Top 20 Moz Local Alternatives for Superior Brand Visibility

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Moz Local offers a ton of tools for enhancing your local visibility. Their listing management feature is useful for businesses in consistently distributing their business info online. However, Moz lacks some advanced capabilities needed to scale your local marketing efforts and isn’t suitable for all types of businesses. 

In this post, we’ve listed and reviewed the top 20 Moz Local alternatives for 2024. Whether you're a multi-location brand, agency, or reseller you’ll find the local marketing platform you need for excellent performance in local SEO.

Why switch from Moz Local?

 Many users have switched from Moz Local to keep up with their business needs. We identified a few reasons behind this:  

  • Moz Local doesn't offer social media management, currently, its solutions are limited to listings and reputation management. So businesses have to opt for multiple tools to manage different marketing activities.
  • It does not offer managed services to its clients. It’s a great hindrance to businesses who don’t have the time and resources to actively manage their marketing efforts. 
  • Whitelabeling is unavailable with Moz Local, preventing agencies from providing unique client experiences. Agency users cannot customize reports, project files, and other resources.
  • Moz is limited in many other areas when it comes to agency and reseller users. The lack of client management and sales support demonstrates this. For instance, without report tools and templates, you can’t easily communicate findings and insights with clients. The absence of prospect pipeline tracking implies you can’t track your source of traffic.  
  • Moz Local's feature set is generally limited. For example, it lacks review generation capability, AI automation, and client management features.
  • Issues with customer support and invoicing often taint the customer experience for Moz Local. 

Choose the Best Moz Local Alternative.

Whether you’re a first-time or a return buyer considering an alternative to Moz, always prioritize the following factors when choosing a listing management platform:  

  • Examine the featuressome text
    1. Ability to manage local listings and reputation across places like Google and social platforms: Make sure the tool supports your current social platforms and others you might want to try down the road. 
    2. Local SEO features to enhance your visibility in local searches: Can you easily update your business information? What about applying other important local SEO elements to your online profile? 
    3. Regular feedback on local search performance to support data-based decisions: Follow up on your performance with accurate tracking and reporting. Stay on track with your local SEO goals. 
  • Ensure customer support is available

Customer support is critical to addressing issues quickly. Also, make sure the app gets updated regularly to correct flaws and enhance the user experience. 

  • Watch out for invoicing and payment issues 

Review the invoicing and payment process to avoid problems like payment errors. Check what customers say on this aspect.

  • Confirm the availability of white labeling

White-label reports are crucial to tailored client experiences. Ensure support for white labeling. 

  • Review agency-focused solutions

Beside white labeling, check for other agencies' and resellers' solutions like client management and sales support.

  • Check if it offers managed services

If you have limited bandwidth, working with a provider that also offers managed services can free up some time in your schedule and also keep your local marketing efforts consistent.

  • Make sure Automation is included. 

Automated actions eliminate tedious repetitive tasks, for example, identifying and removing duplicate listings to prevent confusion. 

Review the Top 20 Moz Local Alternatives We Selected. 

Based on the checklist above, we’ve analyzed tons of listing management platforms and gathered an extensive list of the 20 best Moz Local alternatives. Let’s look at them in detail. 


Software Platform for the Management of Listing, Reputation, and Social Media for multi-location enterprises

What Synup Does

Synup is a local marketing platform that helps businesses grow their online presence through local listings, reputation management, and social media management. One simple dashboard allows you to promote and manage your listings and social media content across various channels. By improving your online status, Synup almost guarantees an impressive ROI.

Key Features of Synup

  • One holistic dashboard to control digital assets, synchronize business information, track customer feedback, and gather real-time insights.  
  • Tools for managing listings across different sites and locations, including on Google My Business, Facebook, and 60+ other websites. Use this to ensure that customers can always find you.  
  • Voice search optimizer to help raise your listings’ ranking on no-click searches like voice search. 
  • Review management features for tracking and responding to reviews.
  • Reputation management for analyzing reviews and communication with customers. Monitor customer sentiment and stay in the loop of your customers needs. 
  • Manage location information. Provide customers with accurate info to help them set expectations and find directions to your physical store. 
  • SEO management to optimize all your location web pages for local SEO and improve their discoverability on local search results.  
  • Ranking analytics and profile analytics for monitoring performance data for different locations.
  • Synup also offers managed services to our clients for a variety of solutions such as social medial, Google profile, and review management.
  • Agencies and resellers can whitelabel Synup’s platform. We also have a host of agency-specific tools such as CRM, sales management, and lead-gen solutions.

