Top 20 Facebook Post Schedulers in 2024

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Are you still scrambling to put out your Facebook posts manually? Hashtag by hashtag? You can save a ton of time by 

This post will help you pick the right Facebook posts scheduler for your team. We’ll take a tour of the best platforms in the market. We’ll highlight the features and benefits that are most relevant to Facebook.

How to choose the best Facebook post scheduler?

Before listing out our Facebook schedulers, let's consider the criteria that’ll help you make a smart choice. 

Content planning features

A content calendar is essential to schedule fb posts. It lets you organize posts on a linear timeline, and this helps you prevent posting gaps and overlapping posts. The visual outlook gives you a quick overview of your schedule. At a glance, you can track upcoming posts. 

Collaboration Tools

External and internal collaboration are a huge part of planning and implementing social media strategy. For example, agencies need to share post schedules with clients, and different experts on a team may work on the same files simultaneously. 

A multi-purpose scheduler allows internal and external teams to collaborate on pre-scheduling posts. 

Approvals and publishing workflows  

A customizable and multi-layered workflow minimizes missteps and miscommunications in the post scheduling process. It sets standards and requirements for each step of the way, with quality check criteria. To speed up publishing, you can use an auto-posting tool to publish posts automatically after the final approval. 

Customer support

It’s crucial to choose a software that’s up-to-date. The app should be regularly updated, and customer support should be available to assist when there are issues with the update.  

Facebook-specific Features

Choose a scheduler that satisfies personal factors such as:

  • Targeted platforms - ensure it covers Facebook (and other platforms you might consider in the future)  
  • Tagging capabilities - for your target industry
  • Reels - make sure you can post instantly to Facebook reels
  • Analytics - track what’s working and what not

Integration facilities.

Evaluate your needs for future growth. For example, a big company or marketing agency with a wide digital footprint might need software that integrates with all the major social media platforms.

Managed Services

This comes in handy when you don’t have the bandwidth to consistently manage your Facebook profile. Look for a tool that offers managed social media services as well.


If you’re an agency, a tool that allows you to white label its platform will help you drive more business under your own brand name.

Synup Social

Synup Social is best for advance scheduling and content creation

Let Synup Social Work for You.

Synup Social is a user-friendly social media scheduler that takes care of your posting needs, from basic social media post scheduling to analytics and online reputation management. It stands out from the rest with groundbreaking features like automation, AI personalized brand posts, multi-brand and multi-location support, and collaboration tools.

Key Features

  • A multi-platform post-scheduling tool for Facebook and other social platforms.
  • Approval workflow system to streamline team collaborations.  
  • Integration with Google Business Profile.
  • AI tools to create personalized posts for your brand and services or products.
  • Multi-brand and multi-location post scheduling for Facebook and other platforms. 
  • White-label social media scheduling solution for agencies managing social media accounts for clients. 
  • Tools for tracking and analyzing social media trends.
  • Managed services available – let us handle the routine Facebook posting for you

Unique Benefits of Synup Social. 

Here are key reasons to consider using Synup Social as your go-to Facebook post scheduler:  

  • Use a single dashboard to schedule posts across multiple social media platforms. It doesn’t get any easier than with Synup Social. 
  • Consistent brand messaging. Manage this critical aspect of your marketing on one neat centralized interface. Use the same interface for different brands, multiple locations, and client accounts.
  • Save time and effort with AI technology. Use AI to develop engaging and personalized content for your audience.  
  • Collaborate effectively with your team. Synup Social’s workflow and approval features ensure quality control in team collaborations.
  • Keep online profiles consistent and up to date. The social listings management lets you manage Facebook and Google Business Profiles. 
  • Manage clients' social media platforms under your agency’s branding - with the help of the white-label solution.
  • Generate engaging posts aligned with the latest trends by tracking the latest trends and popular content with Synup Social.   

How to Set Up a Synup Social Account.

