Guide to marketing your Construction Company

Marketing your construction company the right way is not always easy. Every industry has its own unique set of methods that will produce the best ROI. If you’ve been searching for unique ways to market your construction company, you’ve come to the right place. Here are eleven actionable tips that will answer all your questions about getting the right kinds of leads for your construction business.

#1 Construction Video Timelapse

This is something that everybody loves to watch – building construction timelapse. In case you didn’t know what a “timelapse video” is – it’s a sped up video of cranes and construction workers rooting up a building from scratch. Construction video timelapses are amazing to watch and are easy to make (just one camera that’s set to take pictures periodically would do). The best part is that these videos have the potential to go absolutely viral. Don’t believe us? Check out this time-lapse video of a simple shed’s construction that’s garnered a massive 392k+ views on YouTube. People love watching this stuff, and having timelapse videos of bigger projects gives a lot of credibility to your business’ brand and expertise. Besides, it’s one of the most fun things that you can do to market your business to reach the right people!

#2 Getting Certified

In a world where every client wants to have only the best of the best working on their projects, certification can help you establish your business as superior to your competitors. Making sure that your employees and contractors are certified by the CMAA, AIC or OSHO can help you significantly, here. Beyond building trust from clients, this gives you the opportunity to market your construction business as one that maintains a high standard when it comp. This can also help your business close bigger deals from clients who expect certified construction managers to oversee their building’s construction or expect the assurance of safety from the team that works on their project.

#3 State of the Art Tech

Everybody wants to have the most cutting edge/top-of-the-line tech when it comes to who they give away their construction contract to. You can’t fault them for wanting this either. After all, better tech, means better quality and faster completion times (usually). Investing in the right kind of tech can often lead to clients preferring you for business over others. This is simply because of two things:

  1. It shows that you take the quality and efficiency of your work seriously
  2. It is proof that you’re innovative in your approach towards your work

Coming up with something really innovative on the tech/machinery front of your construction projects could catch the eye of a lot of potential clients. It can even get you featured in the press, like how Komatsu did for deciding to use drones in association with DJI and Skycatch for overseeing construction.

#4 Getting Listed on the Right Directories

There’s no better place for your business to be found than on Google! Someone who’s looking to go with another construction company or is hunting for construction businesses to build for them will do one simple thing. They search for you on Google. Even websites that help homeowners to choose the right construction company for their business advice them to do a quick Google search.

How to find the right construction company

Source: Construction21, the top result on Google when you search for “how to find the right construction company”

Google knows that people make searches like “construction companies Alaska” like in the example above. And as a result of that this is what happens if you search using such a term:

Google my Business listing for construction companies

Google knows that consumers are specifically searching for businesses near them, and displays what they call a local 3-pack. This is a search result that is shown to specifically cater to the local nature of your search term, such as “construction businesses near me” or “construction companies in Oklahoma”. Now, the million dollar question is: “Are you showing up on Google when you search for ‘construction companies *city name*’?” If you aren’t showing up here, then the answer is, “You’re losing out on a ton of leads for your business on a daily basis”. Showing up on Google’s knowledge panel requires your Google My Business listing to be optimized. Getting listed with accurate information about your business’ name, address, and phone number across the internet can help you show up as a top result on not only Google, but Yelp, YellowPages and Facebook as well. There are even industry specific directories/websites such as Houzz and The Blue Book that are exclusively built to help people find businesses like yours on the internet. If you’re not sure how your business is listed online right now, you can run a free business listings scan here to find out.

#6 SEO

Following on the topic of localized Google searches, your website’s SEO is also extremely important to show up on the top of search results. More importantly, for local businesses, it’s essential that you optimize your website and listings for a local presence. Add your city name in your website’s title tag like, “Arkansas Construction Company – Your House’s Builders”. Add a “Cities We Service” page to your website. Optimize your logos and images for the best loading times. There are a whole lot of things you can do here to maximize your chances of showing up on consumer’s searches. Take help from this printable local SEO checklist to get the job done.

#7 Insurance Coverage

Ah, insurance coverage. Things like general liability insurance, builders risk insurance, etc. that you need to spend money on can’t be pleasant to think about, but they are necessary. Clients, especially bigger ones, generally present a number of insurance requirements to you before you get started with a project. Make sure that you invest smartly in insurance and make the client feel reassured that they’re making the right decision by going with you over others. Clients trust a business that takes ownership, and showing encouraging numbers here can help you be renowned as a dependable business that has its clients backs. This might significantly increase the number of word-of-mouth referrals that you get as well.

#8 YouTube

There can be no great marketing guide that doesn’t include YouTube in it. YouTube’s massive 1.3 billion user base has people spending a LOT of time watching videos. And a good number of people who are watching these videos are your potential customers. YouTube is a splendid avenue for marketing your construction business, may it be by hosting a vlog or creating an interview series. Talking about things that potential clients will search for, like “buying vs building a house”, “cost for building a hotel/training facility”, etc. This may vary based on the types of clients your serve, but the idea is to cover all the topics that they may possibly search for and introduce your brand to them.

#9 Planning

Another great way to earn a good reputation amongst your target audience is to be “that one construction company that always finishes their project on time”. You can get this done in a number of ways. Use a project management tool like CoConstruct or Workflow Max and a scheduling tool like Fieldwire to monitor your team’s progress. Planning projects ahead of time and sticking to the schedule strictly establishes you as a dependable company when it comes to meeting deadlines. In a world where procrastination and delays are way too common, marketing your construction company as one that always finishes project on time might catch the customer’s eye.

#10 Google AdWords

Google AdWords can provide you with a lot of quality leads if you get your digital marketing done right. As explained on this video from YouTuber Local Contractor Blueprint, SEO and AdWords together can be a great combination for promoting your construction company online. Targeting the right keywords and having a landing page that is well optimized can significantly improve your conversion rate while saving you money. Bidding for keywords like “construction company in Tulsa”, for instance (assuming that you’re based out of Tulsa) could earn you the chance of coming up on top of Google’s search results even if you’ve worked on content or SEO. Google AdWords is a great way to get your business in front of the right customer’s eyes.

#11 Reputation Management

Once customers find your construction company online, they are going to want to know how trustworthy and reputable you are. They’re immediately going to check the online reviews and star ratings that your company has received. If you have a low star rating or your past customers writing bad reviews about your business on Google and Yelp, your chances of earning new customers will take a hit. Working on your company’s reputation online is extremely important, and may make a day or night difference to some customers. You can get customer feedback and generate more reviews for your business by using a product like Synup that will amplify the 4 and 5 star ratings that you business receives.


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