Monitor your Google reviews

What will customers see when they google the business you’re managing?

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Monitor All Your Profiles

You’ll get regular email notifications about the Google reviews that your business receives

Track All Your Reviews

Your Google reviews will be tracked alongside the reviews you receive on Facebook, Yelp and other websites as well.

Listen to Your Customers

Listen to what your customers are saying about your business and mark action items in your reviews.

Show That You Care

The responses that you write on your Synup dashboard will be posted as direct responses to your Google reviews.

Everybody's Adding Reviews to Google

Google, Facebook, and Yelp have the most number of customer reviews
and that number seems to be growing every year. Customers have started to actively review the businesses that they’ve dealt with, now more than ever.

The way you handle reviews that customers leave on Google will determine how your business appears in the eyes of future customers. Reviews on Google have turned out to be the single most trusted resource of information about the experience one can expect when visiting a business. Not responding to the reviews here will give people the impression that you aren’t concerned about your customers

Online Reputation Management

Not sure how your business’ reputation looks on Google right now? Synup’s reputation scan gives you an idea of what people are saying about your business on Google, Facebook and Yelp. Get your free reputation report within seconds using Synup.

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Are you managing your reputation effectively?

Avoiding Google reviews for the sole reason that it is time-consuming is going to hurt your business in the long run. Customers leave unhappy reviews expecting the business owner to give them a response, and they tend to get disgruntled when they don’t receive an answer. This leads them to give bad word-of-mouth reviews to people in their social circles as well.

Synup’s review monitoring tool aggregates the reviews that you receive on all platforms into one window and helps you respond to them directly. This in association with our Review Response Templates gives you the power to manage your reviews effectively.