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Social Media Posting Tools have been flooding the internet in recent years. With this, it’s been difficult to pick and choose the right tool for your business requirements. 

What's even trickier is to keep updating your handles with fresh content day in and day out and keep your audience engaged simultaneously. 

It is a full-time job because there is a lot of planning involved.

What kind of content resonates with your audience? When are they most likely to engage with your posts? Where are they most active? Do they care about what you have to say? The list of considerations goes on.

And to top that, social media platforms have been known to keep changing their algorithms every day. 

This makes having a social media posting tool almost as good as necessary. Especially if you’re a social media expert or have multiple clients to manage. 

In this article, we have tried putting together a list of 30 Top Social Media Posting Tools that you can make use of. 

Here are some of the parameters we took into account while putting this list together:

  • Scheduling capabilities - Tools that allow you to plan and automate your social media posts across multiple platforms.
  • Third-party platform integrations - Ensure that the tool supports integration with major social media platforms and other business profiles. 
  • Content management capabilities - Understand whether the tool provides a user-friendly interface for organizing and managing your content, including media libraries, content calendars, and collaboration features.
  • Analytics & reporting features - Choose tools that offer analytics to track the performance of your social media posts, including metrics like engagement, reach, clicks, and conversions. 
  • AI automation - The tool should leverage automation and artificial intelligence to streamline your social media marketing efforts. 
  • Team collaboration features - Prioritize tools that support collaboration and workflow management. 
  • Cost Efficacy & Pricing - Look for tools that offer scalable pricing options based on your needs and the size of your business. Also, consider any additional costs for premium features or add-ons.
  • Customer Support - Choose tools that offer reliable customer support and resources for onboarding and training. Look for documentation, tutorials, webinars, and responsive customer support channels to assist you in getting the most out of the tool.

So, let’s dive in!


Category: Local SEO and Social Media Management Tool

⭐️ Synup Social enables you to schedule multi-network posts by selecting multiple social media accounts and making individual edits including captions and media

⭐️ Comes with an in-built team collaboration feature that enables a post-approval workflow for your team members to work on things faster and better

⭐️Publish your social media posts with a single click across platforms such as Google and Facebook listings without having to re-enter the entire information. 

⭐️Recognize trends and top posts on platforms like Instagram and Twitter (X) via AI-generated brand-specific posts.

⭐️Get access to a full calendar year of holidays and post ideas to make use of them while creating and scheduling content for your own brand. It also comes with AI automation that lets you generate content with a single click.

⭐️Comes with in-built GIF suggestions to create posts with emotions along with month-long trend observations to support social causes and more. 

⭐️An analytics dashboard that helps recognize various patterns such as post likes, shares, comments, reach, views, etc. It also allows you to compare posts between different periods and offers various date-range options. 

⭐️Has an interactive graph interface that shows engagement scores and tracks progress against set goals, shows trends, and allows one to compare with previous posts.

⭐️The graph can track followers' growth rate across different social media platforms and can be compared to the number of followers in the past. 

⭐️Offers complete white-label Social Media Posting options for agencies and resellers who want to manage their clients’ social media handles

⭐️Has integrations with the most trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin

AI is integrated into most of the aspects of social media management:

✅AI-content generation: One can create content desired captions with the AI-content generator

✅AI-assisted posting: One can select their favorite idea and the platform can create an engaging brand-specific post within seconds

✅Trending Hashtags: With this, one can figure out the hashtags that are trending currently and create engaging content with AI prompts and features.



Category: Online Presence Management & Location Data Management Tool

Yext Social helps you manage and amplify your brand’s presence across 3rd party apps such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Instagram. The Yext Social tool also allows you to post and schedule posts to several publishers and entities at the same time. 



➡️Allows simple scheduling features for social media platforms

➡️Compatible with Facebook and Instagram along with various other 3rd party apps

➡️Add dynamic content from CMS 


✅Can schedule and post 10 posts in a single upload 

✅Intuitive UI 

✅Offers posting API features 


❌Too pricey

❌Limited features as compared to other social media posting platforms

❌Not cost-effective in the long run 

Priced at 4$ Per Week

“The social posting tool isn't as sophisticated as it could be and doesn't allow for boosting through the tool, it is very handy when pushing content to many child pages. Does not offer the feature to create mock-ups, which would be a great feature to have.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Review Management Tool

Birdeye Social tool helps schedule and post content across various websites under a single dashboard. It also offers bulk publishing and AI-powered tools that help managing social platforms a breeze. 



➡️Helps create and publish content from a single dashboard 

➡️Offers AI recommendations and tools

➡️Allows bulk-publishing 


✅Easy and Intuitive UI

✅AI recommendations make it super easy to generate new post ideas 

✅Provides optimized hashtags, emojis, and image suggestions 


❌Expensive and is not cost-effective in the long run

Priced at 299$ Per Month

“Social media management was pretty bare-bones compared to other platforms. I think some of the reports for social are more vanity metrics and I believe my team had trouble selecting multiple images and graphics for one post.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Management Tool

SOCi is an all-in-one social media management software for multi-location businesses that allows posting, scheduling, and delivering engaging content that drives meaningful results. 



