Manta Review and Pricing

What is Manta?

Manta is a local marketing software that:

  • Features ads of your business on its homepage and search page
  • Features ads of your business on competitor pages and local listings
  • Takes care of your Google AdWords campaign to drive more traffic to your website
  • Updates business information on 70+ directories
  • Assigns a dedicated marketing representative to give you tips about marketing your business online
  • Optimizes your website for search engines
  • Manta search technology + Google AdWords*
  • Guaranteed top search results on Google*

In addition to this, by itself is a directory for all types of SMBs, and acts as a search engine for users who want to find a certain kind of business in a specific location.


How Does Manta Help Your Business?

Manta is a popular name among SMB owners who want to ensure that more people find their business online. Manta gives your small business’ online presence an instant boost by featuring an ad on its homepage, and updating your business’ listing in Manta’s directory within 24 hours of signing up. This helps potential customers searching for a business like yours find your business on Manta's business search engine.

Manta offers a fleet of services like listing you on 70+ directories across the web and providing you with a dashboard that you can use to keep track of your online presence. Manta also helps you set up your Google AdWords campaign, and tracks metrics such as clicks, shares and impressions to optimize your ad campaign.

Manta assigns a dedicated marketing professional to help your SMB stay ahead of your competitors when it comes to marketing your business as well.

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Features & Benefits

Manta offers two different plans to its customers, dubbed 'Premium' and 'Premium + AdWords'. The Premium + AdWords plan offers Google AdWords management and "guaranteed top search results on the Google SERP" along with the features of the Premium plan. A detailed breakdown of the two plans is listed below.


  • Syncs business listings across 70+ websites and directories.
  • Marketing Pro - A marketing representative who helps offers real-time support for creating marketing plans to help your business grow.
  • Promotes a targeted ad for your business on its homepage, until it reaches 1000 views.
  • Optimizes page design for your listings.
  • Ensures that competitor’s ads don’t show up on your Manta page.
  • Has up to 30 showcase pages that will help display the products/services that an SMB offers its customers.
  • Featured placement in Manta search.

Premium + AdWords:

In addition to the all the features found in Premium, Manta offers Google AdWords services (for an extra $50 every month) to feature you on ads on the search engine results page of Google. Manta claims that your website will rank on top of the Google search results if you use this service.

Manta also guarantees a 10-day hassle-free refund if customers are not satisfied with their services.


Manta Pricing


Billed Monthly

Premium + AdWords

As of 29-05-2017

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When do you need Manta?

If you own an SMB, then getting your business listed on Manta’s business search engine will surely help potential clients find your business better. Manta’s business search is a go-to place for many who are looking for a business, much like how people used to search for businesses on telephone directories, years ago. The fact that Manta promotes your business to people who are searching for a business that is in the same category as yours gives your business more visibility as well, even though it's only for a short period of time.

For people who are new to Google AdWords campaign, using Manta's Premium + AdWords service could work out very well. Manta sets up Google AdWords campaigns for your small business and uses search engine marketing(SEM) to drive more traffic to your website for $149 a month, along with the listing and Marketing Pro services.

However, there are some cases where Manta’s services might not be the best for your business. If you already have an agency/in-house employees taking care of your brand's social media image and marketing tasks, then Manta's Marketing Pro feature is useless to you.

Manta does not assure you that they will get your listings synced across the web within a specific timeframe either, like many other players in the same industry do. There are several other listing management software platforms that you can use to provide a cheaper and faster solution to getting your business listings on the internet.


So, is Manta Worth It?

Manta's Premium pack doesn't offer SMBs much from an SEO perspective. So if you're considering taking up Manta’s local marketing services, our best suggestion is that you go for the Premium + AdWords package, which is billed at almost $1500, annually.

The Premium package allows you to control and track your business listings on more than 70 websites on one platform, and comes with the benefit of consulting a marketing representative to help you with digital marketing for your business. The Premium + AdWords package, as the name suggests, takes care of your AdWords campaign as well, and claims to ensure that your business is found as a top result.

There are several listing management services that get your business listing synced across websites and directories across the internet.

Manta Alternative

Synup automatically syncs your business’ listings across 40 directories, and gets your business listing on 150+ additional directories*, for a base price of just $30/month.

*Additional $1.5 one-time cost per directory

Did you like our review of Manta? See how Synup compares against other services as well! Read our review of Vendasta here!

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