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Stay on Top of Social Media Trends

Stay on Top of Social Media Trends


Popular subjects, actions, and fashions that are now prevalent on social media platforms are referred to as social media trends. These trends often develop organically among users and spread swiftly, many times going viral.

Photo courtesy of Shingi Rice

Here are some examples of widespread social media trends:

Short-form video content: Short-form videos, which generally run 15 to 60 seconds and are intended to immediately grab users' attention, and have become increasingly popular because of apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels. 

Material that seems genuine and approachable, with an emphasis on real-life difficulties, experiences, and comedy.

Influencer marketing: Companies are using social media influencers and the trends they create and enforce to sell their goods and services to broad audiences. Some influencers have enormous followings and have a significant impact on the purchase decisions of their followers.

Social commerce, which is supported by social media platforms that are progressively integrating e-commerce elements, facilitating users' direct product purchases from the social media website

A sense of nostalgia: People are frequently drawn to information that appeals to their sense of nostalgia, whether it is old TV series, antique clothing, or old video games.

Social activism: Users frequently utilize their platforms on social media to promote issues they support, making it a potent tool for spreading awareness and organizing social and political movements.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Vick

Social media trends are integral for businesses that want to stand out amongst the competition.

Businesses can improve their brand awareness and exposure on social media platforms by paying attention to the latest social media trends. Brands broaden their audience reach and foster more interaction with their target market by producing content that is in line with what is resonating with users through current social media trends.

Photo courtesy Austin Distel

Viral trends frequently draw a sizable user base that actively interact with the material. Businesses may capitalize on this engagement and raise the levels of audience engagement.

Staying current with social media trends help companies stay competitive and relevant in their sector. Businesses should avoid falling behind their competitors by keeping up with what is and isn't popular and adjusting their strategy and tactics appropriately.

Photo courtesy of Georgia de Lotz

Using social media trends may assist businesses in producing content that ultimately connects with their audience and boosts sales. Businesses may improve their chances of bringing in new clients and keeping hold of existing ones by matching their goods and services to emerging trends.

Social media trend monitoring offers brands insightful analysis and insights. Businesses may better understand the interests and habits of their audience and modify their strategy by studying trends and user behavior.

Photo courtesy of camilo jimenez

Want to know more about staying on top of social media trends? Here are a few tips:

Tip #1: Follow influential people in your field on social media. Trends often occur like a waterfall, so you may see other content creators respond to a trend before you realize it’s begun.

Tip #2: Attend conferences and events on social media marketing. You can’t understand the nuances of social media without a little education. Attending conferences and events can be a wonderful way to remain current on the newest trends and pick the brains of industry leaders.

Tip #3: Utilize social media analytics tools to your advantage. Use these tools to monitor your progress and spot patterns in the actions of your audience.

Tip #4: Keep an eye on the competition. Watch what your rivals are doing on social media to see if there are any trends or tactics you can adopt.

Tip #5: Follow the most recent news and information on social media platforms. To stay informed about new features and algorithm upgrades, keep an eye on the most recent news and updates from social media sites. Algorithms significantly affect trending media.

Photo courtesy of ROBIN WORRALL

Wondering which businesses have mastered the art of social media trends? We’ve got a few examples for you:

Yes, you see that correctly, even the Cheesecake Factory is on TikTok right now, and taking advantage of trending video edits to promote their restaurant experience. Leaning into the nostalgia factor of TikTok, Cheesecake factory is using a superimposed video edit of Stranger Things cast member Finn Wolfhard in what can only be described as a trending video of him walking confidently and snapping his fingers. Images and videos like this are often viral on TikTok and used to express nuanced sentiment regarding whatever it is they are playing over.

In this particular video, this means that Cheesecake Factory persists as a favorite of both teens and adults over the years.

Cheesecake Factory

Costco uses the extremely popular Galentine’s Day trend, first brought about by Leslie Knope in the Parks and Recreation TV show of the 2010s, to advertise a special charcuterie board promotion. Galentine’s Day was noted by the character Knope to be a day for women to celebrate the relationships with their lady friends. 

This promotion can be a specific target for millennials, who are now avid Costco Club members, but were the target audience for Parks and Rec way back when. Galentine’s Day as a concept has persisted through the years and remains a popular celebration around Valentine’s Day every year.


A new social media platform, called BeReal, popped up on the market in 2020 and rose in popularity a year or so later. The app exists to capture a “real” snapshot of users at one point throughout the day, every day. That is the only photo users can post and it cannot be taken beforehand.

Many brands jumped on the excitement and rise in usership of BeReal with this common TikTok trend. Party City is using the trend to promote their Halloween costumes, available every Fall before Halloween.

Party City

Photo courtesy of Rodion Kutsaiev

Truth is, if you want to stay on top of social media trends that change every day, you need a social media management tool that can enable your brand to consistently and quickly post content to all of your social media channels. We’ve got that covered with Synup Social, which streamlines multi-channel posting using AI-supported post creation. More importantly, you’ll be able to collaborate and post within the same dashboard, making social media management easier than ever.

Synup is offering a free trial today to help your company reach more customers by uniting your social profiles on one platform. Start a conversation with us to find out how we’re making this process stress-free with maximized results.

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