Benefits of Using Synup 

Synup helps businesses attract customers by improving their online search rankings and social media presence. Here are the platform’s benefits in detail: 

  • The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your listing performance.
  • The user-friendly control simplifies list management for users across the board, from small business owners to large media agencies.
  • Manage all your listing and social media assets in one place. Synchronize and manage your activities across different channels on one interface.
  • Provide existing and prospective customers with all the information they need on a store location. Reach them on different channels, from traditional search to voice search and social platforms. Show them directions to your store and what to expect.
  • Expand your online footprint to reach customers wherever they go to search for your type of business. 
  • Understand your target audience better. Gain insights into their thoughts and feelings by analyzing your customer interactions and reviews. 
  • Improve the local search rankings of all relevant web pages with local SEO tools.  
  • Drive up your ROI by making data-driven decisions. Use the business performance data and analytics tools to identify areas of improvement. 
  • Explore your competitor’s tactics with the competitive analysis features. Identify listing strategies and local SEO techniques your competitors are using to drive results.
  • Helpful support is always available. Get assistance for technical issues and strategic decisions.

How to Get Started with Synup. 

Signing up for Synup Social is simple. Sign up for a demo and we’ll get your account set up. You can sync and distribute all your business info across major directories and review sites. Next, explore other features such as review monitoring and local content posting. Reach out to our support team if you face trouble accessing anything in your dashboard.

What customers say 

"Great for small businesses that are growing."

“We have a very small business and one person was taking care of all marketing while also doing the same job as everyone else. Synup has helped us streamline all the marketing to a much smaller task. Updating the business listings is done in one place instead of going to each site.”

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CoMarketing Cloud for multi-location enterprises

What SOCi does

SOCi uses AI and machine learning with its SOCi Genius platform to provide insights for multi-location business. It automates important workflows, allowing users to easily scale up operations. 

The list management features boost your local SEO by ensuring your business information is valuable and consistent across different sites. When it comes to social media, SOCi helps you manage post schedules, comments, and other activities.

SOCi strengthens your digital presence across local search and social media, ultimately improving your customer engagement and conversion rates.

Source: SOCi

Key Features

  • A high-level but user-friendly dashboard. Here, you can check your content performance insights and find areas that need attention in your local SEO.  
  • Multi-location support. Manage listings for multiple locations, add and remove locations and update location details with ease.
  • Tools to ensure accuracy and consistency in listings across all sites. 
  • Insights and recommendations to ensure high local search visibility.
  • Review management tools to respond to reviews and monitor your customer sentiments. Users can draw insights to enhance their reputation.
  • Social media management tools to 
  • SOCi Go, the real-time mobile App, provides access to the platform on any mobile device.

Benefits of SOCi

  • Manage the marketing efforts for multi-location businesses on a centralized dashboard.
  • Build an effective content strategy using SOCi’s customer sentiment analytics.
  • Use AI, machine learning, and chatbots on Facebook and Google My Business to engage your audience 24/7. 
  • SOCi’s customer insights can help ensure you never miss a conversion opportunity. Stay in tune with your audience, reach them on their favorite channels, and provide valuable business information.
  • Obtain analytics and customized reports to monitor your listing strategy and gain insights to adapt to the local market.  
  • Access your SOCi everywhere you go. Use SOCi on any mobile device at your disposal. 


Customized plans are available with SOCi  


  • Post scheduling
  • Mobile app 
  • Automated activities with AI and machine learning 
  • Support for insights-driven multi-location campaigns
  • A centralized dashboard for streamlined multi-location listing management
  • Credibility boost from branding consistency


  • Onboarding takes time


End-to-end ecommerce platform

What Vendasta does

Vendasta is an end-to-end e-commerce platform that enables store promotion through listing management. It provides tools to manage the dissemination of business information across a vast range of channels. Vendasta also provides a line of tools for digital marketing, reputation management, and sales operations. 

Thanks to the comprehensive set of features, Vendasta’s user base has grown to over 60,000 partner merchants selling digital products and services to more than 5.5 million SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses).

