Lucidchart + Synup

Elevate your approach to customer review management by intertwining Lucidchart’s intuitive diagramming capabilities with Synup’s proficient review acquisition and management solutions.

What is Lucidchart?

Lucidchart is a dynamic diagramming application that enables the creation of visually compelling diagrams, flowcharts, and organizational charts, fostering clearer communication, collaboration, and understanding within teams and businesses.

Why Lucidchart + Synup?

  • Visualization-Enhanced Review Strategies: Leverage Lucidchart’s visual diagrams to enhance the presentation and analysis of customer reviews and feedback, fostering clearer strategic planning and decision-making.
  • Collaborative Review Planning: Utilize Lucidchart’s collaborative features to facilitate team engagement in review management strategies, encouraging more diverse insights and improvements in approach.
  • Seamless Integration for Comprehensive Insights: Incorporate Synup’s review management functionalities within Lucidchart’s interactive diagrams, ensuring a cohesive and intuitive way to access and analyze review data.
  • Customizable Review Solicitations: Benefit from Lucidchart’s customization capabilities to design tailored review solicitations, ensuring relevance and resonance with diverse customer experiences.
  • Informed Strategy Development: Harness the combined capabilities of Lucidchart and Synup to develop visually guided strategies that improve the acquisition and utilization of customer reviews.
  • Enhanced Review Process Flow: Visualize and optimize review management workflows using Lucidchart’s diagramming, ensuring clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness in review acquisition and management operations.

By melding Lucidchart with Synup, unlock innovative avenues in review management where the power of visual diagrams and collaborative features enhance the strategies and workflows involved in acquiring and managing customer feedback.

How to integrate Lucidchart + Synup?

Lucidchart integration for review acquisition is available to all Synup subscribers. To view and manage the integration:

  • Visit the Review acquisition tab on Synup's console.
  • Click on Connect CRM or App Button.
  • Select the Folder or location you want to connect Lucidchart to.
  • Authenticate your CRM.
  • Finish setting up CRM.
  • Create Review acquisitions using contacts from CRM.

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