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While Yext offers a comprehensive array of tools and services, including store locators, listing management, and reputation management among others, there have been instances where its offerings could be seen as lacking in certain areas. This points towards a need for improvement in specific functionalities or features within its suite to better meet the diverse needs of its users. 

Why should one make a switch from Yext?

  1. Declining Support Quality - With a lot of users leaving unsatisfied feedback concerning Yext’s decline in customer support quality recently and how they might not always be prompt to answer their queries, it’s an important thing to consider, especially when one is looking for a long-term solution. 
  2. Expensive - If you’ve ever been a Yext customer, you know how expensive it can get. Plus, their add-on prices in addition to the base prices can be a bit exorbitant for businesses and agencies with limited working capital, therefore, thinking about a Yext alternative might just be a necessity. 
  3. Can’t switch from Yext easily - The biggest problem customers face with Yext is that most of their content i.e almost 50-60% of their data is lost when they are trying to switch from Yext to a different platform, which can result in a total reset i.e back to square one, which might cost you a lot of time and resources to re-establish and set up all the lost data. 

So, are you someone who wants to work with a team that makes you feel like you’re not being seen or heard or your problems are being addressed? 

And if your answer is no - It’s time that you look out for Yext alternatives to help you manage your online business.


Synup is an all-in-one solution for businesses looking to boost their online presence and engage with customers. With a range of powerful tools and tailored options for resellers, Synup helps optimize performance. It's not just a platform; it's a robust ecosystem that boosts visibility, reputation, and engagement within local communities. All in all, Synup simplifies online marketing, helping businesses thrive in the digital world by streamlining operations and fostering meaningful connections with customers.

Synup’s Offerings:

✅ Listings management across multiple publishers - Synup enables businesses to create, update, and synchronize their business listings across a wide array of online directories, search engines, social media platforms, and mapping services. By ensuring consistency and accuracy across these platforms, businesses can improve their local SEO performance and enhance their discoverability by potential customers.

✅ Reviews management for customer engagement - With Synup, businesses can manage and monitor customer reviews across multiple review sites, including Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and more. With the help of real-time alerts and notifications, businesses can further respond promptly to customer feedback, resolve their issues, and maintain a positive online reputation.

✅Online Reputation Management - Synup also helps simplify online reputation management by consolidating all the reviews from various websites into one platform and enabling prompt engagement with their customers. It provides various tools for monitoring reviews, analyzing and understanding customer sentiment through Natural Language Processing, and helping one acquire customer feedback through emails and SMS. Synup also has templates one can choose from for automating smart responses. It also provides a comprehensive suite of review analytics to visualize your reputation across regions, locations, and administrative divisions under a single dashboard. 

✅Local SEO Audit - We at Synup are in-house Local SEO experts, and we make sure that our customers get the best out of what we offer! Our Local SEO audit tool analyses certain aspects of your business’s online presence including local listings, website optimization, backlink profile, citation consistency, and more. Not just limited to this, the audit also provides your business with actionable insights and recommendations to improve your Local SEO performance and enhance your local rankings. 

✅Local and Organic Keyword Tracking & Reporting - At Synup, we think that your online business must show up on the first page of Google so that you’re the preferred choice for your customers. Keeping this in mind, we conduct in-depth local keyword research to identify relevant keywords your customers are searching for. We also help with optimizing your website content such as meta tags, headings, and various other on-page elements to target local keywords effectively and improve your ranking on local SERPs. 

✅If you want to fully automate your listing management process, you can integrate Synup with 100+ CRMs and your POS system to start review generation campaigns every time you have a new customer. 

✅Our support team is available to help you set up and make the best use of your platform. The team is not only specialized in platform-related issues but also holds deep expertise in local search and marketing. So, we know what we’re doing and help you make the right decisions. 

✅We offer everything from top to bottom white labeling, so you can put your own brand on our products and services. Plus, we've got a super easy-to-use API for resellers who want to seamlessly blend our offerings into their own software. 

✅With us, agencies get the best of both worlds: top-notch services and the freedom to focus on what they do best, while we take care of the rest. 

✅Our recent partnership with Clientjoy allows us to tap into providing fully-fledged agency-specific services. Clientjoy helps you organize your client side of the business while Synup helps maintain your online presence. The perfect duo! 

🔎 We Offer Managed Services 

Looking to free up more time to grow your business? Our managed services can lighten your load. With Synup, we've got you covered when it comes to your client's reputation management and local presence. We take care of key marketing tasks for both you and your clients, from managing listings to handling reputation management.



Category: Reputation Management and Customer Experience Platform

Birdeye is known to be a tool providing a comprehensive suite of features for multi-location brands and local businesses. They help manage local listings, online reputation, and social media management for enterprises SMBs, and freelancers. 


➡️Review Management - Helps you streamline the process to manage its online reviews and reputation. 