Source: G2

Key Features

  • The platform provides e-commerce tools, e.g.: some text
    •  Sales tools
    • Integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
    • Orders and billing management system 
  •  AI-driven marketing automation and robotic process automation.
  • Single integrated dashboard.
  • White label option for agencies. 
  • Reputation management for responding to online mentions and reviews.
  • Ad management tools to boost your listings with PPC, social media ads, search engine ads.

Benefits of Vendasta

  • Vendasta is a comprehensive e-commerce platform with tools for local businesses to market, sell, bill, and fulfill digital solutions.
  • Users can manage listings, audience engagement, and sales on a single interface.
  • Tools for monitoring and analyzing your customers’ sentiment.  
  • AI and robotic automation features for marketing, customer care, and sales. 


The available plans include: 

  • Starter: USD 79 / month
  • Professional: USD 499 / month
  • Premium: USD 999 / month  
  • Enterprise: Customized pricing 


  • Customer support and service
  • Automated reporting with white label support to customize client experience.
  • Comprehensive sales features and a variety of tools 
  • Lead generation tools to improve engagement and sales
  • Automation
  • Cost-efficient listing management operations for businesses 


  • Limitations in customization   
  • No mobile app 
  • Inconsistent customer support 



Multi - location marketing platform

What Uberall does

Uberall is a multi-location marketing platform that boosts the attractiveness of businesses and helps them engage and convert prospects. It enables local marketing through location analytics, listing and review management, and local social media campaigns.

The listing management feature allows you to reach prospects across a vast range of channels. You can manage your business information everywhere with a single interface, from Google Maps to Facebook and local directories. Use the location-based marketing insights to improve your local SEO and drive more traffic and sales to your local stores.

Source: Uberall

Key Features

  • Location data, listings management, and marketing. 
  • Manage data across multiple locations and multiple online sources.
  • An intuitive platform for management, control, and review.
  • Review management tools like automated review requests that solicit feedback on your behalf.
  • Voice search optimization to capture traffic from non-textual searches.
  • A mobile app to run your listing management tasks on the go. Enjoy uninterrupted access by using your tools regardless of the device at your disposal.

Benefits of Uberall

  • Use the Uberall set of tools to manage: some text
    •  location data and listings 
    • store locators and local pages
    • reviews and messaging
    • local social media and advertisements.
  • Increase your visibility and boost your traffic conversion rates with penetrating location insights
  • Get real-time updates. Monitor your brand mentions and respond to reviews on time.
  • Integrate with other marketing tools. Run listing management along with other marketing strategies on a centralized interface. 
  • A ‘network presence score’ helps you measure and improve the accuracy and completeness of your info across different networks.


Uberall pricing comes in three tiers:

  • Get Found
  • Be Chosen
  • Thrive  

Note that you need to request a quote to get more detail on each tier.


  • Ease of use
  • Customer service  
  • Local listings
  • Data analytics and real-time reports.


  • Relatively limited set of marketing tools
  • Relative high pricing



Reputation management and digital customer experience platform

What Birdeye does

Birdeye is a reputation management and digital customer experience platform for local and multi-location brands and businesses. The AI-powered platform empowers clients to engage with customers, promote brand loyalty, and thrive in the local market. Users enjoy workflow automation, managing multi-platform and multi-location listing campaigns with ease.

Bird eye also specializes in reputation management with tools for monitoring feedback and reviews. Users can monitor the competitive landscape, keeping tabs on trends and important activities in the local industry.

The platform also supports local SEO with tools for exploring citation opportunities and ensuring the use of consistent business info across sites.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Business reputation management. 
  • AI-powered digital customer experience.
  • Review generation and promotion 
  • Interactive tools for engaging customers and gathering vital feedback, from surveys to chatbots and more.

Benefits of Birdeye

  • Use the AI-supported Birdeye platform to engage easily with customers and drive loyalty. 
  • The platform and the digital customer experience enhance business reputation and help businesses thrive in the local market.   
  • Analytics and reporting tools track the performance of listings and customer engagement strategies.
  • A customizable dashboard allows you to prioritize channels and performance metrics. Choose the data you want to focus on and use multiple visualization options.


