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Having and maintaining an active online presence on social media is super important for businesses and agencies. Social media management tools help tremendously by making it easier to handle multiple social accounts, schedule posts, and gather information on how your customers think and react to your brand. By using them, companies can stay connected with their audience, get more people to know about their brand, and sell more stuff.

Today we will discuss one such popular social media management tool: Sprout Social. 

What is Sprout Social? 

Sprout is an all-in-one social media management platform that helps businesses and agencies manage their social media platforms from a single location. With Sprout, one can schedule posts, track performance, and engage with their audience easily. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to navigate, even for beginners. Plus, it offers insightful analytics to help you understand your audience better and improve your strategy. With collaborative features, teams can work together better, streamline tasks, and boost productivity. 

Source: Sprout Social

Why should one look for Sprout Social alternatives?

  1. Its prices are always ever-changing
  2. Agencies and small businesses cannot afford it because it's too expensive
  3. As per their customers, some of the features are either a hit or a miss, for example, the social listening and the sentiment analysis tool
  4. Reporting features are not very comprehensive
  5. It’s difficult to get through technical support teams

These reasons are exactly why it’s time for you to start looking for Sprout Social alternatives. 

The list of alternatives is put together by keeping in mind the following: 

  • The alternative supports all the social media platforms you use or plan to use
  • It provides features like scheduling, analytics, and engagement tools that meet your needs
  • It's intuitive and user-friendly for you and your team
  • It fits your budget and is cost-effective
  • It integrates with other tools and platforms you use
  • It can help grow your business and accommodate future needs.

So, let’s dive in!

Synup Social

Synup Social is a user-friendly social media scheduler designed to handle all your social media tasks. From basic post-scheduling to advanced analytics and trend tracking, it's got you covered. Plus, it's completely automated, so you can save time and resources every step of the way.

Features & Benefits of Using Synup Social

💎 Multi-Platform Scheduling: Plan and schedule posts for all your social media accounts in one spot

💎Brand and Location Management: Easily handle posts for different brands or locations, keeping messages consistent

💎AI-Personalized Posts: Use smart tech to make posts that suit your brand and connect with your audience

💎Collaborative Workflow: Work together smoothly with an easy content approval process.

💎 Integration with Facebook and Google: Update your business profiles right from the scheduling tool.

💎 Trending Content Access: Keep up with the latest trends and popular posts.

💎 White-Label Solution: Agencies and resellers can customize the tool with their own branding for managing client accounts.

💎Let us handle your Facebook and Google Business Profile listings within Synup. This ensures your online presence stays up-to-date. 

💎Get inspired and keep up with top social media trends and popular content to make sure your posts connect with your audience.

How to get started with Synup Social? 

Start posting on social media in minutes with Synup. 

Sign up for a demo or self-register, then connect your social media accounts with a few clicks. 

Just hit "Add Brand" at the top of your dashboard to get started.

After adding a brand account, you can begin posting with ease using Synup. 

You have the option to publish immediately or schedule posts for later. 

Additionally, you can send posts to team members for approval. 

If you're stuck, our platform includes an AI content generator. 

Just click "Auto-generate content" for instant AI-generated post ideas.

“I currently oversee business management for Self-Defense companies in the Northwest region of the United States. I was having issues finding a good program to utilize to manage social calendars, events, and engagement. Synup was mentioned by a peer and I have to honestly say it has made my life way better. Synup is user-friendly and allows for an easy overview to implement for social media management, review management, and listing management. I was able to connect the different company profiles through the program and schedule engaging post ahead of time instead of in the moment. I also enjoyed the ability to invite business owners to assist in the management of their profile that was connected. I currently use the social media engagement to generate leads and utilize as a customer outreach/inbound questions generator. Anytime I have run into an issue it was very easy to reach out to the customer support and find the answers I needed. It was so simple to setup and the user-friendly layout has made for extreme ease of integration. It allows for these companies to have schedule posts for holidays or upcoming events, to include images, hashtags, or gifs in the post. I also like that I can view each companies online reviews right from the same portal without having to sign-in and out of each account on the different platforms. It provides easy on the eyes charts and data that I can rely back to company owners for their situational awareness.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Small Medium Businesses & Enterprises

Hootsuite is an all-in-one social media tool that helps you publish, schedule, run marketing campaigns, and engage with your audience on social media. It also helps with social media analytics, engagement tools, advertising tools, social listening tools, and much more. 