➡️Social media management - Schedule posts, generate captions, and manage your social media handles all from a single dashboard

➡️Listing Management - Consistent and accurate business information across various directories 

➡️Referrals - Offers a structured referral program to generate new leads

➡️Webchat - Helps you communicate with your customers through their preferred channels

➡️AI-driven - Makes use of AI to get insights and analytics to get you better results


✅Provides white-label solutions

✅Known especially for its review management solutions

✅A more rounded feedback collection tool with clear and simple-to-use features

✅Has better and in-depth reporting features as compared to Yext 


❌Pricing is too high, especially considering that they’re catering to SMBs 

❌Does not make use of their own technology 

Priced at 299$ Per Month


“I have compared it to its competitors on the market and the process it has for requesting a review from a customer is the best.”


“UPDATE: I went from having an individual enterprise account to being under a partner's enterprise account. Also going from just Reviews to having Listings as well in this new account. The transition has been frustrating and not getting much help or communication about this transition. Listings say they are synced, but when we make changes they don't reflect on Listings. And when they do, it takes too long for them to reflect that we end up going to the major ones and doing it manually, which negates the point of the Listings Management system handling it for us. Very slow in solving issues or getting feature requests launched. Communication about timelines could be greatly improved. “

(Sourced and cited from G2)

💡Here’s an in-depth competitive analysis we’ve done to help you make an informed decision!



Category: Reputation Management and Local SEO

BrightLocal is a software platform specializing in providing tools and solutions for local search engine optimization (SEO) and reputation management. Its primary focus is to help multi-location businesses including freelancers, mid-size companies and small businesses improve their online visibility, attract local customers, and manage their online reputation effectively. 


➡️Helps keep business information accurate across online directories.

➡️Monitor and respond to customer reviews on various sites.

➡️Identify areas for improving your business’ local search visibility.

➡️Track website rankings in local search results 

➡️Optimize and manage your business’ GMB (Google My Business) profiles.


✅Perform Local SEO audits by providing insightful search analytics reports 

✅One can integrate and see data from Google Analytics, Meta, and Twitter

✅Generate reviews under 200+ review sites across 40 industries


❌No API-based listings, they mostly create listings manually and therefore the cost ends up being on the higher end

❌The turnaround time for updates is usually slow because even those are manual

❌One has to pay multiple times to update their listings

Priced at $39 Per Month


“The ease of use, the efficiency, and amazing customer support. They go over and beyond to help you with any queries you may have. The training was extensive and very accommodating to when we could be trained over as many sessions as we needed. Integration with our social media platforms was so easy and quick. I love the review feature and the ability to post social media posts for the whole month in advance, it's a no-brainer. The AI feature is also excellent!”


“There is nothing I can think of that we dislike apart from it being a bit more cost-effective. We pay £250 + VAT per month at the moment, for a small business like ours £150 would be more manageable, and for this reason alone, we are thinking of not renewing our subscription when our contract runs out.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)💡



Category: Online Reputation Management (ORM) Software


➡️Review Management: Keep track of what customers are saying about your business online.

➡️Sentiment Analysis: Understand if the overall buzz around your brand is positive or negative.

➡️Review Boost: Encourage happy customers to leave more positive reviews online.

➡️Social Media Watch: Keep an eye on mentions of your business across social media platforms.

➡️Competition Check: See how your online reputation stacks up against competitors.


✅Helps collect a lot of useful data for Reputation Management

✅Easy customizable dashboards and reports 

✅’The Reputation Store’ feature makes it easy for one to understand how Reputation Management plays a role in boosting your location ranking in search results


❌No AI integrations to automatically reply to reviews

❌Does not provide integrations with Yelp 

❌Users are unable to add new business listings directly to the interface. One has to contact the support team to get it done

Priced at 100$ Per Month


“I like the modern look of the dashboard. It's easy to read and easy to navigate. I do like the account manager we've been assigned. Very understanding of our account and situation and knowledgeable of the product and how we can use it.”


“The implementation process was abysmal. We were led to believe that Yelp reviews would be integrated yet when it came time to implement and adopt the tool, we were told Yelp was NOT a supported online reputation channel, during sales calls, we were told it pulls in reviews from "all of them". The term integration is used very loosely. The "integration" between Reputation and Real Page (our CMS) is not true by definition. There is zero integration of Real Page. They're just exporting CSV reports from Real Page and calling it an integration.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)💡



Category: Local Listings Management Software

Local Clarity is a digital marketing platform focused on empowering businesses to optimize their local online presence.


➡️Listing Management: Keep business information accurate across online directories.

➡️Review Monitoring: Monitor and respond to customer reviews from various sites.

➡️Local SEO Optimization: Improve visibility in local search results.

➡️Competitor Analysis: Compare online presence with competitors.

➡️Reporting: Track key metrics for performance insights.


