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A seamless menu management system for all your needs

Customize Content

Capture name, price, description, ingredients, allergens and calorific details for each menu item

Improve Efficiency

Update and publish content to digital menus for all your business locations with ease

Optimize information

Easily clone sections and items from your menu to add more information across digital profiles

Drive Customers

Use updated digital menus to acquire new customers online, get more orders, and increase revenue

Customize Your Menus Across your Digital Profiles with Ease

Menu Manager is a fully functional media management feature that allows restaurants owners to add images and content that are easily customizable and push them across their digital profiles.

Menu Manager can also hold more than one menu in the event that the restaurant has different offerings throughout the day.

Increase Your Online Orders by Keeping your Customers Updated

The menu feature captures the name, price, description, ingredients, allergens and calorific details for each item you update. This not only provides your customer with all of the information they need for a purchase decision, it helps organically traffic from search results.

  • This feature allows you to bulk assigns menus or items in the event you have multiple locations.
  • Allows users to easily clone sections and items.
  • We provide menu support across multiple countries with their appropriate currencies.
  • It also captures orders, reservations and menu URLs.

Synup is a comprehensive Digital Profiles Management Solution

Listings Management

Manage your clients’ digital profiles at scale. Create and optimize profiles on over 40 directories using suggestions from Synup.

Voice Search Optimization

Optimize your content for voice search. Create FAQs and sync important information to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and others.

Automated Workflows

With Flows, your possibilities are endless. Customize and manage all your campaigns at scale with the push of a button.

Reputation Management

Monitor and respond to your brand reviews in bulk. Categorize them based on ratings, create response templates, and automate notifications.

First Party Review Generation

Launch review generation campaigns for your brand and track performance. Use review widgets on your webpages to showcase testimonials.

Performance Metrics

Visualize growth and analyze performance from multiple sources. Group profiles based on goals to get actionable insights.

Reporting Tools

Showcase your marketing ROI using automated reporting tools. Send growth metrics to your team's inbox periodically.

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