The plans available for Birdeye users, but you need to call in to get details: 

  • Starter
  • Growth
  • Dominate  


  • User friendly 
  • Follows Google's guidelines for review solicitation
  • Performance tracking and analytics


  • The interface looks a bit outdated   
  • Integration issues


Software platform to manage and update business information online

What Yext does

Yext is a platform for managing and updating business information across online listings, search engines, maps, and social media. Yext's “answers platform” organizes information to answer questions from your customers, employees, or partners.

The ‘Knowledge Graph’ presents your business info, including your performance  data, in an analysis-friendly structure. Monitor your performance across different channels and gain clues on areas of improvement.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Yext's “Answers platform” organizes information in a “Knowledge Graph” for easier performance monitoring
  • Tools to promote reviews, listings, and location pages.
  • A chatbot that delivers relevant answers to customers, employees, or partners' questions.
  • Integration with CRM, marketing, and reputation management tools.

Benefits of Yext

  • Yext provides content to help businesses:some text
    • answer questions and 
    • add value to online experiences
  • Customized templates to manage business info in several industries, from events planning to food and healthcare.
  • The ‘data cleansing’ feature scours the web to automatically identify and rectify inconsistent business info.


Yext offers customized plans based on package size, business type, etc.   


  • User-friendly 
  • Central knowledge base 


  • Support   
  • Technical issues.



Local SEO platform

What Brightlocal does

Brightlocal is a local SEO platform that provides a toolset to rank higher locally and improve a business's online reputation. It helps generate more traffic and leads from local search and manage reviews.

With Brightlocal, you can build citations and ensure consistency in your business info everywhere. Use the local SEO features to identify local keywords, track local ranking, and optimize your location pages for local searchers.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • An industry-leading platform for local listings and search 
  • Local SEO audits, reports, and listings service.
  • Management tools with an online reputation management solution.
  • Local marketing 
  • Google My Business management
  • Local SEO audit
  • White label reports and client collaboration tools for agencies

Benefits of Brightlocal 

With Brightocal, businesses can:

  • Rank higher locally
  • Improve their reputation  
  • generate more traffic and leads from local searches
  • monitor, audit, and improve local SEO.
  • Analyze competitors’ local search performance and identify citation building opportunities.


The plans available for Brightlocal users include: 

  • Track: USD 39/monthsome text
    • Essential SEO tools 
  • Manage: USD 49/monthsome text
    • Listings management 
  • Grow: USD 59/monthsome text
    • Review management    
  • Custom plan & price : some text
    • Managing more than 50 listings 


  • Local SEO  
  • Competitor analytics
  • Robust integration support


  • Not very user-friendly   
  • Technical glitches


Localo (Formerly Surfer Local)

Local SEO tool

What Localo does

Localo is a powerful AI-supported local SEO tool designed to enhance business profiles on Google My Business. It helps local businesses, agencies, and service execute perform effective local search marketing campaigns. 

The platform provides generous insights on how to improve your GMB profile and local search visibility. Other important features include local keyword research, competitor analysis, and audit and reporting tools. 

Source: Localo

Key Features

  • Smart tasks to customize your weekly schedule and draw insights. 
  • Position checker to track Google’s local rankings and provide data for well-informed decisions.  
  • AI-supported review manager for replying to reviews and building online credibility.
  • Growth statistics supporting effective strategies. 

Benefits of Localo 

  • The review manager improves customer relations through features like automated review responses.
  • Use the growth insights to optimize your local and overall SEO.
  • Track Google's local rankings and use the data to improve your results.
  • Manage your listing and social media management tasks with the Smart Tasks tool. 
  • Build and manage citations across tons of sites and ensure your business info is accurately presented across the board.
  • Enjoy responsive customer support and access to training resources.
  • Deploy lead generation tools to maximize lead generation and conversion.


The plans available with Localo are: 

  • Free Plansome text
    • Essential SEO tools 
  • Growth: USD 29 per location /monthsome text
    • USD 29 for the next location 
  • Agency: USD 99 per/month for the first 4 locationssome text
    • USD 9 for the next location 


  • Local SEO  
  • Competitor research
  • Customer support and training. 


  • Minor technical issues e.g., typos.    
  • AI features are rudimentary.



Reputation management software platform for SMBs

What Reputation does

Reputation is a reputation management software platform for SMBs. It provides AI-powered features that analyze customer feedback to develop insights for companies to enhance their online reputation.