✅The ease to access and see all the reports under a single dashboard

✅Quick response time 


❌Does not offer a very engaging webchat or a messaging system 

Priced at 12$ Per Month


“The ability to collate, report, and disseminate review data across multiple locations from multiple providers allows a better insight into our business to all levels of management. Support has been fantastic and constantly developing new features :)”


“There were a few issues with a location registering as an American state that were quickly fixed.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)💡



Category: Local Listings Management & Social Media Management Software

SOCi helps multi-location businesses amplify their digital landscape across local search and social media platforms by improving their online presence, reputation, and customer experience and yielding the marketing results businesses seek.


➡️Listing Management: Keep business info correct across online directories.

➡️Social Media Management: Schedule posts and engage with followers.

➡️Localized Content: Create content for specific locations.

➡️Review Monitoring: Keep track of and respond to reviews.

➡️Analytics: Measure performance across platforms.


✅Makes it easy to track postings, change and edit content, and see what’s performing better all under one roof

✅Let’s you schedule campaigns in advance 


❌Does not allow users to benchmark their performance against competitors within the same industry or niche

❌The customer support is not very great 

Pricing model not transparent


“SOCi has done a good job of listening to our feedback, investigating questions and issues, and communicating answers. The SOCi team did a great job designing and implementing our local store pages.”


“The SOCi platform feels somewhat incomplete. Certain aspects of the platform are counter-intuitive and we often struggle to get complete and direct answers to our questions. When asked about features or integrations, SOCi team members often don't know the answers and need to research or consult with their developers. Because of this, the platform feels somewhat incomplete like it's being actively developed while we are using it.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)💡



Category: Local Listings Management & Social Media Management Software

SurveySparrow allows users to create surveys that are visually appealing and interactive. The platform offers various question types, branching logic, and customization options, enabling users to tailor surveys to their specific needs and objectives.


➡️Mobile-Friendly Surveys: Make surveys easy to view and complete on phones and tablets.

➡️Smart Logic: Customize the survey based on how respondents answer, for a personalized experience.

➡️Different Questions: Use various question types like multiple choice, open-ended, or rating scales to get different feedback.

➡️Your Brand Look: Put your logo, colors, and fonts on surveys to keep your brand consistent.

➡️See Results Right Away: Watch responses come in live and get insights from analytics.


✅The product offers a very human vibe, making platforms like Google and Microsoft forms look dull, so it’s fun to work on it

✅Different Filter & Compare Modes that make your life easier if you have subgroups you would like to look into based on their responses

✅Customer support is really friendly and quick to respond


❌The functionalities available in the basic version of the software are limited 

❌ The advanced available features are quite difficult to learn and need extra support and documentation to understand

Pricing starts at 19$ Per Month


“We've been using Survey Sparrow for most of our user interactions, from filling out questionnaires to receiving feedback and suggestions to collect data. Not only does Survey Sparrow provide us with the robust tools to do that effortlessly, but it efficiently manages our responses and generates automatic reports that are readable, analytical, and presentable.”


“Our only complaint will be pricing. Some cool features are locked at higher pricing tiers which I would like to ripple down to base tiers for SMCs. Also, the question type is quite limited, and I would like the ability to build more complex form and interaction workflows.”

(Sourced and cited from G2) 💡



Category: Online Reputation Management and Local Listings Management

Rannko is a comprehensive reputation management and digital marketing platform designed to help businesses enhance their online presence and reputation. It offers a range of tools and features, including review monitoring, social media management, business listing optimization, and competitor tracking. 


➡️Listing Management: Keep business information consistent across online directories and maps.

➡️Review Monitoring: Track and respond to customer reviews from various review sites in one place.

➡️Social Media Management: Schedule posts, engage with followers and monitor social media mentions.

➡️Analytics and Reporting: Measure performance across listings, reviews, and social media, and gain insights into online reputation.

➡️Competitor Analysis: Compare online reputation and performance with competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses.

➡️Local SEO Optimization: Improve visibility in local search results through SEO optimization features.


✅Has capabilities and expertise in a wide range of industries

✅Can help improve your brand’s presence with 40+ digital services and citations by using its ‘PowerSync’ plan


❌Can get a little hard to use at times

Pricing starts at 29$ Per Month


“If you are looking to get started with managing your online reputation, Rannko provides an easy way to do so”


“At times, it can be a little "clunky" - they need to work out a few bugs”

(Sourced and cited from G2)💡


Nice Job

Category: Review Management & Customer Feedback Software

NiceJob is a reputation marketing platform designed to help businesses leverage positive customer experiences to enhance their online reputation and attract new customers. The platform automates the process of gathering and showcasing customer reviews, making it easy for businesses to collect feedback and display it prominently on their website and social media channels.


➡️Review Monitoring: Keep track of customer reviews across multiple platforms in one place.

➡️Review Generation: Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews through automated campaigns.

➡️Social Proof: Showcase positive reviews and testimonials on your website to build trust with potential customers.

➡️Referral Marketing: Turn happy customers into brand advocates by incentivizing them to refer friends and family.

➡️AI-powered Insights: Gain valuable insights into customer sentiment and feedback trends with AI-powered analytics.