➡️Offers social media publishing and scheduling 

➡️AI tools and recommendations

➡️Integrations with all major social channels 

➡️Analytics and trends 


✅Offers monthly hyper-local content calendars 

✅Adaptive content that dynamically updates with trends and your audience preferences

✅Can respond instantly to various social posts through the platform

✅Helps create a streamlined workflow across teams 


❌Does not allow posting photos and videos together

Offers Custom Pricing Options

“I predominantly use SOCI to schedule posts on my business Facebook and Instagram accounts. SOCI makes it extremely easy to schedule these posts. Because of this, my business's social media pages are up-to-date and active. It would be tough for us to post on social media without SOCI.”

“The only thing that I feel can be improved in terms of scheduling posts is that I wish SOCI would allow me to schedule pictures and videos together in a single post. This isn't possible through SOCI right now, even though I can post videos and pictures together on Instagram in a single post.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Management Tool

Hootsuite is a social media management software that helps you create content easily along with scheduling and publishing it for all social media platforms through a single dashboard. It is also for all kinds of teams from affordable basic social media marketing tools all the way up to enterprise-level solutions for complex organizations and very large teams.



➡️Can schedule, monitor post and manage social media posts from a single dashboard

➡️Offers extensive AI features 

➡️Comes with a bulk social media scheduler 


✅Helps generate instant captions via built-in AI hashtag generator

✅Identifies and fills gaps in your existing content calendar for social

✅One can access Canva templates right from the composer window

✅Recommends the best time to post as per your social media analytics 


❌Is too expensive 

❌Limitations with the tagging feature for Twitter

❌Notifications and alerts are not very prompt

❌Does not offer GBP integration along with various other important integrations

Pricing starts at 99$ Per Month

“The number of tools that we get to use as schedule publishing, analytics, engagement tools, etc are really engaging & ease of use & integration | the implementation process is almost nothing It is super easy for the team to follow the implementation process. I have been using it for almost 2 years now and it's really amazing. The services till now were so good that i didn't have to use their customer support yet. “

“Hootsuite is charging us an exorbitant amount – over $1,000 a month – for a service that barely meets our needs. We did our research and found several much more affordable options with way more integrations – features Hootsuite doesn't even offer, like GBP integration & many more!”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Management Tool

SocialSprout helps with managing, publishing, and organizing social media content through cross-network social publishing. It also helps to plan ahead and increase user engagement by automating publishing on multiple 3rd party social media platforms. 



➡️Offers monitoring, scheduling, and managing posts under a single dashboard 

➡️Has integrations with all the leading platforms 

➡️Has an in-built social media calendar 


✅Social Media calendar helps organize and manage content better 

✅Content Suggestions relevant to your audience 

✅The asset library helps import content from Canva, Bynder, and Google Drive 

✅Has an in-built campaign planner


❌Customer Support is inaccessible at times 

❌No integration with TikTok and Brandwatch

❌Customers say that it's expensive 

Priced at 199$ Per Month

“What I like best is how simple and intuitive the publishing section is. As a social media manager it's really important to have a program that streamlines the publishing and approving process and that's what Sprout does. I also really like that we're able to add several competitors so that we can monitor performance. Another thing I enjoy is being able to tag and have internal conversations about reviews.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Management & Content Planning Tool

Later is a social media management and content planning tool that helps publishing, scheduling, creating, and editing content easier. It helps content teams be on track and be organized. 



➡️Helps create, edit, and schedule content to publish it later

➡️Offers integrations with various 3rd party social media tools 

➡️In built analytics and insights to understand how your social media platforms are performing

➡️Bulk scheduling and posting


✅Offers various tools to create better content

✅In-built visual planners for Instagram and other visual social sites

✅Hashtag suggestions

✅Free trial available


❌Too pricey for agencies and SMBs

❌Customers would like a much more comprehensive analytics section

Starts at 16$ Per Month

“Easiest social media schedule solution I have used in 30+ years of business.

I like the simplicity of the drag and drop social media assets to calendar and scheduling the best.”

“The analytics section could be better, particularly for Linkinbio - it gives you total CTR and button clicks, but doesn't allow you to jump into specific buttons to find out which is best-performing.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Marketing, Sales, CRM tool

Hubspot is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and CRM tool that helps managing and publishing content easier and more effective. It helps one easily manage, update, and distribute all content from one central location, making sure that everyone has access to the most up-to-date and relevant materials. It helps streamline workflow and keeps everyone on track.



➡️A centralized dashboard to create, edit and publish social media posts across various channels

➡️Offers multiple 3rd party integrations

➡️Includes AI features and recommendations

➡️Comes with a lot of built-in tools for social media marketers and agencies 


✅Includes AI-powered blog writing and content generation

✅SEO recommendations

✅Advanced analytics and reporting features


❌Expensive for small businesses and agencies

❌Users find it somewhat difficult to get started with the software

Priced at 500$ Per Month

“HubSpot CMS Hub is solving a lot of our marketing headaches. It helps us automate tasks, so we save time and effort. With its social media integration, we can reach more people easily. The smart content feature is a big help too, as it tailors our content to different locations, making it more relevant to our audience. Overall, it's making our marketing more effective and efficient.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Scheduling & Analytics Tool

Tailwind is a scheduling tool that helps schedule social media posts so that you can keep everything planned and organized behind the scenes. It also offers various other integrations and features such as AI recommendations, write copies various other social media collaterals, and much more. 