Collect feedback via various methods, including surveys, reviews, and monitoring brand mentions.

Reputation is also big on social media management, with a wide range of tools to schedule posts, respond to comments, and run ad campaigns on different platforms.

Source: Capterra

Key Features

  • AI-analytics that transform vast amounts of feedback data into business insights.
  • Local listing management tools that ensure the accuracy of business info across local sites.
  • Review generation tools to encourage more customers to give great remarks about your business.
  • Voice of the customer (VoC) feature for analyzing customers sentiments across various channels.
  • A customizable dashboard that lets you determine the areas and performance metrics to focus on.
  • White label solutions for agencies to tailor reports to the unique needs of customers.

Benefit of Reputation 

  • Companies can monitor and improve their performance with real-time data.
  • A mobile app allows you to carry your local SEO tools with you wherever you go.


You need to schedule a demo, after which you’ll get a quote based on your needs.


  • Review management  
  • User friendly  


  • Integration limitations with other platforms     
  • Social media limitations



Local SEO platform

What Whitespark does

Whitepsark is a local SEO software that helps businesses get the most out of local searches. Users can track search engine rankings, grow online reviews, acquire good citations, and offer local SEO services to businesses.

You can find valuable citation opportunities with the Citation Finder, which scours the web to find local directories and sites to post your business info. Use the Local SEO audit tools to explore more avenues to enhance your visibility.

Source: Whitespark

Key Feature

Whitespark’s features come in four categories:

  • Local platform: Manage all Google Business profiles from one common place.
  • Local Rank Tracker: High-quality rank-tracking software 
  • Local Citation Finder: A software tool to find the best citation opportunities and monitor existing citations. 
  • Reputation Builder: Automated review software to enhance the business's online profile.

Benefit of Whitespark 

The data aggregator allows you to quickly disseminate your business details accurately across the web.

The review handout feature simplifies review collection by encouraging customers to leave reviews on different platforms.

Competitor analysis reports offers a front-seat row to industry events and keeps you in the loop of trends.


Pricing options are available depending on  features selection.


  • Rank tracking software 
  • User-friendly  


  • Limited features beyond local SEO



Online review management platform

What Widewail does

Widewail is an online review management platform for managing online the reputation of a business. You can find plenty of tools to attract, engage, and convert local customers. 

The customer experience features collect and analyze feedback to provide you with insights on how to improve your products or services. Manage your customer reviews effectively with tools to collect, analyze, and respond to them.

Source: Widewail

Key Features

Widewail serves users with four main features: 

  • Invite: Automated review generation.
  • Invite video: Video testimonial generation 
  • Engage: Online review management service 
  • Engage Plus: Social media engagement service  

Benefits of Widewail 

  • Through review management tools, Widewail users can:some text
    • engage with their customers 
    • increase online visibility
    • grow their businesses 
  • Businesses of all sizes can manage their online reputation using the Widewail tool set.   
  • A user-friendly interface that you can customize to focus on the most important aspects of your local SEO.


You need to request a quote.


  • Video testimonial service
  • Mobile app
  • Task management
  • White label and client collaboration tools


  • Limited features beyond review management



Web-based SEO optimization platform

What AdviceLocal does

Advice Local is a web-based SEO platform that helps businesses generate store locator pages, geotag photos, schedule posts, and manage reviews. Not only does it help attract leads, it also provides tools to engage and convert them.

The platform’s performance tracker keeps you on top of your local page performance and offers insights to improve them.

Source: AdviceLocal

Key Features

Advice Local is presence management solution that helps businesses organize their local online presence. Key features include:  

  • locater pages
  • geotech photos
  • listings and directories 
  • post scheduling

Benefits of AdviceLocal 

  • Real-time updates to track your page performance and gain quick insights on for local SEO improvement.
  • Manage your reputation and improve your customer experience to enhance your brand reputation.
  • Monitor your brand mentions and analyze your customers' sentiments across various platforms.


You need to book a demo first and then ask for a custom pricing based on your needs.


