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Purpose built to produce results for all business sizes

Synup Social is built to support businesses of all sizes & industries. With flexible pricing, dedicated support & cutting-edge AI technology we help you better execute your social media strategy.

Multi-network posting and scheduling

Synup Social saves you countless hours by helping you create & publish social media posts across multiple platforms. With just a single screen, you can publish posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest, while our platform takes care of all the site-specific validations. Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling multiple social media accounts! Synup’s in-built post scheduler, allowing you to create posts in advance and publish them at any time in the future, with just a few clicks. With our easy-to-use interface and efficient tools, you'll be able to save time and focus on what matters most - growing your business.

AI-assisted posts, post ideas, and content

Our proprietary technology generates social media-ready posts every day, taking into account your brand's historical posts, trending topics, and writing style. With just one click, you can publish engaging and on-trend content that captivates your audience. No more spending hours brainstorming post ideas or improvising captions. Our auto-content generator creates captions that are as good as those written by a human.

Robust and interactive analytics

As a social media manager, keeping track of a brand's performance across different platforms is a daunting task. Synup Social's analytics makes it easy to view everything in one place. The interactive engagement graph helps derive insights and understand which posts are driving engagement. No more jumping between different platforms to get a complete picture of how your brand is doing on social media. Synup Social makes it easy to track and analyze your social media performance.

Built-in approval workflow and user management

Improve your brand's social media compliance with Synup Social's built-in posts approval workflow. With our workflow, supervisors can review and approve every post, ensuring that they meet your brand's social marketing guidelines. This helps maintain the quality of your brand's social media presence and ensures that every published post resonates with your audience. Say goodbye to compliance issues and hello to better engagement with Synup Social.

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