Setting up a Synup Social account takes just a few minutes. You can choose from two methods: 1) Sign up for a demo and get the account set up, or 2) do a “self sign up” and choose a paid plan on the platform

After you sign up, the next steps are: 

  • Set up the dashboard
  • Connect to your social media handles 
  • Set up your Brand account 
  • Start posting


"Synup is solving the challenge of brand visibility and customer acquisition for us."

“The challenge of brand visibility and customer acquisition is being solved by Synup for us. Because of their extensive local marketing solutions our brand awareness in the target market has been significantly improved.”...................”Their customer support is always excellent”

“Synup has played a major role in dealing with the problems which are linked to brand visibility and customer acquisition.” …. “Synup solutions have not just met our short-term marketing needs but have positioned us strategically for long-term success in our niche market.”

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Hootsuite is best for scheduling posts across multiple social platforms

Let Hootsuite Work for You. 

Hootsuite is one of the leading platforms for managing posts on Facebook and other outlets. It lets you manage organic and paid social content together. An intuitive dashboard gives you easy access to insights to inform decisions on your posts. 

Hootsuite also provides customer service plus training and coaching. 

Consider Key Features from Hootsuite

  • Automated bulk post scheduling for Facebook and other social platforms.
  • Flexible approval workflows and team management features.  
  • Analytics with exportable reports. 
  • A messaging tool for social engagement with clients and potential customers.

Unique benefits of Using Hootsuite. 

Let's explore the key benefits of that Hootsuite users enjoy:  

  • An intuitive dashboard enables easy automation of posts on Facebook and other socials. Create individual schedules or bulk schedules for multiple campaigns.
  • Use exportable analytics reports and reports to monitor campaigns on Facebook and other social platforms. 
  • Use built-in tools for collaboration and approvals to streamline workflows in the post creation process.
  • Set up training and coaching for social marketing, commerce, and customer care.   

HootSuite Pricing. 

Hootsuite offers three plans, starting at USD 99 / month.

Consider the Following Pros of Hootsuite. 

  • Schedule batch and bulk posts on Facebook and multiple social platforms 
  • Multiple accounts and managing organic and paid content together 
  • Ease of use and access to training and coaching
  • Social media management and integration 

Beware of the Following Cons of Hootsuite. 

  • Limited features compared to other top platforms. 
  • Users may experience occasional glitches.
  • No free plans and the pricing is relatively high.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is best for strategic business decisions with social insights

Let Sprout Social Work for You. 

Sprout Social furnishes users with all they need to post on Facebook, from automated publishing, to content management, conversion tracking, and branding tracking to reporting and analytics. The intuitive dashboard supports posting decisions with social insights.

Source: Sprout Social

Key Features of Sprout Social.  

  • Support for competitor analysis revealing ways to improve post performance
  • Canva integration for creating engaging graphic content.  
  • Analytics, reporting, and data tracking, supported by AI and ML, for tracking and analyzing engagement, followers, and content data. 
  • A unified smart inbox for Facebook and other social platforms. 
  • An interactive content calendar that eases post scheduling on Facebook and other socials.
  • The social listening feature monitors brand mentions for opportunities to promote brand content.

Unique Benefits of Using Sprout Social. 

Sprout Social supports strategic business decisions with AI and machine learning (ML) support. Here’s more on what Sprout Social users stand to benefit:  

  • Sprout Social’s insights support strategic business decisions. The platform improves post performance by offering competitor analyses, and AI and machine learning-based post analytics. 
  • Users can schedule posts with optimal timing. You can analyze factors that dictate the most appropriate time to post, such as location, demographics, competitor posts, etc.  
  • The analytics tools and the listening feature enables you to understand trends, engagement, and post/brand effectiveness.
  • The unified smart inbox simplifies Social monitoring by consolidating your messages on Facebook and other socials in one spot.    

Social Sprout Pricing. 

Social Sprout comes in four plans, starting at USD 199 per seat/month 

Consider the Following Pros of Sprout Social. 

  • User Friendly  
  • Analytics and reporting of statistics  
  • Post scheduling for Facebook and multiple platforms

Beware of the Following Cons of the Sprout Social. 

