Synup Acquires OptimoRank, Adding to Its Extensive Local SEO Capabilities

February 26, 2024

Discover how Synup's acquisition of OptimoRank enhances local SEO solutions, empowering businesses to elevate their local visibility and search rankings.

In a significant development in the local search engine optimization (SEO) landscape, Synup, a leader in local marketing software, has announced its acquisition of OptimoRank, a leading provider of advanced grid ranking technology. This strategic move promises to significantly bolster Synup's offerings, bringing unparalleled value to customers looking to boost their local visibility and search rankings.

Grid ranking technology is at the forefront of local SEO, offering a more precise and comprehensive analysis of search engine rankings across different geographical locations. By integrating OptimoRank's advanced grid ranking solutions, Synup strengthens its offering to businesses in managing their local listings, tracking rankings, and improving their local visibility. This synergy ensures that Synup's clients can gain a competitive edge on the battleground that is local SEO.

The acquisition of OptimoRank represents a strategic expansion of its capabilities in the local SEO space. "This acquisition is a testament to our commitment to providing comprehensive local marketing solutions to our clients and agency partners," said Ashwin Ramesh, Founder and CEO of Synup. "OptimoRank's grid ranking technology complements our existing offerings perfectly. Our holistic approach to local SEO is something that’s long been missing in the market, and we can’t wait to roll out the capabilities to our customers."

About the acquisition, Martin Krivosija, Founder of OptimoRank, said, “Ashwin understood our product and mission from the start. After working with him on this acquisition, I couldn’t be more thrilled to be passing the reins to Synup. My team has done great work building this product, and I can’t wait to see where Synup takes it.”

Synup’s expansion marks an exciting moment in the multi-location search industry. Search platforms like Google and Bing have long made it difficult for multi-location businesses to effectively manage their profiles and online presence. Grid rank technology simplifies the analytics process for multi-location businesses, empowering them to effectively track and monitor their search engine ranking in different localities. 

Vinod Sankar, CTO of Synup, emphasized the forward-looking vision behind the acquisition. "Incorporating OptimoRank's technology into our suite of tools signifies our dedication to innovation and excellence in local SEO," he stated. "We are excited about the opportunities this integration presents, both for our product development and for the results our customers will achieve."

Over the past year, Synup has been at the forefront of launching new, customer-centric products, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in local marketing. Key developments include the introduction of Synup Social, a powerful tool for social media management, Synup SECURE, enhancing digital security for local businesses, and the acquisition of Clientjoy earlier this year. Additionally, Synup has launched a free trial for local marketing, making its cutting-edge solutions more accessible. The integration of Automated Review Generation with CRM and the expansion of publisher networks further reflect Synup's dedication to providing comprehensive and sophisticated local marketing tools for businesses of all sizes.

As Synup expands its offerings, it remains dedicated to the implementation of comprehensive solutions for online presence management. The company’s commitment to seamless integrations and digital profile management continue to make it a best-in-class local marketing platform. With lots of exciting updates on the horizon, Synup looks forward to closing out a  successful Q1.

About Synup:

Synup is a global leader in listings, reputation, and social media management solutions, helping businesses across various industries streamline their online presence and customer interactions. Synup's innovative platform combines advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, with intuitive user interfaces, enabling businesses to manage their listings, respond to reviews, and engage with customers effortlessly. With a commitment to customer success, Synup continues to drive digital transformation for businesses worldwide.

Its social arm, Synup Social, is an industry-leading social media management platform that enables businesses and digital agencies to optimize their social media presence. With a variety of innovative features and user-friendly interfaces, Synup Social empowers users to streamline their social media strategies, engage their audience, and generate significant results.