ClickUp + Synup

Navigate a transformative trajectory in customer review management by merging ClickUp’s productivity powerhouse with Synup’s refined review acquisition and management strategies.

What is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a productivity platform that amalgamates task management, project collaboration, and goal tracking. It fosters an environment where teams can thrive, ensuring clarity, focus, and successful project execution.

Why ClickUp + Synup?

  • Task-Oriented Review Collection: Harness the granularity of ClickUp’s task management to prompt contextually rich review requests at essential junctures of customer interactions.
  • Unified Feedback Ecosystem: Align ClickUp’s detailed project insights with Synup’s review analytics, crafting a unified sphere for a deeper understanding of customer experiences and sentiments.
  • Seamless Review Solicitation Workflow: Embed Synup’s review capabilities within ClickUp’s comprehensive workspace, facilitating a fluid and integrated approach to capturing and managing customer feedback.
  • Customized Review Experiences: Leverage ClickUp’s nuanced task and project data to tailor review solicitations, creating a resonant and meaningful engagement strategy for each customer interaction.
  • Data-Driven Strategy Refinement: Utilize the combined insights of ClickUp and Synup to unveil actionable strategies that amplify customer satisfaction and fine-tune service delivery models.
  • Optimized Review Processes: Integrate review management functionalities seamlessly within ClickUp’s environment, enhancing the efficacy and coordination of review acquisition efforts.

By integrating ClickUp with Synup, explore innovative pathways in review management, where every task completion and project milestone becomes a well-spring of opportunity for cultivating valuable customer feedback and nurturing enhanced review strategies.

How to integrate ClickUp + Synup?

ClickUp integration for review acquisition is available to all Synup subscribers. To view and manage the integration:

  • Visit the Review acquisition tab on Synup's console.
  • Click on Connect CRM or App Button.
  • Select the Folder or location you want to connect ClickUp to.
  • Authenticate your CRM.
  • Finish setting up CRM.
  • Create Review acquisitions using contacts from CRM.

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