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What is ReviewTrackers?

ReviewTrackers is an online review management tool that helps businesses monitor and respond to online reviews, and measure customer experience. It accommodates multiple business locations for which you can manage and generate reviews. ReviewTrackers also supports reporting and analytics features that you can use to generate data with respect to business reviews and customer experience.

ReviewTrackers Features

Here’s a breakdown of the different features that ReviewTrackers provides:

Review Notification

Review Notification:

ReviewTrackers gives you notifications when your customers provide you with feedback from across a varied set of directories and social media sites. Their network includes a variety sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google, etc. In addition to these, they also have a network of niche specific sites to get your business listed on.

Review Respository

Review Repository

ReviewTrackers gathers business reviews and gives users the option to categorize them according to their convenience. All of this review data can be stored and organized in groups according to region, users assigned, number of locations, ratings or review type (positive or negative), etc.

Generating reviews

Generating Reviews and Customer Feedback

In addition to review management, ReviewTrackers also has a review generation feature. It allows its users to reach out to customers who have had a positive experience to leave reviews. It uses channels such as email and SMS to generate reviews. Users can redirect their customers to specific landing pages through customized URLs.

Multiple Locations

Multiple Locations

ReviewTrackers gives the option of adding several business locations to the tool so that reviews specific to each location can be dealt with. Additionally, you can further categorize any data within groups, and track the data specific to a location accordingly.

Varied Network

Varied Network

To ensure that users get the benefit of managing and monitoring business reviews across several platforms. Their network includes a variety sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google, etc. In addition to these, they also have a network of niche specific sites that you can use to monitor and generate reviews.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

ReviewTrackers gives its users analytics options to present data to track progress across several platforms. In addition to tracking your own business reviews, you can even track competitor reviews to get a better idea of how you can improve your business’ products and services.

Aside from getting insights data from reviews, ReviewTrackers also generates reports that present analytics data. It offers daily, monthly and weekly alerts with respect to reviews that a user’s business receives. Reports can be customized and exported into CSV files across desired time periods.

Centralized Dashboard

Centralized Dashboard to Manage Reviews

ReviewTrackers gives its users a dashboard from where they can manage and monitor their reviews from different platforms. This dashboard can be operated through the mobile app as well.

Review Trackers Pricing

ReviewTrackers Pricing:




Professional Plan
Single Location - $49/month & Multiple Locations - By Quote
Review alerts, Respond to reviews, Daily Reports, Review Generation, Email Summaries, Unlimited Users, Net Promoter Score Survey, Campaign Metrics, API, Mobile App
Enterprise Plan
(By Quote)
Professional Plan + Trending Topics, Competitor Reporting, Custom Reporting, Review Tags,SMS Campaigns, Single Sign On, First Party Reviews
Employer Brand
(By Quote)
HR review tracking and response for and Glassdoor, Daily Reporting, API, Internal Feedback Request Tool, Unlimited Users, Email Alerts
Managed Services
(Requires an existing subscription to the Professional or Enterprise Plan)
$10,000/year (minimum commitment)
Manage location data, Integrate with Google and Facebook business accounts, review audits for location(s), Review generation and response, Custom reporting and analytics, White label options.
Professional Plan
Enterprise Plan
Employer Brand
Managed Services

(ReviewTrackers' pricing also includes a free trial that you can utilize without sharing any credit card details. You can also opt for a free demo that will walk you through the software.)

So, Is ReviewTrackers a Good Fit For Your Business?

Helping you make informed decisions is important to us! So, if you’re considering ReviewTrackers for your business as an online review management tool, you have to weigh out the pros and cons. Let’s take a look!


The Pros

  • ReviewTrackers has a holistic review management platform with a variety of features that can aid in review management.
  • The review management tool has a dashboard which gives you the option of managing all your reviews from one place.
  • The on-the-go notifications feature is a huge contributing factor to ReviewTrackers as a review management tool.
  • ReviewTrackers allows users to add several locations in all its pricing plans.
Non Positives

The Cons

  • The SSO or the single is priced and is not a part of the Professional Plan. For further context, a single-sign-on (SSO) is an option where you can login to a dashboard (or a certain tool, in general) and manage all your locations and reviews without having to sign-on to any location separately. This might be a potential inconvenience if you’ve signed up with multiple locations.
  • It is and expensive option for small businesses.
  • Their value proposition is limited to review management, and other additional services like location management is priced.
  • The interface can be complicated and overwhelming as it accommodates several features.
  • The pricing can be ambiguous.

So, Is ReviewTrackers Worth It?

Yeah, sure. But...

ReviewTrackers, as a software, is designed to give businesses the power to manage and monitor their online reviews. But, as mentioned before, they are expensive, and they have a limited value proposition. And if you’re considering your options, there are more cost-effective tools and services that you can use to manage your business.


ReviewTrackers Alternative

Synup is a great alternative to ReviewTrackers. We're a local marketing software that is dedicated to helping businesses establish is a strong online presence across 48 directories. And, we also know that reviews are crucial very business' online presence. So, we've crafted our tool to incorporate location management and review management - along with analytics and reporting - to help your business get the best of both worlds.

Synup’s review management feature gives you the benefit of tracking reviews in realtime, responding to them, and generating reviews.

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