Marketing ideas for your Plumbing Business

A typical plumber often has a hard time coming up with new marketing ideas. Who has time to come up with plumber marketing ideas? Most plumbers are too busy servicing their customers and running their business to think about marketing. Marketing is one of those things that you don’t realize you require until your well starts to run dry.  The peak time to think about marketing is when you don’t require it. Here are our best techniques for plumbers to begin marketing

1. Build a Website

Having a site for your plumbing business would not only enhance your visibility among customers but also make you more reliable. Get a site designed if you are not familiar with web development and design. Update information about your plumbing business, how much experience you have, where are you located, what makes you unique and what’s your working style. Consider having a blog for your business for creating a connection with your customers.

2. Focus on SEO

Once your website is ready, get it checked by a Search Engine Optimization specialist who would analyze if your site has all the relevant keywords which it requires to rank in search engine result pages. SEO is not just about keywords. It involves a deep technique that can only be handled by an SEO expert. Either begin learning it by yourself or hire an SEO expert for this.

3. List Your Business Online

Getting your business listed online on directories such as Yelp, Facebook, Yellowpages is a great way for more people to find your business. Also getting listed on niche directories for plumbers such as MyZipPlumbers and other home services directories such as Angie’s List will help get you more customers as well. A secondary benefit that business listings give you is a boost in your search engine rankings, as google finds more sources listing your business. You can either claim your listings manually or using an automated business listings service.

4. Have a Customer Follow Up System:

A customer landed on your site. He read about your company and services. Now, what? What are you doing to make him stay on your website and take the action? What are you doing to make him feel vital and wanted? A customer follow-up system on your site can help with that. That is how you can increase the number of customers for your plumbing business by focusing on your online presence. Keep in mind that all of this will not happen in one day.  You need to be consistent and smart and you can see that results soon.

5. Plumber Online Community Involvement

Online communities can help drive business to your site. It helps potential customers get to know your company and your working style. -Linkedin – Gives you a place to showcase your expertise, where people are looking for it. -Question/Answer sites – Quora, Yahoo Answers -Find forums and discussions such as Plumbingforums

6. Team Up With Another Business

Share advertising costs with another company in the same market. Sharing costs make excellent quality printing and bigger ads affordable. Even when you are doing internet marketing you can have a joint banner with a new landing page that directs users to either type of business.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to keep in touch with your existing customers. It’s one of the best ways you stay in a customer’s context.  Here are some of our best tips:

  • Think before you email – Is the content right for your audience? Is it compelling enough? Do they care? Once you begin sending irrelevant content, you could lose your potential audience.
  • Be Contextual – Send content that actually touches on some relevance to your customers. Close to the holidays? Send something related.
  • Don’t send just for the sake of sending – If you don’t have something relevant to say, don’t say anything at all.
  • Remember to market yourself in the email with a customer referral program.

8. Use social media to demonstrate your expertise

If you can a computer you are able to make the use of social media to advertise your business. The likes, tweets and views of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube respectively, can help you get the word out there about your services, but more importantly set you apart from your competitors.If you can demonstrate your expertise and credibility better than the guy down the road, who does not make the use of social media at all, then who are individuals going to call when they have an issue or problem? Posting articles on Facebook, videos on YouTube on how to fix common plumbing problems are good instances of utilizing social media platform effectively.

9. Signage and Branding

Utilize your business or personal vehicles as advertising media.  Paint your contact information, slogan, and logo on the rear and sides of your vehicles. Use as few words as possible when promoting this way, and ensure that motorists and passers-by can clearly read your contact information form a reasonable distance to maximize its effectiveness. When customers have an issue they usually want to pick up the phone right away and if your contact number is the one that they have scribbled down while going past, then they will call and contact you.

10. Make an Eye-Catching Slogan and Logo

A good deal of plumbers do not make the use of these time-honored promotional methods and those who do can get a competitive advantage in picking up new clients. Consumers may subconsciously associate slogans and logos with businesses with the reliability and higher quality while associating others with a generic brand image.

11. Pass out service promotions and brochures to office complex and apartments

Try to secure as many partnerships with offices and apartments as possible, as this can lead to long-term growth opportunities. Offer price discounts to these large clients in return for frequent business.

12. Place coupons or pamphlets in community business publications.

Take benefit of opportunities to place promotions in coupon books sold by youth organizations and direct marketing companies, like Scout troops and sports teams. Place promotions in coupon-circulars as well as to enhance your advertising exposure and take the benefit of the publication’s established delivery system.

13. Put Your Branding Everywhere

When someone has a plumbing emergency they do not generally log onto the web and research plumbers because they do not have the time to get that done. You have got to have your brand or name at the top of their mind so that in case of emergency, it’s your contact number that gets called instead of your competitor’s number.

14. Utilize Postcards For Target Zip Codes

If the goal is to get your company in front of someone, then have a good quality post card sent to their mailbox can be a powerful method to make that happen. Make the use of attractive graphics, ensure your prices are bold and big and you just might end up having that post card saved for a future requirement. Even if it is pitched, however, you still got exposure for your brand name for a short moment and that can plant a seed too.

15. Offer a How To Guide

Make a short guide on how to avoid or fix a common plumbing problem. When someone visits your site or contacts you, give them a free e-copy.  You can make it a link to a Google Document, a simple word document or a PDF.  At the start and end have your address, name, phone number, and website. This is a great first impression, gets your mail addresses and if you let users share the guide, is free promotional advertising for your plumber business.

16. Make Videos

Make different videos of how you deal with the plumbing problem, what happens if a person does not fix a problem quickly and how to fix simple problems.  Then post it on YouTube, embed it on your site, link to it on Twitter and Facebook and send an email to your mail list. This shows your professional plumbing business and lets individuals know what to expect.

17. Give Your Company a Face

On your site and advertising, use your face and show some of your employees, give a friendly quote as well. Providing people a face to think about, helps clients relate to you and your plumbing business better. That’s why videos are increasingly famous for small businesses.

18. Thank Your Customers

After doing a job, make sure to send the clients something the next day by email.  Make a thank you letter, and a gift like a discount on future services or a free how to guide. People will keep this thing in mind and will tell their friends. Word of mouth is the best technique to market a service anywhere.

19. Don’t Assume You’re Perfect

When you send the thank you email, ask them how everything is working, do they any concerns or comments about the job, were they satisfied with the job done? If there is an issue, try to fix it immediately. Learn from clients and thank them for letting you know about an issue. For many individuals having someone actually listen to them will be a great change and will probably make them come back if the first job wasn’t done perfectly.

20.  Support a Cause or Group

Get your brand name out there by supporting a charity or local sports.  People are always talking about supporting their community, by donating your money, time or services to a group you are showing your potential clients you care about them. You do not have to be the biggest supporter, as long as individuals are saying you helped out, it’s good enough.  The world of mouth marketing value you get in return is invaluable.


Just to make things more interesting, we thought that we’ll host a challenge about plumbing marketing. Try any 5 of the aforementioned marketing ideas, and write to us about your experience with them at Tell us about your process and whether it was successful or not.If we find your email interesting, we’ll feature you on one of our future posts. We hope that you found this marketing guide helpful! Liked it? Give it a share so that it reaches more people from the plumbing community and helps them market their business better.