  • Relative high pricing. 
  • Performance issues like occasional missing features 
  • Limited features in comparison with other similar software 



Buffer is best for building an organic audience

Let Buffer Work for You. 

Buffer offers a robust set of tools for building an organic audience. These tools are sorted into groups like Publish, Reply, Analyze, etc. Buffer supports post scheduling on multiple platforms, including Facebook.

Source: G2

Key Features of Buffer.            

  • Buffer offers a bulk scheduling option for different social media channels.
  • Team management and collaboration tools facilitate workflows and post approval.  
  • Support for content creation with a content library for creating trendy and evergreen content. 
  • Analytics tools for tracking key metrics such as keywords, hashtags, mentions, and trends.  
  • A mobile app allows you to take your work with you wherever you go. 

Unique Benefits of Using Buffer. 

Here’s more on what Buffer has to offer:  

  • Powerful tools for building an organic audience
  • The Shopify integration makes it a good choice for e-commerce businesses. 
  • A user-friendly interface with neat compartments. 
  • A responsive customer support is always on hand to help. 
  • A content library, analytics tools, and AI support for fast, effective, content creation.    

Buffer Pricing. 

Four plans are available for Buffer users, including a free account and paid plans starting at USD 6 per channel/month

Consider the Following Pros of Buffer. 

  • Social media management for multiple accounts.  
  • Focus on analytics  
  • Post scheduling on multiple platforms
  • Free option available 

Beware of the Following Cons of Buffer. 

  • Limited features in comparison with other similar software  



Sendible is best for channeling conversations from multiple sources into a single stream

Let Sendible Work for You. 

Sendible is a seasoned social media tool. It’s been around for over fifteen years. Sendible allows you to plan, execute, and monitor posts across multiple social networks on a centralized hub.

One standout feature is the priority inbox feature, which channels conversations from multiple origins into a single stream. Sendible also provides powerful tools for managing your content on Facebook and other places.

Source: Sendible and InfluencerMarketingHub

Key Features of Sendible.           

  • Social management: Sendible’s compose box supports posting in bulk.
  • Social analytics: The inbox feature channels your conversations into a single stream and tracks engagement (views, likes, comments, etc). 
  • Reports and dashboards: The analytics feature generates reports on trends and insights to inform your posting strategies. 
  • Data management and analyses: Sendible consolidates all your socials on a single hub, where you can plan and execute your posts with the guidance of analytics reports. 

Unique Benefits of Using Sendible. 

Sendible supports forward-planning of posts with analytics and a unified inbox. Here’s more on the benefit for users:

  • Sendible is a value-for-money Facebook and social media post scheduler. It has one of the best feature-to-price ratios among top post schedulers. 
  • The unified priority inbox feature saves you hours every day by simplifying communications.It also boosts your ability to engage and grow your audience. 
  • Workflows enable internal and external collaboration.
  • The compose box enables bulk scheduling of social media posts. You can preview posts before posting on each platform. 

Sendible Pricing. 

Four plans are available for Sendible users, starting at USD 29 / month 

Consider the Following Pros of Sendible. 

  • Channel multiple conversations into a single stream.  
  • User-friendly interface
  • A great price-to-value ratio.  
  • Bulk scheduling of posts
  • Social media management integrations  

Beware of the Following Cons of Sendible. 

  • Minor issues often plague the platform  
  • Minor limitation in features.  



Publer is best for executing the basics of a social media post scheduler.

Let Publer Work for You. 

Publer covers all the basics of post scheduling quite well. It lets you schedule posts manually or automatically for Facebook and other platforms. It also provides functions for collaboration and analytics.


Key features of Publer. 

  • Publer provides for post scheduling with a predefined calendar.  
  • Users can upload and share posts in bulk. 
  • Collaborative workspaces. 
  • Data analytics features to inform decision making 

Unique Benefits of Using Publer. 

