QuickBooks Desktop + Synup

Unleash unparalleled efficiency with QuickBooks Desktop + Synup: Your powerhouse duo for sophisticated financial management and insightful customer reviews.

What Is QuickBooks Desktop?

QuickBooks Desktop is a locally installed accounting software optimized for medium to large-sized businesses, offering advanced features and customization, focused on comprehensive financial management solutions.

Why Quickbooks Desktop + Synup?

Streamlined Review Requests: Utilize QuickBooks Desktop’s (QBD) extensive transaction data with Synup for precise and meaningful automated review requests, enhancing the likelihood of acquiring valuable feedback.

Enhanced Customer Targeting: Employ QBD's detailed customer data alongside Synup for sophisticated segmentation and customized review solicitations, obtaining rich, varied customer insights.

Optimized Communication Channels: Merge QBD’s invoicing capabilities with Synup’s review management, facilitating fluid, effective transmission and reception of review requests and evaluations.

Powerful Integration Synergy: Experience the powerful alignment of QBD's comprehensive features and Synup’s platform, fostering a cohesive, automated review gathering system, amplifying user satisfaction.

Operational Efficiency and Cost Reduction: The QBD and Synup integration refines the review management workflow, enhancing operational performance, diminishing manual intervention and related operational expenditures.

Data-Driven Review Strategies: Harness the analytical prowess of both QBD and Synup for enlightening, data-centric strategies, fine-tuning review collection endeavors for superior results.

Combining QuickBooks Desktop with Synup forges an influential, integrated methodology for optimizing review procurement, capitalizing on crucial customer interactions, and automating workflows for heightened efficacy and productivity.

How to integrate QuickBooks Desktop + Synup?

QuickBooks Desktop integration for accounting is available to all Synup subscribers. To view and manage the integration:

  • Visit the Accounting tab on Synup's console.
  • Click on Connect Accounting Software Button.
  • Select QuickBooks Desktop as your accounting software.
  • Authenticate your QuickBooks Desktop account.
  • Finish setting up accounting.
  • Manage your finances using QuickBooks Desktop.

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