➡️Offers an intuitive dashboard to manage and publish posts

➡️AI recommendations and integrations

➡️Alerts and reminders 

➡️Analytics to drive ROI


✅Intutive UI

✅Comprehensive set of content creation tools to help create, edit, and publish content quickly

✅Offers 50+ in-built tools for ads, copies, social media collaterals, etc. 

✅In-built social media calendar

✅Has a hashtag management tool

✅ Pick the most relevant times to post


❌Limited integrations with 3rd apps, only integrated with Instagram, Gmail and Pinterest

❌Customer Support is not very prompt and is mostly out of reach

Offers a free variant. Starts at 14$ Per Month

“Tailwind works great on Pinterest for batching work ahead of time. Is a platform that complements your strategy on social media. It works for Pinterest and Instagram. I have used it on both but I rather use it for Pinterest. You can add pins to your account months in advance, you can check followers, board followers, and many cool features.”

“I don't like how the Instagram platform, is good but needs a lot of work. Is not easy to set up your phone to all the programmed posts, you must have a Facebook business account in order to use your phone app from Tailwind to post automatically, which not always is the case. The quality of support ain't great, you can take days to get a response from someone on their team. Also, they recently changed their prices without announcing it, which was so annoying. The Tailwind credit is good but you always will end up paying something else.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best for content scheduling on GBP

What Buffer Does

Buffer is a popular social media management tool that allows businesses to schedule and publish posts directly to their Google Business Profiles. While fairly basic compared to some more robust GBP-focused tools, Buffer's post-scheduling can be a handy add-on for businesses already using the platform to manage other social channels.


Key Features

  • Draft, edit and schedule "What's New", Event, and Offer posts from one dashboard
  • Save post ideas as drafts to finalize and schedule for publishing later
  • Set a preferred posting schedule for automated publishing at optimal times and save time and effort.
  • Upload up to 10 images per post along with CTAs and links
  • Part of Buffer's broader suite of publishing, analytics and engagement tools


Free plan includes scheduling up to 10 Google Business Profile posts. Paid plan starts at $6 per month per channel


✅Platform is robust with top-notch interface

✅Good addition for users already using Buffer for social


❌Currently does not support video posts due to API limitations

❌Only scheduling feature is available which is fairly limiting

What customers say

“I've been using Buffer for 5 years, and it has helped me the way I manage my main social media profiles. In particular, the platform's scheduling feature has simplified my life but also the simply way to repost published content. I'm able to get more done throughout the day since I can pre-schedule my social media updates in advance.”

- Review collected by and hosted on

“The software is a good-to-go software and quite easy to understand but initially while using and implementing all the tools and functions of the software. It confused our team regarding how to go further with the advanced scheduling and post-queuing but gradually we learned the process and worked on it flawlessly.”

- Review collected by and hosted on



Category: Social Media Management Tool

Vendasta is a social media management tool that also offers end-to-end white-label features, along with a social media scheduler, various AI integrations, and much more. 



➡️Offers a centralized view to manage, publish, and monitor social media posts 

➡️ AI recommendations and features

➡️In-depth social media analytics and metrics

➡️Wide range of social media integrations with various 3rd party apps


✅Helps integrate your own business software with their API

✅Offers single prompt social media campaigns 

✅Quickly generate social media calendars and post to various sites 

✅Craft unique textual and visual content through AI prompts 

✅Offers in-built stock images and gifs


❌Various glitches in the app

❌The user experience has not been up to the mark

❌Lacks some very basic features like uploading video content 

❌Customer support is not very reliable 

“The tools in Vendasta are awesome. There is a tool for everything I need and all in one place.”

“The team and the technology are challenged to maintain the rapid evolution the digital space demands in order to remain competitive. For example; Reels and Videos are essential for a sound Social media strategy, yet this feature is not an option within the Vendasta app.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Zoho Social

Category: Social Media Management Tool

Zoho Social is a social media management tool that helps brands and businesses easily manage, schedule, monitor, and create everything right from social media posts to custom reports and analyze how they are performing. 



➡️A dashboard that helps you monitor and analyze how your posts are performing

➡️Provides built-in analytics and social media reports 

➡️Makes collaboration with team members easy


✅Has a built-in content calendar 

✅A tool for curating content 

✅Provides a centralized dashboard inbox 

✅One can monitor everything using the listening dashboard, add-on live stream monitoring features, and collaborate with their teammates efficiently. 


❌Users face multiple glitches when it comes to connecting profiles 

❌Analytics have a scope to be much more comprehensive

❌The platform has a steep learning curve and most of the users are unaware of how to make use of its full potential

Priced at 15$ Per Month. Offers a Free variant. 

“For our small business, Zoho Social is working to help us consolidate information into one place. As we don't have a large team, this helps us monitor conversations, posts, and activity without jumping around to 3 or 4 different platforms. Creating drafts and being able to communicate in one place before a post is made is also a great feature.

Zia AI feature seems super helpful in crafting posts. We are still in the learning stage, so more to come!”

