Exploring Podium Alternative:
How Synup Outperforms in Every Way

To manage your online presence holistically, choose Synup over Podium. With Synup, you can manage your reputation with our review and listings management solution. Create local pages, upgrade your store locator, and manage reviews like a pro!

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Why should you choose Synup over Podium?

Let's compare that with the competition:

  • Synup goes beyond just review generation! Easily automate your review responses with smart responses, see reviews for all of your business locations on one dashboard, check your review sentiments and highlights, and more.

  • Keep your customers engaged with Synup’s robust posting capabilities and increase CTR.

  • Manage your business listings across Synup’s 60+ publisher partners, schedule updates, automate regular tasks easily.

  • With Synup, you can request  reviews on your most important sites after every purchase to improve review velocity and increase star rating.

  • We boost your ROI with our free library of automations for managing listings, reviews, reporting, and scheduling updates, posts, and escalation workflows.

  • Synup Campaigns enables you to create and deliver the right message at a hyperlocal level.

  • Take control of your social media management, too, with Synup Social. Our AI-assisted ideas and content creation make social media management a breeze.

  • Synup offers around-the-clock support for your business and can suit businesses of any size & budget.

Podium vs Synup

  • Manage Listings
  • Review Monitoring
  • Respond to reviews
  • Review Acquisition
  • Review Highlights
  • Manage Content
  • AI Suggestions
  • Automations
  • White-Label
  • Google Business Profile Campaigns
  • Social Media Management
  • Demographic Targeting
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Engineered to help businesses grow

A Simple Interface

No instruction manual required. Our product is ready to go as soon as you get started.

Intelligent Automations

Works seamlessly and saves time. Automate pretty much anything using business rule definitions.

Campaigns That Work

The only product which allows brands to run objective linked campaigns on third-party listings.

A White-Labeled Solution

Brand Synup’s features as your own to develop a strong brand recall with clients.

Accelerate growth and see an increase in ROI

Digital Presence

Manage your digital profiles at scale. Create and optimize your listings profiles across our network with our intelligent AI driven suggestions.

Voice Search Optimization

Optimize your clients’ content for voice search. Create FAQs and sync important information to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and others.

Automated Workflows

With Flows, your possibilities are endless. Customize and manage all your campaigns at scale with the push of a button.

Reputation Management

Monitor and respond to your brand reviews in bulk. Categorize them based on ratings, create response templates, and automate notifications.

First Party Review Generation

Launch review generation campaigns for your brand and track performance. Use review widgets on your webpages to showcase testimonials.

Performance Metrics

Visualize growth and analyze performance from multiple sources. Group profiles based on goals to get actionable insights.

Reporting Tools

Showcase ROI from your content using automated reporting tools. Send growth metrics to your team's inbox regularly.

Make the most of Synup for your business

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