While Publer focuses on the basics, it also provides many advanced features. In addition to automated or manual post scheduling and analytics, here’s more on the benefits for users:

  • Publer is a value-for-money Facebook and social media post scheduler. 
  • The automated post-scheduling feature fast tracks posting on Facebook and other platforms. 
  • The collaboration and analysis features allows you to refine posts using input from an expert team and data analytics. 

Publer Pricing. 

Four plans are available for Publer users, with a free option and paid plans starting at USD 9.6 /month.

Consider the Following Pros of Publer.  

  • User friendly and offers a great value-to-price ratio.  
  • Automated post scheduling for Facebook and other platforms.
  • Social media management integrations.

Beware of the Following Cons of Publer. 

  1. Limited features  
  2. Limited analytics.  


Status Brew

StatusBrew is best for integrating with best-in-class tools from the digital industry

Let StatusBrew Work for You. 

StatusBrew has a complete suite of social media management tools for managing profiles on Facebook and other social media platforms. The content publisher enables  prompt creation, planning, and scheduling posts on Facebook and other social platforms. StatusBrew also boasts integrations with over fifteen best-in-class marketing tools to enhance your productivity and build an active community of followers.

Source: StatusBrew

Key Features from StatusBrew.           

  • Social management: Status Brew’s comprehensive suite of social media management tools equips you with all you need to manage your profiles on Facebook and other platforms.
  • Social analytics, reports, and dashboards: Get access to analytics tools and reports (including exportable reports), and track trends find the best-performing ideas. Manage your account and track your audience engagement from the same dashboard. 
  • Integrated solutions: StatusBrew integrates with fifteen top-rated digital marketing tools, including Slack, Shopify, Hubspot, Salseforce, and Google Drive.
  • White labeled reports provide insights to help you get the best ROI from your marketing efforts. The insights are available in easily-to-share formats.   

 Unique Benefits of Using StatusBrew. 

The key benefits of using StatusBrew includes:

  1. StatusBrew offers a comprehensive range of features. These features provide insights to help bridge the gap between businesses and customers, among other things.  
  2. The one-stop dashboard also hosts top-rated digital marketing tools like Slack, Shopify, Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Drive, and others
  3. Workflows enable internal and external team interaction and client collaboration. Users can assign access rights to files and streamline approval processes.
  4. The customizable white-labeled report eliminates social noise and encourages you to understand your customers' online behavior. 

Choose the Best Pricing Option for Your Business. 

Four plans are available for StatusBrew users, starting at USD 69 / month.

Consider the Following Pros of StatusBrew. 

  • Trusted Platform with millions of users worldwide 
  • Tons of features for social media management.  
  • Great customer support.  
  • White-labeled reports for monitoring multiple accounts.
  • Social media management integrations, incuding top-rated tools for digital marketing  

Beware of the Following Cons of StatusBrew. 

  • Recent upgrades have made the app less user friendly.   
  • It doesn’t support many important social media platforms.


Social pilot

Social Pilot is best for a high range of capabilities and features

Let Social Pilot Work for You. 

Social Pilot is a rising star in the social media management tools space. Its growing customer base includes major players like Amazon, Samsung, and Vodafone. Social Pilot offers a vast range of functions at a moderate price. The features include those for content creation and post scheduling on Facebook and other socials. You can access the platform via mobile or the web.

Source: SocialPilot 

Key Features of Social Pilot.   

  • Social management: Social Pilot offers a wide range of social management features, such as campaign planning and optimization, high-rate social publishing, and the capacity to manage over nine social networks.
  • Social analytics and reports: Analyze social media with less effort thanks to easy-to-digest analytics and reports.  
  • Content and collaboration: Social Pilot supports content creation with content idea generation, workflows and file access settings for collaboration, etc.     
  • Planning: The social media calendar provides visibility into your post schedule. 

Unique Benefits of Using Social Pilot. 

Social Pilot supports every step of the post management process, from ideation to content planning, scheduling, and publishing. Good analytics and statistics provides further insights on post performance, and easy-to-digest reports enhance collaboration. 

