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How to improve company Linkedin Page - 6 Expert Tips

How to improve company Linkedin Page - 6 Expert Tips


LinkedIn is a goldmine if you use it the correct way. We’re all aware of that. But how many of us ACTUALLY put in the effort to use it in the right way?

And to be honest, what even is the right way for a company to make use of their LinkedIn Page?

Well, it’s not just restricted to posting pot-luck pictures and motivational quotes.

The platform is deeper than that. And so is the audience.

So, let’s understand a little bit about how you can use LinkedIn the right way and improve your company’s page content.

1.  Optimize your Company Profile

First things first, optimize your company’s profile. Make sure the company name, logo, cover picture, and all the information are in place! Basics matter, so let’s not overlook them!

Besides, people need to be able to find you when they want to look you up, right?

You also need to ensure that all your information is consistent across all platforms. This helps in building a unified brand and maintaining consistency throughout.

Overall, by ensuring that your profile is optimized and consistent across platforms, you not only enhance your brand's credibility but also make it easier for customers to discover and engage with your business.

That’s what we want, isn’t it!?

2.  Encourage your employees to be out there

Encourage your employees to be proactive and reach out to a broader audience, speaking up and making more connections! Specifically on LinkedIn, the more they react, comment, share, and repost content, the greater the traction on their profiles. Which translates to increased visibility for your company.

While it might seem like a no-brainer, many companies overlook the fact that some employees' LinkedIn profiles aren’t properly linked to the company page.

It serves as proof of their career advancement, and for your company page, it opens up another avenue for organic traffic and followers.

So, it's a win-win situation for both you and your employees!

3. Post Content That Matters

All social media platforms are noisy, and LinkedIn can be no exception! However, you can steer clear of the noise by posting content that truly matters. Sharing posts about good causes, tools and hacks for remote employees, tips for staying motivated, and promoting your company culture can work wonders. 

A simple yet powerful way to encourage engagement with your content is to directly ask for it.

You can achieve this by either including the question in your post text or creative content (such as graphics or videos), or by utilizing LinkedIn's built-in polling feature.

In summary: Don't keep those questions to yourself – share them with your audience and invite everyone to participate.

Not only does this enhance credibility, but it also serves as a huge green flag for potential employees, signaling that your company prioritizes well-being and fosters a healthy working culture!

Believe it or not, the current generation is all about having a healthy workspace environment.

4. Respond, React and Be Out There

LinkedIn is not just a social media channel; it’s a community!

And when people talk, share opinions, and express what matters to them, the community takes notice. Allow your Company Profile to be that company that is out there! 

Respond to posts that matter. Has a new employee joined in? Congratulate them! Has someone been promoted? Respond and reshare it on your wall. Has someone completed an important milestone at work? Share it with your followers. 

Also, you've got two choices for what pops up in your feed: the default "top posts" or the alternative, seeing content in the order it was posted (you know, chronological).

Now, those top posts you see? They're picked based on a bunch of things, and one important factor is engagement - especially comments.

You can also follow at least three community hashtag topics directly from your LinkedIn company page. Just like following a hashtag on Instagram, this allows you to keep up with trending content related to those tags in your feed, and you can engage with those posts directly from your page.

Consider this: your comment is your content. So, approach it with the same care and attention you would when writing a post for your page, and aim to make a positive first impression!

So, if you're not jumping into the comments on your posts, you're missing out on some prime algorithm love.

Plus, it's just good etiquette, right? You've started the conversation; now don't leave your audience hanging without a response.

The more you show people that you’re out there, the more people will think about you!

5. Figure out how the Algorithm works for your Company Profile 

The Linkedin algorithm has been a mystery of sorts.

Back in the day, the LinkedIn algorithm used to boost the most engaging content. But then, when work and personal lives started blending together, LinkedIn turned into a bit of a Facebook look-alike.

This shift led to more personal content flooding the platform. Sure, it boosted membership and engagement, but it also brought along a bunch of irrelevant, low-quality stuff clogging up people’s feeds.

So, with the algorithm updates, viral content can actually end up hurting your visibility and engagement. It might start popping up in feeds where it doesn't belong and not get much interaction beyond a few reactions.

Currently, LinkedIn's revamped algorithm is all about giving green signals to posts packed with knowledge. It spreads them out to folks beyond your usual network. That means even users who aren't directly connected with you might stumble upon your valuable content.

Moreover, here’s how the algorithm works, on these three key factors.

  • Relevance: How relevant the post is to a specific audience.
  • Expertise: The author's expertise in the subject area of the post.
  • Engagement: The presence of "meaningful comments" from individuals historically interested in your post topic.

So make sure you’re keeping all of these things in mind before planning your content calendar for Linkedin.

6. Leverage the Power of Compelling Visuals

Let your visuals tell a story. Whether it's showcasing your company culture or highlighting achievements, storytelling through imagery adds a human touch and resonates with followers.

Also, make sure you make use of LinkedIn's carousel post feature. It allows you to share multiple images or videos within a single post, creating a more interactive and engaging experience for your audience.

You can also spice things up with interactive content like polls, quizzes, or interactive infographics. It not only adds variety but also encourages followers to actively participate in your content - great for any media strategy, including email marketing.

The most important thing is that you keep your visual branding consistent across all your content. It reinforces your brand identity and contributes to a cohesive and professional-looking profile - a key aspect for marketers.

And lastly, don’t forget that your visual content is inclusive by adding alt text to images and captions to videos, making them accessible to a diverse audience.

By mixing it up with a variety of visually appealing content and always keeping things looking sharp, you'll create a LinkedIn profile that really catches people's eyes. And when you've got their attention, engagement naturally follows. 

Consistency is key—it's your golden ticket! Keep at it by delivering value, actively engaging with your audience, and tweaking your strategy based on what clicks to significantly boost your LinkedIn followers.

With dedication and adaptability, you'll see those follower numbers soar on LinkedIn!

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