Hotfrog + Synup?

What is Hotfrog?

Hotfrog is a distinguished online business directory that effectively bridges the gap between consumers and local businesses, serving as a one-stop solution for users seeking specific products and services in their area. Much more than a mere listing platform, Hotfrog enriches user experience by featuring customer reviews, ratings, and detailed information on businesses, thereby offering a definitive guide for those in pursuit of particular services or products.

Why Hotfrog + Synup?

Listing Management: The synergy between Synup and Hotfrog provides businesses with unrivaled command over their online listings. Establishing a business profile on Hotfrog, augmented by Synup’s sophisticated functionalities, allows companies to manage and refine their profiles with ease. From service updates and changing operating hours to accurate location details, businesses can seamlessly project their authentic brand image online. This accurate representation empowers consumers to make enlightened choices about the products and services they wish to engage with.

Boost Your Visibility: Hotfrog boasts a substantial user base actively exploring local services and products. When a business profile on Hotfrog is further optimized through Synup, the result is a dramatic expansion of your online presence. This partnership facilitates users in locating your business efficiently when they require your services, enhancing your online visibility and accessibility to a broader customer base.

Trustworthy Business Information: Trust is a cornerstone in customer relations, and disseminating accurate business information is imperative to building and sustaining this trust. The collaborative efforts of Hotfrog and Synup allow businesses to share verified and reliable information, fortifying their stance as dependable service providers in a saturated and competitive market.

Informed Business Choices: The alliance forged between Hotfrog and Synup furnishes businesses with invaluable data pertaining to customer behaviors, preferences, and engagement trends with local services and products. Access to this critical data is instrumental for crafting effective marketing campaigns and making astute business decisions, all of which are pivotal for business growth and market expansion.

Through leveraging the combined prowess of Hotfrog and Synup, businesses are not only able to meticulously manage their online listings but also engage a broader audience. This partnership promises enhanced online and local visibility, improved customer engagement, and insightful data that enable businesses to navigate and succeed in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

How to integrate Hotfrog + Synup?

The Hotfrog integration is available to all Synup listings plan subscribers. To view & manage the Hotfrog integration:

  1. Visit the Listings tab on Synup's console.
  2. Navigate to the Premium Listings section.
  3. Click on the Hotfrog logo to manage the Synup + Hotfrog integration and associated settings.

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