That’s not all there is to the benefits of Social Pilot. Here’s more:

  • Social Pilot offers an impressive set of features at a relatively inexpensive price, giving users great value for every dollar spent.
  • Social Pilot offers all the standard features of most post-scheduling platforms, including team collaboration tools, post planning and creation tools, and bulk uploads.
  • Workflows facilitate internal and external collaborations.
  • Access via the web, mobile, and browser extension ensures 24/7 access to the platform.  

Choose the Best Pricing Option for Your Business. 

Four plans are available for Social Pilot users, starting at USD 25.5 / month  

Consider the Following Pros of Social Pilot. 

  • Manage posts on over 9 social media platforms.   
  • Great value for money.  
  • Bulk post scheduling.
  • 24/7 access to social media management tools via web and mobile. 

Beware of the Following Cons of Social Pilot. 

  • Minor glitches often plague the platform.
  • Could make do with extra features like photo editing tools for post images.



Loomly is best for polishing posts prior to posting with the fine-tuning feature

Let Loomly Work for You. 

With Loomly, not only can you schedule posts, but you can also polish and optimize them before posting it. Loomly also streamlines workflows increases flexibility in the collaboration process with swift communication and file sharing functionalities. 

Source: Loomly

Key Features of Loomly.

Social post optimization: Loomly’s fine-tuning features allows users to optimize posts before posting. You can: 

  • Optimize images for text or image posts. 
  • Obtain better graphics with Loomly Studio and Unsplash integration 
  • Find cues to determine the right time and date to publish your post 

Social analytics and reports: Advanced analytics track your post’s performance, and you can export your reports in shareable formats.  

Content creation and collaboration: Loomly provides post ideas and tips for post optimization. The streamlined workflows support smooth collaboration. With the brand library, you can access templates, images, links, etc.     

Competitive research: Loomly facilitates competitive research to help you stay up to date with market trends. 

Unique Benefits of Using Loomly. 

Loomly simplifies the process of preparing and scheduling content. The smooth workflow eliminates bottle-necks from the posting process. Loomly also provides tools for other aspects of digital marketing, from reputation management to video marketing and other marketing tactics. Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits for users:

  • Create great content with Loomly.
  • Loomly is relatively inexpensive despite the impressoive set of features, offering great value for every dollar spent. 
  • Loomly offers all the features of top post-scheduling platforms for social media, including team collaboration and the capability to upload bulk posts. 
  • Workflows enable internal and external team interaction and collaboration with clients. 
  • Access via the web, mobile, and browser extension enhances productivity and provides 24/7 access to the platform.  

Loomy’s Pricing 

Loomly comes in four plans, starting from $32 per month. 

Consider the Following Pros of Loomly. 

  • Ability to connect more than 9 social media platforms.   
  • Value for money.  
  • Bulk scheduling of posts
  • Social media management on a 24/7 basis via web and mobile. 

Beware of the Following Cons of Loomly. 

  • Reports of bugs and feature failures.
  • Missing features such as photo editing for post images.



Planable is best for flexibility both in workflows and approval hierarchy as well as visibility of work through different view options

Let Planable Work for You. 

Planable is another major player in the post scheduling world. It has a customer base that includes notable names like Hyundai, Christian Louboutin, and the United Nations. Planable’s user-friendly design appeals to both technical and non-technical users. The platform supports flexible workflows and approval hierarchy. Users can monitor tasks using different viewing options.

Source: Planable

Consider Key Features from Planable.   

Streamlined collaboration and customized workflow and approval: The workflow feature provides four approval levels: 

  • None - where no approval is required
  • Optional - Where approvals are not normally required but may be required from time to time. 
  • Required - This option is applied where senior approvals are required e.g. where clients are involved 
  • Multiple level approvals - for the cases where a complete workflow or review and approval process is required.

Enhanced content productivity through AI support and four ways to view content:

  • Feed View: Mirror views as they would appear on feeds.
  • Calendar view:Provides an overview of posts as they are scheduled. 
  • List view: A quick view of posts across all pages with critical info like the author, date and time of publishing, and post snippet. 
  • Grid view:A focussed view for Instagram  

Well developed analytics to monitor performance and produce reports. 