Source: Hootsuite


➡️Helps schedule and publish your content under a single roof

➡️Comes with in-built listening tools such as Hootsuite Streams and Talkwalker to help you stay on top of trends, brand mention and competition

➡️In-depth social media analytics tools

➡️Brand monitoring features help you search query terms, hashtags and keyword streams

➡️Has Hootsuite social advertising features for social ad analytics, social ads management and boosting your organic content


✅OwlyWriter is an in-built tool that helps with AI Content Creation to generate content ideas, captions, hashtags, and more.

✅Offers Canva templates and bulk post-scheduling

✅Has an in-built autoresponder


❌The User Experience can become much more friendly 

❌Does not offer white label dashboard

❌Customers say that there’s no option to post Instagram stories which is a hurdle

Priced at $99 Per Month

“Hootsuite is charging us an exorbitant amount – over $1,000 a month – for a service that barely meets our needs. We did our research and found several much more affordable options with way more integrations – features Hootsuite doesn't even offer, like GBP integration & many more! To top it all off, when we tried to cancel, they slapped us with a "contract renewal" in January, which we never saw! They never bothered to check if we were happy with their service or even asked if we wanted to keep using it. It feels like we're stuck in some kind of contractual hostage situation, forced to pay a ridiculous price for a service that barely accommodates our team (fewer than 5 users and only 40 accounts, when their enterprise plan starts at 5 users and 50 accounts!).”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Zoho Social

Best Suited For: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non-Profit, Small Business

Zoho Social is a complete social media management platform for businesses and agencies. It helps you create custom dashboards, monitor mentions, analyze what's working for your social media performance, all in a single tool. It can also create custom dashboards for your client management needs where you can work as a team, invite clients, multitask on brand campaigns, and get more things done.

Source: Zoho Social


➡️It helps schedule and publish your social media posts to help you save time

➡️One can preview their planned posts and easily reschedule posts by dragging and dropping

➡️Comes with SmartQ predictions to help you analyze and post content for when your audience is the most active

➡️Curates content easily with the help of tools like RSS and zShare browser extension

➡️Integrated Inbox comes with features with Zia AI, filters, workflows to help you streamline tasks by alloting them to respective stakeholders

➡️Has a listening dashboard that monitors your brand mentions, keywords and reviews

➡️Comes with live stream options to help you with your social engagement and understand who is interacting with your brand on social media


✅Has a content calendar that helps plan your entire week/month in advance 

✅Bulk Scheduler and repeat post option 


❌The pricing is a little too high 

❌No YouTube integrations for the basic plans 

❌Has a steep learning curve

❌Limited options with custom reports

Priced at $15 Per Month

“One aspect of Zoho Social that could be improved is its limited options for customization in reporting. While the analytics provided are comprehensive, having more flexibility to tailor reports to our specific needs would enhance our ability to draw deeper insights and make more informed decisions about our social media strategies. This additional customization would make Zoho Social even more valuable to businesses seeking detailed and specific data analysis”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Social Bee

Best Suited For: Freelancers, Mid Size Businesses, Public Administrations, Small Businesses

Social Bee is an AI-powered social media management tool that helps create, recycle, schedule, publish, collaborate, and approve your social media posts all under a single dashboard. 

Source: Social Bee


➡️Comes with design integrations like Canva, Unsplash and GIPHY

➡️One can use AI to generate content strategies based on recommended posting times, content categories and ready to use posts.

➡️Enables you to create and categorise hashtags as collections

➡️Offers various post variations such as images, videos and text only thanks, amongst others

➡️Allows one to create personalised video thumbnails, interesting frames and covers

➡️Tweaks posts based on the platform's best social media practices


✅Everything is seamlessly organized and easy to understand 

✅They have a very supportive customer support 


❌The Canva integrated offers some really basic features and does not allow one to do more

❌One cannot post on Instagram and schedule a reel at the same time

❌No white label or custom dashboard features 

Priced at $29 Per Month

“I wish I could set a post to move to draft at a certain date. I can set it to expire, but that deletes it. With the setting to draft, it will be there and ready to turn on again next year.