“Even while Zoho Social is an effective tool, several of its more sophisticated capabilities have a steep learning curve. Better resources for onboarding would be advantageous. Furthermore, for smaller budgets, the pricing structure might not be as accommodating. In our experience, the overall advantages exceed these small disadvantages, notwithstanding these considerations.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Management & Scheduling Tool

SocialPilot helps you schedule content in seconds, plan campaigns effectively, collaborate with teammates efficiently, and analyze your social media performance timely. 



➡️Offers multi-network support to all the major social media apps

➡️Content library to keep track of everything that trending and use the most relevant hashtags

➡️AI recommendations and features

➡️Social media analytics 


✅White Label PDF reports 

✅Social Media Calendar 

✅Comprehensive team collaboration features

✅Helps save your best content and hashtags for future use


❌Charges extra for its white-label features

❌No option to schedule posts at peak times based on user engagement, or to schedule out individual platforms at separate times without having to create multiple posts.

❌Users say that It would be nice to see an account's social channel feed rather than just the posts delivered through SocialPilot.

❌Occasionally glitches with tags on Meta

Pricing starts at 30$ Per Month

“Very useful to combine all channels in one platform. Easy to write a single post and then tailor it for each channel. A calendar view is helpful. With only occasional issues, it has been very reliable. I also use it to get some analytics although it doesn't cover everything. I like that I can use it to post every type of post (eg carousels, reels) as some platforms do not allow this.”

“I'd say the only downside is it doesn't give me the option to tag an account when it's qued. For example, I may need to do a post on LinkedIn and tag a person, but I can only do this after it's been posted meaning I have to go in and edit the post, so i have to set reminders.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Management Tool

Sendible is a social media management tool that helps agencies grow their audience, attract new customers, and reach their social media goals through scheduling, posting and reporting features for Social Media platforms. 



➡️Can schedule a worth month of content from a single dashboard with bulk posting 

➡️Allows collaboration with clients and team members 

➡️Provides built-in audience engagement features 

➡️Supports various third-party social media platforms


✅Users can make use of GIPHY, Canva, and Pexels within the platform 

✅Offers a white label branded dashboard 

✅Provides content ideas 


❌Charges extra for its white-label features 

❌Issues with uploading and scheduling social media posts for Instagram 

❌Managing and analyzing data isn’t very easy and needs in-depth understanding for someone who’s a novice

Priced at 29$ Per Month

“Sendible provides a lot of features for social media engagement through its brand connections, analytics, and great integrations with all social accounts.

Easy to connect and get reports quickly for your social posts and engagements.

Provides features like custom domain and promotes branding of products.

Easy to implement all social accounts on one dashboard like Meta, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.

Frequently used by all team members to promote and post taglines and updates of products.

Great customer support available via email, chats, and calls most of the time.”

“It is sometimes complicated to learn how to add custom calendars and send personalized logins to clients. I also don't like that they don't have an option to pay in CAD as for us Canadians the price is much higher than it would be for us to use a tool here.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Zapier helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps without using code. 

It also has built-in templates and planners that help to post and schedule social media posts much more easily.


➡️Makes use of RSS feeds to share relevant content and information 

➡️Cross-posting across various social media platforms 

➡️AI automation and recommendations

➡️Analytics and reports


✅Allows integrations with a plethora of third-party apps

✅Has a 24/7 Customer Support 

✅AI recommendations and features that can be fully made use of for creating, generating and coming up with new posts 


❌With multiple integrations, the interface tends to slow down occasionally

❌The cost of paid plans can be a bottleneck for a lot of freelancers, agencies or SMBs even

❌Has a steep learning curve

Price starts at 19$ Per Month

“Zapier is very fast and accurate in automating our social media posting with AI chatbots. It has vast collections of actions to perform like scheduling, formatting, and generating our posts. Its steps and actions are highly customizable with testing features. We can easily perform multiple automated actions like posting, emailing, and commenting on posts at the same time. Their customer support is also blazing fast.”

“What I dislike is mainly how to set up the zaps. For the most part, I have been able to figure out what I am looking for. However, for someone who overthinks like I do, it can become a challenge to understand exactly how to execute the steps in order to get the outcome you're looking for. So I wouldn't necessarily say it's something I don't like, as more of a learning curve!”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Scheduling & Analytics Tool

Iconosquare is a powerful analytics and management platform for social media marketers. Businesses and agencies easily manage and report their performance on their social media accounts. Whether it's Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or TikTok.



➡️Offers reports, analytics and insights 

➡️Schedule and monitor posts from a centralized dashboard 

➡️Makes collaboration between clients and team members easier

➡️AI suggestions 


✅Shows paid and organic results 

✅Has an in-built AI copy assistant

✅Allows competitors to track 

✅Allows automated and custom reporting 


❌Sometimes the auto-connect disconnects and it is difficult to track various profiles 

❌No feature to schedule Instagram stories 

❌Analytics are not very comprehensive at times 

❌Does not support integration with Google My Business

Priced at 52$ Per Month

“Iconosquare offers connections to five major social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and TikTok. We started using Iconosquare to schedule our Instagram posts and download our Instagram analytics, but in recent years have been using it more as an overall analytics tool for our social media. It offers easy statistics and insights for editors as well as the option to download Instagram and Facebook data in XLS form, which is great for me as a data analyst. Iconosquare keeps developing new functionalities as well as adding more platforms to connect, and always gives an update on login explaining the new features.”