Bulk Scheduling and publishing: Content can bes schudled on differnt channels thereby reducing the workload. 

Unique Benefits of Using Planable. 

Planable fast-tracks planning, approving, and scheduling posts on Facebook and other social sites. Social media teams can focus on creating content while Planable handles the posting logistics. The benefits of Planable also include:

  • Planable offers advanced features at a decent rate. It’s a cost-effective platform that offers good value for money. Plus, it has a free plan
  • Planable has all the features of top post-scheduling platforms for spocial media, including team collaboration and the capability to upload bulk posts
  • flexibility in workflows and approval hierarchy is essential since all posts do not require the same approval levels.
  • Four different content view options support the team in visualizing their work.      
  • The analytics features facilitate performance evaluations and the development of professional reports.
  • Access via the web and mobile provides 24/7 access to the platform.  

Plannable Pricing 

Planable comes in four plans, starting from USD 25.5 / month

Consider the Following Pros of Planable. 

  • Ability to connect more than 9 social media platforms.   
  • Value for money.  
  • Bulk scheduling of posts
  • Social media management is done 24/7 via web and mobile. 

Beware of the Following Cons of Planable. 

  • Some rare abnormalities with the platform’s features.
  • Lack of some minor features such as photo resizing.



SocialBee is best for AI supported scheduling of posts on Facebook and other social media

Let SocialBee Work for You. 

SocialBee is an AI-powered platform for scheduling posts and managing social profiles on Facebook and other platforms. The AI interface facilitates a high level of automation. However, SocialBee lacks features like inbox management or brand monitoring. 

Source: G2

Unique Benefits of Using Social Bee. 

SocialBee provides AI-supported scheduling of posts on Facebook and other social platforms. But it does not provide all the benefits of “all-in-one “ scheduling tools. 

The scheduling capability of SocialBee is good, and its users use it for that purpose. 

Choose the best pricing option for your business. 

Four plans are available for SocialBee users, including a free plan and paid plans starting from USD 11 /month per user.

Consider the Following Pros of SocialBee. 

  • Value for money and a free option.  
  • Bulk scheduling of posts
  • Multiple accounts. 

Beware of the Following Cons of SocialBee. 

  • Limited features with basic plans,
  • Mobile App has limited functionality. 



Later is best for “newbie” post schedulers on social media

Let Later Work for You. 

Later is a user-friendly visual marketing platform that helps people grow their social media presence. It is also an easy-to-use post-scheduler - an ideal platform for users across the board. 

The key feature from Later is the post-scheduling capability for Facebook and other social media.

Source: Later  

Unique Benefits of Using Later. 

Later helps businesses grow by simplifying their social media strategy. It allows for scheduling posts for Facebook and other social media platforms.  

Later Pricing 

Four plans are available for Later users, starting from USD 16.7/month.

Consider the Following Pros of Later. 

  • User Friendly  
  • Post scheduling 
  • Time-saving 

Beware of the Following Cons of Later. 

  • Plan limitations
  • Scheduling issues
  • Lack of analytics.



Agorapulse is best for award winning support.

Let Agorapulse Work for You. 

Agorapulse is a robust post-scheduling platform with basic and advanced features. It supports Facebook and other social platforms.

Source: G2 

Key Features of Agorpulse: 

  • Unified social inbox
  • Analytics that adds value
  • Social listening features 
  • Intuitive publishing 
  • High-level support.  

Unique Benefits of Using Agorapulse. 

Agorapulse is a basic post scheduling tool for social media with advanced features. It offers a seamless experience for users across all knowledge levels, with with an award-winning support renowned for their quick ticket resolution. 

Agorapulse is a well-priced social media management platform “that gets the job done.” 

Agorapulse Pricing. 

Four plans are available for Agorapulse users, starting from USD 16.7/month

Consider the Following Pros of Agorapulse. 

  • Good support   
  • Post scheduling 
  • Social Media Management 

Beware of the following Cons of the Agorapulse. 