The queue ordering for a category with a mix of new content and saved content is hard to control. Sometimes I want to do two new posts, and then a specific older piece of content. Alternatively, being able to set that I want post X to be the one shared for category Y on date Z would be helpful. The AI for images can still use work - but that is fairly typical of AI-generated images.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Sprinklr Social

With Sprinklr Social, one can easily manage social media across multiple brands, teams and geographies. It offers a broad channel coverage, AI assistant to create content quickly, enterprise grade governance and a unified customer intelligence platform by integrating and marketing customer service on a single platform.

Source: Sprinklr Social


➡️Helps with publishing content and engagement on various social media platforms

➡️Gathers real-time industry, competitor and customer insights from millions of data sources across the web

➡️Measure and track your social media performance against various competitors and manage influencers

➡️Manages every ad campaign across 30+ channels from a single dashboard

➡️AI-powered customer service on social

➡️One-on-one chat based customer experience


✅Unified publishing capabilities are a great feature that helps manage publishing under a single dashboard 

✅Offers an AI-powered engagement platform


❌Can be slow to load at times 

❌Some features have a steep learning curve

❌Pricing is a little too expensive

Priced at $299 Per Month. Offers a free 30-day trial

“Sometimes the editorial calendar, where you schedule and publish content, has bugs related to photo/video formats, and you spend more time adjusting the images. Other times, it took a while for the platform to sync with the latest updates or features of Instagram or X, as was the case with tweet cards or the ability to edit covers in Instagram reels. Regarding dashboards, doesn't work quite often when I'm connected to the VPN.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid-sized businesses, Public Administrations, Small Businesses and Non-profit businesses

Brandwatch helps customers attract, discover, build, and engage customers on social media platforms across regions and teams. It also offers a suite of best-in-class tools to help conduct in-depth research, monitor and study your brand performance online, creating data-driven content and delivering A-grade customer service.

Source: Brandwatch


➡️Seamless collaboration with an integrated content calendar with various approval flows to ensure quality

➡️Has a smart inbox which can be customized, automated and offers a cross-channel integrations with major social media and communication platforms

➡️Provides actionable social media insights with active social listening tools, benchmarking and analytics capabilities

➡️Has partnered with major network providers and offers unlimited channels

➡️Helps create automated ad campaigns and manage them at scale


✅Has an easy-to-use interface 

✅Offers 24/7 live chat support 


❌The tool can be a little buggy at times 

❌Scheduling posts on Twitter is not very seamless and can cause glitches at times 

Discloses prices upon request

“I believe that there is nothing that I don't like, but that there is room for some essential features because, in the reporting part, we don't have an analysis of feelings. When creating a Dashboard, other users cannot edit it, only the user who created the Dashboard, making a new view impossible.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Business

MavSocial is a social media tool that helps multi-local businesses manage publishing, advertisements, and engagement from a singular platform. It enables you to create ads, social media posts, and keep your audience engaged. Businesses can track keywords and various other terms to identify and engage with social listening tools along with actionable data that will help you amplify your social media presence and understand how your brand is performing online.

Source: MavSocial


➡️Helps publish and schedule social media content across various platforms

➡️Create and manage ads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and X

➡️Comes with an integrated inbox to manage all your conversations under a single dashboard

➡️Offers online reputation management on Google My Business and Facebook


✅User-friendly to use

✅Nicely integrated with other third-party apps and websites 


❌Reports are usually not up to date 

❌Bulk uploading is still a feature that is under development 

❌No mobile version of the app

Priced at $78 Per Month

“MavSocial offers a LOT... but not necessarily what I'm looking for. The idea of a campaign was great, but I had to either let it run forever or set an end date. This was tough. Also, although it's great to have the cloud library attached to my account, it was horrific to organize. I regularly work with hundreds or thousands of images. Incredibly time-consuming to add metadata to each file. They also had to be moved to directories individually.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Social Pilot

Best Suited For: Freelancers, Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses

Social Pilot helps businesses plan and manage content effectively, collaborate with teams efficiently, and measure timely performance. It also helps manage campaigns and optimize them. Additionally, comes with team collaboration features and is known to be highly trusted by content marketers and agencies worldwide.