➡️Integration: Connect with popular CRM and marketing tools to streamline workflows and data management.


✅Offers an in-depth suite of FAQs, forums, and knowledge base for implementing and sharing ideas

✅Comprehensive social media analytics and insights 

✅Better after-sales service as compared to Yext


❌Mobile-app version might be a little tricky to deal with 

❌Might be a little steep to buy for SMBs

Pricing differs for different customer bases. Starts at 75$ Per Month


“It's simple. It looks professional. And it does the job of getting reviews well. I've used, GatherUp, and Birdeye and all of them fell short in one area or another. NiceJob is the best of them.”


“I find it a little confusing to adjust settings but that’s just it.”

(Sourced and cited from G2) 💡



Category: Social Media Management & Analytics Software

Brandwatch is a leading social media monitoring and analytics platform that helps businesses understand and harness the power of online conversations. It provides users with tools to track mentions of their brand, competitors, and industry topics across various social media channels, news sites, blogs, forums, and more.


➡️Social Media Listening: Monitor conversations happening across social media platforms in real time.

➡️Sentiment Analysis: Analyze the sentiment of mentions to understand how people feel about your brand or topics.

➡️Trend Analysis: Identify emerging trends and topics relevant to your brand or industry.

➡️Influencer Identification: Identify influencers and key voices in your industry to engage with and leverage for marketing purposes.

➡️Competitor Analysis: Track competitors' online activity and performance to benchmark against your strategies.

➡️Customizable Dashboards: Create personalized dashboards to visualize data and insights according to your specific needs.

➡️AI-powered Insights: Leverage artificial intelligence to surface actionable insights from large volumes of social data.


✅Provides AI-based features that discover all posts, comments, and conversations about your brand or products.

✅Offers live surveys to analyze data


❌There are limits to the social listening element with video content and review sites not being picked up

Pricing plans are not transparent


“This is a complete solution that allows you to schedule posts, check performance, and easily view and respond to comments. The ability to add tags and filter based on specific tags makes tracking specific posts easy.”


“It is missing a fair few features that you would have access to if you were to simply use the platforms themselves, thus limiting the content that you can post on the various platforms.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)



Category: Social Media Listening Tool

Brand24 is an online monitoring and analytics tool that provides businesses with insights into their brand, products, and industry through social media and online mentions. 


➡️Social Media Listening: Helps monitor and track mentions of your brand, products, or keywords across social media platforms and the web.

➡️Real-time Alerts: Receive notifications in real-time whenever your brand is mentioned online, allowing for immediate response.

➡️Sentiment Analysis: Analyze the sentiment of mentions to gauge overall brand sentiment and identify areas for improvement.

➡️Competitor Analysis: Track competitors' online mentions and compare their performance to your own.

➡️Influencer Identification: Identify influencers and key voices in your industry to engage with and leverage for marketing purposes.

➡️Analytics and Reporting: Generate customizable reports and analytics to measure the impact of your online presence and marketing efforts.

➡️Hashtag Tracking: Monitor the performance and reach of specific hashtags related to your brand or campaigns.

➡️Team Collaboration: Collaborate with team members and assign tasks to manage online reputation effectively.


✅Provides highly accurate keyword insights 

✅Can filter channels and collect mentions by keywords

✅Real-time tracking feature provides up-to-date 


❌Not enough software integrations available with other platforms

Pricing starts at 99$ Per Month

“Firstly, we wanted to know whenever somebody mentioned our company or product. Secondly, we needed a solution to keep track of what our competitors are up to. The biggest benefit is that we now have access to both: brand/product mentions and competitor news in real time. Plus, we can look at historical mentions and get a glimpse of how we're doing in terms of online presence vs competitors.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)



Category: Online Reputation Management and Local SEO Software

Chatmeter is a robust local brand management platform that helps businesses monitor and optimize their online presence across various digital channels. It offers tools for review management, local SEO optimization, and competitor benchmarking, allowing businesses to track and analyze customer feedback, online reviews, and local search performance.


➡️Local Listings Management: Ensures consistency and accuracy of business information across online directories, maps, and review sites.

➡️Review Monitoring: Track and manage customer reviews from various platforms in one centralized dashboard.

➡️Social Media Monitoring: Monitor social media mentions and engagement to maintain a positive online presence.

➡️Local SEO Optimization: Optimize business listings and content for local search visibility and ranking.

➡️Competitor Analysis: Analyze competitors' online reputation and performance to identify opportunities and threats.

➡️Sentiment Analysis: Understand the sentiment of customer reviews and social media mentions to gauge brand perception.

➡️Review Generation: Generate more positive reviews through automated review request campaigns and incentives.

➡️Reporting and Analytics: Measure and analyze key metrics related to online reputation, local search performance, and customer feedback.


