Monitor your product reviews everywhere

Synup makes it ridiculously easy to monitor reviews for one or thousands of products across the most important e-commerce websites.

Our patent-pending infrastructure is built to ensure that you do not miss a single review and includes detailed insights powered with natural language processing (NLP)

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Analyze customer feedback, power responses & drive social proof

Monitor Reviews

Across the most important product review and e-commerce destinations.

Get Instant Alerts

Via email, text or your internal corporate chat based on your preferences.

Analyze Trends

To uncover where your products are winning and areas of improvement.

Embed On Your Website

To power native reviews experiences on your product pages and drive social proof.

The #1 Product Review Monitoring Software In The Market

Instant review monitoring & alerts

Synup's dashboard crawls your latest reviews multiple times a day from all your product listings across different websites and alerts you based on your preferences.

Dive into customer insights

Our proprietary natural language processing technology inspects your product reviews to uncover trends and allows you to slice and dice the data to glean into specific customer insights.

Analyze against the competition

You can also add your competitors into our system to compare and contrast where they're better and areas they lag behind.

Take action

Beyond monitoring and analyzing reviews, our software also allows you to take action including posting public responses to the buyer, escalating internally and adding notes. We also have configurable SLA settings baked in so that you don't miss a single review!

Power native reviews experiences

Utilize our review widgets experience to power native first-party product reviews on your own brand website to drive social-proof, traffic and build a community of engaged customers.

Everything you need to manage product reviews

Monitor 100's of sources

We have the largest database of sources when it comes to e-commerce and product listings sites.

Receive instant alerts

Schedule alerts and digests based on your preferences and format.

Automated Workflows

Automate intelligent next steps when you receive a customer review including escalations and follow-up.

Respond back seamlessly

Respond back to reviews from our dashboard or add internal notes and tasks for other staff users.

Power native reviews experiences

Convert your website product pages into user-generated content mousetraps by embedding native review experiences.

Industry leading analytics

Get deep analytics into how your products are performing against the competition across different SKUs and consumer sites.

Get powerful reporting

Access on-demand reporting to dig deeper into review velocity, diversity, context, sentiment, historical trends & benchmarks.

Trusted by over 173,000 brands like yours