Source: SocialPilot


➡️Comes with a social media scheduler to organize and schedule posts

➡️Has an AI assistant that can help with new ideas and break creative barriers

➡️Can bulk schedule 500+ posts scheduled at once

➡️RSS feeds allow you to curate and publish content automatically

➡️Comes with in-built collaboration tools to help boost team productivity and streamline better workflows

➡️Content library helps save time and extra effort to effectively manage content

➡️Shows actionable insights such as follower analysis, post performance, hashtag analysis and reports

➡️White label custom dashboard with reseller benefits

➡️Integrated social media inbox and review management to consolidate all conversations happening across online


✅Great value for money

✅Quick and easy to setup

✅Support team is responsive and easy to get in touch with


❌Analytics and insights are not as comprehensive as promised 

❌Troubleshooting ends up taking longer than usual

Priced at $25 Per Month

“Coming from other similar products on the market, it took me a little while to get use to the user interface and how to do things such as bulk schedule posts or manage groups of profiles, etc.It doesn't feel quite as premium as others”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Business

Buffer helps you build an audience organically on social media platforms via user-friendly marketing tools, analytics, and AI automations. It can also turn your ideas into creative social media posts, help grow your following, lessen your workload by automating most of the reports, and enable better collaboration across teams to help you communicate and work together efficiently.

Source: Buffer


➡️Helps build and organize a library of content ideas

➡️Can plan, publish, and manage content effectively

➡️Analyze social media performance and create reports

➡️In-built AI assistant helps generate posts, write copies, and bring your ideas to life

➡️One can build a customized landing page in minutes


✅Customer Support is responsive and helpful


❌Buggy at times with slow page loading times

❌Analytical reports are not very comprehensive

Priced at $6 Per Month

“I wish that the interface were a little more user-friendly and made it a little more fun for the users. I also think that would be nice to have a collaboration option (Not sure if this is available now) but it was not available when I used it. And would be very nice to have the option of some kind or included software to review your text or post to have fewer mistakes when writing.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses

Later helps keep your content fresh and organized with social media publishing tools and helps schedule your content or source-relevant, on-brand UGC to publish to your feed. It helps you streamline your workflow, save more time and post on the go. Additionally, the platform also helps create tailored content for each platform using Later's content creation tools.

Source: Later Social


➡️ Enables bulk scheduling and auto publishing for different post types such as photo, video and carousel formats

➡️ Comes with a preview tool to help you analyze and brainstorm the look and feel of your Instagram feed

➡️ Get access to personalised and best time to post recommendations unique to your audience on TikTok and Instagram

➡️ Comes with a pre-built hashtag generator tool for Instagram

➡️ Has a Later Caption Writer that can help one automate caption writing for various social media posts without spending hours on it


✅Supports publishing Instagram stories 


❌ The analytics section can be much more comprehensive

❌Does not offer the option to post multiple images to Linkedin

Pricing starts at $15 Per Month

“The paid tiers create limitations to social media sharing accounts and found it difficult to connect both personal and professional as well as company social media accounts. The free version when using it, would constantly require reconnecting accounts and limiting the posts. But that is to be expected with free accounts.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Business

Agorapulse helps you easily manage your social media accounts and drive real business impact from your social campaigns all in one platform. 

Source: G2


➡️Offers an integrated inbox 

➡️Social Media Publishing 

➡️Social Media Listening Tools 

➡️Helps measure your social media ROI

➡️Offers actionable insights

➡️AI automation features


✅Comes with an inbuilt AI assistant 

✅Social Media Listening tools help you uncover new business ideas through listening tools

✅Intutive and user-friendly


❌The platform can be slow at times 

❌Pricing is too high 

❌With basic plans, analytics are not very comprehensive

Pricing starts at 52$ Per Month

“The pricing can be on the higher end for smaller businesses, potentially limiting access to its premium features. Additionally, while it supports major social media platforms, support for emerging or niche platforms may lag behind competitors. It is also harder to add videos and is missing features that you get on most platforms.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Business

Oktopost helps you manage your social media management at scale by helping you track analytics, helps understand your digital strategy in detail, and do much more. It also offers various third party integrations that help you drive your overall content strategy forward.

Source: Oktopost


➡️Helps easily manage social media posts across various platforms

➡️Measure your brand impact and presence on social media via analytics

➡️Discover new industry and gain insights into customer experience via AI-powered social listening tools

➡️Streamline data across various networks with multiple third party integrations


✅ Offers an intuitive dashboard


❌ There are certain limitations on tagging people and companies 

❌ Does not offer white label custom dashboard

❌ Has a steep learning curve

Discloses prices upon request


“Oktopost has singlehandedly let me launch a social program for ActionIQ at a scale the company has never seen in 6 years. And the fact that I can do that with one platform is remarkable as one person. And I leverage most if not all, of my analytics and reporting from Oktopost. So as a one-stop shop, I'm finding a lot of success. There are aspects of the platform that ActionIQ doesn't leverage, but I think that's also a sign that Oktopost has multiple uses to fit different scales of company size/growth.”