“The downside to Iconosquare is that it's quite pricey. However, the price justifies the value that you'll be getting. Another area for improvement would be the user experience. It would be helpful to state how long it will take for the reports to be generated.

When I did a competitive analysis, I was under the impression that it would take a few minutes or an hour max for it to be generated. However, it took about 24 hours for the report to be ready and reflected on the dashboard.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Management & Customer Intelligence Tool

Brandwatch helps manage, monitor, discover, and attract audiences across various social media platforms through Customer Intelligence. 



➡️Intutive UX experience 

➡️Track your performance via customer-intelligent insights and analytics 

➡️Allows cross-posting on major social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok and Facebook

➡️Collaborate, schedule, edit, preview, and publish all your organic and paid content in one place, across regions.


✅Allows brands to analyze online conversations effectively and changes in conversations. 

✅Gain insights into influential voices and their impact on brand perception.

✅Supports 30+ languages

✅Quick search filter to gather insights 


❌Does not support integration with Google My Business

❌Price is relatively higher than other social listening tools 

❌Customer Support is not very quick to respond 

“I love the interactive features of Brandwatch that easily allow us to gather insights in various therapeutic areas or study various audiences within the healthcare space. Our onboarding process was helpful and our monthly meetings with our client rep or emails to tech support help us to solve any issues or challenges we might have. The AI tools have made analysis easy and quick for our team, and the dashboard features are easy to implement and export for our clients.”

“The only downside is that not all of the Social Media can be fully integrated, and for our company, a lot of manual work has to be done on our side to collect all important data from LinkedIn and not TikTok. The same is true for the Logo Recognition tool, where, if your company is not active or is not quoted on blogs, the tool is pretty much useless.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Management Tool

Agorapulse helps one stay organized, save time, and easily manage your social media with Agorapulse’s inbox, publishing, reporting, monitoring, and team collaboration tools. 



➡️Lets you plan, collaborate, and schedule content for all social media platforms

➡️Insightful analytics 

➡️Allows you to collaborate with your team members and your clients 


✅Comes with a centralized Inbox 

✅Helps customize post content for every alternative platform 

✅Monitors and tracks conversations between brands and competitors

✅Has a centralized dashboard to compare all key social media metrics 


❌Harder to schedule and add videos to the platform

❌Pricing might be on the higher end as compared to other platforms

❌Reporting capabilities are quite limited 

Priced at 49$ Per Month

“Agorapulse is a game-changer for social media management. Its intuitive interface makes scheduling posts a breeze, and the user-friendly design ensures a seamless experience. Navigating through its broad array of features is surprisingly easy, making it a go-to platform for both beginners and seasoned professionals. From analytics to collaboration tools, Agorapulse combines simplicity with functionality, making social media management a joy.”

“While Agorapulse excels in user-friendliness, its limitations become apparent in reporting functions, especially at lower subscription levels. Users might find themselves desiring more comprehensive analytics. Additionally, the inability to export scheduled posts for client sharing is a notable drawback. Some advanced features that could enhance the overall experience seem absent. Agorapulse, while intuitive, could benefit from refining its reporting capabilities and expanding on certain functionalities.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Management Tool

Social Bee is an AI-powered Social Media Management Tool that helps create, publish, analyze, post, and schedule social media posts all from a single dashboard. 



➡️Helps create content 

➡️Comes with various designs and other third-party tools

➡️AI powered 

➡️Social Media Analytics 


✅Has in-built design tools integrations

✅Provides a content calendar overview

✅Has the option to categorize content into various categories

✅Comes with a hashtag generator

✅Comes with content customization and post-variation options 


❌One might come across a few glitches with profile posting notifications

❌Customers think that the app could have been priced better

❌Bulk video sharing is not very smooth

❌Mobile responsiveness can be improved 

Priced at 24$ Per Month

“I've been on Socialbee since 2018. No other platform I'm aware of uses such powerful scheduling features. I use the platform weekly, even multiple times/week. It's pretty easy to set up and onboarding is effective. Yes, you can draft and customize your posts, with integrations to content creation platforms like Canva or Unsplash. But the real power of Socialbee is your ability to create multiple content queues across all of your social accounts so you can adjust the frequency of your posts on a platform-by-platform basis. You can also randomize your feed across posting times and social platforms so that your audience never feels like you're giving them the same content over and over. Customer support has been excellent overall.”

“I wish I could set a post to move to draft at a certain date. I can set it to expire, but that deletes it. With setting to draft, it will be there and ready to turn on again next year.

The queue ordering for a category with a mix of new content and saved content is hard to control. Sometimes I want to do two new posts, and then a specific older piece of content. Alternatively, being able to set that I want post X to be the one shared for category Y on date Z would be helpful. The AI for images can still use work - but that is fairly typical of AI-generated images.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Meet Edgar

Category: Social Media Management Tool

MeetEdgar is a social media management tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It provides an effective way of scheduling and organizing content to automate publishing. 