  • Local directory submission service 
  • Review generation, monitoring, and response
  • Social media management


  • Payment/charging issues
  • Support 


White-label review management and marketing platform

What does is a white-label review platform for businesses, agencies, marketers, and SEO specialists. The tools help businesses to:

  • Convert customers to reviewers,
  • Recover customers and respond to negative reviews,
  • Monitor customers' reviews,
  • And market reviews to reach a wider audience. 

Besides reviews and listings, Grade.Us helps you build SEO-friendly web pages and engaging social media content. You can even repurpose your reviews into powerful web and social content. 

Source: Capterra

Key Features

  • White-label review platform. 
  • Automated review monitoring  
  • Convert positive reviews into SEO-friendly content and social media content.
  • Manage multiple clients or locations on a single dashboard 

Benefits of

  • Businesses and agencies can deliver white-labeled services through the platform.
  • Stay in touch with what is being said about your company by monitoring and generating reviews through an automated process.
  • The single dashboard provides control, click, and conversion data and optimizes email marketing campaigns.  
  • Create custom landing pages for soliciting reviews on different platforms.


Available plans on the platform include: 

  • Solo: USD 110/monthsome text
    • One seat  
  • Professional: USD 180 /monthsome text
    • Three seats 
  • Agency: USD 400 /monthsome text
    • Ten seats  
  • Partner: USD 2500 /monthsome text
    • 100 seats     


  • Automation
  • Review management
  • White-Labeled
  • API support for integration and custom workflow


  • Relative high pricing



Reputation Management platform

What GatherUp does

GatherUp is a platform that manages all aspects of reputation management, from listening, understanding, and engaging with customers to improving the customer experience. It analyzes customer feedback and provides AI-assisted SMART and actionable insights leveraged to engage and retain customers. 

The platform also offers extensive integration support for users to build a robust ecosystem of management tools. Plus, you can access tons of training resources and responsive customer support to hit the ground running with your reputation and listing management.

Source: G2

Key Features

  • Listen: Gather customer feedback. 
  • Understand: AI-assisted analyses of customer feedback 
  • Engage: Use insights to attract, engage, and retain customers.

Benefits of GatherUp

  • The platform enables users gathers customer feedback and reviews with ease.
  • Provides AI-assisted analyses and actionable feedback for implementation.
  • Provide SMS marketing campaigns, AI-generated replies (reviewed using SMART REPLY), and social sharing of reviews. 
  • Surveys, Net Promoter Scores, and other feedback tools for guaging customer sentiment.
  • Reputation management all-in-one-place.  


Available plans include: 

  • Small business: USD 99/monthsome text
    • One location  
  • Multi-Location: USD 60 per location/monthsome text
    • 2-10 locations 
  • Agency: Customized pricing some text
    • White-label reputation management software for clients   

Note: Add-ons for the plans: 

  • SMS Marketing campaigns 
  • Web-to-text-chat 


  • AI technology
  • Review management
  • White Label reputation management 


  • Minor technical glitches and limitations
  • Lack of robust listing management tools
  • Relative high pricing for many locations



Brand intelligence platform

What Chatmeter does

Chatmeter is a brand intelligence platform. Business users manage customer connections using AI-powered “deep listening”. The platform works for multi-location businesses. 

Business teams can enjoy end-to-end visibility in local SEO campaigns. A centralized interface gives them a snapshot of every info they need on their marketing campaigns in each location.

Source: Chatmeter

Key Feature

  • Brand intelligence and reputation management through AI-powered deep listening. 
  • Multi-location business reputation management 
  • Chatmeter provides end-to-end visibility for managing business info across the web.
  • Plenty review management tools to generate and respond to reviews.

Benefits of Chatmeter

  • Multi-location and business reputation management are all managed from one place.
  • AI-supported deep listening 
  • Optimization of online listings and local SEO. 
  • Brand mention monitoring across different platforms and locations.
  • Review widgets for collecting feedback across multiple platforms.
  • API support to expand your listing management capabilities.
  • Task management tools to organize work sessions and team collaborations.
  • Extensive training plus customer support to get your listing and review management off the ground.


You need to schedule a demo after which you receive a custom pricing plan with your preferred features. 


  • AI technology
  • Review management
  • Training and support
  • User friendly


  • Limited features  and functionality
  • Relative high pricing concerning available features



Business management software

What Thryv Does

Thryv is a do-it-all business management software platform that improves communication, encourages efficient organization, and solves business-related problems.   