“For me, it's unfortunate how un-useful the Listening feature was for Oktopost and the only part of my current social program I had to leverage a separate tool for. I wish there wasn't a limitation or paywall behind the number of posts we could pull or queries we could have available to us. I also still don't leverage the tags feature because we aren't large enough for that to matter or need that level of granularity.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*


Hubspot Marketing Hub

Best Suited For: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non-Profit, Small Business

Hubspot Marketing Hub, as the name suggests is a full-suite marketing hub that lets you connect all the tools in one dashboard, along with various AI features for marketers, campaign management abilities, marketing automation tools and much more.

Source: Hubspot Marketing


➡️Helps run all your social media campaigns under a single dashboard 

➡️Has a wide knowledge base for newbies and various other novice learners which they can access easily

➡️Comes with built in form builder, email marketing tools, Ads software and much more

➡️ Can help measure and optimize your marketing data efficiently and understand your performance in-depth


✅Offers 24/7 customer support


❌Pricing is a little too steep

❌Cannot view reports beyond 30 days

❌UX is not very great and can use more work

Pricing starts at $890 Per Month

“There are duplicate records in our database and it isn't always easy to merge. We're charged by marketing contact so the tier can go up before you know it. If you lose marketing contacts and you fall into a lower-paying tier, you still get charged for the higher tier- you can't go back. I think this is unethical. It's tricky in that way for a startup. I wish I could tag people in social posts, and upload a photo + a video in a social post. The social media capabilities are quite limited. We also spend a lot of money creating custom templates for the web and email with a Hubspot Developer.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Business, Non-Profit, Public Administrations, Small Business

Loomly helps you create and schedule social media content within minutes, seamlessly collaborate with your team or clients, and easily track your success with social media metrics and analytics with add-on collaboration tools, campaign features, creative tools for social media marketers, and features to manage a full-fledged community management tools.

Source: Loomly


➡️ Social Media Planning and & scheduling features and lets preview, auto-post and schedule content across various social media platforms

➡️ Tools to streamline collaboration and various other features

➡️ Robust campaign tracking features

➡️ Access to a suite of creative tools and content calendars with third party editing apps

➡️ Advanced social media analytics and reporting features


✅Offers a variety of integrations for third-party apps

✅Customer Support is really helpful


❌Can’t publish Instagram and Facebook stories via the app

Pricing starts at $32 Per Month

“YouTube integration doesn't have all your YouTube options when you submit via YouTube, but it's enough for doing shorts. It does not give hashtag suggestions or show hashtag usage as you are typing them in, but it does have a limited hashtag suggestion button. The Audience selection is very limited, especially for my client, a non-profit and a church. I can't post to groups on Facebook. My main issue is that I wanted to publish stories on Instagram and Facebook automatically. Customer support did not quite tell the truth when I asked about the automatic posting of do still have to manually log in to the app on your phone and post it.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*



Best Suited For: Freelancers, Large Enterprises, Mid Size Businesses, Small Businesses

Crowdfire is a social media marketing platform that helps you attract your target audience and amplify your social media presence. 

Source: Crowdfire


➡️Social Media Management 

➡️Article Curation 

➡️Custom RSS Feeds



➡️Tailored posts with preview 


✅Intutive and easy to use 

✅Can automatically create a post or an article


❌Do not have the integration to Google My Business, one of the most important platforms 

❌Can only link limited accounts 

❌No white label dashboard

Priced at $9.99Per Month

“The only setback of this software is the slowness of new features. Crowdfire is mainly focused on Twitter as of right now but plans on bringing more features for Instagram in the upcoming months. Overall, I wish the speed of features were faster.”

*Review sourced and cited through G2*

A social media manager is a tool that lets you plan and schedule posts ahead of time on different platforms. Instead of posting in real-time, you can set up posts to go live at specific dates and times, in return, helping you stay organized and consistent with your content.

Considering everything, Synup Social is a top social scheduling tool known for its simplicity and powerful features like automation and AI assistance. 

However, the best tool for you depends on your needs and preferences.

Therefore, you must conduct thorough research and stick to what works best for you and your team.

Happy scheduling! ✨


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