✅Helps you track your Local Brand Visibility (LBV) score 

✅Sends real-time updates about new reviews and events 

✅Helps analyze the sentiment of your customer feedback


❌Updates take a long time to install 

❌Is considered to be expensive for the kind of features it has to offer

Offers Custom Pricing Plans


“The entire review dashboard is awesome! It's great to have the ability to filter to certain types of reviews and bulk-reply to tons at once with templates - it saves a ton of time. It's also nice to be able to look at themes and keywords across reviews to find trends!”


“There have been a few glitches! Such as a lack of ability to reply to certain types of reviews (despite our account being connected), seeing different data on some views of the dashboard than other places where it should be matching, etc.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)



Category: Sales & Marketing Automation Platform

Vendasta is a comprehensive platform that provides white-label digital marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes. It offers a range of tools and services, including reputation management, local SEO, social media marketing, and advertising, designed to help businesses enhance their online presence and attract more customers

➡️CRM and Lead Management: Manage customer relationships and track leads efficiently through a centralized CRM system.

➡️Marketing Automation: Automate various marketing tasks such as email campaigns, social media posting, and advertising to reach and engage with customers effectively.

➡️Reputation Management: Monitor and manage online reviews and reputation across multiple platforms to build trust and credibility with customers.

➡️Local Listings Management: Ensure the accuracy and consistency of business information across online directories and maps to improve visibility and search engine rankings.

➡️Social Media Management: Monitor social media mentions and engage with customers to maintain a positive online presence and foster relationships.

➡️SEO Tools: Optimize websites and content for search engines to increase visibility and attract more customers.

➡️Reporting and Analytics: Measure and analyze key metrics related to sales, marketing, and online reputation to make informed decisions and track performance effectively.


✅Has a great support team that is prompt to respond

✅Comprehensive white-label solutions

✅Everything under one dashboard is really handy for keeping track of


❌It can be a little on the expensive side for SMBs

Pricing starts at 359$ Per Month. Also offers a free-trial variant


  • “The options for digital services cover almost everything we could need.
  • The support team has been great whether it be the helpdesk, Amanda, Myron, or anyone we've dealt with
  • A lot of benefits to the platform including CRM and project management”


  • “Sometimes the platform acts up and doesn't load correctly
  • While there's a lot of offerings, it's hard to determine which is the best for our needs at times.
  • The platform could be more user-friendly
  • Billing and invoices have been an issue but are getting better”

(Sourced and cited from G2)



Category: Business Management Software

Thryv is an all-in-one business management platform designed to help small businesses streamline their operations and grow their customer base. It offers a suite of tools and features, including customer relationship management (CRM), online scheduling, invoicing, payment processing, and marketing automation.


➡️CRM and Contact Management: Organize customer information and communications in one place.

➡️Online Scheduling: Allow customers to book appointments online, reducing administrative work.

➡️Marketing Automation: Automate email campaigns, social media posts, and other marketing tasks.

➡️Online Presence Management: Manage business listings, reviews, and social media profiles from one dashboard.

➡️Invoicing and Payments: Create and send invoices, accept payments online, and track finances.

➡️Customer Communication: Engage with customers through text, email, and social media messaging.

➡️Appointment Reminders: Send automated reminders to reduce no-shows and improve customer retention.

➡️Review Management: Monitor and respond to customer reviews on various platforms


✅Worth the price and what it has to offer

✅Customer support team is quick and prompt to respond

✅Is actually built keeping SMBs in mind


❌Might take a little bit of a time to get used to as it has robust features to offers 

Offers Custom Pricing Plans


“There are a lot of CRM software available nowadays. There are strong ones out there that are either purpose built for certain industries or have an insane amount of customization, or really deep granularity in how it operates. Thryv is definitely designed as a more general purpose software, but that is perfectly fine in this day and age where sometimes too much can be just that, too much. A big hit compared to those programs is the affordability of Thryv, which makes it much more ideal for smaller businesses who don't have the millions of dollars of revenue to justify those big purchases, some of which are per each user.”


“The app needs some optimization. When you're in the field and need to access someones customer card for information or to upload something or to take a payment, it needs to be quick and seamless. Currently the app can be slow but overall is still does a good job of providing the information needed.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)



Category: Online Presence Management Software

Uberall is a leading location marketing platform that helps businesses optimize their online presence and attract more customers. It offers a range of tools and services, including listings management, reputation management, local SEO, and customer engagement solutions.


➡️Listings Management: Ensure accurate and consistent business information (name, address, phone number) across online directories, maps, and review sites.

➡️Local SEO Optimization: Optimize business listings and content to improve visibility and ranking in local search results.

➡️Review Monitoring: Track and manage customer reviews from various platforms in one centralized dashboard.

➡️Social Media Management: Monitor social media mentions and engage with customers to maintain a positive online presence.

➡️Analytics and Reporting: Measure and analyze key metrics related to online presence, reputation, and customer engagement.

➡️Competitor Analysis: Benchmark against competitors to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

➡️Multi-location Management: Manage and monitor multiple business locations from a single platform.