Users can manage reviews and build credibility on various platforms. CRM tools keep users in the loop of their customers needs, analyzing sentiment and providing insights to improve the customer journey.

Source: G2

Key Feature

  • Comprehensive business management software
  • Easy-to-use customer interface with automated responses.
  • Review and reputation management tools
  • Local SEO tools, including those for listings and GMB.

Benefits of Thryv 

Thryv facilitates successful local marketing campaigns in many ways including: 

  • Customer communication and reputation management.
  • Sales management tools like estimates, invoicing, and receiving payments.
  • Social media management.


Available plans include: 

  • Basic: Freesome text
    • 3 channels 
  • Plus: USD 20 per seat/monthsome text
    • 6 channels 
  • Professional: USD 30 per seat/monthsome text
    • unlimited channels    
  • Customized plans: Special plans available for 10 employees or more 


  • Ease of use
  • White label support for customizing customer experiences
  • Customer support and training


  • Limited features  
  • Relative high cost in the context of available features 



Local SEO optimization tool for small businesses

What TribeLocal Does

TribeLocal is a local SEO optimization tool for small and multi-location businesses. It helps businesses establish and track their  online presence.  

Users can monitor trends and analyze competition to get on the front foot in their industry. TribeLocal identifies citation and link-building opportunities and monitors brand mentions to safeguard your reputation.

Source: GetApp

Key Features

  • Local SEO service
  • Multi-location management
  • Customer relation management (CRM)
  • Automation and task management tools

Benefits of TribeLocal

  • SEO support to establish and track an online presence.
  • Customizable templates to tailor reports, dashboard features and other components of customer experience.
  • Explore multiple marketing channels from email marketing to social media and paid ads. 


TribeLocal’s plans are as follows: 

  • Starter: USD 29 / monthsome text
    • 30 citations 
  • Growth: USD 49 / monthsome text
    • 65 citations 
  • Business: USD 69 / monthsome text
    • 100 citations    
  • Citation Burst: USD 100 / month & USD 3 per citation some text
    • up to 100 locations


  • Local SEO
  • Multichannel marketing


  • A tacky user interface  
  • Limited features


Direction Local

Local Marketing Platform

What Direction Local Does

Direction Local is a complete marketing platform for businesses interested in quickly increasing their online footprint and improving their reputation. It offers tools for building citations for top US directories, listing and review management, publishing, and local SEO reporting.  

Direction Local has features to influence every step of the buyer journey, from brand discovery to engagement, conversion, and follow up. Anayze industry trends and spy on your competitors for insights to attract, engage, and convert customers. Use the feedback tools to collect reviews and encourage brand loyalty.


Key Features

  • Automated citation builder covering relevant search networks, map apps, and review sites.
  • Reputation management.  
  • A suite of tools for publishing.
  • Reporting on local marketing progress.

Benefits of Direction Local

  • Quick improvement in local search rankings.
  • Improved visibility on maps
  • Enhanced lead generation.
  • Mobile-friendly website and mobile app for flexible access.


Available plans include: 

  • Local Business: USD 999 / yearsome text
    • 60+ directories 
    • For local businesses 
  • Local Tourism: USD 1099 / yearsome text
    • 65+ directories 
    • Focussed on businesses in Tourism e.g., hotels and restaurants
  • Local Doctor: USD 1199 / yearsome text
    • 70+ directories 
    • Focussed on businesses in Healthcare e.g. dentists and optometrists    


  • Fast local online visibility
  • Review widgets for collecting reviews across different platforms
  • 3 portfolios - general, tourism and healthcare 


  • Limited tracking or ranking  
  • Limited features



Reputation marketing platform

What nicejob Does

Nicejob is a repuration managment platform designed to helps businesses  attract leads and close sales. It uses an automated process to collect customer reviews. It also promotes your reviews across many marketing channels to further improve your business. 

Users can execute tons of different marketing and reputation management tasks from their dashboard, from citations to social media posts and review management.

Source: Capterra

Key Features

  • Automates the use of reviews and real-life photos in social media marketing.
  • Builds brand reputation and attract more reviews and referrals.  
  • Improves search engine results, boosts traffic, and generate sales.
  • Supports integrations with marketing and CRM tools

Benefits of Nicejob

  • Use “voice of the customer” to draw more customers and generate more sales.
  • Improve business reputation, leading to more sales.
  • The “review funnel” effectively guides users through the review process.


