Marketing ideas for Accountants: 10 Simple and Actionable Ways to Market Your Accounting Company

At Synup, we believe that marketing for accountants needs to be simplified and strategized. Running an accounting company is not an easy task, and you probably don’t have all the time to market your company. So, we put together a guide to help simplify marketing for accounting companies and certified public accountants (CPAs).You need to focus on increasing your business’ visibility, engaging with your customers and building your firm’s name. Try these ideas out to market your CPA and accounting company better!

1. Get Your CPA and Accounting Company Listed Online

Consumers are always looking for business information with the intention of making a purchase. So, when they are searching for accounting services, they are going to run a search on their mobile devices and do their research. The responsibility to make sure that your accounting company shows up on these results when a customer searches is on you. To ensure this, get your business listed on all major directories and accountancy-specific listing sites. When we say major sites, we mean Yelp, Google My Business, Yellow Pages, your local Chamber of Commerce, amongst other directories. You’ll need to get your business listed on niche sites like:

When you’re creating listings, you need to make sure that your listings are consistent and accurate across all listings directories. You also need to keep in mind that your business information is not limited to NAp details; you also need to mention other important details like business category, availability of parking area, handicap-friendliness, etc.

2. Create a Google My Business Page

As local search marketing experts, we believe that Google My Business always needs a special mention. If you want to begin to rank for searches in Google, you need to make sure that your CPA and accounting company has a Google My Business listing. With the Google My Business dashboard, you can add all important business information that will appear in knowledge graphs when your potential customers look for you. With the addition of Google Posts, you can even promote website content, offers and events. Learn everything there is to adding your accounting business to Google My Business here.

screenshot of best accoutants in new york
Google my Business listing of an Accounting Company

3. Build Your Expertise with Content Marketing Strategies

Something that will really help you gain reputation as a popular CPA is writing about the subject. According to the Content Marketing Institute, considering how most people don’t know much about accounting, taxes, and handling their finances, writing about this will help you get your name out there as an expert on the subject. Starting and maintaining a blog is a great way to kick-start your content marketing. Going forward, you can work on your website’s messaging and the kind of resources you’d need to inform your customers about your business. What content marketing can do for your accounting company:

  • With clear set goals, you can build your website presence through blogging.
  • When distributed well, content can fetch you leads that you can potentially convert into customers.
  • With good keyword research and search engine optimized content, you can appear on searches, better yet, you can rank. This can help you build website traffic.

What you can write about: Think about the issues that your customers face, what your target audience is usually ignorant about. For example, How to manage your finances, accounting software that business owners would want to consider, resources that can help you file your taxes, etc. In addition to blogging, you can even write guest posts for high authority blogs to build your expertise. Here’s an article we wrote about how you can use guest blogging to make a name for yourself online.

4. Optimize Your Website & Content for SEO

It is crucial for businesses to have a wholesome business presence these days, and having a search engine optimized website adds to it. Ideally, a good website should be informative, well-designed and optimized to appear on searches. Here are a few things you’d need to pay attention to when you’re optimizing your website with SEO:

  • You need to ensure that your business information is present on your site, with the keyword-optimized messaging. For example, if you’re a CPA and accounting firm in Atlanta, Georgia, and your keyword research shows that people are searching for “Best Accounting Firms in Atlanta”, you can include that in your main messaging.
  • Make sure your target keyword is in your title tag, and make sure that your meta description is brief and comprehensive such that a searcher would click on your link in the search engine results page (SERPs).
  • Your URLs need to be clean and apt. They need to be readable and comprehensive to those interacting with your website.
  • Here’s the amount of duplicate content your site is allowed: zilch!
  • Just like your text content, all your images need to be optimized for search. Make sure that your images have alt text containing your target keyword. Aside from this, your website needs to have images that don’t affect your website speed.
  • Ensure that your website is mobile-first with a responsive design.

You can read more about optimizing your website for search here. [Pro-tip: Make sure that your website showcases your CPA certification to add to your credibility.]

5. Create a Facebook Business Page

Of all the social media handles that you could have, a Facebook business Page will be the most lucrative. Facebook is a mammoth social media platform with a user base of 2.13 billion active monthly users. Once you create a Facebook business Page for your CPA and accounting company, you can engage your target audience with multiple channels from within Facebook. You can post content that is relevant to your business and customers, you can create events, have polls, run ads, and more. In addition to the above said, having your business on Facebook can contribute to an online citation for your business. [Here’s a Facebook Business Page guide to help you get started.]

Facebook profile of DeMinno CPA Firm

6. Run a Referral Campaign

Your existing customers are your best advertisers, so why not incentivize them with referral campaigns? A referral campaign can help you enhance your relationship with your existing customers and help you grow your business at the same time. Here are some ways you can increase referrals:

  • Incentivise your referrals. Give your customers a 10% off on their next purchase transaction with you.
  • Give away gift vouchers from Amazon.
  • Give your customers a coupon code that they can use to avail their incentives for referrals.

Learn more about referral campaigns from this article by Referral Rock. [Pro-tip:
 Make sure that your referral campaigns are simple, that is, your customers should easily be able to refer you.]

7. Optimize Review Management

Managing your online reputation is absolutely important for your accounting business. You need to create, respond to, and monitor online reviews. This will help you grow your business with a positive brand image. Furthermore, it increases the likelihood of helping you rank higher on searches where people can find you. Let’s look at how you can scale on review generation:

  • Make sure listed on major sites like Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages and your local Chamber of Commerce.
  • Ask your customers to leave you reviews on the said sites.
  • Incentivize your customers for leaving you reviews. Respond to all your reviews, both, good and bad.
  • Make sure you respond within 24 hours of the reviews appearing.

Your reviewers want to be heard, and it’s up to you to gratify their needs with your services. In addition to the above said, you should consider automating review management to build your CPA and accounting company’s reputation. Once you do so, you can manage reviews from several platforms from one place, monitor “mentions” of your CPA and accounting business on these sites and analyze your performance.

8. Use Local Bulletins to Promote Your Company

Create a list of local bulletins where you can put up posters about your services. Hire a graphic designer to help you come up with a great poster. If you want to do it yourself, you can use the poster template on Canva to come up with a great design. In addition to these, get in touch with your networks of local business like bakeries, coffee shops, and grocery stores, and put up posters with information about your accounting a bookkeeping company on their bulletins as well.

9. Create a Holiday Calendar with Marketing Strategies

A holiday calendar can help you strategize and determine how you can grow your company the best. Map out the holidays where your customers are going to need to watch their spending habits, places where they need to save. For example, you can most definitely anticipate your target audience to spend more during the holiday season like Black Friday, Thanksgiving Week or Christmas. You can plan a content plan where you dish out blog articles that will help people determine how to spend their money, and how they could use your services to plan their finances.

10. Sponsor Events

Dedicating a part of your marketing efforts to give back to your community and participating in charities can positively impact your brand. When you create your holiday calendar, you can even map out community events or follow charities that need your help. Here are some ideas you can try out for your accounting company:

  • Volunteer to become a career counselor at your local community college and schools.
  • Identify charities that need support and make contributions.
  • Become brand sponsors for your local events like carnivals.


Is your business information correct and consistent online?

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