➡️Helps to plan, create, and publish social media posts

➡️Track your social media performance in real-time 

➡️Has integrations with various third-party social media websites

➡️Helps generate new content easily 


✅Offers a limitless content library 

✅Helps save tons of time 

✅Provides real-time insights 

✅Generates content easily 


❌Does not have integrations with Yelp 

❌Not very cost-effective

Priced at 24.91$ Per Month

“I love that you can set up campaigns to recycle content on a custom schedule. The schedule is visual and you can see what category of content is going to go out and when. The queue is easy to manage and add content. It also pulls in data from my website's news feed to make it easy to remember to create posts for it. I love that it will analyze the copy on a link and come up with suggestions for posting.”

“There is a bit of a learning curve on setting the schedules and I do have to tweak periodically. I also find it frustrating that I can't customize the content across platforms in one post. For example, if you want to tag Twitter handles in a post, you can only set that content to go on Twitter. You have to do a separate post for the other outlets.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Analytics & Reporting Tool

Keyhole is an all-in-one social media analytics tool that lets you analyze multiple profiles, brand mentions, campaigns, and influencers instantly.



➡️Helps with scheduling and publishing 

➡️Has an in-built social Media listening and monitoring brand campaign tool

➡️Analyze profile analytics and social media metrics 

➡️Influencer Tracking 


✅Helps monitor what people are saying about your brand 

✅Analyze campaign performance in real-time 

✅Optimizes your social media strategy 

✅Discover top social media influencers and trends 

✅Helps conduct market research


❌Price is a little too steep for agencies and SMBs

❌Runs into glitches now and then

❌The software is a little difficult to navigate

Priced at 89$ Per Month

“I've been using Keyhole almost since the beginning and what I love best is the flexibility in the data that can be tracked and captured. It has made evaluating ROI of different campaigns and tactics much easier.”

“I dislike the scheduling content part, I thought it was going to be easier, more user-friendly, and allow me to upload carousels and other social media needs, sadly I have not been able to use it because the UX is a bit uncomfortable, but I hope this can be fixed in the future. I also dislike that in the dashboards, where the dedicated individual graphics are when you export them as PDF they miss the necessary info on each section, therefore I cannot send that PDF reports to my stakeholders, therefore I have to take screenshots of these and still miss some of the info.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Management Tool

Loomly is a social media management tool that lets one manage, post, and create social media posts while collaborating with one’s teams and clients and helps easily track your social media success with its all-in-one social media management tool. 



➡️Preview, schedule, and auto-post your social media content on every channel

➡️Advanced Social Media Analytics 

➡️Campaign Tracking 

➡️Content Calendar & Creative Tools


✅Use our Canva, Unsplash, and Google Drive integrations to upload or find visuals

✅Draft ideas, create video slideshows, and repurpose top-performing content

✅Track follower growth, audience engagement, and demographic shifts

✅Identify high-performing posts and campaigns and track clicks with the built-in Loomly URL shortener

✅Access more than 5 million royalty-free photos and videos and edit them directly within Loomly


❌One cannot upload gifs or videos

❌No text formatting options such as bold, italics or underlining

❌No AI-writing tools

❌No place for content ideas to be hosted and reviewed before they are made into posts

Priced at 32$ Per Month

“Loomly's platform is straightforward and streamlined, making for a very smooth user experience. Since purchasing a subscription, I've used Loomly regularly for scheduling image, text, and link posts. While I currently only use it for my single organization, the label feature and filter allow me to review and pull the metrics for the different campaigns we launch. I also find Loomly's customer service to be top of its game - knowing that when I open a chat I'll get a response from someone on the customer support team quickly is reassuring as I continue to learn and navigate Loomly's features!”

“No functionality for PDF uploads which is huge for us as we are increasing the amount of PDFs that we post on LinkedIn. We need to do this directly in LinkedIn, which does not then have an approval or preview function, and affects the reporting stats that we could pull from Loomly as the post is not included in these - ultimately we will need to change to an alternate social management platform if this is not going to be integrated soon into Loomly. Would be good to have an 'approve and schedule' button rather than 2 different functions - often gets missed in our small team. LinkedIn tagging is very hit and miss and takes a while to do.“

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Management & Local SEO Tool

eClincher helps with scheduling and publishing posts, one can also respond to social messages through social inbox, and analyze your social media performance.



➡️Helps manage, create, publish, and schedule posts from a single dashboard 

➡️Has engagement and social listening tools 

➡️Manages local listings & SEO

➡️Analytics and Reporting tools 

➡️Made especially for agencies 


✅Intutive UI

✅Has plenty of features

✅Has in-built AI automation 

✅Listen to social media conversations and keep track of what’s going around 


❌There are API limitations

❌The product is not priced fairly 

❌Slow to respond at times 

❌Cannot schedule Instagram stories via eClincher

Priced at 65$ Per Month for a Basic Plan

“I've been using eClincher for a couple of years now, and they've been a vital part of my work. I use it every day. Just imagine how much time it will take to post to all social media sites using several business accounts. Not to mention my clients'. But thanks to them, my business runs like clockwork. I just connect eClincher to all my social media accounts and add my content to a queue, and they'll be posted in the schedule I set. The best part is the customer support. It's unrivaled, in my opinion. If I have a question, a complaint, or if I simply want to whine about a feature they changed, I can reach someone in an instant. I highly recommend them, especially if you're a heavy social media marketer.”