  • Plan limitations
  • Functionality shortcomings



eClincher is best for ROI (Return On Investment)

Let eClincher Work for You. 

eClincher is social media management software that guarantees good ROI. It supports Facebook, Google My Business, and other social media sites. The UI ( User interface) isn’t very attractive, but eClincher’s features make it a competitive software.

Source: G2

Key features of eClincher.

  • Connect and manage accounts
  • Schedule and publish posts on Facebook and other social media  
  • Use the visual calendar to view your plan  
  • One inbox for communication. 
  • Mobile App ensures 24/7 availability. 

Unique Benefits of Using eClincher. 

Depending on your specific needs, eClincher benefit your social media strategy in many ways. 

  • Manage Facebook and other social media from a centralized point
  • Work with Google my Business for your hyper-local -strategy
  • Prepare the content calendar and view future posts 
  • Use automation features.  

eClincher Pricing. 

Four plans are available for eClincher users, starting at USD 5/month

Consider the Following Pros of eClincher. 

  • Customer service  
  • Post scheduling 
  • Time-saving 

Beware of the Following Cons of the eClincher. 

  • Plan limitations
  • Relative high pricing (in the context of features)
  • Difficult UI



CoSchedule is best for visibility of marketing efforts through the calendar

Let CoSchedule Work for You. 

CoSchedule provides a marketing suite for creating, scheduling, and posting content. It has limited features and is not considered a cost-effective solution.  

The key feature of CoSchedule is the calendar, which provides visibility for the content strategy.

Source: CoSchedule 

Unique Benefits of Using CoSchedule. 

There are two main benefits of using CoSchedule: 

  • Users can use the media scheduler for posting on Facebook and across multiple platforms.
  • The calendar provides centralized visibility to track and plan content posting. 

CoSchedule Pricing

Four plans are available for Coschedule users, with a free plan and paid plans starting from USD 19 /month   

Consider the Following Pros of CoSchedule. 

  • Calendar  
  • Post scheduling 
  • Free option available

Beware of the Following Cons of CoSchedule. 

  • Plan limitations
  • Not user friendly  



MavSocial is best for bulk Facebook advertisements

Let MavSocial Work for You. 

MavSocial CoSchedule is a social media and reputation management platform. A key feature is the ability to post with multiple profiles simultaneously. Another key feature of MavSocial is the ad management system.

Source: MavSocial 

Unique Benefits of Using MavSocial. 

Users enjoy two main benefits: 

  • Streamlined Facebook posting and the feature to break posts or ads up into different groups. 
  • Customer support is good. 

MavSocial Pricing: 

Four plans are available for MavSocial users, starting at USD 29/month

Consider the Following Pros of MavSocial. 

  • Bulk posting on Facebook  
  • Customer support 

Beware of the Following Cons of MavSocial. 

  • Plan limitations
  • Not user-friendly (especially for new users)



MeetEdgar is best for a bottomless library of content

Let MeetEdgar Work for You. 

MeetEdgar is a social media scheduler that helps you craft content. A standout feature is the nearly infinite library. Plus, users can easily review their content and save it in the library for reuse.

Source: G2

Key Features of MeetEdgar. 

  • Content crafting
  • Lead generation
  • Strategy review and monitoring. 

Unique Benefits of Using MeetEdgar. 

Three benefits standout for MeetEdgar users: 

  • Organizing and scheduling of content. 
  • Automated publishing 
  • Preservation of content in a “bottomless” library. 

MeetEdgar Pricing

Two plans are available for MeetEdgar users, starting at USD 24.9/month

Consider the Following Pros of MeetEdgar. 

  • Automation  
  • Content Library 

Beware of the Following Cons of MeetEdgar. 

  • Plan limitations
  • Issues with updating 
  • Relative high pricing considering limited features



SocialHub is best for reliable and secure data storage and processing

Let SocialHub Work for You. 