➡️Local Advertising: Run localized advertising campaigns to reach target customers in specific geographic areas.

➡️Customer Engagement: Engage with customers through personalized messaging and promotions.


✅Aesthetic marketing ad templates

✅Has everything under one roof


❌The support team isn’t very responsive and takes time to get back 

Offers Custom Pricing Plans


“There are a lot of CRM software available nowadays. There are strong ones out there that are either purpose built for certain industries or have an insane amount of customization, or really deep granularity in how it operates. Thryv is definitely designed as a more general purpose software, but that is perfectly fine in this day and age where sometimes too much can be just that, too much. A big hit compared to those programs is the affordability of Thryv, which makes it much more ideal for smaller businesses who don't have the millions of dollars of revenue to justify those big purchases, some of which are per each user.”


“The app needs some optimization. When you're in the field and need to access someones customer card for information or to upload something or to take a payment, it needs to be quick and seamless. Currently the app can be slow but overall is still does a good job of providing the information needed.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)



Category: Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Software

Bloomreach offers a comprehensive suite of products that drive improving personalized shopping experiences and driving digital sales growth. Their suite includes Discovery, which uses AI for intelligent search and product recommendations; Content, which manages digital content across channels without design limitations; and Engagement, which provides a unified platform for customer data and targeted marketing. These solutions together with the speed and scale of AI-optimization help SMBs with revenue-driving digital commerce experiences.

Source: G2


➡️Personalization: Tailor digital experiences for individual users based on their behavior, preferences, and context.

➡️Search Optimization: Optimize site search functionality and product recommendations to improve user engagement and conversion rates.

➡️Content Management: Manage and deliver digital content across various channels and devices to provide a cohesive customer experience.

➡️E-Commerce Growth: Drive e-commerce growth through personalized experiences, streamlined checkout processes, and targeted promotions.

➡️Analytics and Insights: Gain actionable insights into user behavior, content performance, and conversion metrics to inform optimization strategies.

➡️AI-Powered Recommendations: Utilize artificial intelligence to deliver relevant content, products, and offers to users in real time.

➡️SEO Optimization: Optimize content and site structure for search engines to improve organic visibility and traffic.

➡️Multichannel Marketing: Coordinate marketing efforts across multiple channels, including email, social media, and mobile, for a unified brand experience.


✅Great customer support experience

✅Provides a live-chat support as opposed to that from Yext 

✅It helps businesses with personalised experiences, optimizing their digital user behaviours along with in-depth analytics and insights


❌Too vast to understand and needs support to dumb it down for most of the users

Pricing options not transparent


“As an update from a year into using Bloomreach - I want to genuinely say this platform is a whole new world and has elevated the way we communicate to our customers. From our targeting, our campaign structure, our ideas, and more. I feel we are able to be innovative vs wondering what "walls" we will hit when trying to build out campaigns. I would also like to take this time to SHOUT-OUT the wonderful team people at Bloomreach who have helped us be successful: Lindsey (our go-to person), Mohammed (we always love to chat with you), Mark (thanks for everything), Peter (we still miss you), and the rest of the lovely souls we've come across. We always know if we have a question, we can rely on y'all to help us and point us in the right direction.”


“It would greatly enhance our experience for the following: (1) ability to export clickmaps for reporting, (2) making the survey feature more easy to use for marketers, (3) making polls easier to create within emails, (4) easier to set-up reports.

Double-please for the ability to export clickmaps! Would help a lot at the moment to share the results with our Brand team and agencies who don't go into Bloomreach as often (or have access). Currently, we have to take screenshots and put them together.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)



Category: Social Media Marketing & Management Solution

In simple terms, Statusbrew is a social media management tool that helps businesses easily manage their social media handles by scheduling and planning their content well in advance.

Source: G2

➡️Social Media Publishing: Schedule and publish posts across multiple social media platforms.

➡️Content Curation: Discover and curate relevant content from various sources to share with your audience.

➡️Social Inbox: Manage interactions and messages from different social media channels in one unified inbox.

➡️Analytics and Reporting: Track performance metrics, measure engagement, and generate reports to gain insights into social media performance.

➡️Audience Management: Understand your audience demographics, behaviors, and interests to tailor your content and engagement strategies.

➡️Team Collaboration: Collaborate with team members, assign tasks, and streamline workflows for efficient social media management.

➡️Automations and Workflows: Automate repetitive tasks and create workflows to streamline social media management processes.

➡️Listening and Monitoring: Monitor mentions, hashtags, and keywords to stay informed about relevant conversations and trends.

➡️Competitor Analysis: Track competitors' social media performance and benchmark against industry standards.


✅Real-time collaboration 

✅Straightforward and an in-depth reporting feature that helps with what to do

✅The system can identify the sentiment of the conversation helping one understand how to further make it better for the customer


❌No shareable calendar feature 

❌No AI-integration for content creation

Pricing starts at 69$ Per Month


“We recently found Statusbrew, and it won’t take much time for us to adapt to the platform. It's easy to use. Additionally, their team did a great job on the onboarding part to clear our doubts.