“We have noticed some limitations when it comes to certain posting optimizations for each social media. Normally when you go to post content to YouTube, for example, there are many optimizations you can make for your piece of content before posting. In the past, eClincher has been a bit limited and we have had to go back into YouTube after posting to make certain optimizations, but it is very possible that eClincher has already implemented or is working on implementing more optimizations for each social media.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Management Tool

Co-Schedule, as the name suggests is an online AI scheduling app to help one keep track of everything content, social, marketing, and beyond. It makes use of various calendars while doing so. 



➡️Has a social calendar that lets you publish, plan, create, and manage posts 

➡️A content calendar that gives you visibility over ongoing tasks, projects, and campaigns 

➡️It has a marketing suite that helps co-ordinate between projects, processes, and teams

➡️Has an AI collaborate editor, Mia

➡️Headline analyzer tool 


✅Your entire social media strategy in a single calendar

✅Drag & drop scheduling & re-scheduling

✅Helps create, organize, and track multiple social messages  

✅Has a social composer that helps draft your messages 

✅500+ AI marketing prompts


❌Customers complaint about the UX being out-dated 

❌The customer support is not that prompt and usually inaccessible 

❌Has weak integrations and does not pair seamlessly with third-party apps

❌The prices have seen a surge which is not really cost-effective

All features are priced differently. 

Social Calendar is priced at 19$ Per Month

“The integration with the WordPress dashboard and the ability to schedule and customize social posts all in one place made coschedule a very impressive and useful tool.”

“Outdated UX, no real support for onboarding, nickels-and-dimes you for advanced features, weak integrations. After attempting to use it, I can't figure out why anyone would choose this over Asana, Monday, or ClickUp. When I asked them to meet me in the middle of our billing since we never got value out of the service, they were unwilling to budge.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media & Reputation Management Tool

A Social Media Management Solution for Multi-Location Brands, Franchises, and their Agencies that manage publishing, advertising, engagement, and reporting from one centralized platform. 


➡️Helps create posts and ads across various channels with a single click

➡️Keeps your audience engaged 

➡️Understand various industry trends via analytics and reports 

➡️Collaborate with team members 


✅Helps track keywords and identify and engage with several topics with social listening

✅Monitor real-time data with in-built tools 

✅Set team roles, manage tasks and approvals across multiple teams 

✅ Built-stock photo options that can help create better visuals and graphics 


❌The UI could use some improvement

❌Posting is tricky at times 

❌The mobile interface is not very great either

Priced at 29$ Per Month

“Mavsoical has been a game changer to our business, which manages over 300 social accounts and 300 Google profiles. While it allows you to post to multiple profiles simultaneously, the true power of this platform is that you can slice and dice your locations into as many different groups as possible to uniquely create content for each location. Bulk Facebook ads are also another great feature to help manage multiple locations. I can set up around 300 Facebook ads in under 10 minutes and see it all in native Facebook straight after.”

“The mobile application from my point of view must be improved since it does not have the facilities of the web version and some of the features such as uploading images within the system are not completely fluid.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Crowdfire is beloved for its versatility and ease of use, making it a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. From content discovery to scheduling to analytics, its comprehensive features make social media management seamless! 

Here’s why it’s a great addition to your tech stack:

  • Crowdfire is the perfect budget option, with a free plan and advanced plans starting at $10/month
  • Curate content directly on the platform, discovering relevant content to share with your audience
  • Gain insights into your social media performance with analytics
  • Crowdfire supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

Key Features:

✅  Content discovery

✅  Multi-platform scheduling

✅  Performance analytics

What people say :

Crowdfire is a solid, simple platform for brands on a budget. Users love its content curation feature and the ability to manage all social media interactions from one place. Here’s what customers have to say:

“Crowdfire’s content curation is a game-changer for keeping our social feeds active. The free plan is quite limited in features, but you get what you pay for.”

“Great for scheduling, but more detailed analytics would be appreciated.”

What it’s lacking:

  • 🚫 More features in the free plan
  • 🚫 Advanced analytics
  • 🚫 Integration with additional social platforms
  • 🚫 Hard to manage multiple accounts

Synup Social excels with superior features and competitive price

Post Planner

Category: Social Media Management Tool

Post Planner is an all-in-one social media management tool that helps schedule your posts and reach more followers and helps reduce work through automation and AI integrations. 



➡️Helps schedule posts for 8 integrated networks

➡️Has an in-built feature to curate content from the top sources 

➡️Provides more reach

➡️Saves 80% of your time by automation 

➡️Social Analytics 


✅Has a post planner feature that lets you improve the quality of your social media content 

✅With AI-powered post creation, one tends to save 80% of their time by scheduling and recycling social media posts 

✅One-click scheduling system 

✅Helps boost reach automatically

✅Analyze posts by time period 


❌The price of the tool is too high 

❌Does not have a feature to move scheduled posts to drafts where one can re-create in instead of creating them altogether from scratch

❌The UI is a bit difficult to get started with 

❌Can’t upload multiple videos and posts to Instagram 

Priced at 230$ Per Month. Offers a free variant. 