SocialHub is an all-in-one software for social media management. It monitors web communication and facilitates the processing of incoming notifications. German servers store and process data. SocialHub is ISO 27001 certified (international certification for information security, cybersecurity, and privacy protection) and an official Meta and Trustpilot partner.

Source: G2

Key Features of MeetEdgar.

  • Pre-plan and post content.
  • Analytics software.
  • Secure data storage and processing. 

Unique Benefits of Using SocialHub. 

Three benefits stand out for SocialHub users: 

  • Organizing and scheduling of content. 
  • Gain insights into performance with the analytics software  
  • Secure data storage and processing, with a high level of privacy protection. 

SocialHub Pricing

SocialHub comes in two plans, starting at 199 Euros per user/month

Consider the Following Pros of SocialHub. 

  • Analytics  
  • Data security  

Beware of the Following Cons of SocialHub. 

  • High pricing 
  • Difficult UI for new users 



NapoleonCat is best for collaboration amongst team members

Let NapoleonCat Work for You. 

NapolenCat is a great social media management tool for team collaboration. The unified inbox feature allows you delegate responsibilities for timely responses on different social profiles and to track them on one interface.

Source: NapoleonCat

Key Features of NapolenCat.

  • Unified inbox.
  • Post scheduling  
  • Automated reporting 
  • Analytics 
  • Competitor benchmarking. 

Unique Benefits of Using NapoleonCat. 

Three benefits of using NapoelonCat: 

  • Optimized teamwork and delegation. 
  • Social media analyses and automated reporting   
  • Post scheduling on Facebook and other social media. 

NapoleonCat Pricing

Three plans are available for NapoleonCat users: 

Consider the following pros of NapoleonCat. 

  • Facilitates teamwork  
  • Simplifies social media management  

Beware of the Following Cons of NapoleonCat. 

  • Limited analytics 
  • Limited features



HeyOrca is best for client reviews and approvals

Let HeyOrca Work for You. 

HeyOrca is a good social media management tool that works well for collaboration between team players and clients. It facilitates client reviews and approvals with streamlined workflows. The collaborative calendar enhances client collaboration, making HeyOcra a good fit for agencies.

Source: HeyOrca

Key Features of HeyOcra: 

  • Internal and external collaboration  
  • Content approval  
  • Social media planning  
  • “Community” management  

Unique Benefits of Using HeyOrca. 

Three benefits of using HeyOrca: 

  • Optimized teamwork and coordination with clients. 
  • Enhanced agency activities by using a collaborative calendar with clients.   
  • Post scheduling for Facebook and other social media. 

HeyOrca Pricing

Four plans are available for HeyOrca users, starting at USD 59/month

Consider the Following Pros of HeyOrca. 

  • Facilitates teamwork  
  • Agency activities & Calendar view 
  • Client reviews and approvals   

Beware of the Following Cons of HeyOrca. 

  • Relative high pricing  
  • Limited features

Summing Up…

There is no need to feel overwhelmed. Yes, it's a lot of information, but it's very useful, all in one spot. This is a complete analysis of the top 20 Facebook post schedulers, from features to pricing.  

The best starting point is to define your needs. Do you need only a post scheduler or a comprehensive platform with added—but potentially very useful—features? Also, remember to consider your budget and the number of users. 

You are now empowered with this list to find the right and affordable platform to satisfy your needs.

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Does Facebook Have a Post Scheduler?

Yes, Facebook offers a post scheduler but not the type you’d get with the top-range post schedulers. It gives you basic tools to schedule your posts and doesn’t go farther. The best post schedulers, on the other hand, come with advanced features like analytics, competitor research tools, AI content creation tools, etc. 

Does Facebook Allow For Post Automation?

Yes, Facebook provides users with many tools for automating the post creation process. It also provides wide integration support to let users connect task automation tools to their Facebook account.

What is the Best Posting Schedule for Facebook?

Results from many studies suggest that the best time of the day to publish is between 7am - 9am, 1pm to 2pm, and 7pm to 9pm. When it comes to the best days of the week to publish, Wednesday and Thursday seem to be the right days to get attention for your post.


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