Two plans are available: “Grow” and “Grow + Sites.” The cost of each plan depends on the number of customers. 

The minimum Grow plan costs USD 75 / month and 

the maximum Grow + Sites plan costs USD 389 / month 


  • Review management
  • User Friendly
  • Customer support


  • Limited features.
  • Relative high price considering the limited features.



Marketing & Search Technology for Multi-Location Brands

What PinMeTo does

PinMeTo optimizes for local ranking criteria and connects businesses to all the major maps and search services. The platform ensures your business info is consistent on all of those networks. 

It also optimizes your brand’s presence across these platforms, promoting your authoritativeness with accurate and valuable business information. 

You can also track the performance of your listings, social media posts, and other branding assets to identify the most productive techniques.   

Source: Crozdesk

Key Features

  • Listings management tool for local listings visibility.
  • Track and respond to all reviews and ratings across all business listings and locations 
  • Enhance customer experience to improve online reputation 
  • Local social media management tools
  • Location page builder 
  • Local ads management
  • API support for integrations to build a robust tool ecosystem

Benefits of PinMeTo

  • Audit brand info, detect inconsistencies, and bulk-update local business listings.
  • Improves customer online experience and provides responses to questions and reviews.
  • Improves business reputation and local SEO rankings. 
  • Boost online business presence and conversion rate.
  • Social media management tools
  • Customizable templates for reports, communications, social media posts, etc.
  • Mobile-friendly website and mobile app allows for access to marketing tools on the go.


They offer custom pricing.


  • Cloud-based
  • Competitive price
  • Suitable for multi-location businesses in any region and industry


  • Limited features  
  • The initial setup is not user-friendly

Choose the Right Platform to Make Your Business Shine  

This post has many details to absorb, but the good news is that you don't have to memorize it. Take it step-by-step. Choose the platform most suitable for your business. The best starting point is to evaluate your business needs and consider the features you want the platform to provide. 

Do you want to optimize local SEO only? Or do you want comprehensive software that provides a much wider service with AI-supported automation? 

You will be surprised how easy it will be to find exactly what you need, in this post.  

Just think for a moment: Once you proceed with one of these platforms, your business's local online presence will improve. You will start to see more local customer engagements and higher conversion rates.

Get Started with Synup 

At Synup, we have the know-how, software solutions, and passion to support customers on the journey to enhance their local business's online reputation and elevate their turnover. 

Why Synup, you may ask. 

  1. We take pride in our customers' success - with proven results & demonstrated case studies.
  2. We form aligned partnerships where our customers share their pain points, and our team partners with them to find permanent solutions.   
  3. Synup has industry-leading, agency-first solutions to save time and improve business turnover. Our automated tools will do the tedious work while you focus on managing your business.


  1. What is a local SEO strategy?

A local SEO strategy is a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy that makes a business more visible in local search results on Google. A business that has a physical location and serves a certain geographic area can benefit from local SEO. Local SEO and other local marketing techniques feed into each other. For instance, success with local social media improves your credibility and makes you more attractive to your searchers. 

  1. How should a business do local SEO in 2024 

The top practices for local SEO in 2024 are:

  1. Conduct local keyword research.
  2. Optimize your business Google Business Profile (GBP)
  3. Build listings and citations on relevant local directories  and authority sites.
  4. Optimize for voice search. 
  5. Implement localized content marketing. 
  6. Take advantage of AI integration.
  7. Optimize for mobile devices.
  8. Pay attention to and manage online reviews and reputation management.
  9. Engage on social media.
  1. What is an online reputation management strategy? 

Online reputation management (ORM) establishes and manages a positive online perception of a business. It covers a range of activities, from encouraging and tracking positive reviews or brand mentions to responding to users' comments on different platforms, e.g., social media or product review websites.    

  1. What is a white-label product? 

Whitelabeling is a business practice where a product or service produced by one company (the producer) is rebranded and marketed by another company (the reseller) as their own. In this arrangement, the producer provides the product without any branding, allowing the reseller to apply their own brand, logo, and identity to the product before selling it to their customers. 


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GBP Review & Reputation Management
GBP Listing Management
GBP Reporting & Analytics
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