Request and Generate Customer Reviews with One Click

Your reviews are a customer’s first impression of your brand. To attract new customers, it’s essential to acquire a steady stream of great reviews, which can be easier said than done. With Synup, you can acquire new reviews with ease!

Great reviews help you build customer relationships and attract new customers

Why should you care about reviews?

  • 90% of customers read reviews before visiting a business
  • Reviews are customers’ first impression of your business
  • Your star rating can make or break your bottom line

Here’s how easy it is to get new reviews with Synup…

Request reviews from your customers via email or text

Synup enables you to bulk request reviews from customers via email or SMS. This is perfect if you get customers’ information to send them a receipt or other post-purchase information! Many customers just need a gentle reminder, and they’re happy to leave a review.

Build custom review landing pages

With Synup, you can build landing pages where your customers can leave you a review. You can direct them thereby creating a unique QR code to post in your store, include on your receipts, or feature in other communications!

Synup integrates with your CRM/POS to request post-purchase reviews

Synup’s API integrates seamlessly with your CRM. You can request reviews automatically at the end of every sale - so you can take review generation off of your to-do list

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