent reputation with Reputation Manager while optimizing review search results on Google Local


✅ It is the easiest platform to integrate with various third-party apps and to make use of


❌ Priced steeply and is not sustainable in the long run

❌ Limited features as compared to other competitors

Priced at $99 Per Month 



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Small Business

What Yotpo Does?

Yotpo helps you collect higher-quality customer content and leverage it across the customer journey to build credibility, inspire purchases, and accelerate growth your business growth. It also helps you with data-driven tools that make it simple for customers to give their feedback so you can turn every purchase into a review.

Source: GetApp


➡️ Collect detailed reviews from customers via SMS and emails

➡️ Collect higher-quality reviews addressing high-converting topics

➡️ Understand your customers better by capturing unique customer insights through targeted feedback

➡️ Tag your customers’ Instagram photos and showcase them in curated visual galleries across your site

➡️ Helps you do more by posting photos and video requests


⭐️ Helps customize your review widgets and pick brand colors as per your brand palette 

⭐️ Measure how your emails are performing along with your overall performance

⭐️ Display your best reviews at high-converting touch points throughout the shopping experience

⭐️ Decrease cart abandonment and upsell products by showing your best reviews and highly-rated products at checkout


✅ The platform is extremely user friendly 


❌ Misses a lot of other features as compared to its competitors

❌ Pricing is not very cost effective

Priced at $79 Per Month

In a Nutshell

When comparing Synup to ReviewTrackers, Synup clearly stands out as the superior choice.

Here’s why:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Synup offers a straightforward, easy-to-use interface, making it simple for businesses to manage their online reputation without any hassle.
  2. Faster Updates: Thanks to its API-based system, Synup provides updates up to 5 times faster than traditional methods, ensuring your business information is always current and accurate.
  3. Global Accessibility: Synup’s platform is accessible worldwide, allowing businesses from any location to effectively manage their online presence and reputation.
  4. Comprehensive Tools: Synup combines review tracking, listing management, and social media monitoring into one seamless platform, providing a more holistic approach compared to ReviewTrackers.

Choose Synup for a more efficient, faster, and globally accessible solution to online reputation management.

Top 15 ReviewTrackers Alternatives: FAQs

  1. What does ReviewTrackers do?

ReviewTrackers is a platform that helps businesses manage and monitor their online reviews from different websites like Google and Yelp. It provides a centralized dashboard to track, analyze, and respond to reviews efficiently. ReviewTrackers also offers insights and analytics to understand customer feedback trends and improve online reputation.

       2. What is a reputation management software?

Reputation management software helps businesses keep track of what people are saying about them online. It allows them to monitor reviews, respond to feedback, and improve their online image.

       3. How to keep track of reviews?

To stay on top of online reviews, businesses can:

  1. Set up Alerts: Use tools like Google Alerts to get notified whenever your business is mentioned online.
  2. Monitor Social Media: Keep an eye on social media platforms for any mentions or comments about your business.
  3. Check Review Sites: Regularly visit sites like Google, Yelp, and others to see what customers are saying.
  4. Use Review Management Tools: Invest in software that gathers reviews from different platforms in one place, making it easier to manage.
  5. Ask for Feedback: Encourage customers to leave reviews after their experience to keep feedback flowing.

These steps help businesses keep track of reviews and maintain a positive online reputation.


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