Synup Combats Unwanted Profile Updates With New SECURE (Safe Enterprise Control for User-Reported Edits) Feature

December 1, 2023

Protect your business against unauthorized Google Business Profile edits with Synup's SECURE feature, ensuring accurate online information and peace of mind.

In a move to enhance digital security for its partners, Synup, a leading provider of local and social media marketing solutions, has launched SECURE (Safe Enterprise Control for User-Reported Edits). With this feature, the company hopes to combat unauthorized changes to Google Business Profiles, often perpetrated by competitors, disgruntled ex-employees, or pranksters. That way, businesses can protect against unwanted changes, giving them complete control over their online presence.

Anyone can make updates to a Google Business Profile by making suggested edits. While this feature is well-intentioned, allowing public suggestions to correct misinformation, it’s prone to misuse, impacting the accuracy and integrity of business information. In highly competitive sectors like healthcare and beauty, this is particularly damaging. Often, even minor misinformation can lead to major setbacks.

Recognizing the challenge, especially for multi-location businesses that can suffer from up to thousands of user-generated profile edits, SECURE is the obvious solution. Powered by AI, it automatically identifies and rejects suspected profile modifications, ensuring that profiles are only changed by authorized users. By filtering out potentially harmful changes, SECURE frees up time for businesses to focus on core marketing activities instead of chasing minor profile edits.

"Our focus has always been to empower businesses in the digital landscape. For us, that means freeing up time on small, necessary tasks, taking the mental burden off of our clients and partners," stated Ashwin Ramesh, Founder and CEO of Synup. "With SECURE, we're providing a much-needed shield against digital vandalism, ensuring that our clients' online profiles reflect accurate and reliable information. That peace of mind is why agencies and brands continue to partner with us."

Synup continues to explore various avenues for adding value to its partners’ digital journeys. Between SECURE and the integration of six new publisher partners this month, the company continues to innovate ahead of the competition.

Vinod Sankar, Synup’s CTO, commented: "Our goal is to make digital profile management something that doesn’t require a second thought. We’re prioritizing rollouts that help our partners manage their online presence in a stress-free way. In everything we do, we’re reaffirming our commitment to offering comprehensive, global solutions."

The latest offerings are a part of the company's ongoing efforts to provide cutting-edge solutions to the ever-evolving challenges in the digital marketing arena, empowering its customers to reimagine the way they manage their local online presence. 

About Synup:

Synup is a global leader in listings, reputation, and social media management solutions, helping businesses across various industries streamline their online presence and customer interactions. Synup's innovative platform combines advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, with intuitive user interfaces, enabling businesses to manage their listings, respond to reviews, and engage with customers effortlessly. With a commitment to customer success, Synup continues to drive digital transformation for businesses worldwide.

Its social arm, Synup Social, is an industry-leading social media management platform that enables businesses and digital agencies to optimize their social media presence. With a variety of innovative features and user-friendly interfaces, Synup Social empowers users to streamline their social media strategies, engage their audience, and generate significant results.

Our focus has always been to empower businesses in the digital landscape by freeing up time and reducing the mental burden for our clients and partners. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce SECURE, ensuring that our clients' online profiles reflect accurate and reliable information. That peace of mind is why agencies and brands continue to partner with us. Read more below!