Square + Synup

Experience the evolution of customer review strategies by seamlessly integrating Square’s powerful payment processing capabilities with Synup’s sophisticated review acquisition and management features.

What is Square?

Square is a remarkable payment processing platform that simplifies transactions, facilitates effortless point-of-sale interactions, and enhances overall customer payment experiences, making it an essential tool for businesses aiming for transactional excellence.

Why Square + Synup?

  • Instant Review Prompts: Utilize the immediacy of Square’s payment confirmations to prompt customers for reviews instantly, capturing fresh and accurate impressions of their experiences.
  • Unified Customer Insights: Combine Square’s transactional details with Synup’s review data, cultivating a unified perspective of customer experiences, preferences, and satisfaction levels.
  • Automated Review Mechanisms: Integrate review acquisition into the payment process, automating review requests to align seamlessly with customer payment completions, ensuring a smooth and intuitive feedback flow.
  • Personalized Feedback Requests: Customize review requests based on individual payment histories and transaction details, creating more relevant and engaging review interactions that encourage customer participation.
  • Strategic Business Enhancements: Utilize the synthesis of payment data and customer feedback to formulate improved business strategies, offerings, and customer service practices, driving continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Efficient Operational Integration: Achieve operational brilliance by embedding review management intricacies seamlessly within Square’s payment workflows, promoting consistency and efficiency in customer feedback acquisition.

Fusing Square with Synup revitalizes review acquisition and management approaches, transforming each payment interaction into a strategic opportunity to garner insightful customer feedback, optimize business strategies, and cultivate enhanced customer relationships.

How to integrate Square + Synup?

Square integration for payment processing is available to all Synup subscribers. To view and manage the integration:

  • Visit the Payment Processing tab on Synup's console.
  • Click on Connect Payment Gateway Button.
  • Select Square as your payment processor.
  • Authenticate your Square account.
  • Finish setting up payment processing.
  • Accept payments through Square.

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