Local Citations Service

Building local citations is a must if you want more people to find your business online. Check out Synup, the perfect tool for your online citation management.

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We'll put you on the map

Synup will get your business listed on over 40 websites including Google, Yelp and Facebook in just 72 hours

No more manual work

Synup’s dashboard automatically lists your business online, so manual errors are out of the question

Get data-driven insights

Get detailed analytics about website, call and direction requests that you receive directly from your listings

Make changes anytime

The changes that you make to your business’ profile will be instantly synced across all your business listings

Do more with Synup once your business is listed online

Synup is more than just a local citations service. Once your listings are uploaded online, you’ll be given complete control over changing your business data at any point in time.

Hours changing for Daylight Savings? Closed on a Thursday because of an emergency? Want to earn more reviews for your business? Need to promote an event on Google?

Synup will enable you to do all this and more.

Building local citations has never been simpler!

Synup’s citation management software automates the whole process by giving you a dashboard that you can use to manage your listings, reviews and analytics. Not sure how your business is listed online right now?

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Give your customers the data they want

Getting your business listed on Google, Yelp and Facebook is not enough for the modern customer. They want to know more about your business through your local citations.

Do you accept American Express cards as a method of payment? Are you a pet-friendly establishment? Can they see how your business looks like directly from your listing?

Synup will help you communicate all this with your customer.