“Great for scheduling posts and keeping you organized. I especially like how it can customize your posts based on your audience. It has easy-to-use features and great insight into how your posts are doing.”

“They don't allow for a refund even in you never used the software!

Also the UI takes a bit of getting used to. Once you get the hang of it, the workflow is simple, but it is a journey getting there.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Management Software

Khoros streamlines work for all the teams involved in organic and paid social campaigns, across sub-brands, time zones, and languages.



➡️Social Media Planning 

➡️Social Publishing 

➡️Social Governance

➡️Social Listening 

➡️Social Engagement 

➡️Social Automation

➡️Integrations with various third-party websites and apps


✅Monitor what brands and people are saying about your brand in almost 180+ languages along with text, video and image sources

✅Get simple ways to organize creative, collect copy, label and tag posts, assign approval groups, and view programs in one calendar.

✅Customise social media content for every channel specifically 

✅AI tools help with building campaigns, speed up publishing and manage various conversations at scale 


❌The search feature does not work that well 

❌The software is laggy at times and the overall page speed is slow 

❌Glitches with the content calendar at times 

❌Not very user-friendly

Custom Pricing Options Available

“I can tell that Khoros was built by professionals who understand marketing strategies beyond social media. They have omnichannel integration and scalability as top priorities in their product roadmaps. With over 200 social media accounts and 40,000+ incoming conversations per month, the ability to share content and escalate issues efficiently amongst remote teams is extremely important; Khoros is the only platform we have used that has enabled us to do this successfully.”

“The system is not intuitive. You can only specific action items in one way. It takes too much time to learn the outdated system. It also has been slow to onboard products that serve new social channel functionality i.e. analytics for Instagram reels or collaboration posts. But we have typically found manual processes to bypass those issues until they have updated their systems.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Social Media Planning Tool

Planoly is a Social Media Planning Tool that helps plan and schedule social media posts on various social media platforms. 



➡️Provides AI integrations 

➡️Can schedule, publish, and preview social media posts

➡️Has an auto-post feature

➡️Allows repurposing posts across channels 

➡️Comes with various templates and planners to help plan social media content 


✅Easy to use interface

✅AI caption writer helps add thought to your social media posts 

✅Helps optimize your hashtag strategy

✅Can visually plan Instagram posts and reels


❌The paid plans are a little too high-end for a lot of freelancers and SMBs

❌Planning videos and posts together can get a little overwhelming

❌Glitches while syncing posts from Instagram and is a bit laggy at times 

Priced at 14$ Per Month

“Planoly helps to visually plan all your social media content in place. The auto post features allow you to plan the content for a whole month and leave it on autopilot.”

“The most frustrating thing about Planoly was that it wasn't reliable. I found posts were not auto-scheduled frequently. I manage multiple accounts so when content wasn't auto-posting I'd have to go back in and manually post everything which defeated the purpose of why I opted to use Planoly in the first place.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Category: Online Social Media Management Solution

Promo Republic is a complete platform for managing organic and paid social media that elevates your digital presence and easily scales across 100s of pages and locations.



➡️Has a social media listening tool

➡️Helps with publishing content 

➡️Manage all customer communication in a single dashboard 

➡️Helps boost social media posts, suggest paid campaigns, and oversee ad-performance

➡️Drag and drop graphics editor tools

➡️Team Collaboration 


✅Has a user-friendly interface

✅Can manage social media content at a larger scale 

✅Content library is editable and has drag-and-drop features 

✅Lets you plan hyperlocal social ads 

✅Set up teams and collaboration workflows that help get approvals and permissions


❌Limited integrations 

❌Can’t tag people in various posts 

❌The search filter doesn’t work very efficiently 

❌Not very cost-effective

Pricing starts at 49$ Per Month

“So much to like about this software - great layout and easy-to-learn interface. The creating a post process is really straightforward and the options on the toolbar contain everything I need to create a great-looking post. The Schedule, Publish Now, and Add to Queue options are great and make for great planning options. I do use other tools but this is my "go-to" for sure and would recommend anyone to give it a go.”

“The 'ideas' part needs more additions. We've been using the service for over 2 years now and some of the ideas (templates) are now old and need to be updated.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*

When it comes to Social Media Posting, numerous tools out there can help you go about your daily business as usual. But if you’re a social media expert who’s handling multiple accounts - make sure you pan out your budgets and your requirements, and then go about pondering over what tool might be the right fit. 

💡Some key takeaways: 

  1. Make sure to take full advantage of free trials or demos to test out different options before committing.
  2. Consider the scalability of the tool - is it capable of accommodating your growing needs as you expand your social media presence? 
  3. Look for intuitive interfaces that streamline your workflow and save you time. 
  4. Check out how reliable the customer support team is. A responsive support team can be invaluable when troubleshooting issues or seeking guidance on maximizing the tool's features.
  5. Lastly, don't underestimate the importance of user experience. Opt for platforms with user-friendly interfaces and customizable features that align with your workflow preferences. 

Stay ahead on social media with Synup Social. 

Our AI engine crafts 6 fresh posts daily, tailored to your brand's style and trending topics

Effortlessly publish content across all your networks with just one click, ensuring your brand stays relevant. 


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