I would say the tool has all the fundamental functionalities, We get a lot of engagement on a daily basis as reviews and comments for our product. Their Inbox has inbuilt filters that save a lot of time in sorting. Further, the system can automatically identify the sentiment of the conversation now that’s something we really appreciate. It helps to identify our customer behavior. Their social reporting templates were impressive, and we are sharing these with our team through live links. I would say social marketing with Statusbrew is bliss. “


“I dislike having to push IG stories through the mobile app. It would be great if this were also automated.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)


Moz Local

Category: Local SEO Software

The Moz Local platform helps drive accurate listings management, actionable insights, automation of duplicate deletion, and review management. It also help businesses to better own and manage their physical location data than ever before. 

Source: G2


➡️Local Listing Management: Ensure accurate and consistent business information (name, address, phone number) across online directories, maps, and review sites.

➡️Local SEO Audits: Identify opportunities to improve local search visibility by auditing business listings, website optimization, and local keyword targeting.

➡️Google My Business Management: Optimize and manage Google My Business profiles to enhance visibility in local search results.

➡️Review Monitoring: Monitor and respond to customer reviews from various review sites to maintain a positive online reputation.

➡️Local Rank Tracking: Track rankings in local search results for specific keywords and locations to measure local SEO performance.

➡️Competitor Analysis: Analyze competitors' local search performance and strategies to identify areas for improvement and stay competitive.

➡️Reporting and Analytics: Generate reports and analyze key metrics related to local search performance, citation consistency, and online reputation.


✅Offers a variety of SEO tools to ease the work of SEO-specialists and make their lives easier

✅Excellent keyword targets and recommendations

✅Is considered to be one of the most cost-effective options


❌Integrations with many platforms need to be made for efficient, such as Bing and Yelp

❌Offers a very limited suite of features

Pricing starts at 14$ Per Month


“MOZ is ideal for SEO-related items like site audits, crawling reports, etc. Using Moz's incredibly user-friendly interface, I can quickly generate beautiful reports for clients and myself. I use it specifically to reveal "no-follow" connections on websites. This is especially beneficial when considering using backlinks by posting on websites supporting content syndication. Although it offers keyword tracking, it goes further in a few aspects. Search Visibility is a measure that the system offers. This score may be applied to all the keywords being tracked or only to those within a user-defined category. As a result, this aids in our understanding of the website's performance and specific product categories. Additionally, we can see how the three rivals stack up.”


“Their customer service is subpar. Occasionally, data from a tool used to assess competition is not correct. There are several differences if you compare the data from MOZ with that from Google Search Console and Ahrefs. I used them to analyze ten projects for links and discovered that they could not crawl backlinks that I made a few months ago, despite being visible in search console data. They must improve their dot bot. They are unable to recognize the internal connections on my websites either. I found 8 out of 100 projects had no internal links when I examined them. The Moz Local tool is missing essential functions like Citation Builder and Reputation Manager. There is no free trial available for Moz Local either.”

(Sourced and cited from G2)



Category: Retail Analytics & Optimization Software

Retailtune is a comprehensive retail management platform designed to help businesses optimize their operations and improve customer experiences. It offers a range of tools and features, including inventory management, point-of-sale (POS) systems, customer relationship management (CRM), and analytics.


➡️Inventory Management: Track inventory levels, monitor stock movements, and optimize replenishment strategies to avoid stockouts and overstock situations.

➡️Sales Analytics: Analyze sales data to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for increasing revenue and optimizing pricing strategies.

➡️Customer Analytics: Gain insights into customer behavior, preferences, and demographics to personalize marketing efforts and improve customer engagement.

➡️Visual Optimization: Optimize store layouts, product displays, and signage to enhance the customer shopping experience and drive sales.

➡️Promotions: Evaluate the effectiveness of promotions and marketing campaigns to determine their impact on sales and profitability.

➡️Competitor Analysis: Monitor competitors' pricing, promotions, and product assortments to stay competitive and identify areas for improvement.

➡️Supply Chain Optimization: Analyze supply chain performance, identify bottlenecks, and optimize logistics and distribution processes to reduce costs and improve efficiency.


✅Easy to navigate the administration interface

✅Available as an mobile application makes it easier for store managers 

✅Helpful and a prompt customer support team


❌The platform can be slow and might lag at times 

❌Considered to be really expensive

Pricing starts at 16,274$ Per Year


“The administration interface is easy to navigate and modern, all the most important information is very visible. Integration on site and with management systems is facilitated and required little effort. The software is complemented by a mobile app for use by store managers.”


“The backend could be improved in terms of speed even if the necessary information does not require opening many tabs, the information is all easily accessible.”

(Sourced and cited from Capterra)



Category: Local SEO Software

Whitespark is a specialized software and services company focused on local search engine optimization (SEO) and citation building.


➡️Local Citation Building: Helps businesses create and manage citations (mentions of business name, address, and phone number) across various online directories and platforms.

➡️Local Search Rank Tracking: Monitors the ranking of businesses in local search results for specific keywords and locations.

➡️Google My Business Optimization: Offers tools and guidance to optimize and manage Google My Business profiles for better visibility in local searches.

➡️Online Review Management: Helps businesses monitor and manage customer reviews across different review sites, allowing them to maintain a positive online reputation.

➡️Local SEO Audit: Provides tools to conduct audits of businesses' online presence, identifying areas for improvement in local SEO strategies such as citation consistency and website optimization.

➡️Local Search Analytics: Offers analytics and reporting features to track key metrics related to local search performance and customer engagement.


✅Great for comparing with other competitors 

✅Offers helpful tips around local SEO and citations


❌Slow to load and update 

“We are an agency with clients all in the same niche. I wanted to learn how, then come up with a list of top 200 citation sources to use for all clients. This involved looking at current sources, competitors and then (this was huge) the lists that Whitespark had already put together. This list for us is something that gives us a huge advantage over our competitors and is helping our clients gain domain trust and authority with Google. On top of that there is so much amazing content on local search tips and things around citations. What a great resource, use it all the time.”

“The only thing I dislike is it is not the easiest site to figure out how to use. I had to get help several times. But the chat support is always live, the employees are super helpful and once I figured out the interface never had to ask again!”

(Sourced and cited from Capterra)



Category: Local SEO Software

Rio SEO is a leading provider of local search management solutions, empowering businesses to optimize their online presence and drive local customer engagement. The platform offers a suite of tools and services, including local SEO, business listing management, and reputation management.


➡️Local Listings Management: Keep business listings accurate across online directories.

➡️Automated Local SEO: Save time with automated tasks like citation building and review management.

➡️Google My Business Optimization: Improve visibility with optimized Google My Business profiles.

➡️Reporting and Analytics: Track local search performance and customer engagement.

➡️Local Keyword Tracking: Monitor rankings in local search results.

➡️Local Landing Pages: Create tailored landing pages for specific locations.

➡️Review Management: Monitor and respond to customer reviews.


✅Great customer support team

✅ Aggregated reporting option provides great insights 


❌The dashboard can be tricky to understand and needs some time to get used to


“Their feed syndication is like clockwork. When they say the feed information is going out, it is going out. I've used 3 different local listing management companies in the past and this is the only one I know I can trust to get the job done when they say it will be done.

I've used 3 different platforms and these guys seriously stand out from the rest I've used in the past. When they say they can help you out you can take it to the bank.”


“The dashboard needs some training to understand it, but it's very easy to learn and teach others how to use. They do offer a different reporting dashboard that does this however that is an additional product.”

(Sourced and cited from G2) 



Category: Customer Experience Management Software

With Forsta, businesses can easily ask customers for feedback, see it in real-time, and figure out how to make things better based on what customers say. It's all about making customers happier and keeping them coming back for more.


➡️Easy Survey Creation: Create custom surveys to gather feedback from customers via email, web, SMS, and more.

➡️Feedback from Anywhere: Collect feedback from various channels like websites, apps, social media, and in-person interactions.

➡️Real-time Feedback Monitoring: Keep an eye on feedback as it comes in, spotting trends and opportunities instantly.

➡️Insightful Data Analysis: Dive into feedback data to understand customer preferences, satisfaction levels, and areas needing improvement.

➡️Text Analysis: Understand sentiments in open-ended responses to uncover actionable insights.

➡️Customer Journey Mapping: Visualize the customer journey to pinpoint key touchpoints and improve the overall experience.

➡️Action Planning: Develop and track plans to address feedback and make meaningful changes.

➡️Easy Integrations: Connect with other systems like CRM platforms for more comprehensive insights.


✅Offers great studio report options

✅Insightful survey and dashboard options

✅Comes in handy for market research


“The best feature that I like in Decipher is the 'Language Manager' haven't seen such an easy interface with any other tool.

You can even buy samples immediately once your survey is designed one of the best features that I have ever seen with any other survey programming tools. With this feature, you can buy samples seamlessly and the cost is also very very competitive.”


“Two modes that are Live and Draft sometimes confuse beginners. Dashboard creation - A lot of improvement is needed in this area.”

(Sourced and cited from G2) 

Compared to Yext, Synup is a great tool that helps manage your online presence. It helps businesses update their info across many directories, monitor reviews, and track performance, all in one place. Synup's great customer support and affordable pricing plans make it easy for businesses of any size to use. With Synup, companies can maintain their brand image, improve search visibility, and attract more customers online.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes from small to large including SMBs, enterprises, and agencies, Synup’s base plan includes access to 30 directories, including Google Business Profile and Facebook. 

Plus, our automation recipes save businesses 40% of their deployment time. With features like review response and campaign management, Synup offers effective solutions that are easy to use and yield great results. 


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